Beauty Vlog 4: Moisturizer and Sunscreen for Skin Protection || മുഖ ചർമം സംരക്ഷിക്കാൻ

Beauty Vlog 4: Moisturizer and Sunscreen for Skin Protection  || മുഖ ചർമം സംരക്ഷിക്കാൻ

Hello dear friends, Our beauty vlogs are moving forward successfully. Whatever I do and know, I’m sharing it with you guys. We are moving forward nicely by sharing little bit of beauty tips and beauty talks. I’m really happy to hear that many people are benefitting by using my tips. Second thing, the immense support that you people give me keeps me motivated to do more vlogs. When I read the comment box, I can see that there are many good comments. But there are lot of doubts too. So firstly, I will clear a few doubts. Secondly, majority of people asked me doubts regarding removal of black spots under the eyes and neck, and also regarding the pimples on our faces, pigmentation, tan, even about hair and all sorts of things. I will make videos that contains solutions of all these issues one by one. Also I will tell you methods to take care of your hands. Another important thing I always say is, whichever treamtent you do, always apply moisturizer in your face. So people have asked me which mositurizer is better and which one do I use. I will tell you. Second thing people asked was regarding sunscreen. Always apply sunscreen before going out in the sun. As it’s been already tried out, I can tell you the right product with assurity. People also wanted to know product suitable for all skin types and also differences between skin products. I will tell you everything. Right now, I’ve bathed and completed my treatments. It’s morning and office time. So, I’ve worn suitable attire for that and I’ve done all my chores. Now what’s left for me to do is to apply mositurizer. Then apply sunscreen and do necessary makeup. I apply lipstick and eyeliner and so on before going out. So I will show you whatever I can do right now. Let us clear the doubts now. One of the major doubts was with regard to massaging your face with coconut oil. Coconut oil is not important for massaging. You can use any oil,cream, aloe vera, gel or anything that you’re comfortable with for massaging. A major purpose for this massaging is to activate your face and create blood circulation. People asked me how can we have plumpy face. For that, massaging will suffice. You need to use light oil products which is more recommended than hard oils. Coconut oil is the best thing according to me and it benefits your skin very much Coconut oil has been used from older generations itself. It purifies everything. There are lot of advantages of using coconut oil. One peculiar thing is that it is anti inflammatory. Along with skin repairing, there are few properties like this too. It’ll develop your skin, soften it, and increase
your complexion. It won’t reduce it either way. But many people asked me if their skin would get darker by applying coconut oil. It won’t. The skin won’t get darker. But if you apply it on your hair, it’ll darken well. So, if you are a person with lot of facial hair, then that hair might darken up in your face after applying coconut oil. I won’t encourage those people to follow this. Those who have lot of facial hair, you can use almond oil instead of coconut oil. Everybody says argan oil is also good. It’s a Moroccan oil. It’s a really good oil. You can also use that to massage. Considering these oils, people asked me which is the best brand In coconut oil, you can normally find 2-3 brands in the market which is alright to use. If you want to buy pure organic coconut oil, then I have attached the amazon link for the product. I will attach the link for these products. You can buy it online if you want. Else, there are 2-3 common brands which you can buy from stores near you. It’s ok for you to use, there’s no problem in using it. Or else you can buy organic cold pressed gingelly oil from amazon website. Let’s move over to second doubt. I am solving all doubts one by one. The second doubt was regarding the egg white. Egg white is applied for skin tightening and also acts as a good cleanser. It will remove all the dirt inside our skin. You wanted to know the order of the usage regarding with oily and dry skin right. How should people with dry skin, oily skin, mixture, or normal skin apply it respectively? Many people also asked me, in what order should we apply it and should we do it everyday and all. I will tell you the answer to that. You must compulsorily apply it atleast once a day and twice a day is also really good for your skin. If you don’t get time during morning, you can also do it at night before you sleep. If you have dry skin, what you can do is, firstly, apply egg white if you have dry skin. After applying egg white, our dry skin will get repaired and set. Then you should do oil massage. After the massage, there’s no need to wash your face with soap. Instead of that, dip the towel in slightly hot water and then wipe off the oil in your face with it. After wiping, just use the drier side of towel to wipe again. Our face will get clean. So, there’s no need to wash your face with soap afterwards. If you wish to bath afterwards, you can wash your face normally. But if you still have dry skin, don’t use soap. After that, apply moisturizer. The oil will be absorbed eventually for the people with dry skin. Later, you can apply sunscreen and go out. For those people who have oily skin,
