Bad Cruise Ports Where Cruise Passengers Won’t Get Off The Ship And Why

Bad Cruise Ports Where Cruise Passengers Won’t Get Off The Ship And Why

but it’s Bruce here with traveling with
Bruce welcome to my channel today’s video is cruise ports where passengers
would rather stay on the ship then go onto the port itself things are changing
so much now in the cruise business with new ships coming out all the time even
ports of call and people’s habits are changing first of all you gotta get to
your cruise ship that’s part of the trouble right there long lines at
airports security checks and everything else but once you get here you’ve kind
of reached shangri-la no longer are the days where you get on a cruise ship and
go to exotic ports of call now the exotic part of the trip is on the ship
from formal dining like the dining room here or something casual like grabbing a
hot dog or a pizza or enjoying you know a little bit of a fast food item near
the pool or maybe something like a beautiful restaurant with a view I mean
these cruise ships today are not like they used to be 20 years ago when they
look like The Love Boat don’t forget of course you gotta have the Starbucks I
mean you might be on vacation but chick gotta have home with you no matter where
you’re going and this is a piece of home that cruisers insist on now here you go
this is what we’re talking about this is a classic look at what a cruise ship has
been about for decades you’ve got to pull in the middle with the lounging
chairs all around it but look at this bumper cars in air-conditioned comfort
ice skating rinks wall climbing walls you name it
here’s one of the port’s where passengers are not getting off the ship
the story now is upwards of 30 percent of cruise passengers are not getting off
the ship in Nassau why well they’re just not happy with the hassle of getting off
the ship and going into the downtown area there’s nothing to really see
unless you’re on a tour you’re gonna run into street fairs like this you’re gonna
be approached by people who want to sell you legal or illegal items and you may
not really want to hang around this crowd and more and more passengers
aren’t getting off the ship same thing in foul-mouth
in Jamaica the same thing here unless your honor organized tour passengers are
not getting off the ship here’s okhla rios another classic
example you can take a tour but unless you’re doing that they’re just not
leaving 20 30 40 percent of passengers are not getting off the ship those that
do they end up at places like this but they become so crowded with a whole
bunch of tourists especially if two or three ships are in town it’s not a fun
experience here’s what awaits you just outside the walled gates that protect
the cruise port area you’re just not wise to go here for a walk not hanging
out with the locals just not a wise idea you’re gonna stand out like a sore thumb
and they know you don’t belong here and some folks will be nice to you but some
folks won’t Progresso in Mexico another port that has a few things going for it
unless you’re gonna see the Mayan ruins on an organized tour there is really no
need to get off the ship it is part way out here at the end of the pier a lot of
folks have just decided you know what I’m just gonna enjoy the manatees on
board the ship I’m not gonna bother seeing the old worn-out town here with
some of the homes that look like ruins I just don’t want any part of it
don’t feel safe especially if you have children just no point
poor tyr to another port that sort of people love and people don’t love the
the right across the street from the port is a shopping mall Kmart Walmart a
lot of beggars here the old port has seen better days
you’ve got soldiers with machine guns all around here so you’re safe in the
port area but gosh step outside you don’t want to be doing it on your own on
board the ship look at this you’ve got your pool sideshows this you
just never used to have this twenty thirty years ago this didn’t exist you
have private islands now in Labadie and Coco ki where you’ve got total security
you have all the Western conveniences you have clean bathrooms here the Disney
castaway key that children are just enthralled mom and dad can relax kids of
course are gonna have a great time especially with these ship amenities
right here I mean come on surfing on a cruise ship man
you gotta love it anyway that is how things are changing in the cruise game
they’re changing quickly dramatically there is no standing still these ships
are becoming resorts unto themselves even more complex join me Monday to
Friday five o’clock Eastern Saturdays at 2:00 Eastern we talked cruise ships six
days a week live on my channel subscribe to my channel today hit that foul
notification icon give me a thumbs up on this video if you liked it send me a
comment let me know what you think about the changing world of cruise ships and
ports because more and more ports are having a tougher time of it talk to you
later everybody bye for now


  • Carl Sandstedt says:

    Progresso may indeed be a pit, but enjoyed the guided trip to Merida which was a real working Mexican city.

  • Jovan Flora says:

    Quit being a pussy and get some culture

  • Beverly Martin says:

    You certainly have your opinions! Try pronunciation ! It Falmouth,pronounced = ie Falmith Not Fall- Mouth …

  • mev202 says:

    Did you just say having a soldier with a machine gun is a reason not to get off… America has had how many mass shootings now. Also every airport has armed security/police. This is a scaremongering video to scare Americans. I love going off the beaten path and exploring.

