Brahmi Powder: Benefits & Uses

Brahmi Powder: Benefits & Uses

The health benefits and uses of Brahmi Powder
  1. Brahmi powder comes from drying a special
herb which grows in many places around the world. It has been used since ancient times as a
natural medicine. 2. Brahmi is commonly used in Ayurveda, an ancient
healing practise which has been used for thousands of years. This powder has some wonderful health benefits
for the human body. 3. The botanical name for this wonderful herb
is centella asiatica, and it can be purchsed online and in health food stores around the
world. 4. This herbal powder is well known for boosting
brain power. The nutrients and compounds within have been
shown to boost memory, and concentration levels which helps you to think more clearly. 5. It acts as a nerve tonic and helps your bodies
nervous system to control your energy levels. This helps you to sleep at night, but also
keeps you focused and energetic during the day. 6. Brahmi is also available as an oil, which
can be massaged into the scalp to get rid of dandruff and a dry or itchy scalp. 7. Brahmi powder can be taken internally by adding
a small amount to a glass of water or milk. It contains many powerful antioxidants which
has a detoxifying effect on the skin. This naturally gets rid of toxins in the skin
and helps the cells to regenerate, making you look younger and healthy, also treating
eczema, psoriasis and acne. It also helps internal skin which lines you
digestive tract, improving digestion and health overall. 8. Massaging Brahmi oil into the forehead is
said to have a calming effect for those suffering with anxiety and stress. 9. It is often used in Ayurvedic medicine as
a mental tonic to prevent and treat those with mental disorders, and conditions such
as Alzheimer’s disease. It contains compounds which help your cells
to re-build brain tissue. 10. Brahmi has long been taken along with Vacha,
another Ayurvedic herb to teat epilepsy. The compounds within these herbs boosts neuro-transmission
in the brain cells, and help to repair damaged neurons. 11. Some herbal treatments fail in certain people
due to poor digestion. The good news is that Brahmi is one of the
easiest herbs to digest, making it very effective. 12. This herb also helps the lymphatic system
to drain out excess fluid and also boosts blood circulation throughout the body. This naturally helps treat high blood pressure
and men who suffer with impotence. 13. To learn more about Ayurvedic herbs, and other
natural remedies, please see our other videos.  
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  • houndjog says:

    Thanks Ryan ! Have you heard of Carnivora ? It is a product made from the venus fly trap…..

  • reflectimage says:

    Please look into black seed (negila sativa)

  • The Parisienne says:

    Great video but just want to mention that there are 2 different Brahmi plants 😊 the one you didn't mention is: Bacopa
    I found a good video where both are covered & the difference between those two Brahmi powders. Enjoy and peace 😊✌🏼

  • gardensofthegods says:

    You can probably get it a lot cheaper at your local Indian Grocers believe me that is where I buy most of my ayurvedic products..AMLA, INDIAN GOOSEBERRY( NONI) , HARITAKI, BLACK SEED OIL ( KALONJI OIL,) MORINGA POWDER, APRAJITA TEA ( BUTTERFLY BLUE PEA TEA , CALLED PIDGEONWING TEA IN SOME ORIENTAL STORES ) METHI POWDER ( fenugreek seed powder ) KARELA ( WHEATGRASS ) ASHWAGANDHA , also BACOPA .
    I have to warn people about the dangers of mucuna pruriens
    . Some just call it mucuna but you have to know that it can actually cause SCHIZOPHRENIA.. I spoke to a doctor of ayurvedic medicine and she said this is very TRUE and that you must drink it with ALMOND MILK.. but not the garbage crappy almond milk you find in most American stores needs to really have almond in it and you might be just better off making your own almond milk which actually is not that much work… take a cup full of almonds let them soak overnight in room temperature water and remove the Skins the next day …put them in a blender on high with good quality water. . not tap water and you can add a little bit of your own natural sweetener… but you have to know that it goes bad very quickly in the refrigerator usually within 48 hours.

  • Officia Lmer says:

    If it boosts memories & concentration levels it WON'T help you sleep at night, cuz all those things you drag up & think over & over that keep you from sleeping will ALSO be enhanced. NEXT!

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