Biodescodificación: el origen emocional de todas las enfermedades por Txumari Alfaro PARTE 1

Biodescodificación:  el origen emocional de todas las enfermedades  por Txumari Alfaro PARTE 1

this is a production of mindalia television and mindalia radio non-profit audiovisuals from to contribute knowledge and create awareness the first social network of help altruistic through thought have the power of knowledge and only then will they be free to decide because knowledge makes us free to do what they were doing until now or do what I ask them to do that they will not be wrong and it is knowing what happens when we are in the womb is something exciting and that really changed my life and my structure work from the first time I saw I felt like a patient was in the your mother’s womb and many of the things that happen to us obviously have to do with our early childhood with our childhood with the belly of the mother and with the project felt that we will also speak a little today today today we will talk a little bit more fleche tte today was a French oncologist boy who worked at the cancer hospital in paris and he was the one who spoke for the first time about the project felt lacuerda and the meaningful project has to do with the climate in which we went conceived this is going to mark our relationship of future our work our relationship with others and I do not say it because it is something that is a hypothesis is that it is something real and obvious Imagine a pregnant mother who 22 months after having the news that is pregnant the following week her husband is killed or die in an accident we do not have to forget that the emotional environment in which the child is the same as the mother unwraps the child will feel its joys and his sorrows, his doubts, his sadness and he is going to live everything that is going to make him react to these situations that every day the mother is going to have is even curious how if she is not responsible even if one day the Pope a little drunk or angry or it turns out that he has had an accident because he gets one from behind and comes pissed off and the mom network that impact that impact is going to be transmitted to the child’s belly and the child is going to receive this he will live it emotionally because the child in the womb mom has no left brain has no brain left but has not developed does not have beta waves according to some zeta waves and if someone I would like it to be a girl if we can do two better if we can do three better we will make a regression to the mother’s womb all this 50 I do not think it gives time then obviously you have not puzzled me for an I just thought do mikel but good well is exciting really I’m talking of something that is not a gift you all have this ability only that they are asleep and only need to awaken this ability you have to do this, you do not have to do anything rare or do you have to do deep breaths and a relaxation yes that is true that there are techniques in which we have to use relaxation of the body relaxation of the mind lower the brain at very low frequencies because there are very mental people but it is simply to tell him that he feels there and Tell me what happens I ask him what happens always I am very afraid of always I have insecurity very big I can not be I can not alone is impossible in the morning I said with all my respects susan said you have to be happiness but when I can not When I’m stuck in something that does not allow me to move forward, I do not know what to do what happens but if I can not if it is superior to me and I I tell a story that comes to me now the memory and that is of a girl project meaning is the climate where it is evident is going to gestate is the future son agreed or he has set the traumatic example so that what You understand a little more about this mother than at two months she finds out that is pregnant and then a week it turns out that her husband dies imagine but let’s do a little bit before we’re going to go when we’re thinking about that the time has come when we want to be a mother of agreement imagine a time in which we are talking about the last century 50 years that It was very typical where the woman married, she stopped living with her father and with her mother and if she goes with her husband and that’s when her husband really discovered because he slept with him snoring with him and all those things because until then binds him to marriage virgin was normal he did not know how he slept I with my with my girl because I slept with with José María García Mark the window open she covered herself up here I saw a small wick of hair and all that you want or not because you have to go adapting it in agreement then imagine parents who are obvious they marry and then the mother goes to the the woman goes to live at home with her husband and begins with his loneliness his sadness and so on and the doctor tells him that she is pregnant I had pressure removed with a pregnant woman with a pregnancy imagine that the woman is paying attention then the child is not really that the mother wants him to come but that he needs to come because there is a mission to fulfill and it is called a project meaning this they believe it or they do not know it or they do not know it accept or not project felt well someone has a lighter a fan lighter a fan someone has a lighter thanks to a fan thank you and let me because then for the pensions made melo please if you are so kind to fine Save me thank you this before becoming something that can be touched existed and materially in someone’s mind agreed because there was a project and the project was to give it a meaning and it was to make fire and not can do other than light and fire because the project and the sense by which it was created was to make fire this does not have music nor I take from here a razor and a stick to clean me the teeth for which he can only fulfill the meaning of the project for the that was created according to what they understand so imagine, I do not know who is but then I give it to you Imagine a mother who reaches 30 years old and obviously says good will have to have a child and I’m talking about currently agree and what important is not the fact of the father but is to have a child and she is left fertilize and have a child because the project felt of this mother the unconscious message he receives is that well I am 30 years old or so you know that at 30 years old the chances of getting pregnant descend a lot