  • M Litvin says:

    The good ports are key west and bermuda. That's it.

  • Roger Willis says:


  • Chris K says:

    Have NEVER found the idea of being on a cruise ship appealing!

  • Franklin Sharp says:

    I've never been on a cruise but I live in Vegas.
    I always looked at it like going to a casino for 3 days and being trapped there.

    I'll pass, bit I also don't like to travel..

  • sydney4911 says:

    I've been on 6 different cruises that hit different ports in the Caribbean and Mediterranean and there was only 1 port that I really didn't like and that was Nassau. It was dirty, crowded, the shopping area right off the port was seedy. I was disappointed that the water was dirty. I expected clean, bright, friendly, and we didn't get that. We spent all of about an hour off ship, bought a couple of t-shirts, and headed back to the ship to relax.

  • Mike Gehre says:

    Went on cruises and the ships are well worth staying on board. The ports are crowded if several ships are in port and you've only a set time before reboarding.The area around the ship is nothing but over priced shops and worse. I'll leave cruising for those who enjoy them.

  • HateGovernment says:

    LA to Cabo and back in 5 days. My favorite cruise.

  • Mark S. says:

    Pretty soon those ships won't be sailing anywhere. Why bother if people just want pizza and Starbucks.

  • mike S says:

    Ship spas usually offer discounts during port times, I have found this to be a lot better way to spend my excursion money.

  • D San says:

    True. Just got back from RC symphony of the seas. Stopped in Nassau – which is a dump. However getting off and on the ship is very easy.

  • Elle Bryant says:


  • karateday says:

    Ever saw the movie "Wall-E"? We're getting close to that future!

  • Rachel Garber says:

    Those ships are so ugly. Like ugly hotels on water

  • Randy Williams says:

    They could just go out and drive around in circles.

  • Elizabeth Nicole says:

    If I pay for a cruise I am getting off the ship!

  • Michael K says:

    Problem is the monopolization of excursion and tours. It’s sad because the local economy suffers as the the already financially strapped governments are held hostage by cruise companies to sustain port facilities, especially after areas hit hard by hurricanes.
    As a result the local municipalities deteriorate, and the cruise lines as a result do everything in their power to hide passengers from the real country.
    Just another case of companies and cash filled customers ignoring problems just to splurge. To be fair I’m a hypocrite 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • bluecardholder says:

    We did a cruise around the Canaries, which for some reason included Agadir in Morocco, it was the pits – we wish we'd never got off the ship.

  • Michael Hunting says:

    The cruise line industry having to start thinking of new destinations the Caribbean and the Bahamas have been done to death. They new and more exotic destinations or itineraries

  • golfnutdave says:

    Progresso is a joke. I don't know why the ships even bother docking. Go into town and you will NOT feel safe, nevermind there's little to do and the town is a dump.

  • ActaNonVerba says:

    I don't wanna ruin your cruiseship experiances, but luckely there is one port of the market. Venice, after the tragic equipement faillure accident at the dock, the cable of the front thugboat snapped while tugging it to the cruiseship dock area, Italie banned those 'floating cities' for eternaty. Do you even care contributing to those accidents, I don't think it wil bother you? Cruise what you want, but stay away of the small ports, stay on the sea's/ oceans and stay on your cruiseship when you visit Europe. Thank you!

  • Pauline Virgo says:

    I went to Jamaica and i see a lot of tourist walking around no one bother them stop putting fear in people heart.

  • John Glowinski says:

    Maybe you need to get on a 'real' ship and go on a 'real' cruise.

  • johola says:

    as if americans werent ignorant enough to the world… now they dont even leave the ship if they are in a foreign country 😀

  • Laura Brooks says:

    Go to a mall with a swimming pool. What's the point

  • Blogging Trucker Reviews says:


  • Cindy Jones says:

    Easy to get kidnapped. Or robbed. No thanks. And I can find safe and activities not spending thousands to stay on a ship.

  • SNS8R03 says:

    Victoria, BC – Canada. On the Alaska cruise round trip from Seattle. Don't bother getting off there either, larger ships now calling to port there, 3 at a time, not enough buses to take tours, SUPER over crowding at the gardens and other attractions, you will be left to walk to town 20mins. Downtown is under construction everywhere you go, streets and buildings in states of repair or being torn down. Its sad to see a charming city now full of bums on every corner asking for change and yelling at strange objects. Its has taken a dive. Sorry but don't bother …..

