Artritis y artrosis, cómo tratarlas de forma natural por Adolfo Pérez Agustí

Artritis y artrosis, cómo tratarlas de forma natural por Adolfo Pérez Agustí

this is a production of television mindalia and television mindalia non-profit audiovisuals from to contribute knowledge and create awareness the first social network of altruistic help through thought people confuse them but he confuses them because he does not know the nuances because ultimately they’re going what is the problem that leads to any of the arthritis or the arthrosis joint disease that involves the articulations of the whole body which is a joint that allows that bones can move and different directions if I do this two bones of the ulna and radius start to move in says in different directions and thanks to one to one articulation of the joints more complex therefore the ones that are most possible that occur in the step of the years or the mistakes that are left now are the wrist and what the another one of the knee is a joint that supports endurance skis what you have to endure to be able to joint is the ankle Ankle and wrists are the two most complex ones that have the most bones with The more bones involved, the more problems can appear. because it is very difficult to coordinate that all the bones follow the direction that we have decided but they are different but the two can enter a state that chronic disease can be called chronic the term is incorrect grammatically is incorrect is used you have a chronic disease when what is correct is that the doctor said his illness I can not cure it and if I can not cure it and none of my colleagues the disease will remain for life and the right thing would say unresolved diseases may never be resolved tomorrow resolve why because something has been discovered that solves it or because the person has changed what causes the disease to understand a thing you can not be cured of any disease but you put everything of your part the medicines the doctor and all the therapies that you create apply are a help to what you are going to do a help and that help should involve two things the mind and the body if you intend to cure a disease only with the physical body the disease is going to go to another organ or it does not work out first let’s try that is called emotions if you have an emotion that has distorted the distortion body look how I’m going to explain how it’s done so that you see how important it is and we’re going to put it here as I say that a nucleus more or less know that there can not be two cells ok and you know that we have millions of cells and that every second they leave replacing die some leave others others will make a month but it is thought that within two years until the last cell of our body has changed it is important that in psychology modern one contemplated one thing if every two years we totally change myself I’m not the same person I was two years ago because until the last part of my body is new I am a clone a repeat then when in psychology it is said because you hate someone who hurt you five years if it no longer exists it disappeared is another new person as a target said for what the father did and this is not fair to us hates the father if he wants to and your problem but the son is not neat and blood of blood already but not the same well note that natural medicine contemplates the human body in a way if we can say very different contemplates that the human body we are the mind the mind is what feels what we perceive the body the organic body and contemplates a third factor that is the spirit that is the spirit and we will not think about religious connotations not the spirit of that part of us that connects us with the whole and he everything is next what the environment society the weather but connects us with something else that we do not know is someone called it the universal energy others call it the all the source and Many people call him God, no matter what name you use, but undoubtedly there is much more around us than what we perceive when you realize that there are many more things the solution to our problems arrives very very quickly and very effectively better than with any medicine or with any medicinal plant you see how the natural medicine if another path that’s why we’ve never managed to understand we claim that the consultations should be assisted by the specialist and the psychologist must simultaneously treat both the person a person who accuses an arthrosis problem that he has also something in his character that he has allowed his body to put on is osteoarthritis arthrosis is considered a disease in global terms of frustration the person arrives a moment that they get frustrated means their past life does not they liked it because I did not do it because I did not stop doing it because I said no because I said yes I do not know but I do not like my past life I wish I could change but the I also do not like the future because the future does not it presents me very hopeful I do not know if the present therefore better present because I do not mention it because it is horrible is disease of the frustration that more those are about osteoarthritis or arthritis if that problem lies within you If the frustration is still present, it changes and it is easy to change a frustration say the Hawaiians that if you want solve problems with people with all the people you have to start for understanding people understand them more than you that’s one thing that in a day we’ll talk good this I want to tell you that many people come to natural medicine because they have already diagnosed a disease and possible to cure is so tired and take medicines the doctor does what he can but the The problem is that you have at your disposal some possibilities that are medicines and from there you can not get out your dental code of ethics it forbids you to leave that of that type of medication you have to recite what you they have said that they can prescribe and if they are social security ihss to more trapped they have to prescribe what social security allows you to put in a prescription well as you want well in itself the normal doctor is that they study the faculty we also have our academies thiwissen freedom most doctors already choose many times a natural option says man instead to send an ibuprofen because he did not send a harp he cited him for example I know that it will not hurt and the best of improvement we do not know with safety all doctors would use the natural option but not we can not blame them because they do not prescribe because security socially there are countries in europe that are already putting the products natural as an option in social security and the patient decides you want to raise your medicine I’m going to try it with plants that least I know what we’re going to start with plants this will arrive in Spain is a world current well the difference between arthritis and osteoarthritis and arthritis the word ends nitties and already gives us a inflammation track is worth the word and already indicates inflammatory process that focus on a joint while arthrosis is also focused in an articulation but there does not have to be information when in a a joint with arthrosis hurts because the movement is limited can do the movement that he should do when he reached a point of pain but it does not have to be inflamed, although many times this is a process of degeneration the