you should do oil massage first. Before that, always wash your hands before you do anything. Also, wash your face with soap, mild soap, or facewash. So the people with oily skin should wash their face first and after it dries out, you should do oil massage. After that, apply egg white on your face. After doing that, wash your face thoroughly again. So, after oil massage, wash your face with soap or facewash. Then apply egg white and wash your face again. These instructions are for the people with oily skin. After that, apply moisturizer. Then apply sunscreen afterwards. Just because you have oily skin, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to apply mositurizer. You should apply. After good cleansing, you must compulsorily apply moisturizer no matter what. People with dry skin can use both egg white and its yolk rather than just the egg white as egg yolk has lot of fatty acids in it. Yolk is really good for dry skin as it removes the dryness in your skin. I recommend you to do this everyday. The third doubt was regarding the face pack. We drink juices to detox and we also use packs for it. People asked should they do it everyday. It is really good to drink different types of detox juice everyday The pack that is made from the juice need only be put around thrice a week rather than applying it everyday. But it is good to give nourishment to your skin everyday. The powdered rice is added to the pack and then applied to the face. After that we wait for it to dry. Apart from that, we take a little part of juice and massage our face after applying it. It would be great if you could do that everyday. If you don’t get enough time in the morning, the detox juice should anyway be drank in the morning itself. You’ll have to make time for that. It should be the done first thing in the morning right after you drink water. But, after that, when you make the juice, store 2 tbsp of it aside in the fridge. After you’ve come back from office and done all your chores at night, complete your oil, and egg treatment and then massage your face with detox juice thoroughly. Keep it intact for five minutes after massaging. Then, wash it away. Do it like that. After that, at night you’ll still need moisturizer but not sunscreen. Some people feel necessity to apply some nourishing oil before sleeping if they have too much of dry skin. Those poeple can apply argan oil before going to sleep if they want. It can either be a moisturizer or argan oil. Anyway, you can apply either of them in your face after treatment and sleep peacefully. So, this is how the procedure is normally. I told you earlier that I’m all prepared and ready after bathing. So, this is the moisturizer and sunscreen that I use. This is the moisturizer that I’ve been using for many years now. This was prescribed to me by a skin doctor. I had consulted a skin doctor. So it was recommended by my dermatologist. This is said to be suitable for all and any type of skin. I have normal type of skin if you want to know. It’s neither dry nor combined. It’s not oily too. Just a normal skin. So, this cream is really good for all types of skin. I usually consult a doctor before doing anything like this. If it’s related to home remedies, then I do it by myself after studying about it. But if I want to use the products that I buy from outside, I consult a skin doctor. Skin doctors know more than us and they will give us the right medicine. It’s related to skin so we shouldn’t really experiment right. So I always ask and seek medical advice. The name of this cream is Alox cream. A-L-O-X . I’ll add the name to the description box. You can purchase it through amazon. Enriched with aloe vera, vitamin A and E. They have written it clearly in the pack. It says a lot of things. It softens your skin. We know it has aloe vera in it which removes face scars, stretch marks etc and moisturizes your skin. Vitamin A acts as anti-oxidant for skin and prevents wrinkles. That’s another trait. Then the third factor is Vitamin E which protects from sun damage, helps in curing skin diseases and nourishes the skin. That’s what it says. I personally felt it’s a really great product. This is my normal time to put it as I am going out now. They say we should apply it liberally. That is, thoroughly. Include the portion under the eye region too. Make it blend with the skin thoroughly. That’s all. Simple. Apply