  • Jim N says:

    Let everyone go ashore and be mobbed. You then have the entire ship to yourself. Pool deck space too. Oh God, Nassau is horrible. St. Thomas is horrible, Cozumel is horrible. San Juan is horrible. Falmouth is horrible. Key West is the BEST port. The private cruise islands are nice.

  • Rapunzel 1701 says:

    Skipped last 3 stops in Nassau, 2 in Mexico, St. Thomas and a couple other places not worth remembering. Having been to every port in East/West Caribbean, I'm now there for the ship. But this also gives me a reason to cruise in different regions.

  • Irotten says:

    Do they have cruses that don't visit ports and just have sea days?

  • first name last name says:

    I hardly want to get off ship at ports anymore. More and more people hating cruisers and people being robbed and crap. Until cruise lines allow me to be armed like the people at the ports ill just stay home. Its like gun free zones where only criminals have weapons

  • carlos cameron says:

    Shithole ports are just to risky…..the presenter is correct

  • Jet Stream says:

    I don't cruise on these monster ships that are more like floating theme parks. I like the old fashioned style of the smaller ships of Holland-America. Because I am older and semi mobility challenged I no longer get off the ship if you have to take a tender to get to shore. Also ports that are overcrowded with 3 or 4 monster ships don't appeal to me.

  • Siegfried Pretsch says:

    What's the point of getting on a ship then?

  • Lisa Patrick says:

    Nassau NO
    Puerto Vallarta YES!

  • Sheila Larson says:

    I feel that way about Ensenada. Nothing there to see.

  • Robert Palmer says:

    I haven't cruised for 15 years… Looks really crowded now. No thanks! Just too much waiting in line back then and the ports are not any nicer than they used to be. Fond memories of Cayman Islands and Dominica and Martinique. The rest is optional.

  • John Tait says:

    Excellent and informative documentary Bruce. Some of these Caribbean ports look grim. Have you done any research on Europe, Asia or the Pacific Islands? That's where we cruise, and there are some quite mediocre ports that are not worth the visit. Anyway, thank you. ;-))

  • Ed Holohan says:


  • Ed Holohan says:


  • Shireknight says:

    Wow, how does a cruise ship have room for its very own bumper car ring????

  • Perro Oceaniko says:

    Jamaica is ok. Mexico too, but some destinations are boring as hell ..! Belize (if you dont dive) is a big piece of s*** Cayman is nice … I had a blast there. … ! also as the guy said, If you don't have an organize tour don't even go out , not because safety reasons in my opinion, but you are gonna loose time and money. I speak Spanish perfectly so I manage myself pretty well in many ports Costa Rica without a tour is a sad , lame experience.

  • davewreslt says:


  • Painkiller Jones says:

    I wouldn't leave the country, period.

  • Brian Salomon says:

    Or you could just spend a week at the mall

  • Arbear64 says:

    I agree with one of the posters that stated, "the Caribbean and the Bahamas have been done to death." The cruise lines pretty much limit to only a few ports in those areas and they are done to death. Once you made a couple cruises you have pretty much seen all they have to offer. Most of the ports have the same shops as the last 3 ports you visited. The old saying, "if you've seen one you seen them all" really is true. The last cruise we took we stayed aboard the ship at Belize and Jamaica. They was more exciting things to do onboard the boat than on the land. You go to a different lines and they pretty much have the locations. So what is a cruiser to do, when there is more excitement on the boat than on land? Stay on the boats.

  • catherine valli says:

    my husband and i went on one cruise. we paid a fortune, had to pack and evening gown and a tux only to get food poisoning. it was not a fun time queuing to get on and off the ship at ports. when you think about it, these ships can be scary. how many times have women been raped or worse while on board and the cruise company does nothing? if you think it doesn't happen, do a little investigating. you are essentially trapped in a metal can with people from the armpit of america – no police or security of any kind, with an open bar. no way, never again, no thank you.

  • Ammi D says:

    Freeport in the Bahamas! I will never get back off the ship! I'd rather stay on the ship and enjoy the festivities

  • rockey rocket says:

    So with this in mind is there an option to visit a ship for a night or two without it moving out of port? If the destinations are so shitty and the boats so grand I bet for a discounted rate people would do an overnight or two night weekend enjoying the ship. I guess if there is no way to squeeze you like a lemon to get every dollar out of you it's not worth it to the cruise lines.

  • Matt DOE says:

    If im.on a cruise i want to visit the ports and see and feel different cultures and get off the ship and do something fun but lmao i will never go on a boat im the guy who wants to see new thing not ohh a club can do that at home ohh a bar mm on land and so on so forth

  • ckalnicki says:

    Gee, aren’t you a ray of sunshine .