joint has degenerated and not got regenerated and what we’re going to try to do now can be regenerate something that is spoiled he logically saw tell you that every process everything that was above will be irreversible down but you can go back up and we know how is the problem that we crash Many people sometimes do not blame him because I realize in the I’ve been giving years of consultation that people do not want to be cured it’s funny he does not want to heal them and I see them work with them and me when he left of the consultation they come out with their prescription this person does not want to be cured because because he has an alibi facing his family environment and his friends have a cut off from his illness while I asked him how are you girl me fatal half of all this because it receives the attention it needs in the background what that person admits that someone cares about her says yes I get healthy how is it divine because nobody is going to ask as extras and they are unconcerned about me it is true they set me the parents who are like me very strong my children remember me I think that the day of my birthday and Christmas day why do not you worry about week guys not for god because they see me strong that knows why I’m going to worrying if this healthy one is worth then it means that many people and some of you are going to do an analysis of conscience I ask they do not want to heal others because he is not sick they are motivated by something that motivates where is going joan I go to the consultation that you pass to she knows the age and it’s 15 minutes it takes to get to the ambulatory they talk with the people who are in the consultation as basit support here that is calling the doctor such and then the doctor receives him the very kind doctor that is how the cfi is very well name to see do not worry I’m going to send something else and that conversation with the doctor Libya’s staff is comforted, it does not matter what happens in the pharmacy that does not happen he has had what he needed someone who heard him beige I’m not criticizing how many of you you are in that situation and the worst is how many people you know are in that situation that no one listens to you long ago for whatever it is anger for resentment or because if I why because we have come a moment in the life that those who were at our side have died and we have left the cat and two plants at home and are the only ones that we can pretty much talk about with them well do an analysis of conscience you see how diseases that originate and are maintained by a process mental almost all except an accident that asked me a car there not process mental there may be a clumsiness of mine and the car but there is no mental process the most is generated by a mental process that has taken hold in the body well you know what a joint is pretty much the most important phase let’s see if this this could be two bones you know a little medicine you know that the joints are involved in what is called a capsule is worth that capsule what’s in here there are many elements not among them the hyaluronic acid but here especially the liquid that is the synovial fluid is worth that liquid fulfills two functions and now it is begins to say how these diseases are treated is the liquid meets a function is perhaps a very strong pressure is very strong pressure that is in here that pressure so strong that it does not go away because that prevents it that membrane causes that the articulation stays separated they separate by pressure and then have an additive that is lubricant in such a way than with the usual movement although at some point the bones ban will tend to collide with each other are located as like an oil then we have a pressure and a liquid and what happens when this goes away It is common enough that not only sports people know themselves in what time of day this disappears over all the liquid that there was here at night at bedtime nature is wise can not maintain that pressure is the liquid all the night if not what for if the end of accounts at night then its production of synovial fluid decreases a little pressure as we said to rest a little of the whole process of the day well then at night in come true moment of your life totally disappears that in the morning when we get up there is and bone against bone there is hardly pressure there is hardly liquid and then the person getting up hurts him the worst he can do is get to work that what most people do because they should not get to work because you have to restitute that be in the mornings and listen to an articulation before getting to work move that articulation the that is so is this move if on the wrist move it like a dancer if on the knee move the antille to do anything the same bedroom begin to move them and rotate the iso begins to restore the liquid and pressure in such a way that she from that moment the joint can work ok but that has not corrected everything well I’m going to tell you some diseases that are common diseases arthritic people develop more precisely seemingly stronger than young people and mature people are good from 30 to 40 years old It is a disease that develops in the joints of people young so much so that there is juvenile arthritis is very frequent and there you do not need to be an athlete sportsmen are subjected to stress articulate always the athlete must be something feel that he rests or has problems If you play sports, the moment of rest is more important than the moment of Do sport, do the sport you want I do not care, there are some more healthy than others but good to do the one you want but the rest is sacred the rest is the moment that the body rest will be repaired should be at least the first three hours of absolute silence are the hours that the body takes advantage and the nervous system especially to repair itself to rest the first three hours you’re never going to interrupt your sleep in those hours of nobody the first three hours are sacred then you can start doing what you want in the house but the three first hours respect the dream and demand respect and are the keys like the others are going to repair the muscular system but the first three hours are the key arthritis romat nertiti juvenile that often tend to many young people after an infection after catching cold you do not remember When we give ourselves advice, do not take cold and cold ones can really then you have an arthritis for several months in the humidity humidity terrible less marked our houses are not with more post-war cases that there was humidity dripping for it remember this my torrealba cases humidity because well well we live like that then the humidity and the cold enemies that you want to say that beware of the beaches because the beaches there is humidity and high value is very good to the sun tricks makes us believe by the heat that there is no moisture but measure it you’ll see the humidity there is worth it is a very high and that the beaches also but undoubtedly the mountains much healthier when someone wants to heal the mountain is the best place and there is other diseases that are psoriatic arthritis psoriasis or in some a skin disease but that this center also joints that diseases are more difficult to cure because they are from the immune system involve insists immune arthritis very difficult and if I I will cure rheumatoid arthritis very difficult because it is the immune