Banana Shake Benefits For Skin | Using Banana Powder | Banana Peels For Acne | Beauty Tips | Injibs

Banana Shake Benefits For Skin | Using Banana Powder | Banana Peels For Acne | Beauty Tips | Injibs

do you wanna see the banana benefits
banana shake benefits for skin stay with me stick with me and see the tips and
have a look at the tips that I have to give you Israel once again from Injibs Cosmets hoping that you stay tuned to my beauty tips today what the banana shake
benefits for skin but under shake benefits for skin several and like I’m
like I’m gonna explain to you right now banana benefits banana shake benefits
are very very vital are very very important in that very interesting for
the skin what does the skin have to do with the banana banana banana is the
fruit and at the same time it’s a vegetable banana is the versatile it’s a
versatile food banana can be eaten in many ways banana can be eaten as a shake
when Anna came eaten as a fruit can be eaten as food can be green bananas can
be peeled and made you can make you can mash them and get a banana mash there
are many ways of consuming banana but what are the first benefits of using
banana for skin banana / skin is very vital because number one is banana skin
needs nutrients skin meets needs yeah vitamins it needs nutrients to keep it
strong tight and and make sure that it doesn’t serve and doesn’t fall apart so
what are the benefits of banana banana contains a very very very important
important vitamin called potassium potassium is a is a vitamin that is in a
banana that is very good for the skin for the muscle for the bone for bones
bones is calcium but potassium also without good not potassium there is no
way calcium without vitamin D calcium cannot be absorbed so they all these
vitamins and nutrients need each other so the nutrient of potassium in the
banana banana ligase is very high with potassium what’s inside with calcium
that we mentioned but apples are good with calcium
milk is good with calcium because to potassium banana is the highest with
potassium so what does potassium up to do with the skin basically the skin that
we all know the skin is the largest breathing organ on the body
anything a Fed or anything put or applied or to the skin for those who use
chemicals and and lotions and all that kind of stuff and oils and stuff make
sure that what you put on your skin I usually advise women and advice everyone
my friends male friends men on all of that I usually advise them that make
sure that whatever that you apply on your skin or whatever you apply put on
your skin make sure that you can eat it if you cannot eat it do not put it on
your skin if you can’t eat it don’t apply it on your skin whatever that you
apply on to your skin 90% of it 90% well but almost 90% of it
you can go and google it somewhere man almost 90% of it is absorbed into your
system your system absorbs most of the chemical the of the anything substance
that you put over it the skin is the largest breathing organ this skin
breathes it does breathe it breathes you sweat you release it releases couple
days it breathes in and out this skin you see not only your nose or your mouth
or your ears the skin is the largest skin has got paws it’s got paws that
protect make sure that the skin is protected of the skin cleanses itself it
knows how to work itself therefore whatever that you apply on to the skin
its absorbed half of it upper most of it is absorbed into your system that’s why
you see people end up with problems like skin cancer and all that kind of stuff
simply because the stuff that they could apply on the skin either clogs the pores
and then the post can’t breathe anymore or things of that kind
but basically potassium in the in the in the bananas is very very good and vital
for the skin to tighten fit the skin and make sure that the skin functions
functions exactly like it should now the potassium in there are similar there are
many ways of getting not necessarily from them there are many
other foods that contain potassium you can buy for Tess Emmet supplements you
can consume potassium in any other ways but my main man my main topic right now
is the portal is the portal is the banana benefit banana shake benefit for
the skin so how do you use the banana shake benefit of the skin it’s easy you
just mash the banana mash your banana milkshake make myth-making shake a
little bit you can mix in things like honey you can mix things like I need
natural things do not go and get artificial stuff for throw-in up all
those other stuff that isn’t good throw in some lotion and all that stuff
no do not mix it anything if you wanna make a good shake for the skin or a mask
face mask face but you usually go go natural natural ingredients natural
ingredient if you’re taking banana and very ripe banana they’re black currant
is the better the black are the covers are the better the more potassium it has
the more potassium in I in sugars natural sugars so go for the blood don’t
go for the green one the green one there is potassium but go go for the really
really ripe banana and then mash it mash it completely machine completely you can
add a half teaspoon of honey and I’d drop in just a drop of apple cider
vinegar apple cider vinegar in one of my my videos I just released the video
apple cider benefits for women so there I explained what other side that does to
the skin so drop in a drop a drop of apple cider vinegar into that and then
match it completely much it completely and make a shake make
a shake not really a shake but make a face mask out of it then wash your face
cleans your face and then take it and man smear it all over your face
now that’s a mask that’s a must very beneficial way he went
it’ll dry after it dry you’ll feel the face will be tight and will be pulled so
tight then go rinse with cold water rinse with cold water explained in my
videos also as well why you should always a breeze your face with cold
water never put hot water on your face what what is a disaster never put it on
your face hot water what it does if you apply if you wash your face with hot
water what’s gonna happen is hot water opens the pores opens the pores it
streets the skin of it spoils natural oils oh it opens the pores exposing it
to toxins toxins in in sun rays and all of the other scavengers and all the kind
of kind of stuff bacteria you know that stuff now after you after you damned in
