Best shea butter mix to treatment 9 skin and scalp problem Psoriasis and alopecia areata.

Best shea butter mix to treatment 9 skin and scalp problem  Psoriasis and alopecia areata.

tell on everybody my family and my friends so I’m here again to come and show you this very great secrets of shea butter mix which you can use in anything that has to do with your hair to your toe okay guys this Shibata mix is very very powerful you need it around your house for yourself and for your kids how to mix so you will need a glass bowl or if you have double heat boiler pots it’s also good so you will need a measuring cup spoons and everything to measure each this you are going to add into your double head with a bow or any one like this one I am using so first I’m going to need my cocoa butter and we need 1 cup and a half of cocoa butter [Music] so after that I’m going to put my eat my bee wax guys his bee wax so I’m going to put a cop of her bee wax so I just and put it inside my plastic bag day but I’ve already mentioned it after that I just give it a little stay so this state is to make its mix together so with that I’m going to add a cup and a half of my coconuts oh yay so now as always explained in my video about this palm oil butter so we need two spoons of my palm oil butter to make it more moisture and more fluffy so I allow it to mate and this is how it came off after the bee wax of melts with all the fat see oh yeah I added so I would take it off the fire so I’m going to places clothes I dip it into a quarter normally you can use ice block ice to mix this stuff but if you don’t have eyes you can do it in this function so I’m adding 2 cup of my shea butter I met this shea butter half way so that can be able to take it out from this glass jar so I will not begin to stir everything together so that all the oil because it’s tea hot it will melt so now I’m adding my head mix oh yay I’m also adding my Moringa oh yeah oh yeah is my ho ho bah oh yeah so this is my cast oh oh yay I’m adding 25 milliliter of my cast oh oh yay so this is the oil I did last for split end and to stop breakage so I’m also going to add these so give it some vitamin because guys this oil contains a lot of vitamin E I swear so this is my rice oh yay I’m also going to add a spoon as I’ll be adding from olive oil to this mixture this is my almond oh yay I’m adding also a spoon of my amoled over here so this is a gun or you guys I’m also going to add a gun over here I’m adding my grape seed oh yeah this is my best on my number one oh yeah guys so this is my apricots or Yahoo I’m going to add also apricot oh yeah and this is which i mean ii i’m adding also a spoon of a vitamin E so I know that oh yeah which I love so much retards carrots oh yeah guys know shea butter so I’m a little spoon because I love this oil so this this oil came from Nigeria we call it palm cunning or a is also a good oil that moisturizes our skin on here too so this is my glycerine I’m re two spoons of my glycerine vegetable oh yeah so this is my calendula oh yay guys I don’t know if you know calendula oh yeah calendula oil is also good for scalp stimulation so yeah now I’m adding for capsule of mycology powder so if you have the powder one you can add just a spoon so because this is capsule I’m adding just the capsule of my collagen powder so this is my hemp seed oh yay I’m also had in my M seed or him which I also love after that I’m going to add my lawanda oh yay which is my fragrance and mighty tree oh yay so in this case I don’t have any drawers or measurement I’m adding according to how I feel to be good for this mixture to have to heal anything in your skin guys many people use this all year on their babies Wow they said they love it so much it hears anything in your skin nice now I’m almost done so I have said everything we’re not going to add my Oliveira in so on this oh yay is still warm so it will help you Avera to mix well with you oh oh yay so I’m admah and Rivera Jade now which I cultivated I blend it on a few tight and kept it in the fridge so you are going to stay and make sure the Oliveira and the audio all meets together so in that case you are going to keep it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and bring it out to start with half way so now guys I kept it in the fridge for 30 minutes so I bring it out now to whisk for let me say 10 minutes you just whisk and whisk and whisk until you have something a little bit medium creamy then you take it back into the refrigerator for another 30 minutes see you blend for your final creaming shea butter mix [Music] so after that for the last time I’ve kept it again for or not settle as you can see it’s now start to solidify so in this case we are going to walk it out now by blending so guys as you can see it has become creamy like I see like what you put on your cake so because I whisk it for over 30 minutes just to make everything become this creamy like an icy that you put on your cake so now guys we are done so I’m going to remove everything so in this case because this is for selling I’m going to add a preservation to preserve it because we have some liquid inside which is my aloe vera gel so because of that I’m going to add my preservation and blend it so as you can see here out started to add them into my jar with my piping bag so guys this is our cream sorry this mixture is good for air peace oh my god if you have air peace just put it on your lips is going to cure it before two days and if you have any irritation inflammation bones sauce cup any kind of issue you have your cup breakage guys use this creamy I swear you are going to come to give me another thumbs up if it’s possible because this cream was the creamy that helps my hair so be growing I didn’t know so when I when it finished I was thinking no need to do Shibata anymore but I found out my head started to break out again then I remembered something is missing in my regimen so I thought of doing it again in spite are used for my people that bought it before they were asking because my Rivera plants was not grown enough for me to cultivate it but I have to cultivate this moment I have to do this mixture guys you will love it if you do this mixture so guys for those of you that are new yet to my channel I hope you love this video or any of my video – to subscribe enough please guys share this video to help so many people that have any scalp or skin issue guys just try this and you will see that god we use through these products to help you in your issue that maybe you are be spending money on out there in any pharmacy or any dermatology creams or any shampoo so guys I want to thank you all for watching my video and I put on every father we bless you all for supporting and subscribing to my channel thank you everybody bye-bye [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]


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