system the one that is bad immune system is very difficult to redirect it change change and make it work correctly to enter what we call in chaos and perhaps these diseases are kept in chaos throughout their lives. to cure but good here what diseases you have osteoarthritis and little more I did not have any serious illness to any of you is a disease worth commenting can be said that we can influence it fibromyalgia is a disease that is considered within the diseases also rheumatic and who suffers it is terrible because it hurts all the body is validated and is currently a disease that has increased exponentially in natural medicine we have our conclusion of why it has increased but not to confuse or I’m better I shut up because I’m going to criticize certain customs of medicine that we consider very harmful but today I do not have to criticize conventional medicine but it has been the Autoimmune diseases have increased fibromyalgia that used to be almost unknown as chronic fatigue in the face of chronic fatigue that enters also autoimmune or rheumatic diseases if you consider that the person that I had chronic fatigue factor is that I was lazy is that I can not my body is that does not feel like it but that is going to be is small and that they had it since always was vague is not that I could not simply that I could not have the chronic fatigue an autoimmune disease walks that we have not taken in rehabilitate your patients lavín has crossed out as a lazy you do not do anything anymore it is okay the drop that sounds a few times number of diseases that we have rheumatic type the gout was said to It was a disease of kings in a certain way but not because kings had a henna stigma and spoiled not because kings like They had so much money that they thought the best food was the best meat and hunting improvement because only they would have the town and that would of hunting would have to buy it in a market the beef that there would be a pig and they have access to their own sites preserves and thought and that was his downfall because it was weird the person who had the kings and the aristrocracy that was around him that did not have a gout attack were terrible we are going back to it I am going back to treat people with Bogota I say but good if we want it to be based on common sense but not you know why the hard drop occurs like when I go to a Argentine restaurant I’m going to deprive take the steak back and forth so I say then why do you come here not just in case you tell me I say you want me to prescribe a medicinal plant and be able to continue taking the grilled steaks I say that I’m not going to do it because I think you’re going to waste my time and it’s going to make me lose my good final I convince them that there another thing also very tasty you do not have to take chops to the The drop was produced by a fault Uric acid metabolism is not that there is excess of uric acid and a failure in the metabolism and could have been solved already you know the first remedy and support the first remedy simply by helping the kidney how it helps the kidney to have water and only water only water is worth nothing but water the composition of the water are not worth and the juices rival anything or the vegetables that can contain a lot of pure water only yesterday I had a case of a person who has a huge arthritis I recommended drinking water but we found out because his body did not hold water because the person merely came He consulted with his water bottle and in front of me he took me several times by water and I take ii that there was in that person that the water did not work because he had suppressed the food by thinking about it He told someone not well informed and I do not care what a doctor is that other police is also studying medicine this uninformed someone told him that the salt was bad for the health that is an ill-informed person because it’s not true salt and potassium work together in the water balance of the body and should be neither its used proportion the salt in the water when rosa tomás must be retained the body has to retain the take it to all tissues if we do not give salt and only exist now in the body potassium the body can not retain the sheet and we already have a problem do not know the kidney and black zurich or was in that mania to remove health to food and even if I get a little salt is necessary for life and that is what doctors know only me and why did doctors speak when they entered a malaga hospital or that is going to be operated that first that makes an open way with a saline consortium see if the doctor aware of the importance does not put other things not they put and vitamins and amino acids you put a sober saline the doctor is aware that without adequate salt does not prevent and you know that salt in the past they constituted salary people are paid for their weight in salt and countries sent to borda zos to put it mild to steal them from each other the soldiers stole the salt from the war with a little something with salt sachet with salt and people who were in hot climates much more how is possible that a city like madrid with the heat that makes people sentence health me when I see it in the subway taking water and I say good is worth yes but not because it does not delete anything else in the room that I recommend the sea salt the integral not what it sells in stores the integral marine salt has 94 elements 94 the same ones that gave origin to life on planet earth without them there would be no life we ​​would not be here 94 elements that are in the sea is only contain salt and salt that you buy the stores you have two a salt out there that is but even worse, iodized salt is fine that I miss and that there is an increase of cretinism cretinism can be a jail iodine business huge of stunting because they do not have those populations because of organic iodine man who is in the sea I do not know that in the sea all marine species have iodine to eat something of the sea is not enough of the land to eat or of the sea does not suppress islands nor does it suppress islands for six but not the supreme one more and I’m a teacher at a martial arts gym when it came to people to compete that they are going to bounce ahead of competition it they are going to tire you took water with a tad of salt brought enriched water with salt why because if I do not put salt and water that drink is eliminated by the sweat immediately passes the skin and the breath that we eliminated a lot much much water in the Breathe in and add a little salt so that a tidy body is fixed if you go sometimes a pinch if you want to make a serum for the eye that did not charge a collision at the pharmacy for me to do at home I put water in the microwave to warm a bit to disinfect it if they have add a pinch of whole salt and that’s the best school that I can take the judges or nothing to see if you pass the salt yes but a tint you already have a great eye drop you can use 24 hours a day for the eye dry for example also some question that I do I want to know the drop well but then we try to follow it but so that I do not miss the time there are two plants known that the drop with inflames the big toe turns red like a tomato but hurts very much can not be channeled and I have a family member that when I go to see is already with the drop again and tells me leave me in peace of your things to more me says so clearly says if the doctor has