Bareket – Psoriasis Vulgaris

Bareket  – Psoriasis Vulgaris

My name is Bareket, I’m from Israel, Karmiel. I was diagnosed with Psoriasis Vulgaris. I my case the psoriasis is very itchy, and burning, and very very red. Among many things I tired to stop psoriasis were lotions, creams, light room, drugs. Nothing helped… A friend gave me MiBiome, and I saw after 2 week an amazing improvement! I used to stay home (‘didn’t go to work’), because I was afraid that psoriasis will attack me. So MiBome did what other drugs and lotions didn’t do I could leave the house 2-3 days after I put the lotion (MiBiome) on. And it feels so great! Because I don’t need to hide anymore! I can go out 2 days after psoriasis attack me, I’m not ashamed anymore! I can go to work without fear that people will ask questions: ” Is it contagious? Does it hurt? ”

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