Autoimmune Diseases Research at Johns Hopkins

Autoimmune Diseases Research at Johns Hopkins

[MUSIC] Autoimmune diseases are extremely common
in the, in the population. As a group of diseases the can affect any
organ, any tissue. They often affect people in the prime of
their lives that diseases can cause significant mobility, then some of
them can cause mortality. So as a problem in in the world or
immunity is, is a great one which needs
understanding a solution. Johns Hopkins is a long history in
studying autoimmune diseases. Some of the early founders of Hopkins were interested and noticed
autoimmune diseases. So, it is really in in our DNA to study
these diseases. The approach I think that Hopkins takes
which has been relatively unique, is to, follow patients
in the context of clinical care and to partner with them, in
discovery, to try and understand the causes mechanisms, of the
auto-immune diseases. We do it across the spectrum. The environment, is really incredibly
interactive. Synergistic one, people who are interested
in the autoimmunomatic diseases, diseases like lupus and
myositis, and scleroderma, interact with people who are interested in autoimmunity
in the kidney, autoimmunity in the nervous system
autoimmunity in the endocrine system. Generating a lot of collaboration,
synergy. the, the institution has really made great
strides in understanding the mechanisms of, of autoimmunity, particularly the
relationship of autoimmunity infections cancers, and so
on. I would say that, that we are in a golden
age of studying autoimmunity the tools for dissecting the mechanisms of complex human
disorders have changed dramatically over the last decade, and autoimmunity
finally is in this phase when really big strides are gonna be made in terms of understanding, preventing in curing
these diseases. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]


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  • strange times says:

    Immune disorders are caused by vaccines. People who are unvaccinated have almost ZERO problems with autoimmune disease. Vaccinated people average about 50% rate of various autoimmune diseases, many that are severe and life threatening. Vaccinated infants and children run about 1K times higher risk of DEATH. Vaccinated people are also 10 times more susceptible to serious INFECTIOUS diseases of all kinds. You do the math. Vaccines are designed to "trigger" the immune system, (freak it out). This often causes the system to turn on itself and attack the patient's own tissues, including the brain, organs, lymphatic system, nervous system, joints, EVERYTHING. Vaccines CONFUSE the immune system and cripple it. This is the preferred depopulation method because it gives a little "distance" between the injurious act, (the injection) and the damage or death. It takes a little while for this now-injured immune system to eat a kid's brain, or his joints, etc. Pretending you have "no idea" what's causing all of these problems is a disgusting display of abusively unethical and dishonest pandering to the Pharma gods. Piss on ALL of you for furthering the damage and running these sick cover-up operations for your pharma masters. Yeah sure, an explosion of "research" but none of you scumbags will EVER ask the OBVIOUS question about the REAL cause of this crisis-level epidemic of immune disorders, an epidemic that now threatens to swallow an entire generation of children WHOLE. No funding for research that points to the REAL cause, but tons of it pouring in if your studies are designed to blame something other than vaccines. Everyone involved in this madness belongs in JAIL.

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  • Puffy WooWoo says:

    So lost in this field..yet stuck in the middle..what's one to do

  • Puffy WooWoo says:

    How many diagnosos does each in this comment section have on their medical record…whether current or past. How many meds were you guines pigged on? …

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