not been able to cure you will cure me I say good, good bye, come, it’s already in the law I insist everyone who does with his body what he wants but if there are two things wonderful and those things that I’m going to say will serve for almost all rheumatic diseases any disease that involves a joint is going to need these two plants or I put it now anybody I do not care if it’s osteoarthritis and arthritis or a fibromyalgia we have already said those plants before it sounds like someone is not a wonder it is armed cited that it is grown in a African desert was discovered almost by accident because the animals were going to eat it, it sounds not here in whoever takes it I’m glad that’s a substitute with great advantage ibuprofen man let’s recognize that we take an ibuprofen because we have a dollar holder and 6 hours to 24 hours It has diminished and may even have been removed but the disease remits immediately then you will not be a lifetime taking an ibuprofen or a part is moll is as anti-inflammatory is still the plant most effective in the whole world there is another one that is beginning to rival that then I’ll say the card is an effective anti-inflammatory and has two advantages that does not harm the digestive system can improve it if the person has irritable color or who wants that disease that is causing problems in the colon or this recurrence that raises the acids here not only does it not harm the digestive system but it can improve when the gastric mucosa or the esophagus what interest cesc ignites this plant can lower the inflammation also of the digestive system that’s why it does not hurt the stomach and can even improve the diseases that you have of the digestive system with a component inflammatory is a good anti-inflammatory and when we stop assuming that it takes six that less than 12 containers when we stop taking the healing process go ahead it is as if we had indicated the body as it should be cured and the body go ahead with your process well there is one thing I want to emphasize that in reality neither the naturopaths nor the doctors cure we do not cure we help the body we give them the weapons that what they put in place to heal if the body wants to heal itself we have already said it once the body does not want to be cured worth we give the weapons in such a way that the paid fit once we stopped taking it for good, I’m fine for what I’m going to continue taking it the healing process continues for a few months look at the advantage you have it and that the burdock you all know because it called a plant that they call water clothes that lead to little balls and with the spikes in such a way that when we pass through the field we have the nice here that those who have livestock and animals is terrible because they get to the house with a lot of balls here you have to take it off but it also they stick to clothes remember how it is that plant does not grab clothes a ball 1 floor they stay here are not annoying but they stay there well there are the seeds or pull we could raise this is the burdock in the country house and have found fixes is a usual plant because in the roots in the truth does not have among many effects one of them is that it acts as a general depurative the word depurative doctors do not like in May a friend avenger phishing avenger said a word that pussy is good small say is a detergent that will clean the blood what will you do to help the body eliminate it from the blood from the kidneys of the digestive system what should not be there by if we call depurative that is not really a detergent what it does is favor the processes of elimination is a plant of the best depurativa this way that chronic skin diseases I treat them always keep to the chronicles which is very difficult to cure burdock and eliminates uric acid experiences there of the canyon eliminating excess uric acid are impressive there is not even any error and I for that is called there is no medication that have this property is in ordinary room I know that there is a question that makes me all the world good, I think that if all this were so good because doctors do not prescribe it for years I said that the doctor is caught in his ethical code and his deontological code does not can get out of what I say because medicinal plants can not be patentar right now they are going to take west next year 45 medications from latest technology whose prices I better not say can reach 300 or 400 euros each container to treat very difficult diseases but the laboratory that has been designed to be patent that molecule has to catch the money and the patented one intended for five years after 5 years becomes of universal use that’s why we now have the generics that Generic is what is no longer subject to a patent and everyone You can manufacture at the price you want that’s why generics every now and then comes a new medicine that already generic well the medicinal plants can not patent any product of nature nobody can have a patent what does that mean that the factory support I can factory it my neighbor or they manufacture a pharmaceutical laboratory and that does not exist and does not give money when someone can make it, everybody says what I’m going to investigate if a neighbor that this plant cures for example fibromyalgia I already have ten laboratories that are going to sell it and the researcher was me so that’s why medicinal plants will cost a lot to get inside the group of medicines because they are not patentable harp verdano verdano this one goes to be the workhorse always to cure them diseases of type articulate all of joint type everything that involves an articulation is worth today we are going to dedicate the muscular system joints we will dedicate another agreed day this loaiza in the harp or phyto the truth I recommend that what you take in extract always extract then 15 votes of each one that can be a standard figure 15 boots in a glass of water dissolved there are diseases that better not to dissolve the senagua the better to take them by sublingual because the effect is faster and much better but these that they are going to ask for the help of the kidney they need water then in a glass of water made the 15 reason for the shot and once or twice a day depends on the gravity do not hurt are compatible between them are compatible with the medication that you are taking 12 in the same glass at the same time ok if you want one when waking up ross and another coastal room in a small glass of water normal is compatible with any medication if in Mexico said I can not increase the dose ibuprofen or acetaminophen because they are pressured and dangerous if you tell the doctor good that the pcu was taken this plant that I have been recommended as a doctor, now there is a lot of plants and I will pay you know all the moments then you will say how it seems very good if harm is not going to do it is compatible with the medication if there were any incompatible medication I would say it right now for me no I do not have any month no medication that was neither paralyzed nor is anything worth doing to me questions well have some that if I do not know I have everything in the inkwell some disease none drop in front of you look how curious to know you do not know how curious you do not know you do not because that in the beginning is circumscribed to the big toe but not only when we leave it there starts going to the joint after a after