Best Foods to Avoid for Eczema

Best Foods to Avoid for Eczema

“Best Foods to Avoid for Eczema” Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is a chronic inflammatory skin disease. In fact, it’s the leading cause
of healthy years of life lost due to common skin diseases,
because it’s just so common, affecting up to a fifth of us. And, it’s not just an itchy rash; it’s associated with other diseases too. Yes, it can be itchy, exhausting,
and embarrassing, but in kids, it may increase risk for ADHD, though that may just be
from the sleep deprivation. And, in adults, it may increase the
risk of major depression. And, it’s on the rise. There are drugs for it, of course;
there are always drugs. Steroids are the first-line therapy, but then there are
immunosuppressants as well, with more in the drug pipeline. You know the medical profession
is desperate when they’re forced to go
back to the basics and start applying leeches to people. Previously, I talked about
the safety and efficacy of other, more natural treatments, but what about diet? Our story begins in 1920, a year
doctors were realizing how good this oxygen stuff was, though maybe not as good
as injecting people with mercury, but a researcher at Johns Hopkins
reported a number of cases in which by omitting eggs, meat,
and milk from the diet, patients’ eczema improved. Who’s going to profit off of that though? No wonder it took 58 years
before it was put to the test. Figuring eggs and milk
were the two foods most likely involved in eczema,
they excluded them— and chicken and beef, since it may just be chicken and
cow proteins more generally, in a randomized double-blind
controlled trial swapping in soy milk instead, and… 70% of the patients improved. One person got worse on the no egg,
no chicken, no milk, no beef diet, but almost everyone else got better. So, the researchers concluded
that for many kids, avoiding those foods may
induce a clinical improvement. And interestingly, it didn’t seem to depend on whether allergy tests showed
they were allergic to milk and eggs. Either way, they tended
to get better, regardless. You can do randomized double-blind
food challenges, where you give kids with eczema
various foods in opaque capsules, like one with egg powder,
one with wheat powder, etc. Egg was found by far to be
the most offending food. For example, in this study, where
they just cut out the eggs, dramatic improvements
were documented for both the amount of skin involvement
and the severity of the eczema lesions after removing eggs from the diet, but in about 90% of cases,
the mom had no idea that eggs were a problem. Why? Because it wasn’t like they were
eating scrambled eggs or something. Almost all the egg exposure was hidden; they were exposed to hidden
egg products in packaged foods. So, they had no idea why their
eczema was so bad— until this study, where they
removed all eggs and egg products from their diets. Eggs are evidently the
most frequent cause of food sensitivity in children. Out of hundreds of kids
with eczema tested, egg allergy was documented in about
two-thirds of those with sensitivities. In fact, a child having a blood
reaction to egg white proteins appears to be one of the
best laboratory tests for predicting future allergic
diseases in general. It appears to be the ovomucoid
protein within egg whites that seems to be causing
most of the mischief. About 40% of kids with eczema
have some form of food allergy. And, the more food allergies they have, the more likely it appears
they’re going to suffer from eczema— and, make it worse. Those who react to cows’ milk protein are significantly more likely
to suffer severe eczema, showing the important role
cows’ milk proteins may play “in the induction and increased
severity of eczema in children.” Often, parents switch from cows’
milk to goats’ milk, in an attempt to improve
their children’s eczema. But goats’ milk should never
be given to kids with a cows’ milk allergy, because they often cross-react
with one another, which has been confirmed with double-blind
placebo controlled food challenges. Ass milk, on the other hand,
is a different story. Switching kids to donkey
milk improved their eczema, and, for that matter, horse’s
milk might, as well.


  • AlboPepper - Drought Proof Urban Gardening says:

    Soy milk FTW! Thanks again Dr Greger!!! 🙂 Need to watch out for that hidden egg…

  • Bumble Bee says:

    Gotta love that ass milk

  • Initial commit! says:

    >ovomucoid protein in egg whites

    wow that sounds absolutely disgusting

  • unicornseatfruit says:

    Is there a correlation between a leaky gut and the occurence of eczma?

