Best Natural Treatment For Dermatitis

Best Natural Treatment For Dermatitis

Hi there. It’s Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back. We’re talking about seborrheic dermatitis
or seb derm. So let’s have a look at some of the best ways
you can actually treat this condition and improve it and hopefully even get rid of this
condition. So this video is on some of the best natural
treatments. So ,I got my cheat sheets here as usual. So the first thing I’d like you to really
is to boost your immune function up is to get immunity up and running, up to a much
higher state. So look how much you sleep you’re getting. Look at your occupation. Look at the relationships you’ve got with
people around you currently. Can anything be improved? What can you do to make your life as low-stress
as possible? That’s gonna help improve your immune function
quite a lot. Eating food, eating good food. Following some of the advice on this Candida
Crusher channel that’s bound to get you in the right dietary frame, so eating good food
and living a good clean lifestyle is gonna help to boost your immune function up, especially
if you don’t smoke tobacco or drink alcohol. Or if you do drink, you drink a minimum amount
of alcohol. So sleep’s a crucial one. Getting some exercise every day, regularly
or several times a week is gonna improve your skin quite a lot. Spending time outdoors and using stress-relieving
kind of ways, maybe could be meditation or prayer or could be relaxation therapy, could
be Tai-chi, something you can do there to really improve how you relax more in your
life. So that’s boosting immune function up. You can also take a couple of thousand milligrams
of vitamin C per day that can help your immune function also. So the second one is to reduce your intake
of foods that can promote allergic responses and inflammatory responses. So these two key things are quite important
when it comes to skin conditions like seb derm and psoriasis, eczema, things like that. So the inflammatory foods I’ve spoken about
previously a little bit in a video. What are some of the inflammatory foods? They’re generally the refined foods. The preserved foods. The processed foods. The takeaway foods. The sugary foods. Foods that you know that you shouldn’t be
consuming. But also red meat or beef is pro-inflammatory,
so you need to be careful of that. Fish has a lower ability to create the inflammatory
problem than beef does. Watch out for the processed oils. Safflower oil, canola oil, soy oil, all these
crappy oils, deep fried fats. These are all pro-inflammatory. Just be careful for the allergic type potential
foods. Cows milk, or dairy products, gluten, eggs,
oranges, bananas, pineapples, these are potentially allergic stimulating foods and so just watch
out. The third one is to stay well-hydrated. To drink plenty of water. Most people with skin problems I find don’t
drink enough water, and if they do drink, it’ll be an alcoholic beverage or coffee or
tea but they don’t drink enough water. So make sure if you’re watching this and you’ve
got seb derm, that you drink plenty of good quality water. And that doesn’t mean sugary drinks or cold
beer or wine or things like that ’cause they’re dehydrating. They’re actually not hydrating. So that’s the stay hydrated part. So the fourth one I’m gonna talk about is
treating scalp dryness and itchy scalp. So there are many different things you can
do to put on top of your skin to improve its function. You can use medicated creams, coal tars or
crap like that that people sometimes use or you can use natural things like coconut oils. There are many different things you can use. There are very good brands you can buy. If you look at America you can buy Jason or
Aubrey Organics. There are many good brands. Burt Bees I believe is another brand. Many of these companies make fantastic products
for dry and itchy scalp. So going into a good whole food store. When I was in the states, awhile ago, I saw
a fantastic health food store with a wide range of natural skin products so you can
get them. So also shampoos. There are many companies that make beautiful
shampoos for your scalp that contain no chemicals at all. So that’s what I’d recommend you look at. There’s also a company called Mother Dirt. I believe it’s called Mother Dirt and they
create a range of skin care products and shampoos that actually contain beneficial bacteria
for your skin. That’s a smart idea. It’s something else you could be thinking
of is you know is actually putting a product on your scalp or on your skin that contains
beneficial bacteria. Not many people think about that. Which, cause your body’s bathed in bacteria,
inside and outside. We’re using chemical concoctions you’re killing
off the bacteria. You’re using a natural thing, you know, you’re
actually building up your levels of help. You can also make scalp shampoos or masks. You can go into Google and look up some natural
scalp shampoos which could contain coconut oil, coconut cream for example. Many different essential oils you could be
using on the scalp right now to really improve it’s function. So that’s treating the dandruff and the itchiness. Okay, let’s look also at essential oils. So that’s point number five. So there are many different essential oils
you can use like tea tree oil. You can use coconut oil we spoke about. You can use olive oil. You can use almond oil. If I have a look at Dr. John Pagano, for example,
he wrote Healing Psoriasis book. He talked a lot about peanut oil on the skin,
but also coconut oil on the scalp. So if you’ve got a lot of heavy plaque around
the ears or around the scalp, you should put oils on there and loosen those off and then
wash them off too. So rosemary oil is quite a good one to use. Cedarwood oil. Tea tree oil. There’s also Manuka honey that can be used
in small amounts of Manuka with a high MF factor. So that’s a high hydrogen peroxide factor. They can be used on small parts of the scalp
on problem areas. So that’s gonna help to cure that area. Zinc. Take 30 milligrams of zinc per day. Zinc is very healing to the skin. So a zinc supplement is best taken on an empty
stomach away from food. Try that before you go to bed at night. 30 milligrams of zinc. And avoid chemicals on your skin. So watch out for a lot of personal care products,
’cause a lot of them are pretty crappy and contain chemicals with names as long as your
arm you can’t even pronounce. As soon as you pick up a product with something
that you don’t know what it is, it’s best to put it right down. So that just gives you some of the ideas on
some of the natural ways to treat seb derm. You could be looking at topical treatments
like essential oils or coconut oil, peanut oil, things like that. You could be looking at supplements internally
which will be another video we will do on the supplements. You know, you could be looking at diet changes
and lifestyle changes. Many of these things work together to form
a holistic treatment plan for you to get rid of the seb derm, but needless to say, if you
incorporate a holistic treatment program, you’re in a powerful position to get rid of
this condition ’cause it can be got rid of. Thanks for tuning in.


  • omraz 786 says:

    Great vid Can zinc defiency cause low stomach acid which lead 2 skin issues if you've got a zinc defiency can u take 100mg 50mg in the morning and 50mg in the evening? thanks

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    how to gain weight on seborrheic dermatitis diet

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    @candida crusher do you have an email address so I could ask you a few questions?.

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    U don’t know enough to discuss this condition . Seb derm feeds off oil. None of this will work besides eating healthy diet will help some what.

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