so I’m going to get pregnant artificial or artificial fecund forgiveness and evident that this son the sense the project is asked whether or not that son will be make adult but it will be the breast wrist and the specificity of being human is to be adult not to stay in that girl then this girl is going to grow and in principle it will not have lasting relationships are going to fail to have two mega years then it’s going to be had another is going to have a project to do a job was going to fail because the project felt no it’s about being an adult it’s about being mom’s girl mom’s doll they understand me then this is going to mark very importantly this daughter or son not I’m talking about women and it can not be a boy or a girl and it’s going to be very difficult to separate from breast because the project sense of this woman is not to be adult and to become emancipated is and should be the doll company that I have 30 years and I have to be mom sea flecher was this man that for the first time he discovered the meaning project or he talked about the project felt it was one of the hummer students and it’s funny how I did a series of studies for ten years about about a thousand patients and could prove he died before of publishing his studies was hammer who subsequently the public and said of him who was the first martyr of the n mg know what this means nobody knows what this means new germanic medicine effectively he said he was the first martyr of the new Germanic medicine why because following these studies in a prestigious oncological hospital like that of Paris obviously the studies he did not the public took three groups of patient patients to they accepted the treatment with chemo patients once they did not want these if they did not want and the c that was indifferent in agreement and came to demonstrate and commanded a letter to the court that judged hammer saying that 85% of patients from both group a and group b that besides getting chemo in this case those of the group a and those who did not chemo of group b 85 percent was effective as long as they solved and they outweighed their cancer in the case of those who did chemotherapy you have this also on the Internet these data and you can if you want to look at them also in Israel have the same percentage there is a very curious picture where is the daddy of the Jews like that for us francisco costa with hummer making the signing of an agreement they made and the country with the least incidence of deaths from cancer is israel there is no country in the whole world nor in Europe if they want and in the United States that has the percentage so low as it has israel and it is because in addition to applying the chemo or the radio what apply they make new germanic medicine according to Germanic medicine they based on something as simple as that every disease has an emotional origin all yes yes that’s also what you’re thinking too all disease has a psychosomatic basis all all absolutely all in my experience I already talk about the hand of the new Germanic medicine but today for the first time to a French oncologist who wore eric lefevre my teacher of ideology in the college of this one already from palace look and I do not know if there is anyone here who knows some navarrica that seen here you know the palace what here also what know and I was trained and this teacher was my teacher and he went to the first I heard him in the year 89 talk about this then hummer et cetera et cetera then what is it based on these is the following I can I will erase this look at me I would love to be able to make a small demonstration of Someone is coming last Friday, before I come here of agreement and a lady came I guess I would have some because he came with the son actually came to the son because he had a growth problem and other wine and I jumped on the sea and look, I’m desperate and he tells me why I’ve already year with this man with the right shoulder but is that you can not imagine the pain and what’s more, what’s curious is what doctors have told me I have a hypercalcemia and I say curious because it says because the normal thing is that tells you that you have osteoarthritis a decalcification tells me that what I have super calcium there and I say very well let’s see I’ll take you to reasoning and I’m going to call you to the reasoning according to all of you and all of you a hypercalcemia if there is more calcium for what is the biological sense that I make more calcium in a shoulder please do not tell me very well to strengthen it to be stronger very okay kiss me this is the biological logic I tell you from when because it is very important look rain put here the past in agreement this is the past here is the past and there is the future and I go life does not hurt my shoulder and suddenly he noticed that my shoulder hurts as it continues to hurt me here I go to the doctor as It still hurts me they send me to the specialist as it continues to hurt me do infiltrations and then comes with the son the query made sea and by circumstances by chance and I tell you from when I did then look at your husband you I’m going to say I started last year for Christmas not this past Christmas but the Christmas of 14 to 15 that’s where I started with the pains it’s very important that all the pains that you now have all the problems that you can be they had two suffering take into account very important since when Christmas then very well then now you are going to tell me if here the pain starts that they are in Christmas we are going to take a month back sometimes I have to do a small conscious regression standing on the timeline I tell them to close their eyes and tell them come a month ago two months ago that is feeling here tell me an event first for you which is dramatic or lived as such that you did not expect it to end soon you live in solitude and there is no satisfactory solution for you and it collapsed in the chair of the consultation his son who was next we agreed that it is said that he came with the calmer son than quiet mom what’s happening to you, they have a family business her husband is leaving his son has to enter the university She has to pay for the house and the business, which is what we say at the popular I carry all the weight on my shoulder if I live an emotional event and did not consciously express it to outside is going to be printed unconsciously inside me and my body in relation to the conflict that I have lived will locate it in