another because the uric acid begins to destroy all the joints irreversible but the name is not the truth yes yes yes yes yes but these and even the medical books traditional and tell me if skin cancer requires a very treatment complex but as a basic support element it will be good even though I would you use for skin cancer depends what type of cancer other types of plants such as calendula for example can very well but good the day of that day we will talk about cancer what difference more in areas but it can also go well as support but not as basic therapy but as a background perfect and depends on the intensity with a dose of can be enough or you will need the first days if the anti-inflammatories were taken and three times a day because it would not be bad to take these three times a day and you can collating really says good and if reinforcements and all the ibuprofen plus this I say perfect he says he goes but says to the doctor and it does not cost anything because the doctor is controlling you more than me although inflammatory diseases must be corrected any inflammation the doctor 7 and whatever it is that inflamed has to correct the information is a defense of organism vale is inflamed increases bloodstream and blocks that part of the body the same inflammation makes it can not move easily what blocks and starts the process of healing the body with thanks to inflammation will start the process well is the good part is like fever initially it is a jala defense but there comes a time that they are harmful When a tissue remains inflamed it is an injured tissue called the disease and its tissue disease has been so long inflamed that it has title can be damaged and the disease first function to which the disease of the function of that organ the tissue inflamed and that organ can no longer fulfill its function so inflammations have to be corrected do not be surprised that ibuprofen is on the list and paracetamol most prescribed medications along with antidepressants and it’s because the doctor is aware that inflammatory processes can not be there initially they are beneficial you have a blow you have left a bun here said vale let it is a little ice if you want an ointment of arica there but leave it because the healing process is being done valdejálón you do not have to do anything else leave it inflamed so sometimes the ice can be counterproductive if we try at the cost of whatever it is to reduce inflammation we are removing the main body defense a little ice yes too harmful because destroys the tissues so inflammations of which are celebrities whatever inflammatory process cystitis cystitis chronic is a recurrent cystitis it means it’s going to come from behind a another voucher is going to come because he is swollen all over the mucosa and a friend is will be injured when you want to act you will not be able to was damaged in a way not irremediable but very difficult to cure there we have to go to medicine is to try to regenerate the body once damaged but that is not the object of today well before dent sport activity or not of its activity in particular processes that is the best thing that we we move or that we are standing still as we will look for a lifetime little of common sense what is essential more than one’s own movement is stretching we put an articulation here again and this doctor does not have to intervene this is you well here we have this but here I will not be ligaments in the knee there are ligaments in this sense there are crossed there’s a lot of ligament in the knee is one is a part of the body very unstable that’s why we have that facility to fall to bend the knee because there are some s of ligaments that cross it from one side to another but they are very long and as they are very long subject badly especially by the rura well the rheumatic processes whatever this ligaments are they begin to cartonear they become rigid instead of being elastic they must behave like a rubber that stretched it and started to stretch it back to its place and I do that thousands of times but there comes a moment that that ability to stretch I know that the chronicle is stretched and no longer recovers and does not recover the articulation is dancing because they do not hold it well you have to throw them every day because if you have it too short it can not fulfill its function anymore Stretching the day is necessary that you do not spend all day doing yoga wants say healthy yoga but you can reach a point that by forcing those joints and tendons are weakened is worth when you see he remembers and the director of the fbi in a report of nadia comaneci that gymnast so impressive that revolutionized revolutionized the world and had a welcome the leg on the pony here as I put my hand said my mother where he has been put this woman has a huge society that paid a price with the passage of the years is to justice turns against it because the excessive elasticity causes weakened ligament and tendon that is why vice women tend to suffer from more joint diseases that the man because I’m more elastic when I in the gym I have to do an exercise of justice and a girl came abrasive breeze piece the guys look at it with evidence but like the rest I say it’s a girl she does it without any effort because she has everything and those that nature has made us very elastic very much but a little bit is approved of resistance what man has of resistant has it of of cardboard and you are very graphic weight with the passage of time if you do not work and the Musculation the hardness the muscle becomes your enemy because the joints are dancing there is no one who held her so do sport but doing sport Brie cheese something more than walking there are therapies, I love what everyone does, apart from what I do but I do is something else and so apply another good dialogue I do martial arts I like tai chi I like it so if the pilates those things I like or the classic maintenance gymnastics before I do not know what they call it now, the entity is named I do not like them because it mobilizes the whole body over the whole country and who has done so you know what it feels like in the country and you work the body and the soul everything and relaxation the person comes out as floating but has worked whole body with these movements and has gained a healthy elasticity better than walk and I’m not against walking that every morning I go to madrid river I make an hour out there is worth it because the morning is very beautiful walking around there by majority but I recognize that tai chi is the best what if you can find a gym or adequate a hitachi monitor to do it because that The whole body works and he keeps his balance because with the passing of years it begins to lose the balance fix or me when I go to the subway starts to go down the stairs I fixed who is wrong there are people who lower it without more remedy but even older people and there are others who do not the handrail and watching with a beggar this awkwardness because he has it because they had no one to tell him he does not have to be clumsy and at 60 or 70 and the 80s the clumsiness of the generated tube of true that the awkwardness is healed so I recommend a smooth gymnastics if you work a lot of gymnastics there is a wear and tear on the people who do padel tennis soccer will suffer from impressive arthritic diseases at the moment it’s fine but those people think that they train more