Best Ways to Reduce Hyperpigmentation & Dark Spots: Ingredients, Products & Natural Remedies

Best Ways to Reduce Hyperpigmentation & Dark Spots: Ingredients, Products & Natural Remedies


  • Beauty Within says:

    Hello our favorite people! So sorry our upload was late this week!! We had a few issues that needed to be fixed and only wanted to put it up when it was perf! Hope you guys enjoy it, and have a safe and happy July 4th! Sending all our love! – BW Fam

  • NataDeCoco Jelly says:

    Too much info for my brain to process 😨

  • Thaina Fabri says:

    Why tea tree may worsen the hyperpigmentation?

  • Mari says:

    My friend thought I was crazy when I told her that I wore sunscreen every single day. She told me that that as long as she doesn't burn, she's safe. I asked her about dark spots and she said "I can just get them lasered"….. Not sure what kind of world she lives in but wouldn't that be nice if that's how it worked?

  • Chloe Wilkinson Naturopath says:

    Felicia have you tried taking vitamin C daily? Helps speed up the healing process from the inside out! Love this video girls as always!

  • Rubí Zul says:

    What amazing video!!!! This is the first video that I see of your channel and wow! The information is so complete and clear. Really congrats for your job, guys, stay on this way

    Regards from a new fan in Mexico!!!

  • Uma mb says:

    This video was like a nice classroom session but did not address melasma as much as acne hyperpigmentation

  • arielle augustin says:

    this won’t make my face lighter right?

  • Oddlycrystal says:

    you two are so cute! I adore your set up and how knowledge you both are. definitely love your videos so much 💛

  • Nikita333 says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you LOVELY LADIES!!! Love the new set but agree with the comments you and the especially the products are TOO FAR AWAY!!! Please, please, please post name and price of product, too far away to see and your hand often covers bottle! Thx!!! 💜💜💜

  • Nikita333 says:

    Can you PLEASE, PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE do a video on MILIA??? I have it under my eyes and cheeks so bad and my dermatologist said she could "surgically" remove them but my insurance won't cover!!! WHAT is Milia??? HOW did I get it??? WHAT can I do to get rid of it, high end, drugstore, DIY etc…??? LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!! THX!!! 💜💜💜

  • Begoña Lorente Remon says:

    Am I the only one who noticed those shelves are from Rowena´s old apt? 🙂 I follow both of your personal channels and also in love with Beauty Within! keep going!

  • Emily Smith says:

    Anyone else prefer the older layout. I feel like you are too far from the camera with this one. Even if it is beautiful.

  • Anne Hedda says:

    The only product I can afford,Kojie san soap

  • Asma Khan says:

    How to reduce hyperpigmentation from lips? Please help i am always insecure about my pigmented lips

  • Melissa Sigua says:

    Does the matcha, honey, and water actually work. Like it is it something you tried ?

    And I’m confused do you put the mixture on and leave it ? If so for how long? Or is it apply wait for it to dry and then rinse ?

  • c T says:

    Thank you for the video.. very informative and interesting. One do i create a routine for melasma without damaging the skin more please? Many thanks for your time..

  • Fardia Chowdhury says:

    OK Im new to this channel and love all the content… But I have to mention this that Felicia is soooo pretty and she reminds me of Rose from blackpink (like in her looks, personality, etc.)

  • Patsuchi says:

    why the hate against licorice D: its great

  • Yasmina Langeslag says:

    What about those snail serums? 😸

  • Kimmy Suraphongchai says:

    Love you guys! Great balance of talking and graphics to illustrate your points. Your graphics are the best by beauty bloggers!
    Personally I prefer the old camera angle that is closer view rather than full body shot.

  • Falon Y says:

    What do you all think about the even tone cleansing bar from urban skin rx in combatting hyperpigmentation? (Love your channel!)

  • cherrygummysix says:

    Great tips girls! I always resort to Q-switch laser treatment to get rid of my acne marks/hyperpigmentation. I also had to make sure to super moisturize my skin and SPF-ed afterwards.

  • Beatriz Alicia Palacio Jaramillo says:

    this video was so difficult to watch

  • Paola says:

    Really good content, you won one more subscriber 🙂

  • alice zoam says:

    Hi!! Can you talk about sun protection in powder?

