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It’s a call that’s
telling me I’m here to serve. It’s a need to make a
difference in the world. 24 hours day or night these
healing hands will make it right. Looking in their eyes I
know that I’m changing lives, changing lives, changing lives
for the better, for the better, changing lives. Hi again everyone, Äôm Kandace
Krueger along with Jim Knox and wÄôre back again with
another edition of the Best Docs Network, of course, Jim,
featuring some of the best doctors in all of the Dallas and
Fort Worth area that are helping to change peoplÄôs lives. And speaking, Kandace, of
helping change peopleÄôs lives, how about we open with one of
the top plastic surgeons in the entire Dallas, Fort Worth
area, it is Dr. John Barnett. I didÄôt have PolandÄôs
Syndrome but it was like it where one breast is
significantly bigger than the other, so I was
like a B and a C. It affects everything, the way
you dress, the way you wardrobe is, the things you can and
canÄôt buy and as a woman you want to be able to just go buy
it because you like it and you want to wear it not because of
the way iÄôs shaped or formed around your breast area. I just got tired of feeling
like that and I knew that after having a child it
still didÄôt change. I finally said enough is enough
and I went and saw Dr. Barnett. Kaleah was a special case. This was actually more of a
reconstruction than it was simple augmentation. There was nothing
simple about that case. She had vast
asymmetry of the breast. Asymmetry means one is not the
same size or shape as the other. In KaleahÄôs case this one
never developed and this one was what yoÄôd call a tube sock,
elongated, hanging down, this one was barely there. Usually should have been a two
stage operation and I told her going in that I can do so much
but probably yoÄôre going to need another operation. We talked about it and looked
at the pictures and the kind of surgery I needed and required
with what I had should have been a two step, possibly
three step operation. And what Dr. Barnett did was
just a one step operation and thaÄôs all it took. I was able to in one
stage create a matched pair. It worked out beautifully. IÄôs been a year now and she
looks fabulous and shÄôs happy as a clam. Is it rewarding? Yeah, really is,
thaÄôs a special case. Dr. Barnett treats his
patients like family. He will give you his cell phone
number to make sure you can always be in contact with him
if you ever need anything before and after surgery. IÄôm happy and glad to
know that I safely chose him. IÄôve had no complications,
you canÄôt even see my scars. He changed my life forever. It was the best
decision I ever made. As I was aging I guess, my teeth
werenÄôt as pretty as they used to be so I found that I wasÄôt
smiling as much as I used to. You know SandÄôs a
very beautiful lady. A lot of the patients I see,
probably a majority of the patients I see are women you
know over the age of 40, who a lot of times you know they take
care of themselves, they stay in shape, they look great but
thereÄôs just some things they want to do to try to look
younger and for Sandy you know getting her teeth whiter,
straightened up a little bit with the veneers
was perfect for her. IÄôve seen a lot of Dr.
LewisÄôs work and have been so impressed so I came to see him
and IÄôm so glad I did because now I smile all the time. It just really works great for
a lot of people and she was a perfect candidate for that. IÄôs amazing to me that doing
the veneers like we did for her which is a pretty simple two
visit process two or three weeks apart, what a difference it
can make in how someone looks. I mean literally 10
or 15 years younger. IÄôs painless, it
doesnÄôt take long. Dr. Lewis is very sensitive to
your feelings and how you want to look. HÄôs a good listener. He listened to how I wanted my
smile and my teeth to look and he did exactly what I wanted. It can be done so to where
iÄôs not like people look at you and go wow where did you
have your teeth done, but they look at you and go man you
look great, what have you done? Have you been working out more
or you just look, so itÄôs a for some people if their teeth
are really bad yeah iÄôs going to be a noticeable change but
for other people itÄôs just one of those things to where you
just look good, you look more alive, you look more refreshed,
you just look better but itÄôs not just a glaring oh what
did you do to your teeth? My family would say, okay
what did you do, somethinÄôs different, yoÄôre smile is
beautiful, did you get your hair cut? I just feel so good
about my smile now. Smiling is good. IÄôm not a big fan of going to
the dentist so this was a big deal for me and I would do
it again in a heartbeat. For more information on any of
the doctors youÄôve seen on todayÄôs show, be sure
to check out our website, And now wÄôre going to check
in with our next best doctor, iÄôs bariatric surgeon from My
Bariatric Solutions, Dr. Scott Stowers. At the age of 25 about 15 years
ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and with the
high blood pressure came three medications. I had a family history of
heart disease and had seen a cardiologist since I was 10. I had you know just a lot of
weight gain with having two children. My grandmother had both legs
amputated with diabetes, then my father has diabetes and you
know just the family history. Lisa is an example of one of our
patients that came to see me for the typical problems of
inability to lose a significant amount of weight that
would affect her health. Several different doctors for
15, 20 years had been saying that you know if you could lose
70 pounds and keep it off you would get rid of the
high blood pressure. There is a huge possibility that
you will not be diabetic that even your heart condition
would be just almost completely resolved and you could even get
off of all of the medications. So I chose the gastric sleeve
procedure which for me was just the best choice. For a sleeve patient they
typically need to be at least 70 pounds overweight. The sleeve is a relatively new
procedure that we do where we take out about 80
percent of the stomach. The whole concept of the surgery
is just restrictive in nature where they essentially are on a
low calorie diet for the rest of their life but theyÄôre
not hungry all the time. I came in, I met with
the actual surgeon. I actually sat down with Dr.