football or more tennis is not going to look like you’re not going to show up anymore because you’re submitting body to brutal wear so it’s good to do if you like the football or any tennis do it but please from time to time you have another gym healthier than gymnastics do you and now now nothing good has been locked in cachamay gymnastics and you tai chi that more does touch and I also see you really try to prove it and for what not on Mondays and Wednesdays and Tuesdays and Thursdays and you have the complement I say are and will always be the same operatives can be boring but the same is the whole body that is not little the same is the whole body and moves the hip without giving accounts or this displacement that does is moving the coxofemoral joint to what comes so much broken hip you asked us what happened the osteoporosis population acts that exhorts broken hip and when I see a person already with the goya cane has the broken hip is about to undergo surgery because here has come that because the articulation that is disarticulated that at the hip of the femur with the even rigid hip and hits bone against websites or blogs the processes of one thing another day we will talk about it crashes bone against bone and in any movement that you make the ccaa and that kaka because many times the hip what to look for is in the femur bone hardest of all the body they know it not and 6 hard not who was the one of the antiquity than with a bone to re major against the whole world debut of a Mule does not fall and exactly or sansom I do not know if they are are also also good that we have seen good since it was of the bone femur more hard of what we have in the body okay but the articulation is not in the articulation is as fragile as any other and in pilates tai chi I it seems very well there is another thing that you can do the dance It is not bad to see the Sevillian and I’ll tell you what I’m going to say because Sevillanas also works on the hand the wrist doll wrist movement that athens is filled up down here I say there is a movement exactly I say the people are going to do what is called bachata causes is the Latino yes but Latin very hip I think it’s very good but compared to our sevillanas not really not to move the body and also like this to the rhythm of music in music you know that exerts a very good effect on the over the mind tell me yes yes if you see that you already have the valley del aburrá el tachito péndola pilates who is also bored move the skeleton and if it’s with a handsome motorbike in front better I do not come the ioba works the amplitude of the joints as a remedy therapeutic what it does to you is to open the joint you open it is to pull the ligament that had it pressed stretches it and the joint can not move hence those positions so complex that sometimes they are difficult to put is very good for the great articular system and then for the mind because how do you have to concentrate on movement and the mind leave the quiet if you do not let it be, it has not been the best because the mind leaves the colon wake up and with less sodium you know that men do we hate people for thinking so much about them if we stop thinking about politicians no one would hesitate to hate politicians I realize that now the biggest hatred of people at the level of the friend pointed out politician I say that it has happened we do not have other people other things that today politicians are the good object before it was the bankers now navarros are the politicians let’s see remedies well I have told you for treatment of any kind of arthritis arthrosis I do not care we’ll take it now explains that one is an inflammatory process and the other not necessarily in an inflammation the osteoarthritis does not have to be an inflammation and if there is a wear first sometimes very very difficult to reverse in the foods that have actions in the 2 the first and the most cheap is the potato juice added potato but catch the potato peel jce the jigua ligua and the summit or a soup spoon a day that we really like the well as such by 8-6 in salad has an alkaline effect to what is alkaline the opposite acid and now the alkaline diet alkaline foods begin to recommend for cancer well we will talk another day if that is possible Potato juice is an essentially alkaline food gigas is alkaline For example, do a test make a salad with vinegar oil normal and a little salt is worth turmeric for example kara we will talk about she throw him a spoonful of tureen zoom ‘potato the acidity disappears immediately voided the acidity of the vinegar fix the power that has good then the Fasting potato juice for all joint diseases total that I do not care if it’s an arthritis rheumatoid arthritis juvenile fibromyalgia arthrosis added a spoon a day is not so difficult not absolutely raw potato that does not He knows how to handle it, I tell you, I eat foods that are going to contribute too to improve the joints I will say some in lettuce dogs chard beetroot peppers goals those foods that will favor in certain measure to the improvement of articular diseases apples also peanuts the sumo lemon in small quantity some lemon droplets a day even a small amount is beneficial if you happens there is harmful because it is already an acid and very intense but small quantity is transformed into carbonate then its tiny mill quantity the descent of the psoe without weight and it is not questionable that is if a person has overweight is saying to his his articulation the same as when he had 18 years old, and if we now have an additional 20 kilograms, articulation is not calculated by his 20 kilos if you do not want but lose weight those joints will continue to support the same weight and if it is an articulation of I’m careful with the exercises you do it’s easy to lose weight as easy as not having dinner, it’s that simple, you do not have start to lose weight if no one else is no other flame comes out cheaper really dine get a nice movie of love and luxury I am going to distract to glimpse the film time there will be piglia george clooney forget the hunger is not a suggestion I prefer that I would leave however some rather forbidden eating having arrived the liver is a great benefit for the body although the postwar period recommended the liver when there were anemias pernicious and that was a total failure they were not cured with the liver nor what only that children were forced to eat liver with onions and a thousand things the children in the arcades they were given and the anemia went on and until it was they discovered they did not get vitamin b12 that yes the anemia of radically occurred is worth so the liver better do not eat it worth and of the salt elements the mackerel the mackerel the beer is not good either do not look that the horse is good Jolla like because I do not have any joint problem because of the acids fatty has a number of works are very good but I recognize that the joints is not a delicacy if you do not have that problem eat it and the beer better than not worth it was also talked about people who have joint problems having here I am giving things that said care with exercise you have to stretch the body to that already you have understood that it is not solved taking an anti-inflammatory by morning and another at night and sometimes the miracle is done that miracles towards Jesus and nothing else to see if you put something your part well a component that