  • G Kuljian says:

    It's not a skin disease. It's systemic intracellular acidosis, a lymphatic system problem. In other words, it's a kidney/lymph issue
    caused by eating proteins and fats. It's no wonder western medicine can't cure anything when they don't understand anything.

  • Pyriphlegeton says:

    Ass milk?
    I expanded my vocabulary today.

  • Summers Time Entertainment says:

    that's why they named it eggs…zema

  • Innuendo Hazbarz says:

    As an eczema survivor I attest that this video is the truth.

  • Fifi says:

    When I eliminate sugar my eczema improves. Not milk eggs etc like he sugggedted

  • Gates Of Vienna says:

    I had to be that one person who's eczema got worse on plant based diet.. I suspect soy or gluten intolerance, if that dont work, idk what to do..

  • Harriet Rowthorn says:

    I'm the one person who got worse 🙁 My eczema has worsened since turning vegan 3 years ago 🙁

  • red flag says:

    Yes mine improved a lot! 2 months now free of these foods and doing great! Thanks Doc!!!

  • WildDanHibiki says:

    Been waiting for this topic to be covered, please do one on psoriasis as well. Thank you!

  • Michael Martinussen says:

    Ha ha! A good finale!

  • TheKetsa says:

    Going vegetarian helped with all my skin problems.

  • 5x Disneyfans says:

    Going vegan helped my eczema but being gluten free and vegan has almost eliminated it. Just a tiny patch that flares up every now and then and working on figuring that out.

  • Prescinda Duggan says:

    Great, now how about we just leave the asses and horses alone, just leave animals alone period. They and their bodies do not belong to us.

  • DelilahLuvsYou says:

    A few years ago my eczema went away after changing to a plant-based diet! Thanks for the video! Continue changing peoples’ lives for the better🙌🏼☀️🌿

  • underscorejasonn says:

    Plant based almost 2 years. Eczema my whole life. It still manages to come back in waves, but the severity is much more minimal now.

  • D Master says:

    Increasing eczema is due to the increase number of vaccinations and also the amount of toxins in the environment such as Roundup.

  • Hamlik Abrahimian says:

    Explains everything. Ty

  • kuwait85 says:

    Thank you for this.

  • sviluppatoresoftware says:

    Didn't work for me. I didn't see any improvements after going vegan.

  • Sidilicious says:

    I bet I'm the only person here who milked a donkey and drank it. That was long ago. Don't worry I'm vegan now 🙂

  • HanzSygnal says:

    Coconut oil got rid of my skin redness, amazing and harm free.

  • zukodude487987 says:

    Got horse milk?

  • TallWaters says:

    Wish I could get horse's milk…

  • leafgrrl says:

    Vegan 15 years and it hasn't helped my skin at all.

  • earthpet says:

    Got ass?

  • sooooooooDark says:

    avoid dry and inflammatory foods

  • May Ploy says:

    My Excema started flaring up about 4 years ago. I've been gluten free vegan for six months. No improvement, infact it has probably doubled in the amount of surface area on my body. I assumed a possible detox reaction but it has been 6 months. Guess I'm one of the unlucky 1/3. Some youtubers are suggesting refined oils, carbs and fats are the problem in addition to the usual suspects: animal products and gluten. This all points to inflammatory foods, of which animal products are the worst.

  • Crystal Saling says:

    My child had terrible eczema when she was a toddler. I took her off of 9 different foods for a month and challenged each individual food for 5 days. It turned out to be egg whites. I was shocked! I was just like moms mentioned in the study. I was just sure it wasn’t eggs, but it was. She has been egg-free ever since and doesn’t suffer from any skin conditions now.

  • John Doe says:

    Ass milk

  • bears 25 says:

    it sounds soo out of touch with reality to be talking about oh can't drink cows milk try goats milk or donkey milk or horses milk how about you are not a baby how about no milk and not to mention the fact your a Human being

  • EJ tings says:

    Can u do a video on acne and diet?