Stowers and he was amazing. Somebody who just totally
makes you feel comfortable. He answered every question,
he was very honest with me and reassuring. It was just beyond belief that
he was able to make me feel so comfortable. At one week postop I was
literally off of all of my medications. It had already made
that big of a difference. Within a year sheÄôd
lost about 80 pounds. I reached my goat weight. IÄôs been great going from a
size 18, 20 and an extra large shirt to a size 8, 10
and a medium shirt. I never thought IÄôd see that
again, so iÄôs been really exciting. Is your energy lacking? Though it may be the last
thing you feel like doing, when youÄôre tired exercise. Even a brisk walk can be more
effective than a nap or a cup of coffee for fighting fatigue. I had my gastric bypass in May
of 2011 and after two years I lost 100 pounds. After losing 100 pounds I had a
log of excess skin on my belly, IÄôve always been big around
my belly area, thatÄôs where I carried all my weight. I felt very unhealthy with
it and wanted it removed. The problem is when you lose
that much weight your body and your skin cannot go back to
where you would like it to go back without help. And thereÄôs no way with
exercise that you can get rid of the extra skin thatÄôs hanging
that has been stretched out, often has a lot of stretch marks
and in some patients you do need to do a brachioplasty or remove
skin from the arms, in some also you need to do a breast lift, in
some you have to do a facelift to correct the extra
skin around the face. So everyoneÄôs a
little bit different. In KareÄôs case her major
problem was her abdomen where she had all this extra skin that
she wanted removed, that she could not get rid of despite
the fact that she ate well and despite the fact that she
was working out regularly. When I came to see Dr. Azouz I
weighed 151 and that was because I was still carrying all the
fat that was around my belly. He had explained to me the
different procedures that he has. He explained to me the tummy
tuck in particular, it was what I was interested in. When he examined me he found a
hernia which he repaired while he did my tummy tuck. Dr. Azouz cut off 8
pounds of fat from my belly. And of course her skin
was very poor quality. It had all been stretched out
from when she was a size 24 or 26. Once I had my tummy tuck done I
dropped like 4 sizes right away. Dr. Azouz told me when I had the
tummy tuck I would lose another 20 pounds plus what
he cut off and I did. I started at 248 before my
weight loss and after my tummy tuck Äôm now at 124, size 0. DonÄôt forget for more
information about any of our outstanding doctors you see on
todayÄôs show, even request an appointment, you can head to the
website,, that is And now our next life changing
story is going to be with spine surgeon Dr. Michael Rimlawi. Well in 2004 I started having
sciatic nerve problems running down my right leg and went to
the doctor several times and you know the normal thing is to give
you some muscle relaxers and pain pills but you know the
problem persists, it got worse. I had a cartilage shaved off of
my disc in order to keep it from rubbing the sciatic nerve. Even after all that
it came back again. Brad came into my office
complaining of a lot of back pain, weakness down his leg and
shooting pain with numbness down his leg. And after looking at his
MRIÄôs, his x-rays, he did have pinching of his spinal cord. He did have a lot of arthritis. Pretty much the disc is like
the cushion in your back and his disc had collapsed over time and
then a piece of disc had come out and was hitting his nerves
and thaÄôs what was causing the leg pain. One of the important things for
Brad was that in his business he travels all over the world and
he really couldÄôt afford to be laid up in the hospital for a
week or take a year to recover and he said thaÄôs what he
was told at the other places. So we do this minimally invasive
TLIF procedure and whatÄôs really awesome about this
procedure is this type of surgery, surgeons will
usually make a big cut in the patientÄôs belly, fuse them
there and then they actually flip them around and make a big
incision in their back and a lot of muscle dissection. And whaÄôs nice about how
wÄôre doing it now with this minimally invasive TLIF really
we do it with all these little tubes and cameras and it will
be a couple incisions about this big and we go in between the
muscles instead of cutting the muscles or
retracting the muscles. So patients have really
almost no blood loss. Surgery instead of taking 6, 7,
8 hours takes about an hour and a half. Instead of being in the hospital
for 5, 6, 7 days they go home the same day. We were able to perform the
minimally invasive TLIF on Brad and he was able to
go home the same day. After my procedure with Dr.