you will like a lot especially the girls is the acid hyaluronic pointed it and it comes back and ximo okay hyaluronic acid this is going to serve for two things one for the particular health undoubtedly will generate more is a regenerator will take your time can take three months six months to a year It’s worth it but for sure it’s also worth someone is going to say for the skin for the skin so if you take hyaluronic acid you go to start to have better skin a better hair and at the same time joints improves I think that pharmacies to a doctor also the recipe you do not see and if I do not know if with recipe you can find but that is bought without a prescription in pharmacies and does not require a recipe but being constant is a regenerator of skin and joints no there are no pills in boxes also also banned and the famous ones spinach also also also blood well let’s start saying more things that Tony later tells me does not depend on gravity two a day may be enough and it depends what time what do you want in these beautiful ones if you go home in six months so take more every day for when the wedding arrives, saying colín seems like a perfectly clear little girl that the isie let’s see the advantage that I have that did not pass query is that it selected depends that person I say this this and this and then you are going to change it for this and this yes it waited for four things minimal clear the problem that I am saying all there is and it does not end nor to start you have realized natural medicine all you have to know how to say miracles miracles that natural medicine has although he controlled and tina glucosamine and msm this is what is most widely used worldwide including medicine traditional to try to regenerate joints you see as we already have more they have used us together they can be prescribed separately however together well the other day I was only exercising glucosamine because I had a intolerance is then suddenly only glucosamine the ideal would be the three together that sell them together that’s a regenerator has no effect to remove the pain immediately and the inflammation is a regenerator the pain is removed as long as you are healed and apparently not and secondary is worth we return to the same thing of the two the pharmacy have invaded all natural medicine Now I would recommend and an herbalist because the people who are on the fly is very prepared in this pharmacist has too many things and can not be in all when and trina not money then called blue cross and bess because the three are the best if you do not find good one that you already see named turmeric if I say every day every day in the meals put turmeric i put it every day of my turmeric life and ginger every day I have done it in my food dishes really are two elements of health but turmeric is of those of food which has more anti-inflammatory properties of all turmeric at the same time is an antioxidant and a factor anti-aging that like the taste or not but you can replace the saffron that is much more expensive and is not better akuku more is used a lot in everything rice dish but I use salads the only problem is that he colors a lot but he’s already used to that dish I have to wait a little longer but use it all day and it’s worth a good turmeric pot I buy in foreign places I’m going a big boat for one euro while supermarkets is worth a tiny this one big pot and I have turmeric for four or five months every day in the meals that damage will do if we are going to see a plant that the people pisa and this is worth it for osteoarthritis green nettle if you have and vice to the village and beige green nettle That one that punctures that is typical as much the pise not jce catch it with gloves to scald the petticoat to put it in hot water to take it out as it is done with the octopus or more or less without hot water a little bit north and ghana and use it salads this a curative effect on osteoarthritis because it provides all the minerals needed for the bone and the green nettle joint looks at the people step on you see good pencil 6 and good as other food and we are finished and I am asking essential but the udc folk medicine the garlic who has not been cured with garlic the rheumatic diseases but is that garlic is a marvel of sife such an apparatus respiratory because you know that eliminates pge is the problem is eliminated by the lung practically does not eliminate by the urinate but by airways then eliminate it out there but disinfects respiratory tract and rheumatic diseases has been used all life and corrects the tension corrects the blood the thick blood in time to take sintrom hits or more and lower ones and no tasks the sintrom because it does blood more fluid so it’s a non-bacterial anti-blood Fluid lowers blood pressure because it acts on the arterial wall and over rheumatic diseases and what else you want with garlic but you do not Hurry!” well now in this time it starts to be difficult but in the whole year of selling the macerated garlic that already removes the skin and I compare it in bulk where they sell bulk olives to have garlic that fabulous does not always repeat wonderfully and when I do you when you do the season now it does not sell it but from worry when selling I take better 10 garlics every night but all night and that’s why I do not have sintron shot and those things garlic likewise the council is not or does not repeat with encouragement with not kissing or kissing someone who has taken low affection if you want a tomata kiss because I also cars kissing with flavored garlic shamaleh goya to better is a aphrodisiac we never know it good because I only need one product almost equal payment quoted a little better I’m going to say a plant I put here yes but I will say the name very well here you already know it – a cat so it’s worth the nail cat but anti inflammatory almost as powerful as for eye but are used diseases of the immune system when immunity is low when we take infections from infections, that is, declared a autoimmune disease fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue the lupus we have a lot of Bolivians Look, there they have the cat’s claw you can not combine it with the cat’s nail that decides what cortisone you take and what average dose 3 but what quantity milligrams 8 3 milligrams can not fractional side asked doctor and pass 36 is taking with 3 well your wings nasa curtain effect you’re doing I’m not going to tell you my advice is to consult with the doctor and look I can not say yet with cortisone because if I tell you everything that is destroying you I’m going to scare you well I can not continue all my life I’ve heard it speak hard for all to hear the conference has told me I have two alternatives that is cortisone and nail cat can combine it or intersperse a little bit the cortisone levels cortisone is not why it stays very well for 24 hours as johnitas so much but I do not want to get into what the doctor is saying is a matter of If you were my patient, something else would be me if you look at the question doctor – a cat is also going to eliminate all the effects they have is cortisone one of the many ravages immune system and this strengthens him to have it because you can call it right now and you continue with your sweet cortisone until the doctor arrives and you consult them today the dose I do you can start taking it simultaneously some more question because there is nothing left


