hey guys I just want to do a video
updating you on the new black seed oil that I’ve been using this is my second
month using this black seed oil here cold-pressed black seed oil and I had
heard some good reviews and I kind of sort of got tired of the taste of the
other black seed oil that everyone else was using then it was a bulletin about
exposure to whatever it was being exposed to the brand that I was using so
I said well now is the best time to buy the one you had in mind to try on that
people were giving testimonies about his father’s you could actually put this
black seed oil on top of your salad and they’re not lying when they say that so
I’m not going to go back to the other black seed oil this is like 20 times
stronger than the other one in the taste you can’t even taste it you could
actually make a salad dressing arm out of this but people who just put for an
example just olive oil and vinegar or lemon a lime on their salads if you was
to switch off with olive oil you could put the cold-pressed Black Sea oil this
brand I wouldn’t recommend any other but I can testify to that that it would
taste good on salads and it’s just it’s a good black seed oil and I also bought
two bottles with Candida these are 30 30-day bottles but I do double doses
when I start back on my probiotics probiotics and Candida cleanses I’m
going to start looking at everything like I’m on a budget this is invested in
my life every time I start doing my Candida cleanses um that you can take
these cleanses every day for the rest of your life as a probiotic and also to
fight against getting candied all through the
body and the stomach the blood and giving you the foggy brain and all that
stuff that Candida gives to men and women um you could take this every
single day and I’m just so mad at myself that as soon as I clear up the Candida I
stop using it that’s when my sleeping problems come back my anxiety my
twitching my brain fog my depression my mood swings
I don’t really suffer from depression but I do get depressed more when I’m not
on balance from taking my probiotics slash candida cleanse so I bought two
bottles because I’m going to do a double dose which in about good give or take 24
to at least five days you will definitely start to feel good if I do a
double dose tonight just this just came into the meal I went downstairs and got
it if I do a double dose tonight and then double dose in the morning that
basically would be two days I’ll be feeling good by tomorrow and by five
days I’ll be easy sailing once I get done with one bottle what I’ll do is
then I’ll just take the regular recommended dose on the second bottle
and then the after I will just buy a bottle every month and or two so that I
never went out and after skip a day and take one dose every single day it’s some
great stuff I get this off of Amazon I haven’t this is the big haul but because
they’re different sellers that I bought fine this is what came today but I have
about three more items that are coming on in the mail I can’t off the top of my
head remember what the other items are but this is supposed to be part of a big
haul but this is what came today so I just want to share with you what kind of
on candida cleanse um with probiotics that I use this stuff works good there’s
another one that I use that I think that I might if I use this brain here for two
months I’ll just for the third month use another brand that works excellent as
well so that my body doesn’t get used to this one because that can happen even
with good products and I’ll just switch off every three months with that other
product that I like as well off the Amazon I got to get the name of that
I’ll show you that in another video and now in the third month of each month
every three months I’ll use that other Candida
plus probiotic cleanser and then go back to this for two months so this is Mike
hall please subscribe to this channel like and share this video make it a
favor and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye for now


  • Jamaicagirl123 says:

    Thank you so so much for sharing friend have a great day

  • Latrice Walker says:

    Great information girly

  • Bethany Meyer says:

    Great information!! ❤️

  • Vanessa Turner says:

    I do not see the full name for the candida product and what site did you get it from

  • creek hed says:

    You should not have to take a Candida Complex daily indefinitely. Once you eradicate the little buggers, you should be able to use the anti candida complex as maintenance every 3-6 months UNLESS your diet is high in sugar/carbs, in which case you will never fully rid yourself of this horrible condition. I have noticed that the Black Seed Oil is the best supplement I have tried.
    ALSO…this is important… If someone who has HIGH levels of Candida Albicans, double dosing anti-candida meds can result in MASSIVE DIE_OFF and one hell of a reaction!

  • Juzero2 z says:

    Interesting, thank you, when you stop Cándida formula get a good probiotic, do you ever try urinotherapy, a friend of try it, from very sick person she became a a healthy in 4 months, I am trying to do but is hard, but I started to see hope😃, but I will have black seed oil the days that I am not doing the urinotherapy cleanse , thank you for the video 🌹

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