your skin for after a while looks ugly you could I pants and all that kind of
stuff you get that forming wrinkles and then all that kind of stuff
so therefore avoid hot water on your face just use cold water cold water what
cold water does the colder it is the better even if it’s good
icing it the best the corner we call this it is the better for the face what
it does is it closes the pores that have been open open by the heat open by sun
opened by all that kind of other stuff opened by the stuff you apply on so what
what cold water does it tightens back and closes the book the process of
closing up the pores it actually tightens tightens the skin because when
when the pores are open when they are open like this then the skin is sagging
the skin sucks because the pores are open when the poza exposed they are open
therefore the skin is loose any sense when the pores close up then the skin
that in that process kind of like tightens the skin because
of the closing of the post therefore the skin types all together so
cold water finish watching your face watching of the banana shake off your
face will be the Bahamas whatever you wanna call it what you know with a cold
cold freezing water not freezing you can you can use freezing if you want to but
cool what is the best remove take it off with cold water now
when it comes to the six drinking eating the shakes
it’s very good to eat the milk that the banana shake drink your shake or eat
your shape whatever you wanted to call it it’s your shake every now and every
month at least twice a day or once a day bananas shake is very good you see they
usually say what you eat what you eat is what you become what you put inside your
system it’s exactly what you become if you put
in toxins alcohol and all that stuff in or you it’s what you’re gonna become
that’s what exactly you’re gonna become so basically when you eat feed on a lot
of potassium there for you it comes out on the skin it comes out on your own on
the out of you you start glowing you said looking younger you start looking
fresher you start looking looking fresh you start looking fresh and that’s
exactly what we are looking for so always make sure that that you opt out
if you’re looking for things to make your skin look good look fresh and look
tight and look up you know look good look good without wearing makeup now I’m
talking to the ladies also mostly I’ve been talking to the ladies but also guys
are talking to you but when it comes to the makeup side I’m speaking to the
ladies if you’re doing if you wanna if you want to look your face if you want
your face to look as if you’re wearing makeup banana the potassium in the
banana is the right way to go now when it comes to cooking it cooking making it
but get green bananas right now I’m going to give you a recipe of how to eat
banana as food not as for not as a fruit not as a smoothie
not as a shake but as as as food get green bananas green green bananas before
they right make sure you take off the colors peel off the carbs take them off
completely now there’s a green cover on top but then this is under underneath
very light green so make sure you peel off everything leaving just the white
flesh inside then take take those bananas steam them or boil them
whichever way you want to get them soft boil them for
minutes or maybe almost an hour and then take a machine maths at mashing the
Muslim bastard I had a little bit of water hot water much and Mason must make
them look like potato mash and then feed that with me to condition with patience
you can dish it with anything you want potassium in cooked bananas is very very
very beneficial and very strong it’s very nice
green bananas are also very high in potassium therefore use green bananas
for your skin the green could be used green bananas to get muscle to get mass
but bananas are very good that potassium in bananas is very beneficial and
crucial for your muscle you cannot form muscles
you cannot form massive you muscles cannot grow without potassium potassium
is what feeds muscles like I explained in the beginning of this video
calcium in the apples calcium in the upward speeds the bonus occurred videos
of how to make calcium from a sheõs it shows 95% of eggshells chicken egg
shells are made of calcium I explained in that video go to my playlist I’ll
look for it of how to I did explain how to make calcium out of eggshells now
calcium is for the bones if you don’t get enough calcium out of the foods that
you eat the body will go and draw calcium out of your bones calcium is
stored in the bones so it’s the only place in the body where
calcium is stored so therefore if you do not get enough calcium into your body
into through the day that you eat things that you eat then the body will go and
and throw from the bones from the bones that’s why you find the more people aged
when the more people agent grow the more the legs are weak the arms are weak
arthritis and all that kind of stuff it’s simply because they do not get
enough from enough calcium from the foods they eat therefore for the body to
sustain the organs in the heart and every
when the blood and everything running and pumping for you to leave therefore
the body goes and stow in and withdraw from this storage which is bonds that’s
why you find there is born erosion then the aged people their seniors their
bones are aching because the bones have been the body withdraws from the bones
leaving the bones with with with you know living it with holes in it leaving
it it draws the body draws from the bones therefore always you need calcium
then back to potassium potassium is very important in very vital potassium from
the bananas is very good like I mentioned you can always get potassium
from other places but then bananas like this topic is banana shake is very
important for the skin therefore eat plenty of bananas banana shake but under
smoothies and green bananas and also make sure that you apply banana masks
bananas banana shakes but on a face mask on your skin check out my videos if you
wanna know more about the shakes that are different in how to you will mix
them in the benefits of your shakes hit the subscribe button if you new to this
channel and also touch the bell icon to make sure that you receive a
notification of every video that have loads with my youtube channel if so once
again prometheus Christmas and I hope that you stay tuned to my beauty tips

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