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    mamá recuerdas me contaste sobre tu juventud si me dijo, estás arrepentida? Si me dijo, entonces pide perdón pero aquien?, le dije a nadie solo a Dios y al universo arrepiéntete de corazón pide con toda tu alma y toca tus rodillas y con humildad siente el dolor porque todo pasa por algo, hay una emoción negativa ahí y tiene que pagarse,
    el dolor es una fuga de esa emoción que está años, si es posible hazlo de rodillas pidiendo perdón no necesariamente a una persona específica. Paso un tiempo pensé que no lo haría, y una noche le escuche hablando por teléfono a su hermana contándole todo lo que le había indicado y si lo había hecho, y que sintió un poquito alivio, lo hizo casi un mes y no lo sabía, yo hay veces le frotaba sus rodillas pero era intocables, y le dije mamá ten paciencia mucha paciencia, te vas sanar olvida lo de los médicos, todo eso lo aprendí leyendo libro de UD
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    Maravilloso Adolfo . Gratitud 🙏 por compartir sabiduría.

  • Mis Hobbies says:

    Así es primero las emociones… Cuanto nos afecta. Una simple noticia, susto o reniega al universo nos puede marcar con alguna dolencia.

  • Ich Ich says:

    Que ameno es este Sr. 🔝

  • Califor Soneu says:

    se nota que nunca ha estado realmente enfermo, sino no hablaría así de los enfermos, como interesados en estarlo… en fin, una pena porque es buen ponente

  • Elida Hernandez says:

    Saben ustedes lo que es un dolor de estas enfermedades y se suma fibromialgia ansiedadmigrañas toda la musculatura y sin esperanza de curarla solo con morfina o durmiendo a la persona😰

  • vil noscort says:

    En Honduras la bardana se yama mossotes en Texas usa cadillos

  • Evelin Castro says:

    Un día cuando tenía tanto dolor busque información y encontré esta charla me la vi toda. Y decidí comprar el herpagofito, junto a la bardana. Después de 15 días sentí grandes mejorias. Ahora no lo estoy tomando porque estoy bie. Pero seguro lo volveré a tomar en unos meses mas. Lo recomiendo. Si no te hace bien tampoco te hará mal. Vivo en Italia y me costó 11 euros cada frasquito de 100 ml. Y lo pedí en una farmacia y me lo trajeron.

  • Millie Alamillo says:

    Donde puedo comprar garpagofito extract y Bardana🙏🏼❤️😇

  • marye says:

    Antes de tomar medicinas busquemos otros remedios como son los caldos de huesos y patas que son una fuente de colageno, también la gelatina Knox sin sabor la consiguen en amazon en un envase grande de plástico,( sin azúcar) puedes comerla de cualquier manera, hasta diluida en un jugo, agua, ó cocinada. El genjibre también es bueno para la artritis y hacer ejercicios para fortalecer los músculos.

  • marye says:

    El hielo solo debe aplicarse durante 15’, no más.

  • marye says:

    Los ejercicios en piscina muy apropiados porque no son de impacto. Si caminas es mejor que sea en una estera. El tai chí es magnífico para el equilibrio. En mi área no ofrecen esa clase, una vez las tomé pero no duré mucho porque me quedaba muy lejos, lo sentí mucho. Ahora estoy esperando una de GI Gong que un doctor chino piensa abrir y también es muy buena.

  • franchesco dicolo says:

    Deje' de consumir avena para el desayuno. Lo hice por mucho tiempo y hace dos meses lo interrumpi y el dolor en tobillos y munecas desaparecio. Ademas consumo mas hortalizas, limpieza del colon y demas.

  • mercedes civantos carrillo says:

    Estoy viendo todos los vídeos y me parecen maravillosos todos los consejos
    Es la primera vez que oigo lo de la sal marina integral. Intentaré encontrarla

  • Maria Morales says:

    Sigo escuchando una y otra vez sus conferencias , increíble como he aprendido de el, mi salud ha mejorado mucho

  • Hugo Sady Ayala Ayala says:

    tengo una enfermedad llamada neurodermatitis; en el sitio bajo la próstata, es una mancha blanca que pica infernalmente; dicen que no tiene cura pues la causa es el estres; la solución: no rascarse, pero es casi imposible. si me aconsejaras algo… gracias.

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