a part of my body that has to do with what I am feeling and living I can not alone I can not I have to increase calcium because it’s so much the weight and how this tom tom we have here do not know how to distinguish between what is real and what is virtual what is imaginary there is no difference they know what the difference is, what they do is a hypercalcification of the shoulder to give her the answer to what she is living abroad because she is living inside something that she does not express and her body speaks for her the body screams what the mind shut up in all in all all pain that you have any problem that you have is the same has to do with something that has lived here and has not expressed it has not been given permission they have let express or something has happened so that it does not express it and the body speaks for you very important that you take into account since when dawn with the doctor miguel us is here is not there I do not see it the salivary otorrino spoke yesterday night we were a little group of lecturers and put a case and said to miguel miguel is called truth yes miguel angel brown miguel angel valencia miguel angel is curious how in this this year I have had several cases one very special 21 bonus of a child less than 7 years old because when we are talking about a child under seven years you have to treat parents there is no need to treating children according to this is now very easy but there is my girl who 25 years ago who complained that they wanted to put in jail when I told parents to come and see what I’m going to treat you for that our children heal this uncle is crazy that is saying then the child comes to me is so far this year with 4 marmosets agree and I tell the mother we go to the first well the second but the third and the fourth to me you have to explain me something because this five-year-old years you have these otitis and csic maría ti what do you think not to me is not that I it seems that a five-year-old child does not know how to express himself, expresses himself with emotions with pains child of three years when an emotion weighs cries or he laughs I tell him what the child hears He does not like it and the way to complain that he has is to make otitis because it hurts what I hear the mother evidently enters to resent very deep and tells me if since last Christmas we are in daily anger because we are separating us and the child is reflecting what he does not want to hear through your ear because it hurts and otitis the organic conversion of emotional conflict that parents live that the child perceives and the only way who knows how to express it is with the pain of hearing I have a friend here a friend that I will not say the names and also not I want to look or where is it because it is going to get red and calls me phone tells me that her daughter is very bad that they will enter with a skin problem and I say let’s see what I’m going to call Julia I hope not wrong look is going to do one thing first do not give it personally no you need to take the corticosteroids plus an antibiotic that is very serious you want it leave entered and I say quiet calm Julia you take home to the daughter that your husband stays with the little girl and you the older one who is the one who I had the problem of skin buying a kilo of salt to fill the bathtub with water you get naked with her and she also coals You do not need to talk but you feel deeply with a lot of love with a lot honey everything you love everything that makes you happy all that that makes you feel proud of her caressing it warning the vital and the next morning now I do not remember if it was her husband Antonio or she who called me and I flecked sea and it is possible that I would get up every hour and I would see how they were doing disappearing all the spots until the next morning at 9 o’clock tomorrow was completely clean separation conflict if I have my mom who is mine alone and I am the queen of the house and well a Shit about me is taking away my love and they pay attention to her and also my mom has had to be a time entered because she has had problems when it comes to bringing the world I am going to live a conflict of separation these doctors do not occur to me to ask understand this the skin is life is contact is understand this I do it in homage to her that is attending this to this cause is very exciting thank you very good meeker important that they know that we get sick to make us want to make us value I remember many years ago when I I counted in this little story that I’m going to tell you now has to be three women will meet every day in the consultation of the doctor María Pilar and Juan María Pilar and joana and doubt that one day maría then does not appear and says joana serrano pilar Mary, well, we did not see it, this morning we used to get together when we were going to the bakery will have got sick says curious they were every day in the doctor then they go home and declared they go home I was actually in bed, there’s Maria, do not worry, pillar brings her a little soup the julie tends the clothes he had in the washing machine picks up the guide was never again for every two weeks every week she got sick because it was what I wanted the disease as a way to contract the contact the actual contact to what hummer doctors was here a teacher because he discovers the following according this is the biggest in greatest discovery of hummer of agreement called the phase bipolar of the disease then this is day and this is the night of agreement here we are in nice tonia and here we are embargo toni a noche day / night day and there is a moment here something happens then the stress goes up low or it happens here I go through life agree I come from there this is very graphic because here it demonstrates very well what I might have than having done it with another color so that it looked better but good since we are there so I go through the life that is this I’m going to do it on the contrary, I’m sorry, I’m going through life and here something happens we call bío choc snout chop according hammer says unexpected violent traumatic event then my stress goes up here I sleep little as little I have cold hands no rested well and here curiously something happens that is solved then went down to an exudative phase then here I have sweat a lot there are many people that I say txumari but many who come to the medical consultation in summary the mornings I get up some very sweaty days