#AskDrBob: Gout, Techno Tachycardia, “SAD”

#AskDrBob: Gout, Techno Tachycardia, “SAD”

– Hello Everybody, this is Dr. Bob DeMaria with another episode of #AskDrBob, some very good and interesting questions. – Dr. Bob, are quinoa, corn,
and rice considered grains? Well quinoa is considered a pseudo-grain but it’s actually a seed. Corn can be considered a
fruit, a seed, and a grain, and rice is considered a grain. Excellent question. – Dr. Bob, what protocol
would you prescribe for someone who’s been diagnosed
with psoriatic arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis,
pernicious anemia, and celiac? I really focus on the liver, and I would work on an elimination diet. Dairy, peanut butter, sugar, wheat. Those would be the
first I would eliminate. You may consider doing the FIT Test, food sensitivity testing, to find out what area that you’re, what particular foods,
it’s a test of 130 foods you may have a sensitivity to. You may want to do a
CBC with a Differential. If your eosinophil count was
high could be a parasite issue, if your monocyte level’s high, we know you have a food sensitivity. Monocytes usually increase
with a food sensitivity. – Dr. Bob, what causes gout
and how can you help it through natural means? We start with the kidneys. We have various protocols for that. But we use a product that
is called Five Folate Plus. But you would be really,
really wise to have your uric acid tested, and your BUN. Always remember your kidneys
are your second liver. That means the liver’s
a part of the issue too. Stay away from organ
meats, especially pork. – I remember you mentioned
about the winter blues, but I can’t remember what it’s called. What do you recommend? Phosphatidylcholine, anywhere
from three to nine a day. You may consider the Omega Test and check your omega-3 levels. – Dr. Bob, with non-GMO and
organic soy, can peanuts be okay? I personally would avoid them, and I would for sure avoid soy. – What causes appendix attacks? Hearing more teenagers getting surgery. What are the symptoms, and how
can you tell the difference between that and the stomach virus. Well if you have a CBC
completed, your white blood count is going to be 10 or 11
thousand with an appendicitis. Stomach virus, your
lymphocytes would be increased. CBC with a Differential,
lymphocytes will increase with a virus. With an appendix, white blood
count, 10 or 11 thousand. That’s a very good question, by the way. And yes I think poor diet
has a lot to do with it, and I think parasites have
a lot to do with it also. Last question. – Do you have any help with something called super techno tachycardia? My son just turned 16 and
went on with a diagnosis with the condition, want
to know about their diet. So let me explain this to you. The heart is impacted by food. We have something here
in our Westlake office, and our Naples,Florida office
called a Heart Sound Recorder. Your heart makes noises, lub-dub. Those noises are caused
an excess or deficiency of certain nutrients. Commonly, somebody needs
B vitamins and minerals, but I also know a compromised
liver can interrupt normal heart function. We know because we take films
that teenagers especially have larger livers than adults,
and I believe it’s because of poor diet, and all the
hormones that are going on inside of their body. You may consider coming to see us to have the Heart Sound
Recorder completed on you. It’s not an EKG, it’s
not an echocardiogram. We’re listening to heart
sounds that become a graph, and we can interpret that and
see the nutritional aspect and how it impacts your heart. Excellent questions, I’m Dr. Bob DeMaria. Visit me in Naples,
Florida or Westlake, Ohio.

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  • Joanne Pereira says:

    Dr Bob what my husband should take to help with is metastatic lungs cancer he is getting worse by the day he has a very sensitive stomach Is a lot Videos talking about Moringa I am thinking in buy some for him to try & see if helps him live a little when waiting for chemo 😢We still in shock please if you have some advice I so appreciate

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