Barbershop Banter Ep. 3: 5 Men’s Hair Care Myths Busted | Head & Shoulders

Barbershop Banter Ep. 3: 5 Men’s Hair Care Myths Busted | Head & Shoulders

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello, I’m here today with my boy, Dan and we’re about to do some
myth-busting today, aren’t we? -Nah, but the tables are turned today.
-Yeah, well what does that even mean? -That means you’re getting in the hot seat.
-I don’t think so! -Come on!
-No no, have a seat! -You’re not trying to cut my hair-
-No, no, no – shh shh shh, don’t worry about it just relax, relax, relax. Okay. Right. I’m going to say some statements, and you’re going to tell me
whether they’re true, or false. -You ready?
-Yeah, ready. Cool.
[SNAPS] Bro, what is that light? What have you done to the shop? Why have you got a comb? [CLAP] Myth number one. You should wait until you have a flare-up
with your itchy scalp and dandruff before you treat your scalp issues. [CLOCK TICKING]
False. That is not true, it should be part of your
daily routine, ’cause if you’ve got dandruff, and you’ve had dandruff, it only means that
you’re prone to it. So it’s always good to prevent it by using
an anti-dandruff shampoo and it should be a part of your daily routine. So wash your hair every day
with an anti-dandruff shampoo. That’s correct!
[BELL DINGS] Myth number two. Men don’t need conditioner. [CLOCK TICKING]
False. Long hair, short hair, even no hair –
everyone needs moisture for the scalp. It helps to make your scalp look healthy
and your hair look healthy. That is actually correct. [BELL DINGS] Myth number three, Justin. Yes. You can never use too much product. [CLOCK TICKING]
That is definitely false. What can happen when you use too much product
is that it ends up becoming like a product build up and then it ends up irritating the
scalp, and that’s how you end up with dandruff and itchy scalp problems. Less is more. You want to be using an anti-dandruff shampoo
like this one. You want to leave it in your hair – let the
shampoo sit on your scalp for a couple minutes to get a deep cleanse. This will help break down any product, and
your hair is going to be left feeling nice and fresh, nice and clean, and ready to go. -Did I get that one right?
[LAUGHING] That is correct. Myth number four. Rinsing your hair with cold water
makes it look cleaner. [CLOCK TICKING] No, rinsing with cold water
makes you cold. Bro, where are you getting these ones from? Well I… well, what I know, it says on the
internet that cold water seals your cuticle. No, the best way to make the cuticles lay
flat is from using a good conditioner. A good conditioner in your hair will make
your hair feel soft and silky. You want to bring it from the root to the
tips all the way through and make sure it’s smoothed over. -So yeah.
-Okay. False. You’re a smart man.
[BELL DINGS] You’re a smart man,
now back to business. Myth number five. Number five. Cutting your hair frequently
makes it grow faster. [CLOCK TICKING]
That is one hundred percent false. But people underestimate how important it
is to get a regular haircut. Waiting too long for a haircut
can be damaging to your hair, especially if you don’t look after it. so you’ve got to make sure
you’re getting frequent trims. Okay cool, so frequent haircuts
make you stay looking fresh. Yeah. Well done, Justin. [CLAPPING]
You won! Five out of five.
[BELL RINGING] I won? So what did I win? Now get out my seat. -No no, this is MY seat.
-Come on! Any of the facts or products
are in the link below so like, comment, and subscribe. Peace! [MUSIC PLAYING]


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    Which is the best shampoo for dandruff

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    Dear Head and Shoulders. Will Using the 2 in 1 shampoo 🧴 + conditioner cause dryness of the scalp and lead it make pattern baldness if used everyday? I ask this question cause more times than not I have read that shampooing everyday is harmful.Also how many days a week would be recommended to use this product.

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