Rimlawi, Äôm 100 percent healed. My back is completely you know
fixed, you know, I have great movement. You know that was another thing
I was majorly concerned about was movement because people
were saying well if you get your spine fused then you woÄôt
be able to move like you were before which you know
is not at all the case. If yoÄôve had a doctor help
change your life weÄôd love to hear about it. Send us an email at
[email protected] Most people donÄôt realize but
the largest organ in your body is your skin. Without your skin you actually
canÄôt live and there are some people unfortunately who do have
serious problems where they lose large areas of their skin and
they actually have a very tough time surviving. How do you take care of
your skin is a good question. It sort of depends upon
where you are in your life for example. Obviously if yoÄôre a little
baby and you caÄôt take care of your own skin, you need your
parents to make sure that they change your diaper frequently
and use moisturizers and keep you from getting an
infection or an irritation. As you get older in your teenage
years you need to make sure that you take care of your skin that
may be too oily and whatnot, you may be prone to acne so you
need to wash your skin and use appropriate acne medications and
things like that if necessary. As you get older you need
to make sure that your skin doesnÄôt get too dry so you
donÄôt want to bathe too many times with harsh soaps and
waters and your skin can get dry and then develop rashes. And then all throughout your
life you want to make sure that you donÄôt get too much sun
exposure that can lead to skin cancer and melanoma. As our skin gets older
especially if wÄôve had a lot of sun exposure our skin loses
the elasticity of the skin, it becomes instead of when youÄôre
a little young person, if you pull on somebodÄôs skin it
kind of bounces right back and goes back to normal, as you get
older if you do that it takes a little bit longer for it to go
back and as time goes on you start getting wrinkles and your
skin loses a lot of that sort of tensile strength
that it once had. A lot of that is normal aging
but if you go out into the sun iÄôs much more accelerated. The scalp can be the site of a
lot of conditions also and if youÄôve never had any disease
in your scalp you might not think about it. One of the most important ones
is whatÄôs called alopecia. If yoÄôre losing your hair
especially if youÄôre a woman that has got a lot of hair even
if yoÄôre a male that yoÄôre going bald I mean thaÄôs
really distressing to a lot of people. In addition to that there are
a lot of inflammatory diseases that can affect the scalp,
falliculitis, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis. And then therÄôs really sort
of terrible diseases that can sometimes get into the scalp. ThereÄôs a thing called
dissecting cellulitis which can cause really large boggy areas
of inflammation and pus can drain out of the scalp. IÄôs almost like severe acne
but it just affects the scalp as well. So if you do have something up
there, thatÄôs probably a good idea to get checked out by a
dermatologist and they can make a diagnosis for you and then it
can be treated appropriately. Chest pain can be a scary thing. There are bad causes of chest
pain and not so bad causes. So how do you
know the difference? Well, generally the bad causes
of chest pain, for example a heart attack, occur
with a gradual onset. For example the discomfort comes
on gradually and then goes away gradually. IÄôs usually exertsional
when you do things like run up a flight of stairs. IÄôs usually dull, not sharp,
and that means not like a knife. Knife like chest pain doesnÄôt
tend to be heart related. Also, if itÄôs heart related
chest pain yoÄôll tend to get other symptoms like shortness
of breath, yoÄôll get a cold sweat, you might even get
nauseated or have the pain go to your jaw or to your arm. Now non heart related chest pain
is a lot easier to figure out and yet not nearly as scary. For example iÄôs usually
sharp, itÄôs usually sudden, iÄôs usually
aggravated my motion. For example if you have chest
pain thatÄôs worse when you move or reach or bend or arch
your back, thatÄôs generally muscles or nerves and
that generally lasts longer. ThaÄôs the way you can figure
out whether this is heart or not heart. That and whether
iÄôs exertional. If you go up a flight of stairs
and your chest pain gets worse and thaÄôs pretty predictable
every time you go up a flight of stairs, that may be your heart,
check that out, especially if you’re older. For additional Medical Minutes
from Dr. Honaker, logon to, click on
