BEST Men’s Skin Care Routine For 2019 (Oily And Dry Skin) RMRS Grooming

BEST Men’s Skin Care Routine For 2019 (Oily And Dry Skin) RMRS Grooming

The Best Skincare Routine 2019
[0:00:00] Antonio: So, let start this video off with
two quick facts that I bet you don’t know about skin cancer. Number one, men suffer from skin cancer more
than women. And, number two, apparently taller men suffer
from cancer more than shorter men. Now, scientists are still trying to figure
out exactly what’s causing this. Internally, they’re looking at growth hormone
IGF-1. Apparently, we’re going to see this in taller
individuals. Men on average are taller than women therefore
we’re going to see more of this growth hormone, but they’re also looking at the outside. Guys, we don’t take care of our skin. We don’t protect our skin from the elements
from the sun. Women are twice as likely to wear sunblock. All right, gents, so I can’t do anything
about your actual height, but what I can do is give you the best skincare routine for
you. We’re talking about a skincare routine that’s
going to help you feel great, look great, and protect your skin. [Music] So, the first step in building the
perfect skincare routine for you, you need to know yourself, what type of skin do you
have? So, let start off with dry skin. Now, under normal conditions only about ten
percent of the population is going to have dry skin. We actually want to look at products that
have more of an oil base. Why? Because oil-base products, they’re actually
going to do a good job of actually staying on the surface not fully being absorbed and
not fully evaporating, therefore they’re going to last longer and they’re going to
do a good job of keeping the skin moisturized. And on the opposite far end, we’ve got oily
skin. Again, about 10% of the world’s population
naturally has oily skin. Now, if you’re looking for a particular
product here, you want to make sure you go with something lighter, something that isn’t
going to have a heavy oil base. And following right in the middle, guys, we
got 80% of the population right between oily and dry skin. Now, you may lean one way or the other, but
when it comes down to it, most of us have skin that actually we can use the wide variety
of different products out there. So, we’ve got this skincare type, now, let’s
talk about the ideal morning and evening routine when it comes to washes when it comes to scrubs
when it comes to moisturizers. I’m going to make this easy, I’m going
to lay it out by the numbers. So, step one for your morning routine, you
want to wet your face with warm water. Step two you want to gently rub your face
wash onto your face and rinse. Now, step number three you’re only going
to do this about twice a week and that is to use a gentle exfoliator. You want to scrub this onto your face in a
nice soft circular motion to remove dead skin cells. Step four, pat dry with a towel. Now, step five, this is for you guys over
the age of 30, those of you starting to look a little bit older, maybe you’re getting
some wrinkles and you want to look better. Guys, look to use a firming serum, basically
an anti-aging cream here. Next up, we’ve got step six. This is for you guys with bags under the eyes,
you want to apply an eye cream. And step seven, you want to wrap the stuff
by putting on a moisturizing cream preferably one with a little bit of sunblock. Now, really quick, guys, that routine I just
laid out, I stole verbatim from my friends over at Tiege Hanley, the paid sponsor of
today’s video and I absolutely love this company. Why? Because they have made skincare uncomplicated. It’s the convenience, it’s the ease, everything
you need, every single month is delivered to your door. Guys, you can go out there and you could try
to price this. You could try to put this together yourself
and guess what? You’re going to pay two to three to five
times as much getting products that are inferior to what Tiege Hanley has put into it. Go to their website and you look at the different
options. First, you’ve got skincare level number
one. That comes with a wash with a scrub with an
AM and a PM moisturizer. This is great for a solid month and for those
of you just starting off. Next up, you’ve got skincare level two. This comes with everything and level one,
plus the eye cream. Next up, you’ve got skincare level three
and this I’m going to recommend for a lot of you guys out there that are starting to
get wrinkles that want to look really good. This comes with the super serum anti-aging
cream along with everything in level two and level one. And, gents, if you’re suffering from acne,
you want to go check out their new products, they’ve got a new acting line. What I love is it’s classic Tiege Hanley,
they tell you exactly how to apply it, when to apply. Free shipping on US orders, you can cancel
it anytime. Guys, I’m linking to Tiege Hanley down in
the description of this video with the best discount code you’re going to find out there. Use it or lose it, guys. Great company. I’m proud to support them. And now, let’s lay out that evening routine. So, step number one, you want to rinse your
face with warm water. Step number two, you want to gently wash your
face with a face wash and then rinse. Step three, pat dry with a towel. Step four, go ahead and apply that firming
serum aka that anti-aging cream. Step number five, apply that eye cream right
underneath the eyes. Step number six, wrap it up with a facial
moisturizer. This one by the way does not need a sunblock. As you can see the AM PM very similar, but
the one thing that you want to note is be careful with those exfoliators, guys. You don’t need to use them every day. This is something maybe at the most two to
three times a week. So, the next key, gentlemen, to healthy skin
is to be hydrated. There are some studies out there they are
saying about three liters a day. I’m not going to say that much, but I do
think that you need to strive to drink as much as you can, probably about a gallon. I leverage basically a water filter system. What’s great about this though is I fill
it up once a day and my goal is to drink everything here. If I drink all of this in my office in addition
