Best Supplements For Seborrheic Dermatitis

Best Supplements For Seborrheic Dermatitis

Greetings, Eric Bakker, a naturopath. Thanks for checking out the video. We’ll be talking about seborrheic dermatitis
or seb derm. We just spoke before about a natural treatment
plan. We’ve spoken about some foods to eat. What about supplements? What are some good supplements for seb derm? I would treat this condition exactly the same
as I would treat psoriasis or a candida problem. I would treat this as sebo or bacterial infection,
a problem in the gut basically. A microbiome that’s out of kilter, something
that needs rebalancing. So I recommend you look at probiotics, enzymes,
and also anti-fungal product. Many many people with seb derm have got an
imbalanced gut. They’ve got bacteria that’s unbalanced or
they have some candida there that’s in some amount there, as well. So treating this condition like it’s a yeast
problem is quite a clever move. You should find, within the first two months
of treatment, the skin may flare up initially, but then clear up considerably, especially
if you do a natural topic treatment, make the right diet change and lifestyle change
all at the same time. You’re going to get the result you’re looking
for. A good time to do this is often in spring
and summer time, when the sun comes out, because the sun’s quite conducive towards healing
the skin. I look at an anti-fungal, anti-microbial,
I look at a probiotic enzyme formula, and I look at a multivitamin. Check out my Canxeta range of products. In fact I might have one here … hang on
a sec, I’ll just grab one. I would be looking at the Canxeta remove. If I had seb derm, I’d be looking at two of
these a day, two per day. I’d be looking at two of these per day. And I’d be looking at one of these per day. You’ll be thinking, hang on a minute, this
is not a yeast problem, this is a skin problem. Yes. What you’re saying it correct. But the research points towards a gut disturbance. Many people with seb derm have got a digestive
imbalance, they’ve got a gut problem. It’s imperative that the diet is changed with
seb derm. Supplements aren’t as important as the diet. But if the supplements are used with the diet,
then a correct lifestyle, you will get a great outcome that you’re looking for. So just remember, treat the gut, treat the
skin, treat the lifestyle, and watch what happens. Thanks for tuning in.


  • tyla fergusson-platt says:

    Hi Eric,

    Just a quick question is yeast free rye bread okay on the Candida Diet? Can’t find any videos on it

    Thanks, Tyla

  • Josue Sencion says:

    Hello Eric,

    Do you think there is a connection between seb derm and IBS or IBD?


  • Diana Pantaleeva says:

    Hello I have a question about Candida. Should we follow the diet if we have the vaginal discharge or this is a diet only for the colon infection?

  • Craic House Animations says:

    Hi Eric,

    Big fan of your videos and approach to healing.

    Quick question a bit off topic from this video but what's your thoughts on slippery elm to help with acid reflux and gut inflammation while treating psrasites/candida/h. Pylori.

    I'm waiting on comprehensive stool analysis and parasitology results and would love to hear your thoughts on it but can't seem to find any videos mentioning slippery elm bark powder?

    Your reply would be much appreciated 👍

  • Chris Duran says:

    Eric how can I hire you to work with me one on one? I've got your Candida Crusher book and I've basically been following a Candida diet for the last year. I've had some success in getting my digestion to function better, but I still have sed derm. I'm also super underweight (6 foot 121 pound male), which is something I want to fix. I want to gain muscle mass and finally feel like a healthy male adult.

  • Khalid Nawaz says:

    Do u ship canxida products to pakistan. I need it

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