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– What up? Hey everyone. So, welcome back to another video. I am super, super excited about this one. Because, I’ve been waiting a while to show you guys one of my favorite oil mixtures to make for natural hair. Now in the past, I’ve done a video about hot oil treatment. Now this is what I use to, um… Well, since I have low porosity hair, I deep condition my hair, and then I coat my hair in oil. So I will be doing a
separate video on that, but I want to show you guys what I use to make that oil mixture. So there’s plenty of goodies. Stick around and I will show you guys exactly how I’m going to do this. Okay, so first off, I’m going to start with my heavy, carrier oils. I’m going to be adding about half an ounce, and the way I’m going to measure this you can use, if you have some kind of, measuring cup, you can use that, but I have a empty color
applicator bottle here. It still has a little bit of oil, leftover from before, and it also has the sides marked with the fluid ounce measurements. You can get this at any
beauty supply store. Sally’s will be just fine, and it’s super cheap. All right. First carrier oil is gonna be hemp oil. I have organic, cold pressed hemp oil. I’m gonna unscrew my little cap here. And then just to make this easier, I’m taking the cap off this one as well. And then I’m gonna pour half fluid ounce in here. Next up I’ve got my apricot oil. I got this from my
local health food store. You can order it online. I think it’s organic. It doesn’t say, so it might not be. But this is really great
for softening the hair, and just moisturizing it. It’s also really great
for aged or mature skin, as well, if you have that. Again, adding that half fluid ounce. Next up, I’ve got my
Jamaican black castor oil. I’ll be adding half a fluid ounce. These measurements don’t really need to be precise, you can just eyeball it. Whatever you feel comfortable with. And this is super, super, super thick. Now you can see there’s like, a dark green tinge to the oil mixture and that is from the hemp seed oil. All right, now we’re moving to the lighter carrier oils. This is sweet almond oil, it’s very popular in a lot of oil mixtures, you know. It’s very good for your skin as well. So I’m not going to spend too long describing the benefits. And here I’m going to
add a full fluid ounce. So I’m just unscrewing this. And then adding it. So these lighter oils are going to be more of them, just because you really want to take advantage of their
moisturizing benefits and not have a high concentration of carrier oils in our mixture. Next up, I’ve got jojoba oil, one of my all-time favorites. It’s so light and it’s chemical structure mimics the chemical structure of your own hair’s sebum. So it actually sinks
into the hair’s scalp, providing lots of moisture. Again, this one I’m adding a fluid ounce. And next up, I’ve got vitamin E oil, this one is just straight from Sally’s, nothing special. You can find vitamin E oil anywhere. I will caution, I know that some people are allergic to vitamin
E oil, so if you are, you definitely do not
want to be using this. But my scalp loves vitamin E oil, so I’m going to go ahead and pour that in. And I’m going to shoot
for one fluid ounce, but I know I’m running out
so I might not make it. So right now, I’m up to five fluid ounces. Now next up, I’m gonna grab my comfrey here. Comfrey is super amazing for your hair. It actually increases manageability. It also is an anti-inflammatory agent, so if you have any scalp condition, maybe eczema or you have psoriasis on your scalp or any place on your body, comfrey is super amazing for that. And it also stimulates your
hair follicles to grow. So, if you got those hair goals, you might want to hit this up, as well. Going to add 15 drops in here. All right, next up I’ve got rosemary. I love rosemary, it’s really good for stimulating your scalp, getting that blood flowing
back to your scalp. That’s going to remove any impurities that are in your hair follicle, and it’s also gonna help your hair grow. Encourage that growth rate. And for somebody who simply by genetics, just your hair doesn’t grow fast enough. Everybody’s hair grows, the rate is just a huge limiting factor. If I can ever get this thing open. So I’m gonna put 10
drops of this, as well. And last, but not least,
I’ve got lavender. Super good for your hair, it’s also very calming, so again, if you have irritations on your scalp, dandruff, itchiness, this
is really great for that. I’m just going to add ten drops, the same. And I actually added a little bit more, that’s all right. A little bit of lavender
never hurt anybody. Now I’m gonna cover this up. So you can see I’ve got a
nice strange green mixture. Green is good, right? That’s what I think. I’m gonna cover this top, ’cause I lost the little cap, and then I’m gonna just shake it. Now you always want to make sure, when you shake this, that this is sealed tight
and that you cover this. And there we go. I’ve got just under five
fluid ounces of mixture and this is going to be really great, it’s going to last me for probably about two to three wash days. I always condition on all of my wash days. So that was super easy, right guys? Again, this is something I’ve been using for a long time, probably for the last two and a half years. Sometimes I switch out oils,
or I add others back in, just depending on the needs of my hair. I’ve kind of steered away from olive oil, just because it is a
very heavy carrier oil, and I find that once I use it on wash day, it’s trapped that moisture in, and then maybe I get to
day two or day three, and I want to moisturize
my hair with water, and unfortunately I still have the oil coating the outsides of my hair. So, for low porosity
hair you do have to be a little bit more careful in terms of the amount of carrier oils you use. If you use a LOC method and then you just carry that out until your next wash day, then it doesn’t really matter. But for somebody like
me, I moisturize my ends every night, ’cause I
got a whole lot of hair, and the older it gets, the drier, the more brittle the ends get, and then that makes my hair
regimen change as well. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this. Super simple, super easy, and my next video is
going to be chatting about how I use this oil mixture in my deep conditioning routine. And then I’ve also got a
super special tool that I use and I will show you
guys in the next video. Oh, and don’t forget I
am also on Periscope. I scope every Thursday. I have a healthy hair chronicles chat at ten a.m. on Thursday. I know that a lot of
people are either working or in school, so be sure
to catch the replay. And also, I kind of
upgraded my little set-up, so I’ll be scoping, my goal is at least once a day, but don’t quote me on it. Probably more like three times a week. I hope you guys are all doing fabulous. Try this oil mixture, let me know what you think, if you see improvement
in your hair condition, in your scalp if you have any itchiness, a any dryness, eczema,
psoriasis or something, I hope that this helps a lot, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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