to the one at my home or even if I put a great big dent into this, guess what? I am going to get very close to my goal. The point here, gentlemen, is to create a
system so that drinking water becomes something that you do automatically. [0:04:58] The next step we’re going to see
in the best skincare routines out there, gentlemen, is they’re all going to talk about taking
care of your skin, protecting it from the elements aka the sun. You want to make sure that those harmful UV
rays don’t penetrate your skin. Here’s the deal is that most of us don’t
have a system. We’re not going to remember just to put
on sunblock by itself. That’s why I recommend using a moisturizer
that has just a bit of sunblock in it because you’re going to naturally put this on with
your morning routine and you’re going to protect your face. For most of us who are wearing clothing covering
most of our body, it’s going to be our face that we want to protect. So, the next step in a great skincare routine,
exercise at least four hours a week preferably not at once, you want to break this out over
the week. But, guys, what you want to do here is get
your heart going, so cardio was great and you want to sweat. Why do you want to sweat? Because you want your body to naturally get
rid of all those toxins all that stuff that, yes, does penetrate the skin. This is naturally going to clean it, it’s
going to give it a more vibrant look. All right, gents, so pop quiz. Do you know what this is? Okay. Good. Do you know how to use it? Ugh. Not so good. Guys, the next step in a great healthy skincare
routine, you need to feed your body correctly. The vast majority of you do not know how to
cook. When you can cook, you control what goes into
your body when you don’t shop on the inside of the grocery store. For me, I always try to stay on those outer
aisles because that’s where you’re going to find the fresh food. You’re going to find the meats, you’re
going to find the vegetables, you’re going to find the foods that are great. Learn how to cook, learn how to create food
that is delicious, and guess what? Your skin is going to look better. The next step in a great skincare routine,
get rest get the sleep that you need, guys, at least six to seven hours. I know some of you are getting a lot less. I prefer about nine because if you’re not
recharging if you’re not taking care of your body, it’s going to eventually fail. It’s going to break down guys and your skin
is going to look horrible if you’re not getting rest if you’re not getting sleep
because most likely you’re throwing in caffeine, throwing in all these other things to try
to make up for it. Guys, it’s not good for your skin. Now, this next skincare routine step maybe
a little bit extreme for some of you, but that is to completely give up alcohol. And I know that there are studies out there
that talk about consuming alcohol in moderation is perfectly fine, but there are also studies
that go to show even in a small amount, alcohol has very bad effects on the skin. Not only does it dry it out, but it affects
your hormones. Consider cutting that alcohol out. Now, this next step in the perfect skincare
routine is probably the hardest of them all and that is to reduce stress. How to get rid of stress? I’m going to share with you three thing
that work for me. Number one is a feeling of gratitude. So, I can tell you when I’m stress out when
everything is going bad, I take a step back and say, seriously how bad is this? And, I mean I don’t have cancer none of
my kids are dying. There are so many worst things that could
be happening right now, so have a sense of gratitude. Next up, consider forgiveness. Yes, that guy that slighted you, that person
that’s saying all that bad stuff about you. And I can tell you this is a very powerful
thing, when you forgive someone for the slight that they did against you, all of a sudden
you’re in a better position, you feel better. Finally, guys, let’s talk about meditation. So, I’m a bad meditator, but I can at least
meditate for a minute and that’s where you want to start. Why does meditation work? Because all of a sudden, again, like I talked
about, gratitude, forgiveness, but putting your mind in its place and realizing, hey,
the stress I’m feeling I’m going to expel this from your body. I know, guys, that sounds really woo-woo,
but the United States Marine Corps has done studies on meditation how they affect people
actually after they get out of combat before they’re going into a fight situation and
how when you’ve got your mind aligned, you can do amazing things. So, guys, consider it. All right, gentlemen. Now, it’s your turn. I want to hear from you down in the comments,
you know I love to recognize my notification squad, those of you that comment fast, early,
and you leave something positive that we can share with the community. Speaking of communities, if you’re new to
Real Men Real Style, click on that subscribe button and make sure to click on that notification
icon so you get the updates. We’re putting out videos every Tuesday,
Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. And, guys, if you like this video, click on
that like button. And, gents, if you want more information about
skincare, I want you to go check out this video next, Seven Skincare Mistakes. Yes, Alpha M makes a guest appearance in this
video. I know you guys absolutely love it. We did this video together, had a lot of fun. And, guys, go check it out. Great video. I love — this video is really funny, so go
check it out. And, speaking of Alpha M and Tiege Hanley,
again, guys, I’m linking to them down in the description. And, some of you guys want to see magic happen,
watch this. Take a little bit of Tiege Hanley right here. Oh, yeah. You feel that magic? Aaron: You’re face is glowing with handsomeness. Antonio: I hear him. Aaron: You look incredible. Antonio: Aaron is somewhere. I swear he’s parachuting right in to Central
Wisconsin. Nah, he’s not going to pop into this video. But, guys, again, go check out that video
I recommended, you’ll absolutely love Aaron as he pops in. Great product, guys. I’m proud to support them. Again, I’m linking to Tiege Hanley down
in the description with the best discount code you’re going to find out there. [Music]
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