Bill Chams’ “Eggplant Cancer Cure” – Dr. Jonathan V. Wright

Bill Chams’ “Eggplant Cancer Cure” – Dr. Jonathan V. Wright

Ty Bollinger: Dr. Wright, tell us about BEC5. What is it? And what does it do? Dr. Wright: BEC5 is a compound derived originally
from an Australian plant called devil’s apple. And it’s also
found in eggplant and it’s found in green pepper. Ty Bollinger: Eggplant.
Dr. Wright: Yes. It’s one of the—any one of the things
called solanaceae for those of you who are botanists. They
all have some of this BEC5 in them. The technical term for them is solasodine
glycosides. And all that
glycoside means is that there’s a sugar attached to something. It could be a string of sugars too. It was discovered by a doctor William Cham. He likes to go by Bill. So we all call him Bill. He is a PhD. He is a brilliant guy. He was working at a university in Australia. And someone came out to talk to him—even
though his major field is lipid chemistry—they wanted to
talk to him because they heard he was interested, about why their livestock, when they developed
cancer in the eyeball—there’s a certain kind of livestock that developed a lot of
that—they go rub themselves up against the devil’s apple
plant with their eyes. Damn, their cancer would go away. And
so they talked to Dr. Cham about that. And Dr. Cham was intrigued. So, he went to research it and he isolated
these things called salosodine glycosides. There are two or
three of them but they’re all lumped into the name BEC5. BEC5 is Bill Edward Cham-5. So here’s what
Dr. Cham found very quickly. What he found is that there was a membrane
change in the membrane that surrounds a cancer cell. And if any cancer cell—and as you’ll hear
later on from Dr. Gaston, every cancer cell has this membrane change. But normal cells that are not cancerous do
not have that membrane change. And the key thing is that
the solasodine glycosides, this sugar that sticks down, has a particular type of plant
sugar that connects with the cancer cells’ change membrane and
it connects. And the cancer cell pulls that stuff inside
the cancer cell where it doesn’t mess with the
DNA of the cancer cell. It goes to little baggies called
lysosomes which are filled with enzymes and they are the storage depot for enzymes that
the cell uses. But this stuff, the BEC5, goes into the cancer
cell. It goes to the lysosome somehow. It enters the
lysosomes, and all the storage membranes are ruptured. And so this cell is flooded with digestive
enzymes that digest itself to death. Seriously. Now, if I have a skin cancer right here and
I put it on there, it is not going to hurt the normal
skin at all. That is the key thing. This is a beautifully targeted thing. If you heard about the latest thing in
cancer treatment is targeting individualization and all that. This has been around since 1980s by the way. Except not in these United States, of course. But there
are legal jurisdictions for it. And that’s where one has to get it. It’s from a legal jurisdiction. So anyway I
get this BEC5. It’s a skin cream and I rub it all over
there. And remember, it can’t get into my normal
cells. It can only get into cancer cells. And I put a Band Aid over it. I’ll leave that for 12 hours, take the
Band Aid off, renew the skin cream, put the Band Aid back on again. If I do that, usually within 12-14
weeks this process happens. The cancer cells first start to turn a little
red and they look a little granular. And then they start to turn
red-grey and red-black and the whole thing collapses and implodes. And it leaves a little hole. But the
cool thing is, you just keep putting skin cream on and the whole thing grows back in
and you can hardly ever tell you had a cancer. There’s a whole book on this, folks. In fact, there are two books. One of them is called The Eggplant
Cancer Cure because this stuff is found in eggplant. And the other one is a more recent book, Inspired
by Nature Proven by Science. Both of them are by Bill Cham. So you can find these online. Bill Cham,
Inspired by Nature Proven by Science and The Eggplant Cancer Cure. Both of them come with pictures. For example, there’s a picture in one of
those books, I think it’s The Eggplant Cancer Cure, of somebody who had
this big cancer that encompassed part of the nose here
and it went all around in a big circle like that. They started to putting on the BEC5 cream. At the worst
stage, a person looked like they had a hole in the side of their face. Remember though, this cream
cannot kill normal cells. And so when it got to the last cancer cell,
it stops. It can’t go any further. So
here’s this big hole. There’s a picture of after it all healed—and
this one took about 16-20 weeks because it was such a big cancer—you could
not tell one side of the nose from the other unless you
took a really close-up picture. And then it was just a little bit more grainy
and the other side was a little more smooth. And that’s the only way you could tell the
person ever had cancer. And otherwise that
person would have to have a humongous surgery and they’d have to have skin grafting. And this stuff
can cure the cancer without all that.