  • White Kita says:

    Ass milk….ROFL

  • Daniel Manahan says:

    I just heard Ass Milk

    I had to listen again to make sure that was what I actually heard

  • Yarn Kitten says:

    My son is 12 and he's had eczema problems his whole life. We used to live in Greencastle PA, and when he was 4 we moved to the SF Bay Area. He's fine here. No problems. However anytime we go back to visit my family he's a mess in less than 24 hours of landing. Then it will disappear in less than 24 hours of plane take off. Before our move it would mostly be behind his knees and elbows, maybe a little on his face. Now it's a full body issue. I have no idea what causes it. But he eats the same here as there…My parents have a well for water. And I've been bugging them to get their water tested. His skin would just look more flared up after he'd shower, even a super fast shower. Next time we go back I guess I was going to try having him shower at my Grandma's, who is on a city water/sewer system. I would love any insights. I've been trying for years to get some answers, of maybe things that would help, but all I get from pediatric docs is prescriptions for steroid creams. Which the kiddo hates because they burn.

  • Alistaire Mordyn says:

    At this point honestly nut milk is starting to sound a little bit better than "ass milk" lol.

  • Stephanie Gamez says:

    I have this weird rash all over my inner arms and face and now under my arms.
    It’s spreading and my doctor tested it and said it’s eczema. I never once in my life have had it and it doesn’t run in my family. Nothing works. HELP!!!

  • lightdark00 says:

    Let's all start drinking donkey and horse milk!

  • jimmy says:

    Psoriasis next? Please

  • Gary Dotson says:

    Whatever you do, don't google "ass milk"!

  • Caitlin O'C says:

    please do a video on rosacea/facial redness treatment!

  • Larry Hutcherson Sr says:

    Dr. Greger has ruined yet another food for me. Now I have to give up egg whites to treat my Psoriasis. While I am extremely grateful for the information, it does makes me rather angry. Argh! I guess I'll be looking at egg substitutes now for my pancakes and muffins. Thanks Doc, What would I do without you? Now, please don't tell me the egg substitutes are bad for me too. (hehe) Seriously, why has it taken the medical profession so long to get this kind of information? It really bothers me that I have been battling this disease for 45 years and only recently been learning what foods are causing it. Also, where in the world do you get Ass Milk. hahahahaha

  • Molson Muscle says:

    Oh God, don't tell people to drink milk from an ass….. :/

  • B A says:

    Ovalbumin ( 50% of all proteins in egg whites) is used to initiate allergic reactions in medical researches

  • Michiel Borkent says:

    Yep, this is my story. Went lacto-ovo vegetarian + occasionally fish, but still suffered from eczema. Whole food vegan diet, gone!

  • Ella L. says:

    So true! I have atopic dermatitis (and other conditions that are linked to it) since i was born (probably due to genetics – my parents have it as well) and back when i was eating an omnivore diet, eggs really were the worst trigger! Since i'm on a balanced whole food plant based diet (almost 2 yrs now), my skin got so much better!

  • Raw Intuition says:

    That reminds me…need to pick up a half gallon of ass milk on my way home from work

  • Peter Otusanya Ⓥ says:

    Going plant based/vegan definitely helped with my eczema. Removing dairy specifically may have been what got rid of it. Never ate eggs cuz I always thought they were trash. We eczema free now!

  • Chris Topher says:

    i want ass milk.

  • Tactical Nuke says:


  • JASN SOUNDS says:

    ive been meaning to ask if was ok to drink ass milk

  • pskillz01 says:

    After years of seeing different so called skin "experts" who never managed to sort out the issue, I changed my diet & I no longer have any skin problems. Cutting out dairy was the biggest factor. But I now only eat a plant based diet. The annoying thing is doctors had previously told me diet wasn't really a factor in causing skin problems, which it turns out was completely false advice. For anyone suffering with Eczema, I would urge you to try going plant based for a month, to see if it helps, as it completely cured me.

