Artificial Food Colors and ADHD

Artificial Food Colors and ADHD

it is estimated that there are currently thousands of additives in our food supply some are good like supplementing foods with vitamin b12 for example others you have to weigh the risks and benefits like the nitrites and processed meats yes they may increase your risk of cancer but as preservatives they decrease your risk of dying from botulism then there are additives used for purely cosmetic purposes like food dyes used to provide color to colorless and fun foods according to the FDA without color additives colas wouldn’t be brown margarine wouldn’t be yellow and mint ice cream wouldn’t be green heaven forbid according to the FDA color additives are now recognized as an important part of practically all processed foods we eat because we are eating a lot more processed foods we’re now getting 5 times more food dyes in our daily diet than we were 50 years ago 15 million pounds of food dyes are used every year in foods drugs and cosmetics in the United States I always wondered why they called them like in blue number 1 instead of their actual chemical names in the list of ingredients then after reading this report from the Center for Science in the Public Interest I realized why here’s a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese it has yellow number 5 do you think people would be as likely to buy this product if instead of quote-unquote yellow number 5 it said this instead on the label this list of approved colors used to be longer but different dyes keep getting banned including violet number 1 which ironically was the color used in the US Department of Agriculture’s meat inspection stamps so they may have been actually further kin suring up the meat years ago I featured this landmark study randomized double-blind placebo-controlled food challenge post and perhaps the most prestigious medical journal in the world showing artificial colors increased in attentiveness impulsivity in hyper tivity among young children so what happened well the British government said okay there’s no health benefits to these dyes only health risks so it’s a no brainer the British government mandated that food manufacturers remove most of the artificial food colors from their products in fact the whole European Union should fine you want to continue to use these dyes then you have to put a warning label stating look may have an adverse effect on activity and the tension in children so many international food companies have taken them out of their products in Europe but they continue to use them in the same products here in the US where similar regulations are not currently in place why not the FDA put together a committee that looked at that same landmark studying conceded that the food additives may have resulted in changes in behavior but the type of treatment effects reported in this study even though the investigators referred to increases in levels of hyperactivity we’re not the disruptive excessive hyperactivity behaviors of ADHD but more likely the type of overactivity exhibit exhibited occasionally by the general population of preschool and school-age children to which a distinguished toxicologists responded look low level lead exposure may only shave off a few IQ points off of kids but just because they’d still fall within the normal range doesn’t mean it’s okay to expose kids to it in fact now looking back the lead and leaded gas may have been causing brain cancer and even urban violence the aggravated assault rate in cities around the u.s. seemed to follow the lead levels in the air pretty closely anyways CSPI continues to call on the fda to ban food dyes of rude companies to voluntarily stop using them good luck with that in the meanwhile some researchers recently suggested a way to see which food colors may be damaging your children’s brain advising parents to test artificial colors by purchasing little bottles of food dye at the grocery store and have your child do some homework or something and then have them chug down an artificial color and see if it affects their handwriting reading math at 30 minutes then at 90 minutes then it three hours also see if they get irritable later or have problems sleeping then if that’s okay you try even more to see that will mess up their mind if I may offer an alternate suggestion maybe we shouldn’t be buying our kids processed crap in the first place you


  • Bike Rider says:

    How can we make bad food look good then?

  • ushilives3 says:

    Love the way Dr Greger speaks lol

  • Veg Rantz says:

    What's bad about fruits vegetables legumes grains etc ? Fruits especially look delicious to anyone's eye.

  • Nouh says:

    True, hey are already looking great, no need to add more colors! The yellow in a mango fruit is gorgeous and appetizing.

  • InvisiMan says:

    This is silly. Every "natural" food product I've come across has had no problem coloring their food with plant based coloring. It's these greedy corporations who churn out the worst products for the greatest profits that are using chemicals and making excuses not to remove them. I'm glad the Britain had the balls to stand up for the public.

  • Amandaajt1 says:

    They say there isn't enough evidence that marijuana is not harmful, all while keeping toxic things every where. I don't get the FDA. Your cancerous deodorant is okay, but that plant that has benefits is not. This video just reminded me of the warped view they have.

  • gene978 says:

    PROCESSED CRAP IS RIGHT! WTF Kind of human world do we live in? One that lets BIG GREEDY CORPORATE PIGS not only take our money BUT make us Sick. And I know I'm a victim of Leaded Gas as I use to wait daily for the morning us on a busy corner and then in the afternoon waiting for my news papers for hours somedays so I could deliver them. I use to choke from the cars and trucks going by me. And in the summer the stench of a polluted river. 1972

  • Arin Weitzman says:

    I'm in love with you becuse what you do is so creative as well as interesting. Thank you.

  • Cottageinthecity says:

    ive been saying this for years and my kids are older now n have some freedom. what do they buy with their own money because mom wont provide it. yup you guessed it processed junk. whatthe heck do you do with that?

  • Corneliu Codreanu says:

    We should remove the cause of the addition of food dyes instead of asking them not to or banning it.

  • OldVegan says:

    Well said Dr. Greger.