  • Mina Nes65 says:

    So why not just go to a lovely location with a great hotel offering great facilities and attractions, instead of getting on board a ship that travels to other parts of the world?

  • stpu22 says:

    Sorry to disagree but some of your observations about these ports are just not true. Puerto Vallarta for example. I wonder if you have ever really ventured outside the port area as there is so much to see and do here, especially in the old town/romantic zone. I've NEVER felt unsafe here and have been there 3 times. And there are thousands of Canadians and Americans who winter over in PV. Please correct this misinformation.

  • Steve Chaput says:

    My wife and took several cruises where we never went beyond the shops near the peer. Agree the the ships have so much going on there’s no need to get off.

  • Richard Myhan says:

    I hope merchants and locals are reading these comments.

    Screw their economy! Until they learn how to act civilized.


    Puerto Vallarta is a Beautiful Port

  • Heidi says:

    I think it's rather sad to go on a foreign cruise ship vacation & not explore the foreign destination at all. If you're going to look at the sea; go on a water slide or dine on some food- why not just do that in your own country?

  • Itsjustmommy Itsjustmommy says:

    Excursions that I have experienced are for younger people! I agree we have stayed on the ship in many ports we have had some scary situations and wished we would’ve stayed on the ship. Be careful!

  • roicharles says:

    Puerto Vallarta is totally safe! There are army people because there is a naval base next to the cruise port not because is dangerous.

  • David V says:

    There are some ports of call that are really fit for a 4 to 7 day vacation in and of themselves.

  • R V says:

    Worst place I've been with Jamaica constantly being approached by drug dealers and people wanting to sell their items would not leave us alone

  • Brenda Moody says:

    I didn’t feel comfortable at Falmouth. It felt dangerous and we had a man following us the whole way and it smelled like urin

  • Daryl Griffin says:

    I agree. The ship can be the destination AND the resort. A properly designed cruise ship with a variety of amenities may need only sail by beautiful areas without the hassles of disembarking or putting up with those who wish you harm. Avoiding port fees would save passengers a not inconsequential sum. There are exceptions: Alaskan towns and wilderness are great, and I suspect Canadian hospitality would be first class, also.

  • Jason Simmons says:

    Yep Progresso is a giant shit hole. I'll never go there again

  • Kashmirknight says:

    Nassau I heard was terrible.

  • Lynn Collett says:

    Like all of Mexico

  • Dwight Alexander says:

    Puerto Vallarta port in pics has been torn down and replaced!

  • Dangic23 says:

    USA folks have always been afraid of foreign countries.
    It's a cultural thing that has been engrained in the minds of people.
    Generation X, Y and Z are slowly fixing that backwards mindset.

  • Dangic23 says:

    It depends on why you booked.
    For example…if you booked a Mediterranean cruise to stay on the ship….you wasted your money.
    If you booked a Caribbean cruise and only got off the ship on one island….you are good….didn't miss much.

  • Rock Hayes says:

    I agree been on 21 cruises, some ports just suck so bad with beggars and dangerous looking situations we just stay on board,Jamaica and Progresso are the worst.Nassau just boring.

  • Matt Rost says:

    We loved Cuba, and felt extremely safe. Lots of old world history without being Americanized with fast food, chain bars and restaurants or surf shops. It's sad that Americans cannot go there anymore.

  • taxfree4 says:

    Samana DR, Old San Juan and St. Kitts are all shitholes

  • Cee Jayee says:

    So true, Nassau bahamas I don’t even get off the ship anymore. They try to sell drugs to you and you just don’t feel comfortable. I saw two locals trying to rob one couple. And they get mad when you don’t want to buy those same souvenirs that they’ve had there for the last 20 to 30 years.I’d rather stay on the ship.

  • Cee Jayee says:

    Grand Turks, there is nothing there. They say the cruise ship takes you there to build up the economy on the island. They need more money. But when storms come through they are wiped out. Just nothing to do there but go to the same shops that the other islands have. Virgin Islands is great. A lot to do there and you feel so much safer.

  • F4t4l Trips says:

    Progresso was nice, we went to Merida and really enjoyed it .

  • Kacy M. says:

    Took my last cruise May 2019. Being lied to regarding what’s paid for in your cruise price, being on a ship with a crew from over 80 different countries and so many misunderstandings and miscommunication, often time many people are ill and so many ports are now filled with beggars, thieves, etc. I would rather take my hard earned money, choose a place or places I feel safe in, pay a reasonable rate for a clean room and bath and not come home feeling like I just got screwed out of $10,000 and need a vacation! Cruises suck anymore! Rip offs!