then blessed be god because that day in the dream a solution to a conflict and there has been a low voted ni so big that if you do not sweat if you had to create a disease then here is a performance to fever and then here comes the phase of scarring to say here is when the tissues start to recover and what happens that here in the middle the doctor calls this disease and we call healing why what were we sick and here the disease has come to heal us understand this sure it is clear to them is fundamental that they understand that here in the active phase we have no symptoms and in solution when the problem is solved then the disease comes which has two phases pcl aipc mild calling him hame with his five laws of the cancer iron that calls them in agreement but this is the fundamental know that when we are having a fever when we are having diarrhea when we are having sputum is when we have solved the conflict is the reparative phase of the disease and we can not put patches we can not give anti-inflammatory antacids antisa anti salt and santi santi because we have to leave the body that expresses that speak to take out let’s see someone think of putting a stopper with forgiveness in the ass when have diarrhea because like a toxic peseta No one can think of it, not because it’s the mechanism my body has quickly draw out that toxicity produced by the z There are friends but when I have diarrhea I have been diarrhea for three months I’m even making a network and surfing and ate no eta has happened is that I say it is the first question I ask patient since when well and in the gut there is that we have in the Large intestine yes but that we remove from the large intestine fucking shit then I tell the patient from when three months ago very well then back three months hey who has wanted to intoxicate or who guarrada you have wanted to do or what marranadas lived in your surroundings guztiak add up and do not fuck with me that this is my motherfucker, I’m going to kill him clear clear and I tell him to kill him follow but the way that I agreed benach and mikel leaving a sheet well that you have mother mika that are so well it’s good to look at fuck this is this is a divine work because what’s your mother’s name arantxa very well look good please do chacón tx very well look arantxa this plant is the arantxa microphone is there to your mother who is leaving us for I see him beauty has never gone to the hairdresser is beautiful the shoe open so that the pri is fresh is fine look here your mother is physically there but she is even knowing that this is a paper I want you to coupage you do not give account the unconscious does not know how to distinguish between this one here here in here woman do not worry see here this comes to us from heaven look look what the unconscious can do to us this is arantxa I’m going to give her a kiss and it’s funny how even knowing that she is a paper is unable to spit no no to which it is not capable because for it for its unconscious brain these arrantza that is here that you took nine months in the womb and is here can not distinguish between what is real and what is virtual because this is virtual you remember this morning today when I gave you your child it was a jacket and you put it on and wrote it on a piece of paper and you did not read it add and I’m staying with nothing dead does not know how to distinguish why thank you to advance thanks a thousand so when you have to kill someone thanks when you have to kill someone you can do it look, I have in house by house in the consultation I have a collection of dolls and when come for example imagine miguelito that do a job with the relatives I put the dolls and I say look with the name and choose who is going to be mama kin is going to make dad who is going to be the one who hit you as a child who is going to be the one who punishes you so that we can work now here I’m going to put to imagine or what I know hitler since well if I hate this man and he makes me have bad nights and I do not sleep vitally and today they have a boyal slut son and I’m going to let go and this one he believes it and I’m going to take a knife and I’m going to get through the paper and go to my unconscious he will know that they are killing Hitler because he does not know distinguish this is the advantage that we have I tell them to take the back because it is very nice and they put a paper I pasted it with your permission I’m going to remove the jacket if it matters to us then it turns out that I tell them to look are you going to do a thing like that the house and you’re going to take the pillow in agreement or a cushion or a stuffed animal I have stuffed animals brings us charo then you are going to put the name of that person who is at work he is doing it to you and now he trained there and I am going to give him a battle but eye that’s a caress comes out stronger and already when they really come in in the reality you have to see it is that it’s amazing you can not imagine the night you’re going to spend so nice sleeping getting rid of it because this one that we have here he does not know how to distinguish he does not know he does not care that is the same, he does not care, but he takes them out, he remembers me very well then to finish already with the phase is of the disease I go through life and on May 22, 2016 something has touched me that has destabilized and I have kept quiet I have eaten it I have not said anything and I go home and then and ruminating the rope and the next day I wake up with a headache and I continue with the headache and the next day It turns out that besides headache I have discomfort and I keep going because the rate in addition to the discomfort the next day I can no longer eat and I go on and on I do not go to the bathroom and then I go to the doctor and the doctor I have pain discomfort head I can not eat and over today constipated hita and doctor obviously not to ask the questions that I have just proposed in any problem if you have any now someone has something that has could have happened lately and I did not have it until now tell me what you have or not but lately since when after die my mother he answered how much weight this woman has to carry the pain of the arm is the pain of his mother’s death is evident they realize before the death of your mother you did not have pain the awareness now there may be here a conflict that is the relationship I had with that mother the weight that has left him is the