Education and the Medical Minute tab. Brushing your teeth
can prevent a stroke. People suffering from gum
disease are twice as likely to have a heart attack or stroke. For more information about any
of our outstanding doctors you see on todaÄôs show, even
request an appointment, the place to go is, that is Right now the place to go is
our next best doctor, it is prosthodontist
Dr. David McFadden. I had a bad problem of grinding
my teeth and 30 years ago I had some beautiful teeth and you
know they slowly got worse and worse and worse and then of
course I started having cavity problems. My regular dentist told me look
theÄôre not going to last your lifetime so youÄôre faced
with either dentures or you know redoing your mouth. Many patients find us because
theÄôre at the end of the road on their dental history. They have neglected their teeth
or they have had habits that have caused their teeth to wear
down to the point where they know they have to do something
and they present sometimes after many decades of problems and
theÄôre ready now to fix those problems the best
they can afford to. A lot of the patients fall into
the full mouth reconstruction category which means they
need every tooth in their mouth addressed in their treatment. When I finally went to Dr.
McFadden, I was looking to him for a permanent solution and
something that would last the rest of my life obviously. And then he calmly brought me
into his office and literally wrote down on a piece of
paper here are three different proposals. After weighing it I decided to
take the highest cost option for me which was to put
crowns on every tooth. When Bob came to the practice
it was a really fun appointment. He was instantly charming and
fun to be around and we became friends
throughout his treatment. When Bob arrived he had had four
decades of tooth grinding and ended up with almost no tooth
structure left and his wife hated his smile. We were able to use all of
his teeth and performed certain procedures to allow him to keep
his natural teeth and improve the way they look
through crown treatment. One of the funniest things
about Bob is that he carries his before and after
pictures on his iPhone. He shows everybody. He shows people that doÄôt
care at all what his teeth looked like and how
great his teeth look now. He cares, incredibly cares
how good your teeth are. A little bit obsessive
compulsive he is but it works out in your mouth
to be beautiful. DonÄôt skip breakfast. Fiber in the morning means less
hunger late in the afternoon when you most likely feel tired
and gorge yourself on sugar. An early start on eating
also keeps your metabolism more active throughout the day. Breakfast eaters are thinner
than people who just rush out the door. IÄôm the office
manager for Dr. Kathy Toler. She is a neurologist and her
focus is on seizures, multiple sclerosis and work injuries. The reason we choose to
work with Preferred Imaging is because they are more customer
service based versus a hospital or any large facility where
the patient needs the facility versus them being
treated like a customer. When you go to Preferred Imaging
they are treated more like they are a customer. I basically do all the
scheduling for neurosurgery for any testing that
they need to refer out. I like using Preferred Imaging
because they are really good on scheduling the patients right
away and also working with their financial, any problems, any
financial problems that the patient might have. It makes my job easier. Preferred Imaging
handles everything including authorizations, verification of
insurance so they essentially take all the work. We send the order, they contact
the patient, they get the authorization, they get the
patient in, they call us, fax us, let us know that
it has been scheduled. So basically it frees up the
physicians staff to do other things. I actually just send
over the paperwork to them. A lot of times they can actually
get the precertification for us and they call the patient for us
so we donÄôt have to be calling back and forth. They actually call me and let
me know when the patient is scheduled that way I can
get the quick response or the appointment back to the patient. A big benefit with Preferred is
that we are constantly getting the update, wÄôre getting the
fax update, the online update and iÄôs usually, the
turnaround is about 24 hours. But they also offer a you know
a stat call where the physician will be called on their cell
phone if there is some urgent matter regarding an MRI or scan. Preferred Imaging has 14
locations throughout the Dallas, Fort Worth area and that makes
it really convenient for us since we have two locations. Hi my name is Dr.
