Best Diet For Seborrheic Dermatitis

Best Diet For Seborrheic Dermatitis

Hi there, Eric Bakker, a naturopath from New
Zealand. We’re coming back, we’re talking about Seb
Derm. Let’s look at the best diet for Seb Derm,
what are the best foods you can eat if you’ve got this condition? If you’ve got this condition and you’re watching
this video now, chances are you’ve already made changes. You’ve already put away those cans of soda,
and energy drinks, and you put away all the candy, the ice cream, all the kind of junk. So probably the best advice I can give you
if you want a really good diet for Seb Derm is to go and look at some of my videos on
this channel regarding healthy eating. There are many videos regarding that. The best foods for Seb Derm are anti inflammatory
foods, low allergy foods, and anti inflammatory foods. So what are anti inflammatory foods? They’re the colorful vegetables in particular. Beef is prone inflammatory, be careful with
red meat in particular, like beef. Beef can be egg yolks or eggs can be a bit
inflammatory. So if I had a bad skin condition I would probably
really focus on proteins like fish, maybe free range chicken. I’d be looking at the brassicas, excuse me,
like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, brussel sprouts. I’d be looking at spinach, celery, what other
foods would I look for? Nuts and seeds, maybe some almonds, brazil
nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds. I’d be looking at flax seed oil in the diet,
maybe a couple of capsules of omega-3 each day. Particularly omega-3 very high in DHA, and
EPA. Make sure you get a fish oil that have got
both these components in it, but particularly the EPA. The EPA’s the anti inflammatory one. So I would take two capsules a day of that
because that’s going to be anti inflammatory. I’d be looking at garlic in the diet, I’d
be looking at ginger in the diet. I’d be talking out as much processed and refined
foods as possible. Especially grain foods but you should be fine
to eat quinoa, brown rice, they’re all chia seeds, these are good foods to eat, no problem
at all, white fish, but check out my videos on the healthy eating. I’m pretty sure I would’ve completed some
videos on the anti inflammatory, the best anti inflammatory foods to eat and also the
low allergy foods like cows milk and dairy’s not a great food to consume if you’ve got
a skin condition like Seb Derm. I would absolutely recommend that you take
out cheese, milk, cream, all those sorts of foods from the diet. They’re too congesting, they’re too inflammatory,
they can have a potential really for blowing that skin right up. So I would treat a Seb Derm case diet wise,
the same as a psoriasis case, it’s an anti fungal diet wise. All my psoriasis patients go on the candida
crusher diet approach. I think that’s the best approach also for
Seb Derm because there are, you know there are certainly a potential there for the [inaudible
00:03:02], for the yeast occurring on the skin surface for that to go haywire. So if we want to contain the yeast and make
it behave, we need to look at an anti fungal diet. For internally, it’s also going to affect
the external. So don’t kid yourself, what you eat very much
affects your external skin. So that’s probably a good approach for you,
your candida diet is the one to really look at and focus on when it comes to Seb Derm. Plenty of information on this channel. Thanks for tuning in.


  • MGTOW Lite says:

    Some great advice here.
    Some other articles mention what to eliminate but don't list specific foods to include.

  • Steve B says:

    Thank you for the info, doc. I have been following you for a little while and I've noticed some immediate progress. I have or have had seb derb, eczema, psoriasis (still unsure of the difference between the three, but I was diagnosed with them all), scalp malassezia, and candida which I think was the cause of the rest. Since cutting out wheat and grains I've seen some significant improvement. Thanks again.

    I do have a question, I am unable to find any decent yogurt for probiotics because of the country I am currently in. I have been gargling an almost milk-like yogurt but since it has some kind of sugar additive is it doing more harm than good? Apologies for the long post and thank you in advance if you read this.

  • Karla A says:

    are any of your books available in audible?

  • Antonis Kampos says:

    Greetings from Greece, i have for years this hard problem and my hairs are going away from me…. i have visit 6 doctors and i have spent more than 500 euros … im looking 24 hours per day the last 3 – 4 years for a cure but i cant find somth … please i hope you will help me ! make somth guys i cant have more this and losing my hairs.. 😢😭

  • Conor Mccoy says:

    Is potatoes ok

  • Legolas Greenleaf says:

    can i eat bread and soup ?

  • No mercy says:

    should i avoid eating fruit of the sugar content?

  • Zip says:

    I was curious to look info up on how to help my skin get better and came across this video and watched, then realized it was posted on my birthday.

  • Mike O'Neill says:

    Hi Eric, do you believe there is a direct link between candida and seb derm?

  • Sagar Malu says:

    Please suggest pure vegetarian ones. I don't eat meat and egg.

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