BENEFITS OF MULTANI MITTI FOR SKIN II त्वचा के लिए मुल्तानी मिटटी के फायदे II BY ROMA BALI II

BENEFITS OF MULTANI MITTI FOR SKIN  II त्वचा के लिए मुल्तानी मिटटी के फायदे II BY ROMA BALI II

Hi friends & welcome to Roma’s Creation. This is Roma here. Today again i am going to tell you the benefits of multani mitti That is also called fullers earth So, at one glance we will see that how can multani mitti help in increasing your beauty. Your skin as well as your hair. First of all fuller’s earth, multani mitti provides you a soothing effect. Its an anti-septic, its relives effects of heat. It also improves your complexion, because it increases blood circulation. It is a very good cleanser for all the skin. It is not very expensive which is not very important & it is very -very easily available. And it has been known for , not having any side effect. because it has a very -very cooling effect on your face & your hair. To tell you more about this thing, i tell you it also helps in removing dead cells, giving the skin a very healthy glow. and improve the texture of the complexion. It helps get rid of acne & blemishes along with hydrating the skin & clearing the blackheads which you have on your skin. And it also clears white heads. it helps with dry & flaky skin. As soon as treated a dark and patchy skin. It can reduce visible scars also As it has a very soothing effect, it helps calm the skin after long exposure to the sun & heat. Now, i have told the benefits of multani mitti. now i tell you how to use this. This can be applied to the face for desired results. First of all for making packs & mask. i will tell you for dry & patchy skin. Mix together 1 tsp each of multani mitti & plain yogurt. Let it soak for half n hour Then add to it tsp of mint powder, apply this paste to your face for at least 20 minutes & wash away with the water. Now for glowing skin you will need tbsp each of honey,piece of ripe papaya & 2 tbsp of fullers earth that is multani mitti Use it on your face and then leave it for about 5 minutes and then wash away. Take 2 spoons of multani mitti, 1 tsp paste of neem leaves & 4-5 powdered cloves & a pinch of camphor & some rose water Make a paste out of the above components & apply it on your face Mix fullers earth with grinded almonds & glycerin so Use this mixture to scrub your face with it & then you can see the difference. 1 tbsp each of multani mitti & plain yogurt add to it 1 beaten egg. apply to your face & wash it dry after 20 minutes. This will also help you to decrease wrinkles on your face. Because when multani mitti dries, it becomes little hard & stretchy effect on your face. so it gives a good face lits also It should be seen that before using any these beauty marks, for the first time you should test it as a patch on your skin. Tip to kept in mind is , not to smile or talk much . When the mask is applied to the face because it can cause wrinkle on the face so while you apply the thing, fullers earth the mask on your face, keep your face as it can be. because it will definitely remove your wrinkles but making lot of facial expression can also spoil the benefits of multani mitti. If you feeel that my advice is benefited you in any way so do subscribe my channel. and leave your comments in my comment section box and stay fit & healthy . I will come back again with more recipes on multani mitti using fullers earth for hair. Thank you Bye-bye…


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