  • MisterBassBoost says:

    Brilliant work! Keep it up!

  • Grandma Liz's Kisses says:


  • Julia K says:

    Excellent presentation but according to Rick Simpson hash cannabis oil (THC) works even better for skin cancer and for many other types.

  • Yair Minzari says:

    bless you

  • Beth VanDusen says:

    Nice to see this information getting out to the public! I used Dr. Cham's Curaderm BEC5 & cured the basal cell carcinoma I had on my face not once, but twice — in 2012 & 2013. I had heard about it from Dr. Mercola. It only took 8 weeks or less to cure mine. I told my dermatologist about it, who wanted me to have surgery, but she didn't care about it. I went the usual route of surgery the first time I developed BCC. I have a scar & it cost me (with insurance!) around $5,000. No scars with BEC5 & I saved $$$! I still use Dr. Cham's wonderful Curasol BEC5 Sunscreen. It's the only sunscreen I'll use. His book The Eggplant Cancer Cure is easy to read & full of photos.

  • Janelle Murphy says:

    I love this man

  • Silvia Logan says:

    Would the BEC5 work on stage 4 melanoma? Will it cure all types of stage 4 cancers?

  • mortisha11 says:

    is it ok to cook it?

  • Smarty The Pants says:

    Eggplant I believe is also the base for Avemar, which is amazing for cancer.

  • theinvisiblewun says:

    I've been following Dr. Cham for years – his product was available over the counter from about 1995 to 2002 (roughly), however, the Australian Medical Association listed Curaderm as "by prescription only" in order to get rid of him. He owns the patent and the process to my understanding. So he moved off shore to Vanuatu which was a good thing because from there he has accessed the whole world – the good news is out. Best Wishes To My Hero Dr. Cham.

  • Total Body Fitness says:

    I was a bit skeptical but I purchased the BEC5 for a small Actinic Keratosis on my face. It's been 5 days since starting the treatment and to my surprise it's 99% gone. It's still red and swollen a little from the treatment, but 5 days in I surely cannot complain. My dermatologist wanted to prescribe a chemotherapy cream that cost over $1,300, so this was not only cheaper, but a natural alternative. I will update in a couple weeks with pictures, but from what I can see so far it killed the abnormal cells much faster than I thought!

  • MA Jo says:

    Can it be taken internally if you make it at home?

  • mohammad i says:

    Where can I buy this from I'm in canada

  • Helena Davies says:

    Can the eggplant solution be given to a cat with SCC? Raw eggplant is toxic to a cat. Does the vinegar ferment and kill the poisin? The cancer is on the cats nose. She will lick it if it's sprayed on the tumour. Thank you.

  • Jessica Sha says:

    CBD oil? Any results?

  • Terry S. Smith says:

    Have used CuraDerm successfully to CURE my skin cancer. I bought mine from the web site:

  • Suzanne Wilkins says:

    I was recently diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma. The doctor just looked at me and said in a week I needed a biopsy and get surgery scheduled. I have had these skin lesions for over 10 years and I thought they were psoriasis. She started me on topical Efudex on some parts of my body. I started her regimin and my husband started researching alternative to cutting. We started black salve and then I saw the terrible reviews and stopped and in the meantime we also started Curaderm. I like the reviews I am reading about this curaderm so far. I just am not sure if I should get the biopsy and go to the surgical way. I think it is pretty serious and I just am looking for the best way to proceed. Ive always tried to use natural methods of healing.

  • Dr Geneva Ricano says:

    Thank you for the share!

  • Michael Murphy says:

    Curaderm BEC5?

  • M Miller says:

    I had small skin cancer pop up on my arm.  I had a tube of the BEC5 Curaderm cream in my fridge from a year ago (I bought it for a skin cancer on my face, but chickened out and went with the MOHS surgery.)  Anyway, I decided to try the BEC5 on my arm.  It is day 4 now.   Yesterday I noticed that the spot hardened like a scab.  This morning I can see pus in the center.  It's working!

  • Erika Stalling says:

    Where can you buy this stuff?

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