welcome back to the channel in this
video I’m going to show you how to do apple cider vinegar hair rinse. if you don’t know what
it does , it helps to prevent breakage okay by balancing the pH of
your hair so here here is breaking just know that you know something is wrong
and it has to be you know rectified so what I use is uh apple cider vinegar my
favorite okay I’m not gonna tell you the name what we all know just looking at
this you know the name my favorite okay with mother is organic so you’re gonna
take you need this then you need to distilled water and opposite the vinegar
then you need distilled water so for one use I
recommend you use 30ml of opposite of vinegar okay let me move this out of the
way and bring this here so you can see my
presentation desk okay so we’re going to use a 30ml of opposite of vinegar hand on dude ml of the straight water I always recommend you can you can do this
heavy day but to prevent this you shooters of it and pour it in a spray
bottle which I’m gonna show you in a moment so take 30 ml of opposite of vinegar and
we have your hopper so divine a guy with motor shake it’s good because we need
this content ok the content at the bottom is the most powerful so we need
it shake it together you know I put it now
we take 30 ml sorry in there there however under the mill of water okay so
that’s what you have basically that’s that’s it you can use this three times a
week if your hair is weak and needs some
balance or some pH balance you should do this three times a week I know that’s
with me and I’m going to show you all treatment down when you can do once a
week I’m gonna get back little bit about this one to make your hair brittle shy
you should do it three times a week so usually I’m going to show you how I do
it I have it have the same thing here in my spray bottle
okay it’s like a washout conditioner so don’t leave it on your hair and don’t
leave it finally it’s like a war shot so it has to be washed out after 10 minutes
so to a freshly washed it you spread you spray your hopper syllabary on it so
freshly washed hair is freshly washed okay you sprayed all of I fit on all
over your hair yeah this not only you know restore the pH balance of your hair
it’s a refresh your scalp okay so it stopped their breakage okay stop the
breakage I’ll make you here shine so after that you just rub it from the from
the root to the hand Robbie from the root to the hand as you can see my hair
shiny isn’t it yeah that’s what’s this opposite divine Gary’s DOS okay so walk
it walk it from the roots of the hand a friend told me that you can leave it but
I personally don’t like that idea of leaving it on your hair no no no this
opposite diviner gets highly acidic okay you don’t want to leave it on your hair
let it do its work then you wash it you rinse it off but don’t leave it on your
hair after 10 minutes once your hair is how look on water okay after 10 minutes
you arrange your hair will look on water just plain look on water nothing else
just rinse it and that’s it you can style Hey give it you know your desired
style that’s how I do our high refresh is my scalp
so this refreshes cup it maintains your air pH balance thereby preventing
breakage if you loved this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel
have you used this on your hair before let me hear from you by dropping your
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