  • kosolush says:

    I have been vegan for 4 years…my eczema is as bad as ever :(. I guess i am one of those who did not improve.

  • David Gardell says:

    What about….human breast milk…? 🤔 If it wasn’t just “weird” and “unnatural” to feed an adult baby formula from a mother of their own species, maybe we could….Put it to the test! 😂

  • Maple Flavor says:

    ew thanks

  • Nicolette Wax says:

    Video on rosacea next? Or any tips or suggestions from people here in the comments?

  • da gawd says:

    He just wanted to say ass milk

  • infinit sky says:

    I love Ass… I mean Ass milk.

  • Sarah R says:

    One of my friends commented to me the other day how really bad my eczema used to make my hands look, and now they are all better! Totally plant based cured it….I think it was "hidden" egg, as I have avoided eggs and dairy my entire life due to stomach upset with these foods. It has totally changed my life! Now I can sleep!

  • OTB Quality Cleanup says:

    HELP! Guys I'm trying to go vegan but the keto people keep saying that saturated fat is not harmful while the vegans say that it is, and they both have studies to back them up….. ugh just want to be healthy.

  • Eliran Sobel says:

    I have seasonal allergies and still get eczema since going WFPB vegan, but it's SOOO much better now than when I was eating eggs and dairy.

  • Lindsay Erndwein says:

    I went vegan a year ago (from being a vegetarian for 6 years) to combat my chronic acne and eczema, and my skin completely healed within a couple months. It's definitely the milk and eggs.

  • David Engelkemier says:

    Good Video! Wondering if to much time around electronics, wi-fi, and staring at a screen can also cause skin trouble?

  • Conscientious Omnivore says:

    When our daughter was born, we were not yet vegan and she had some pretty bad eczema. Our pediatrician recommended that my wife avoid dairy. It was almost like a switch, as soon as she cut out the dairy, the eczema cleared up in a couple of days. She cheated and ate some cheese, boom, the eczema came right back. Needless to say, she stopped eating all dairy after that.

  • Wn W says:

    So no milk then, cause I’m not having any ass milk or horsie milk. 🤢

  • ImDemonWolf says:

    Humans are 100% biologically herbivores, therefore we shouldn't be consuming any animals nor using any animal products. Live vegan everybody.

  • Predrag Nikolić says:

    OK. Let's suck horses and donkeys until we're ninety.

  • Ithaca Comments says:

    I get eczema from exposure to sunshine in the summer months.

  • Richard L. Currier says:

    I had a severe case of eczema a few years ago and my diet was absolute horrible. Processed food, garbage dairy, etc. etc. As soon as I cut these out my eczema TOTALLY vanished. It was truly a miracle. I cannot tell you how many nights I have suffered itching my skin. Before that I was on multiple corticosteroids and immunosupressants which did not help at all.

  • GuacamoleKun says:


  • says:

    Dr. Greger personifies the phrase: Many a true word spoken in jest.

  • Sean Peeters says:

    Posting to say "ass milk."

  • CLPRPSD says:

    Would the intolerance to egg protein be potentially related to vaccination? From my understanding, viruses are grown on a medium, often chicken embryo (egg) or beef embryo and when removed from the medium to be combined with the rest of the vaccine material a small amount of the protein of the medium may go with it. Injecting food proteins in such a manner could create a response to that specific protein. Looking back to 1913 when French physiologist Charles Robert Richet performed such tests on dogs where he injected small amounts of jellyfish protein and, eventually injected trace amounts of milk proteins and meat proteins into cats, rabbits and horses and found that the first injection seemed to create a sensitivity to the injected protein (when injected a second time some animals reacted violently and died, which Richet named “anaphylaxis”).

    This is not to start a vaccination/anti vaccination debate but to look at potential links to why these sensitivities are occurring.

  • Mike P says:

    Anything on tinea versicolor?