on top of your eyes and also under your eyes which is a really sensitive region. Always use your ring finger while applying the cream under your eyes as it gives a soft touch. If you can apply it in your neck also, it will be well and good. It’s good to apply in all the places when you’re doing it. I believe neck is also part of our face. Moisturizer is almost finished. It’s time to buy a new one. The skin will absorb the cream in seconds if you stay still. You won’t even know that you’ve put it. The main reason why I like the cream so much or why I still continue to use it is because it is not at all greasy. Usually creams will have oily finish, might glow or would look like you’ve put something in your face. But with this, you won’t even know you’ve put something. Within seconds or around a minute, the cream will blend in with the skin. You can apply this before sleeping at night. You can also apply it in the morning as a part of skin routine before going to office. You can apply it even after doing any kind of treatment to your face like nourishing or whatsoever. You can apply it as many times as you want. So apply before sleep. I complusorily apply this cream when I need to put makeup on my face. I apply the cream on my skin before starting to put on makeup. That is, for shooting purposes. Just look at it now. It can’t be seen isn’t it ? Now next process is regarding the sunscreen. I use a gel for sunscreen which is also prescribed by the doctor. This is called Truderma. Truderma sunscreen gel This is also a really good product in which it’s written it helps in anti-ageing and skin brightening. So it’s really good product. The next step is to take the cream like this and apply it liberally. I am going out right, so in order to get protection from sun rays, I apply this on our face. Apply it everywhere including the neck region. Or else our neck will get tanned while our face have different color. Apply it thoroughly. So another layer has entered inside our skin now for protection. This is to get protection from sun. I’m not putting makeup now as I’ve put on sunscreen. You can put on makeup if you want. But while shooting, I put on makeup but I don’t use sunscreen then. But when I go for outdoor shooting, I apply sunscreen before putting on makeup. No need to apply it if you’re at home. But you should apply it daily when you go to office. During that time, we do minimal makeup like applying lipstick, eyeliner and putting on bindi etc. If you use lot of makeup, then apply this first and let it stick properly to the skin and dry off. This is also not an oily type of cream which is an advantage. This is also just like the gel. It’s not greasy or oily. It’ll blend in with the skin in 2-3 minutes after you apply it on your face. No one would be able to tell if you’ve even applied it or not. So, this is the last part of my daily skin care routine. Then, on my lips, I apply lipstick. Though, I don’t like the gloomy ones. I like the natural color lipstick. But I do something before applying lipstick. I apply lip balm before applying lipstick. Right now I have lip balm of brand called Nivea. There are lot of flavors including cherry. This is watermelon flavor. I buy from the shop and then apply. Whatever color I find, I buy it. It is actually colourless though. Yet, there’s a difference in flavor. This is a watermelon flavored lip balm. That’s what I apply first. It provides protection to your lips. We just moisturized our skin now right. Just like that, our lips too need moisturizing. It prevents our lips from getting dry. I use products of Mac for my makeup. I also use the lipstick of Mac. Many people asked me which shade do I use. There’s no number as such given in it. Retro Satin is what’s written here. So it comes under group called Retro Satin. It’s written as 820 in the lipstick. But I don’t know if it’s a number or something else. This is the color. When it’s about to finish, I take this to the shop and buy a new one of same kind. When I normally travel, airports will mostly have counters of Mac. So I buy it from there. But you can purchase it online also. So this is my lipstick. That’s it. Then I apply eye liner. In order to create big eyes, I draw. But I don’t put tail of sorts. But I draw outside my eyes in manner that they are seen. That’s all I do. And finally, I put on a bindi. These are my usual preparations before I go out. I tied my hair so I can show it you guys clearly. So I am back to my original form after untying my hair. Now I just have to apply eyeliner and bindi. Now you almost know what all you have to do. Both of my products are really good and I love them. It is suitable for all skin types. You can buy and try it out. First, try it out in your hands and then decide which one you want to choose. Anyway, I’m really happy. Thank you for watching


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