  • GOGA Gregg says:

    The last sentence was brilliant, have been saying the same thing for years.

  • Marco Tafolla says:

    Thanks so much for the upload

  • Stoudamire3 says:

    Stupendo video!,ne avevo gia sentito parlare da Franco Berrino

  • Michael Cudmore says:


  • balderdashery G says:

    Holy crap yellow # 5!

  • Musik Fiend says:

    Indeed Dr. G! Keep it coming because this is exactly the great stuff people need to hear.

  • Andy Vegan says:

    This is why I love you, Dr. Greger…. I think I'm just going to eat raw whole foods. To me thats the only way to avoid a bunch of crappy man-made "foods". I'm just done hearing about nasty crap in my food. I'm heading towards raw food vegan!! <3

  • veggychristian says:

    "Heaven forbid!" haha! I absolutely love your attitude and tone in your videos, so entertaining and informative. Thanks so much for doing all this research and sharing it with us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • cookletsdothis says:

    FDA= Forked-Up Disappointing Agency

  • musically lost says:

    Carrots are actually pink.

  • Bike Rider says:

    im referring to processed food no nutrition products like mac& cheese and how they "photo shop " it with chemicals.

  • Sham says:

    The way this guy reads makes me want to punch a baby

  • F SaludesHealth says:

    Excellent as always! Thanks

  • The Kirk says:

    There's a lady who sells natural coloring for baking or whatever. She did it for her daughter. I think the colors look really nice.

  • justgivemethetruth says:

    Every time I think of the time I was born and grew up I feel sick to my stomach … I think I ate more chemicals, dyes, sugar and saturated fats that I did regular old food. It makes me sick, but infuriates me as well. And the people who did this made the money, sealed the food system in their favor, bribed the politicians, so we're stuck with it. This is so disgusting.

  • justgivemethetruth says:

    Kind of funny how the test is to do a test after eating none and then more and more food dye, then do it again … ignoring how practice will make the test easier every time it is repeated … what a fraud. These people need to be relieved of their money, political influence and whatever else they have gotten by making people sick.

  • justgivemethetruth says:

    Well ,when you should have applied your logic was when you began eating artificial foods with chemicals and dyes in them … then ask that question.

  • Michael MacKinnon says:

    I love his sense of humor

  • Annaliesa Rose says:

    I had this issue as a child and my mum kept me off all that stuff but my mum's inlaw my grandma and theirvfamilyvwould plaster me with all that crap and I was hyper and had escma afterwards. Of course in the long run by having that crap it made me hate all of it and so now I'm vegan, mostly raw and cring at ppl feeding children or themselves this sort of stuff.

  • AstralStorm says:

    That "recommended" trial at the end is worse than useless.
    1) No blinding. (Fixable.)
    2) Designed to produce bias. (Hey, I'm testing likely bad stuff, I would expect the bad result.)
    3) Too short.
    4) No consent.The actual high dose effects may be permanent.
    5) Done in a place without correct medical equipment. What if anaphylactic reaction happens to one of the dyes?
    7) What kind of testing? Fatigue can be a confounder.

    Seriously, you have to be insane to do it to your own child.

  • AstralStorm says:

    That's no "maybe" – this study was pretty strong.
    Always been healthy? There is cumulative damage over the years, such as atherosclerosis.

    The accepted thing since, say, 1920s, was always "eat lots of vegetables". It has never changed – the same as unpatentable, cheap drugs; can't sell 100 brands of tomato, people can't tell and it's less convenient.

    (Many specifics have since been added to the recomendation. Actual evidence of harm of the SAD has been unequivocably shown in many studies.)

  • AstralStorm says:

    I haven't seen anyone tell that eating lots of vegetables is bad for you. I'm not as positive that eating any meat is bad, however that actually might be true, as eating lots of meat for long time has been shown to be harmful. Similar with certain kinds of fat.

    Almost all diets actually don't have anything to back them up, so you're attacking a strawman.

    Heck, even conservative AHA diet (shown to work) is watered down due to political pressure and acceptance issues.

  • AstralStorm says:

    It's simple, beta carotene (carrots, tomatoes) works well for yellow, orange and red colors and is actually healthy.
    Anthocyanins (blueberries, red cabbage) work well for blue and violet with minor processing (w/ soda for light blue). Good antioxidant.
    Chlorophyll (spinach) works great for greens.
    Black can be had from redcurrant or blackcurrant. Brown from the onion peels or betain (beets) w/ soda.

    These dyes have only a tiny drawback – lower shelf life, some UV sensitivity.

  • AstralStorm says:

    Oh, and you can stabilise some of the less stable dyes with additional antioxidants, usually vitamin C works.

  • The Kirk says:

    With my small kitchen, buying is a better option for me but thanks for the tips.

  • tMatt says:

    Educate, then let parent s parent. None of this progressive regulate everything BS

  • Tracy Walker says:

    Get rid of dyes in our foods!!!!!

  • Jacob RamIow says:

    GOOD LETS GET RID OF THEM. I cant even eat certain candies like skittles, or anything with yellow 5 without getting a migraine.