Michael Rimlawi. If yoÄôve been told you
need traditional back or neck surgery, you need to check out
my latest videos on minimally invasive spine surgery
on We have a very active
skin care department. IÄôs part of our
aesthetic practice. When patients come here we are
very proud that we can offer them either surgical
rejuvenation or skin care. I think skin care is
your icing on the cake. IÄôs going to help address
whatever issues you have for tone and texture and
evening out skin color. Some people are just looking
for a more youthful look, they donÄôt really need surgery so
these different facial fillers actually enhance their face and
make them look a lot younger. That in conjunction to
working with Dr. Wilcox and his specialty of surgery kind of
lifting and Vicki helping clump out and fill lines and smooth
lines, the whole thing works really well together. Every patient is specific and
every need is specific for that patient so many of them will
tell you, theÄôll tell you, you know, what theyÄôre looking
for and then you just kind of, kind of go from there. Consultation entails me
examining the skin and then I can tell you what I think would
be the best protocol for what you have going on whether iÄôs
wrinkles or acne scarring or active acne or sun damage,
iÄôs usually a program of products, lasers and chemical
peels that will progress along the way to get your skin
nice and pretty and glowing. Many of my patients range from
the age of 25 to 70 and I am seeing a lot more
men these days. They too want to look better
and enhance their appearance. TheÄôre competing a lot of
times with a lot of guys that are younger than them so
they too want to look really refreshed too. These treatments stimulate
collagen and slow down the aging process. They doÄôt correct, they
actually improve your overall appearance. If we can offer either skincare
or surgery then the patients are comfortable knowing wÄôre
going to offer them the best treatment for their
particular problem. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome basically
is a problem where you have a nerve thaÄôs
here in your wrist. That nerve shares
a common space. It shares it with 9 tendons. When those tendons swell, that
soft little nerve gets pinched. The patient can then begin to
have numbness and tingling and if itÄôs there long enough can
notice that his grip strength or her grip strength
has diminished. IÄôs important to treat carpal
tunnel syndrome early and not wait too long because the
longer that nerve is pinched the greater the chance that nerve
can become permanently damaged if left untreated. IÄôve been dealing with hand
numbness and pain in my hand and fingers for
probably 15, 20 years. It progressively got worse
and it got to the point where I couldÄôt sleep any more, I
couldÄôt write much more than a check out without a pen
falling out of my hand. I would run my fingers through
my wifeÄôs hair and not be able to feel it on my fingers and you
know I was missing out on a lot. Keeping me up at night or waking
me up at night it would hurt all the way up in my armpits. When Steve came to see me in the
office and he told me his story it definitely sounded like he
had carpal tunnel syndrome. After examining him and after
getting a nerve study to confirm what we suspected, it came
back positive for carpal tunnel syndrome in both of his hands. So we proceeded to do the
surgery to treat his carpal tunnel syndrome. The procedure we went
with was the endoscopic. I can sleep at night now, I can
feel my wifÄôs hair whenever I run my fingers through her hair. IÄôm doing just about
everything I used to do before. The good thing about endoscopic
surgery is instead of waiting this long recovery after
one surgery for one hand, we operated on Steve within a
week and a half after his first surgery. So he basically had both of
his hands done in one month. I wish I hadnÄôt put it off for
so long you know I doÄôt know how many things I put off
because I couldÄôt use my hands like I wanted to before. I can actually feel my
hands and do things. It doesÄôt hurt to pick up
a pair of pliers or pick up a wrench. IÄôm glad that I found Dr. Ray
and everythinÄôs been great since. Well, that will wrap up another
edition of the Best Docs Network featuring some of the best
doctors in all of the Dallas and Fort Worth area, Jim, that are
helping to change peoplÄôs lives. And donÄôt forget for more
information about any of these outstanding doctors, even
request an appointment, head to the website,, thatÄôs And as always if you have a
question or a comment for us or if therÄôs a doctor thatÄôs
helped change your life, weÄôd sure love to hear from
you, send us an email at [email protected] So long everyone, we
will see you next week.

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