work he has to do now that before I did not do pain or also because of the weight of the loss of the duel how he gets along with his mother the relationship was to make 6,000 but it was not good either and it’s not worth it anymore we’re not going to put into account this either now that it’s taken awareness of this arm because there is a very important thing the right arm It has to do with everything that happens to me collaterally if it were the arm left would have to do with the relationship with my mother with my daughter is upright for this reason this morning here doris that is already outside has been so extremely dead when he explained the why a mom a woman forgiveness has left breast cancer because it is not the same to have left breast cancer all right you know that right-handers as they applaud strike with the right hand in the left and left-handed hit with the left hand on the right this is a right-handed man and this is a left-handed man as he applauds in agreement and this we have have to be clear because if we can not close the diagnosis and it’s very important I remember very well had not been out there a hand I do not know if tell me nono consultations no consultations no I have asked is in this case to be able do a small but not because if you do not go proceed sidibé consult I do not say that they consult something generic I wanted to give an example so you could see that this always happens the demonstration the example has been demonstrative according to a run sorry me in mt state that I have high sugar in the upper limits because my son is or is sick with a wound or if they ask us affected unit was very large I was crying and it seemed just when I brought him here that does not live here the salamanca video of cashier and he was operated here and I are healing them and he suffered a lot to see him like that because the young mother appears if this this seems interesting to me of face that also to show them in agreement if we have here if we have here dad and here mom mom I have one in one hand I have health and in the other I have sugar where I would put in the sugar and where could the nono where they would put the sugar and where could the salt in the dad in the mom breast that we would put sugar or Salt and very calm quiet health do not go ahead while the battery the lady girl says that an accident I do not know what about her son and such and such what a mother gives her child when she is sick when she sees it in danger sweetness then what does it retain the sugar in his blood to give him the sweet blood for his son to be 10/10/10 approved Outstanding standouts see it low sugar I do not receive I will not answer questions and private consultations according to this case and forget about If I have low sugar, I do not have the sweetness that I need. Do not give me the sweetness I do not have that sweetness does not welcome me, they do not accept me, they do not extend me and then I go to have that sugar so that when I get it, no sugar is not high and can receive sweetness sweetness sugar love and affection they see logic this very well if sorry excuse me if they leave the microphone when before he said about the collateral relationship the vertical relationship without collateral refers to uncles cousins ​​and cousins ​​uncles first look first is the one came here by my side is my partner according to laterals and then all the that are in the line of colate my mother my father my brothers my brothers-in-law my uncles my co-workers my hunting friends my my gang to go to mount to catch mushrooms to catch snails and so on and the left is either I with my mother or me with my daughter is vertical we have to look for a conflict with myself and my daughter as my daughter mother either I’m not a good mother or I have a conflict with my daughter and I as daughter with my mother see this clear very well 20 months has lasted this ordeal and I’m still there, it would be taken away from me because I knew if it was going winners will be removed from today because today he has taken consciousness that happens this one that is here is so foolish and so smart that as you have not become aware of that memory for you for this forgiveness believe that your sick son is still here when he takes it because you had the knowledge of agreement and I have it here and here I have the conscience and the brain left brain right and then when they join the logic ignores sugar is set to normal levels now as of now and there’s also one very important thing the hardest thing to deal with the hardest to be able to Overcoming is resentment, forgiveness if there is something or there is someone you think is guilty or that has caused that illness of your child if you do not forgive with love nobody I’m not so if not because the sugar is goes quickly thing that appears otherwise is that you have assumed assume this submission submit to submit I say accept accept is the act more sublime human being forgiveness with love there has been a bit of conflict because I I live alone he lives alone in Salamanca and we have had the conflict principle there because of course, let’s not say, then the conflict is still active, it’s not going to to lower the sugar already has to forgive or not but then we already understood we arrived in but with understanding does not mean acceptance with love that is forgiveness with love you have to agree to put yourself in his place and but the pp does not ask for forgiveness and to give him with love is the most sublime act to see how I do not come out safe effectively for example breast cancer in men practically you did not know someone knows someone and today it’s 3 percent of all cancers 3 percent of breast cancers are from men by why the papers are reversed is the man who stays at home and who does the maternal function because because the unconscious does not know how to distinguish between the father and the mother when there is a function that is the maternal one that is the one that does the father because the mother has to go to work the real mother of Miguel is here and on paper his unconscious already like cojones to spit a paper even if it’s a paper if my mother is there, she can not distinguish I’m not going to answer because it’s a personal question no no no I’m not going to go into that game because then I have here my girl that I mounted a row and I sleep with she tonight I will not continue with the conference artime a


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