  • bslay4r says:

    Heh, here is another patient. I'm in the middle of the transition from meat/egg-eater to vegan. About 1 year ago my doctor diagnosed eczema above my eye and on my hands, they were itchy like hell, my skin started to look like it peels. He described an ointment drug and the eczema sorta got better despite I was a really bad patient because I used the cream on and off.
    At the beginning of the spring it went away completely while by that time I completely forgot about the ointment.
    Now the eczema came back a few weeks ago when I ate 4 eggs daily for a few weeks and it was even worse than last year, more itchy. Later I abandoned the eggs (I wasn't even heard about veganism back then) because my stomach burnt all the time (I didn't know what was the cause) and the eczema went away again. 😀
    So this is true.

  • Hafiza says:

    No I'm vegetarian I had a pancake made out of millet flour now I hv eczema wtf

  • Tim R046 says:

    My face is dry as hell. Seborrheic dermatitis. After eating eggs. I am going to try to eliminate them as well as dairy. To begin with.

  • sea of happiness says:

    I haven’t seen the video, but is it animal products by any chance?

  • jthadcast says:

    did they control for growth hormones and antibiotics, how clean were those eggs and milk? what ends up being the best substitute for animal proteins and omega3s?

  • Sulaim Sarfraz says:

    can u make a video about people who get their first eczema flare-up in adulthood and want to treat it naturally

  • bookmouse770 says:

    Ass milk and horse milk aren't kosher.

  • Plant Strong Bro 🌱💪🏼 says:

    I love these videos on the research!! I use these daily with my patients and i have to say that the format of the videos with actual images of the research articles with highlighted portions in my opinion lend significant credence to the videos…

  • profd65 says:

    It's gluten that causes me to break out. If I eat ordinary bread or spaghetti, I get rashes all over my body.

  • TheVeganBerkeleyBeauty says:

    You said ass milk and I damn near spit out my tea. 🙄


    doctor how can you cure atopic dermatitis forever?


    I think that all these are different diseases and allergies..the reason for the poor health of the body is impure food, drink, air. it all aggravates the health of good body cells and immunity but has a good effect on parasites (hyrps, worms, and protozoa single cell)hidden in the body! these parasites are hard to find good masterpeice that even modern diagnostic medicinskie them to find! and from them it is necessary to get rid! they poison the body very much! This is primarily food (chemistry.GMO) and drink (chemistry.GMO) Ah and air (ecology)! etching the body and affects the good body flora of growth cells and immunity! of these three!!! problems of the modern world. at least two and better all three will be environmentally friendly, it is already possible to cure these health problems.

  • Dr.Danesh ND,MD says:

    I really appreciate what Dr.Michael Greger has done to transform our conventional medical thinking toward better health. So, inspired by him I jumped out of my comfort zone and now I am on target to make one video every 48 hours and already started a YouTube channel as a dermatologist and Naturopath 2-3 weeks ago regarding how natural medicine and healing power of our own skin and body could cure the current hair and skin issues and chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Cancer, Autoimmune diseases.
    I would love some support/feedback so please hit subscribe and check my current videos and the one I am about to publish in the next 48 hours. Peace to you all

  • Hjsjsjsj Sosksjddjs says:

    I can't live without dairy….

  • iSuperninja89 says:

    For everyone who has to deal with eczema: I had it for almost 18 years with constant inflammation on my arms, face, neck and scalp. I've been through treatment with all sorts of medication that all just fixed the symptoms and shifted it to different areas in the long run.
    I tried going vegan (side-note: I still am) which did make it much better but didn't heal it completely as I still had occasional break-outs on my neck and the eczema on my scalp never disappeared. But after half a year of being completely symptom-free now, I think I can finally name the culprit in my case: Commercial soaps, shampoos and conditioners.
    In January, I tried an artisan soap and shampoo bar for the first time and dropped the conditioner altogether (I use hair oil after washing instead) and within just 2 weeks everything got better. Even a chronic wound I had on the back of my head for close to 3 years suddenly healed.
    I recommend everyone who has eczema to try this, it's cheap and easy and it seriously changed my life. I am a much happier person without the constant itching.

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