  • Kaylin Dilgee says:

    Can you guys please try the celery juice and update on how it improved your skin if it does 🥺? I really want to know before I try it

  • Lee Jihoon says:

    It takes 5 months for super bad dark spots to leave?? I've had these spots for years…. TT

  • K - POP - LoVe says:

    1 confusion , i have a matcha green tea which is imported and its color is green , you guys showed which had different color , so which is original matcha? or is this normal o have different colors ?
    I found it you guys have low quality one lol here is our matcha competing

  • Oriana Verde says:

    That Australian girl is always pointing out how the other girl is white palest pale and how dark skinned she is lol they both look the same lmao

  • David Hodgin says:

    why would you pop it if you told us not to

  • Molly CB says:

    i heard that the sun is good for healing acne, is that not true then?
    (p.s love this video)

  • CupofTJ says:

    Editing so good 😍

  • Ron Fernandez says:

    Thank you for this video! Hyperpigmentation is my biggest skin problem. My pimples last a day or two and aren’t really that bad but the scars and dark spots last a really long time! : (

  • Clark Wahlberg says:

    I'm dark skin Asian from Hawaii, the one time I dont put spf on I get melasma!!! 😭😭

  • Emily Dulaney says:

    If you’re not supposed to pop pimples then what are you supposed to do? Anytime I try to wait one out it neverrr fully goes away

  • Moon Light says:

    The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% really works. 👍

  • Proma Mazumdar says:

    In my sleeping mask there is Niacinamide.. But i cant use Niacinamide and glycolic acid together. I really want to pick pixi as my daily toner ( but pixi contain glycolic acid) then which toner i can use? And Um badly suffering from HYPERPIGMENTATION.. !!!!!

  • Ryfo Juan says:

    are you guys are korean ??

  • Mị Là Quả Bơ says:

    I dont know what should I call it but the skin area around my mouth is a lot darker than the rest of my face. It is hyperpigmentation? How can I get rid of it or at least make it to become more even with my skin tone?

  • Ednilag says:

    felicia, you sound like rosie!

  • Via nguyen says:

    Girl when u mentioned the deep layer mark of your trauma I felt that sis😂😭

  • Genesis Argueta says:

    I feel insecure about my freckles now 😣

  • Ruben TYLER says:

    How to use The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution please? I will appreciate it.

  • Damian says:

    Can't believe you are recommending 1:1 ratio for ACV/Water. Jesus…..1:5 at least.

  • Miri ARMY says:

    shoot!!! I wish I could've watched this video sooner!!! honestly you deserve an award for how informational this video is! I feel like I watched a skin documentary!! I've been doing everything wrong for my skin. now I understand my skin better, so thank you so much!!!

  • Jordan Earls says:

    I watched another video on hyperpigmentation and acne scarring that you posted a while ago and ended up getting an at home microderm tool. I've used it twice now, once per week for two weeks, paired with an AHA & BHA mask from the Ordinary and I'm already seeing amazing results. I've been trying to clear my skin up for a year and a half now. The hyperpigmentation and acne scarring is SO frustrating because I wash my face religiously and FINALLY I think I am on the path to clear skin. Thank you!!!

  • Katie Coleman says:

    Azelaic acid requires a prescription so what’s in those products? Anyone know?

  • Juan Flores says:

    Felicia😍😍my girl

  • Dillina Laubscher says:

    I need advice for products i can use with acne prone skin and melasma

  • Gemma Diaz says:

    I have so many BRIGHT red acne scars (aka p.i.e.) and I didn’t even pop those pimples 😩

  • Unicorn Xx says:

    I have a little bit of darkness around my mouth and I’ve scrubbed and everything it’s not going away ,, how do I get lighter lips ?

  • Doctor Anne says:

    Seems like I need to buy some PC boosters soon.

  • Enat Hager says:

    When she says no matter how dark you are and points to herself …..🤔🤔 girl please

  • Andrés says:

    love it girls thank you very much i like your channel so much really thanks

  • The Blushing Giraffe says:

    Yes hate how strict it is here in Europe! I’d love to try that first ingredient for my hyperpigmentation but getting our hands on it is next to impossible 🙁

  • Lintang Cahyaningsih says:

    You should compare this with microdermabrasion from a dermatologist. It worked best for my sun spots and acne scars from the first try, compared to the expensive and irritating products targeting hyperpigmentation.

  • meenosagittarius91 says:

    Okay, but I think we need a video about your wardrobe and where you get them from. LOVE the dresses and bright colors you two wear 😍

  • Sabrina Sallehin says:

    Why do pimples even exist?? 🙁

  • nikki says:

    I want to cry. I’ve been dealing with some sort of skin reaction/acne (I really don’t know, I’ve NEVER broken out this badly). but after seeing Fel’s close up of her face, MY SKIN LOOKS JUST LIKE THAT ON MY CHIN SO IT MADE ME FEEL SO MUCHBETTER. now I know it’s hyperpigmentation and ugh it’s a bitch, but I don’t feel so alone n ashamed now :’)

  • Hannah Bertrams says:

    I have crazy hyperpigmentation on my shoulders from my bacne, can I use these methods on my shoulders too? ☹️

  • Kelli Coles says:

    Thank you so much for explaining hyperpigmentation!👍🏼💞 This vid was mainly about acne, but I am now finding I am also getting PIH from mosquito bites!😣 A friend recommended using cocoa butter, which is an ole school African American remedy for scarring. It would be great if you all explained the science behind how that works on skin types!🤗 Just curious!

  • Dacia's D.I.Y's says:

    I’m gonna try it but i get breakouts from coconut oil , so i wonder if it will breakout my face

  • Anne Mariel Salgado says:

    Can I use Vit C serum with Missha Borabit Ampoule?

