Benefits of Pumpkin Facial for Acne , Aging and Lightning

Benefits of Pumpkin Facial  for Acne , Aging and Lightning

Hey there, everyone! Thanks for joining us
again. So it is October here in Southern California, it’s still very warm and
sunny, but we are still doing Pumpkin Facials. So, what I’m going to talk about
today is: Why is the Pumpkin Peel or the Pumpkin Facial SO popular during this
time of year? The reason why is the pumpkin is very unique in both
exfoliating the skin, increasing the skin’s ability to hydrate the skin, and
has a very potent form of anti-oxidants. So some of the ingredients that are in
the Pumpkin Peel are Vitamins A, Vitamin C, Vitamins E, which are very powerful
anti-oxidants. It also has minerals that are anti-inflammatory and HEALING to the
skin. Some of the things are Potassium and Zinc. We also can’t forget the most
important of all those anti-oxidants is, of course, Beta Carotene, which is
wonderful both for healing inside your body as well as on your skin. So the
pumpkin as a fruit, when it is in a peel solution of Salicylic, Lactic, and
Glycolic Acid, it actually INCREASES its exfoliating properties and healing
properties. And so some of the things that it can address on skin is dry, dull,
aging skin as well as inflamed skin — it does decrease redness in skin. If you
also have unbalanced skin where some areas are oily and other areas are dry,
it can balance out the skin and how that works is, the areas that are dry, dull,
aging, uneven skin tone, you need to exfoliate that. So pumpkin has gentle
exfoliating properties to remove the dead skin cells. So, the side effect of
that it is increases its skin ability to hold in that moisture and also give an a
glowing, even-toned skin. Now when you have unbalanced skin, there’s some areas
of your skin that’s producing TOO much oil, then what it does is it
it balances out the oil production in your skin. So the end results for most
skin types is you have glowing, even- toned, rebalanced skin. The award-winning
facial that I do every year that has a very committed following, what is
different and unique about it is the pumpkin protocol that I use. So most
facials, when they’re doing a Pumpkin Peel, it’s that specific peel is the
Pumpkin Peel. But their cleanser, their toner, their moisturizer, every other
product that they use in the facial is the normal products that they use. So
this specific protocol that I follow BEGINS and ENDS with pumpkin. So for
example, the first one is a Pumpkin Enzyme Cleanser. Now this is a very
specific pH to, to prep the skin for the next step, which is the Pumpkin Peel,
which is the exfoliating process which heals the breakouts, increases skin cell
turnover, and lightens up dark patches of the skin. So it is a Pumpkin Enzyme
Cleanser. This cleanser is very special because it can address the pH of someone
who has Rosacea-prone skin — so they have an overgrowth of yeast on their skin —
where someone who has oily, unbalanced skin and has breakouts, they have an
overgrowth of propionibacteria — so it sets the pH for their skin. So it’s a
unique pH cleanser. So the next step is the Pumpkin Peel. So the Pumpkin Peel,
again, the professional formula is in a Glycolic, Lactic Acid, Salicylic potent
percentage solution. So that exfoliates the skin. Then the next step of it is a
Pumpkin Toner. So the Pumpkin Toner is resets the pH, because once you have a
peel on your skin is highly acidic. So it resets the pH of your skin to prep it
for the next step, which is the Pumpkin Cream. Now the Pumpkin Cream is high in
anti-oxidants and high and humectants. So not only does it moisturize the skin, it
decreases inflammation — whether it’s due to Acne or Rosacea — and it increases
hydration because of the high amount humectants in the, in the moisturizer. So
basically for HOURS after you use this cream, it continues to increase the
hydration in the skin. So that is why I use the specific protocol. Because you’ve
got a multi-layering method of the anti-oxidants, the humectants, as well as
the minerals that both decrease inflammation and slow down the aging
process. So one of the things that I highly recommend is when this time of
year comes around that you do a PROFESSIONAL Pumpkin Facial with a
Pumpkin Peel. And the reason why is, because the ones that you see that you
can buy online, the percentages of the performance ingredients are low because
they don’t want to be liable for contraindications. It’s kind of like
going to Target and getting aspirin for a headache. If you need Vicodin or
something much stronger for a painkiller, you’re going to have to go to a licensed
professional to get a prescription in order to use that. So it’s the same thing.
So I highly recommend that if you can to do a professional Pumpkin Facial, and
hopefully you’ll be able to find someone in your area that does from beginning-to-end ALL pumpkins, so you get the FULL spectrum benefits of the Pumpkin Facial.
So once again, to go over everything that we have covered, the Pumpkin Facial
addresses if you have oily, breakout- prone, unbalanced skin as well as dry,
aging, Sun-dam-, Sun-damaged or dull- looking skin, and everything in between.
So, thank you again for watching and HAPPY FALL!

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