  • Jonathan Lopez says:

    Well I Admit that I one person if I visit one Island the 2nd time i will be not amazed unless they have some real changes in those ports, been on Excursion almost all Like It

    But I will never go to Nassau for their security issues, Barbados,St.Lucia, Roatan, and im tired of Cozumel

    The Cruises Lines should be me more focus on ports like Puerto Limón, Cartagena, Aruba Curazao Bonaire, Key West, Bermuda, Grand Turks, Martinique, St Vincent

  • Samantha Roberts says:

    Went on a cruise to the Bahamas last year.
    Getting off wasn't the issue.
    1. It was crowded ( NASSAU)!!!
    2. It didn't seem welcoming
    3. No thanks to getting on a carriage with some stranger
    4. It was hot, hot, hot, hot, HOT!
    SOOOO….we got a couple souvenirs, went back to the ship, changed into out bathing suits, got a plate from the huge buffet at the windjammer, sat in bed outdoors and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
    Then we went to the wave surfer. Best time ever!
    No lines.

  • MrRabiddragon says:

    I strongly disagree with your views on PV. We vacation there and we stay very close to the docks. From our resort we can see the cruise ships that are in. We are VERY safe walking around anywhere in PV. (as with any city, be smart. We do not advise walking around after say midnight in back alleys in any city). Yes the dock is older and they have military people there but that is because it is their border. Getting thru it is not a problem and you are safe. We did not see any beggars when ships were in. We do cruise as well and with PV, it is one of the better places to get off the ship for. Our thoughts on that matter.

  • Bruce Devereaux says:

    He says you’ll find soldiers with machine guns but as though it’s a good thing?!? “So you’ll be safe.” !?!?

  • maximusfattybum says:

    Try getting off in Piraeus in Greece for Athens. There are crowds of refugees in tents pitched 2 minutes walk from the docks. As a solo traveller i found this really intimidating You have no option but to go past them to get the train into Athens. The poverty and Graffiti in Athens was shocking too. Very sad to see a major city so badly affected by poverty in the 21st Century.

  • Frimmbits says:

    Soldiers with machine guns in the port area is not a good sign. Stay on the ship where I'm relatively safe.

  • richard none says:

    good morning bruce this has been going on for a while and now that the ships are adding so many more features so yes the ship is the destination especially if you have kids
    i have been on 18 cruises now heading out for 19 on MSC Seaside 4 water slides 4 big pools and lots more so why get off in a dump like nassau were everyone and there mother are trying to sell you everything including there mother i am taking the tour to Dunns falls and then getting back on the ship i have been to all these islands and sorry to say the people are desperate

  • JerseyJoe says:

    If I want to be at a Amusement Park , a cruise isn’t for me !!

  • Norbero Fontanez says:

    US NAVY RETIRED: NOT interested in BOATS anymore. A year away WESTPAC and MED Cruise… No thanks😠

  • Eric Turpin says:

    No true . Peurta vallarta Mexico is wonderful. Take the bus to old town ( 10 pasos. ) Lots of vendors but their in every port. Just say no gracius if your not interested. The locals are very friendly.

  • Daniel Ueblacker says:

    Starbucks has homeless people why would I want to get anything there… get real.

  • paddry69 says:

    We have only visited Cozumel and Progresso. At both ports we left the ship and visited the shopping area. We never felt unsafe and everything seemed clean. Some of the shop owners can be pretty aggressive trying to get you to enter their shop, but they never physically approached us. The most annoying thing we encountered was multiple salesmen calling to my wife with, "Hey, lady with the cane." My wife had recently completed chemo and we went on this cruise as a celebration. She's very self-conscience about having lost her hair and having to temporarily walk with a cane and was on the verge of tears when we got back to the ship.

  • yuvgotubekidding says:

    This is the type of advice you will not hear from the industry itself. Ports such as these can range from uncomfortable to dangerous. Private islands are the best thing they ever came up with.

  • Carolyn Gardner says:

    The United States is no better than these islands. Stop the stereotype !

  • SV methos says:

    I refuse to get off in mexico. They have serious problems.
    It is not safe.

  • Christopher Sansom says:

    Insist on Starbucks coffee? How weird

  • Tammy Lucy says:

    I would say Freeport could be added to this list. We also stayed on ship in Belize due to safety concerns.

  • hitchhiker42 says:

    Nassau Bahamas ranks high in crime, passengers are better off staying on ship where there is security.

  • Elizabeth Davenport says:

    Love the market in Nassau! Great place to get gifts!!

  • Boston Sports Fan says:

    The hood looks like this these pussy white people need to stay in there little safe towns 😂

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