  • Nessa says:

    Do NOT use hydroquinone. It’s not controversial, it’s just bad.

  • brooklyn albuquerque says:

    is it possible to have P.I.E with dry skin iv'e had this patch for months now andits not going away

  • Nisi Naia says:

    I have some spot face.solition plz!! Mybe melesma.

  • Bessie Staton says:

    Too much talking I do not want to be a doctor I just want to know how to make my skin look better we learned about the skin in high school.

  • priyanka sharma says:

    Lovely outfits and great content,

    I have fair, dry (hence no pimples at all), sensitive skin
    Can you guys please tell me tell how to get rid of hyperpigmentation near mouth area( its due to sun maybe, not too intense, but yes clearly visible)

  • Happy Days says:


    AN EXCELLENT production !!

    Great Set & Script !!



  • numberoneikon says:

    They actually answer the question at 11:15

  • priyanka sharma says:

    Waiting for your response

  • vanu saggar says:

    Can you please make a video about eyes and problems such as dark circles and bags

  • em says:

    my forehead and the area around my mouth is SOOO dark. i’m glad you made this!

  • Caramelle86 says:

    Very informative video! But I would like to say I did chuckle when she pointed to herself as “dark” I understand in Asian culture pale skin is highly revered, but they literally look the same skin tone it’s just the undertones look different between you two. Both are pale.

  • Dimples Gerodias says:

    Hi! Do you have a product review on dermawand?

  • Lilliz91 says:

    Damn this makes me feel better. I literally have this problem.

  • Anh Thư says:

    Thanks for Vietsub😘

  • caroline smith says:

    i am using essence of argan oil and it's an amazing product it really works for my hair and skin

  • Yellow Beret says:

    Yess! My skin is pretty good apart from dark spots and uneven skin tone

  • Lucero Fernandez says:

    Are these products featured good for sensitive skin? Like it won’t be too heavy where they will break me out?

  • cathy foster says:

    i tried essence of argan oil for my dark spots and it worked , it started to fade in no time

  • Lily Crow says:

    great video must try essence of Argan oil really helps me a lot

  • chariots8x says:

    What is hyperpigmentation? 1:49

    3 Types of hyperpigmentation 5:49

    How can you treat hyperpigmentation? 11:16

    Ingredients for treating hyperpigmentation & product recommendations 13:34

    D.I.Y Home Remedies 23:28

  • T CS says:

    does anyone know any good products to remove freckles?

  • M says:

    Can I use all of these ingredients in my routine? I have years of PIE

  • Miller Tang says:

    we stan 2 talented biologists !

  • Amanina Rozi says:

    I want to know…. If i start with new product and then many of acne goes up… Did i need to throw the product or continue use it?

  • jesSICa RAWR says:

    does the ordinary niacinamide help with p.i.h

  • gramos says:

    I love the random funny moments so much

  • Froyo.Pouya says:

    Thank you SO SO much! I have suffered from severe acne since I was like in 8th grade (im nearly 20 now) and I tried organic matcha powder mixed with unfiltered, organic, raw honey as a mask overnight like you suggested, and I have NEVER felt my skin SO smooth! Nearly all my acne actually disappeared or were reduced in size by half! Thank you so much, not even dermatologists, sephora products, or other natural remedies have ever worked for me!

  • Celine Ramnarine says:

    Anyone with medium to dark skin has tried the home remedies yet??? Like the apple cider vinegar and milk one… anyone?? Some feed back would be great please and thanks

  • Farah Hanis says:

    Hello, can you make a review on essano superfoods products? Btw i really loves your videos. It’s always gives me a lot of information!

  • Tabbatha Lux says:

    Can you guys talk about tranexamic acid in one of your videos? I’m looking into the good molecules discoloration correcting serum for my mom. It has niacinemide and tranexamic acid. I am just curious if it plays well with others. Looking into their vitamin c powder and daily skin brightening serum for her as well. I guess if they come as a set, it would be safe to use them all together, right?

  • Shroi Neko Derder says:

    I am 14 years old and my problem is how to get rid of my red scar spot pimple, from Philippines need help

  • Shroi Neko Derder says:

    How to treat post inflammation

  • Asma Haque says:

    Guys help a sister out.
    Does anyone have hyperpigmentation around chin area due to pcos? What helped you?

  • ケンイシュカ says:

    Hydroquinone is literally banned in South East Asia.. Are they serious? Hydroquinone can make your skin lighter fast and as soon you stop using it.. Your face will have very bad hypermentation.. Most of the time the cheek area will covered with black area of hypermentation

  • Jomoscho says:

    I got hyperpigmentation from being on the pill. Slowly went away.

  • Dalilah Zul says:

    Can you recommend a way to lighten my eyelids? My eyelids darken because of my allergies and my eyes would itch. I would rub my eyes very vigorously ( I was a child). Please help.

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