    Muy buena informacion, ojala y la pudieran traducir al ESPAร‘OL. Saludos y Gracias.ย 

  • Robert Smith says:

    It's unfortunate just how many people do not understand that ADHD meds as a matter of fact are actually (meth)amphetamines. That's why I'm happily sharing with you my short video on curing ADHD at the core through a scientifically verified application.

    My young boys focus significantly increased by simply exercising the working memory, and so I believe this will be helpful to you and others!

    All the best,
    Robert Smith

  • Samantha Plunkett says:

    I can't share this on FB it says it's a malicious link. ๐Ÿ™

  • Randy Lantz says:

    Talk about government bureaucracy being owned by industry. What a crock. It's criminal. Write your rep.

  • cruciferousvegetable says:

    Is this what's screwing up our millennials?

  • Howard Johnson says:

    Has anyone tipped off moose kakes, self-elected chief of the food police?ย  You know, the one that lives (temporarily) in the light-colored house in DC.ย  This is the same ''woman'' that said ''she'' had no idea how to feed her own kids just before ''she'' moved into public housing.

  • WIZ HOTEP says:

    CeREAL Ingredients Inc.ย  a company that engineers artificial berries and flavor bits for the food industry. "You won't see our name on a box or a bag, but you have probably had our product" says Mr.ย  Feingold, a food technologist/food scientist and lab manager.

    Isn't the ALMIGHTY CREATOR and Mother Nature the Ultimate "food technologist/scientist?ย ย ย  this is the PROBLEM, man playing with nature, and to not know that your eating something UNnatural because it's not labeled is straight DEMONIC!!ย  The FDA does NOT have our best interests in mind.

  • Monica Steiner says:


  • PurPleSuN says:

    It is simple, the U.S. is corrupt, greedy, fucked up, and set in its ways

  • back2s0ul says:

    I prefer my mint ice cream white, actually.

  • LenonautoMotivecare 9 says:

    Thank you

  • Questi0ns&Answers says:


  • Mandeep Singh says:

    downvoted for the way its narrated.

  • sithlordmaster181 says:

    FYI, there aren't enough strawberries grown in the entire world to provide naturally flavored strawberry foods such as jello, candy, cakes, cereal, etc. Using artificial flavor works better and is more cost effective.

  • sithlordmaster181 says:

    People that believe this stuff also believe that vaccines cause autism.

  • LunaTwi01 says:

    Monsanto is the culprit poisoning our food with GMOs and chemicals and get away with it because they control the government set regulations in their favor.

  • Kristen Shannon Bennett says:

    FOX News, Emailed earlier today and this was a part of my position.

  • Kristen Shannon Bennett says:

    Allergies to the Dyes. High/Low Blood Sugar. Or, both.

  • Kristen Shannon Bennett says:

    ADD/ADHD…..non-supporter of Prescription Intervention, at all. Newborn to College/Adult Challenges. Strengths, build Weakness.

  • Kristen Shannon Bennett says:

    Dyes + Medications/VITAMINS/Immunizations + Cooking Style + Oral Fluid + Then Food Choices. Monitor Bathing Soaps/Creams/Laundry Detergent. **Common** Seasonal/Dust/Molds/Grasses/Pet Dander. ***Allergy Testing***ADVOCATE. University of South Florida/Allergy and Immunology Department.

  • Kristen Shannon Bennett says:

    If able to, I suggest to at least try 1 time to Nurse/BreastFeed. Not everywhere is appropriate to me, but I am not them.

  • Kristen Shannon Bennett says:

    CENSUS, states Refer to Pediatrician.

  • Alice McNamara says:


  • Raelyn Edwards says:


  • Bob the Bull says:

    Ok but like for real, as a professional I would have expected you to be less subjective. Every single sentence in this video is made to make food dyes look bad despite no evidence of AFCs causing ADHD has ever been presented, that also was not a flawed experiment. It's clear that you have an opinion and that you are trying to persuade your viewers to think like you rather than just presenting information on the subject and letting us decide on our own.
    Benjamin did not conduct his experiments according to the scientific method and very few researching the subject have. This is in part how you give relatively harmless substances a negative reputation. The standards for what is too dangerous for a food color in the EU is a chance higher than 1 in 19 billion. That means that If you gave a food dye that just didn't make it to every single person on earth there would be less than a 50 percent chance that one single person got cancer. Obviously, that is a risk, but nowhere close to how dangerous you make it sound.

  • huskybball42 says:

    Join me in fighting against artificial colors in our foods!

  • Joanna7891 says:

    Food dye allergies are not just effecting children. My son was diagnosed with ADD many years ago in school and we were told that he would most likely outgrow the ADD. I don't feel he has. I am in my 60's and feel mentally and physically much better when I cut out food dye. My opinion….it's POISON

  • ankita thakur says:

    Ghatiya video improve your knowledge

  • Cortney Stanford says:

    This is great, thank you! Would love to see a video regarding adult onset attention deficit disorder. That is, if there are any good studies on that.

  • jofenbat says:

    I love watching these videos. Dr. Greger. Not only I learn, but I always get a good laugh. You have a great sense of humor! love it! Thanks!!!

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