Anti-Oxidant Deficiency : Antioxidant MultiVitamin # 4 of 5: VitaLife Show Episode 208

Anti-Oxidant Deficiency : Antioxidant MultiVitamin # 4 of 5: VitaLife Show Episode 208

so now we’ll go through the list of science and symptoms that your body or your children’s body is telling you that you’re very deficient and the antioxidants that the free radicals so those bad guys are wreaking havoc in your bodies and in your cells first on the list is fatigue so that’s the tell-tale sign the first thing that tells me when I’m working with my patients that they don’t have enough of these antioxidants from the right source again from a whole food source which is what you’re getting with your vitafruits and vitaveggies daily the next thing is being tired all of the time you can see this in children as well as adults and in the aging population that the fatigue really starts to set in and you know not getting up and not having the energy to do all of those things that you may have before is an indication that those free radicals are in your body and you have to treat them you have to use the whole food antioxidants to help to quench those free radicals so one of the other telltale signs for me that you’re very deficient in the antioxidants and the enzymes that you need is that if you’re tired after a meal so you may sit down to your nice dinner your stew or whatever you’re eating daily then you know within 10 15 20 minutes you need to go and lie down and have a little nap telltale sign that you’re not digesting the food properly this is why you need the vitafruits and vitaveggies to give you those active enzymes to help you to break down your food you will absolutely love the difference that you’ll feel and within a short amount of time within just a few days even a few hours especially when you first start the vitafruits and vitaveggies is that energy in that vitality that you feel especially after eating because they’re helping you to digest all of those nutrients from your food another cent symptom of not having enough of the antioxidants and the free radical damage is you crave the wrong food so a lot of people out there they crave you know the sodas the drinks the sugar the alcohol as well as maybe it’s tobacco cigarettes I mean there’s so many toxins that you are exposed to perhaps daily and it’s not always your fault it’s because you’re craving the wrong things because you have such a nutrient deficiency the vitafruits and vitaveggies helps to eradicate that deficiency immediately yourselves literally drink up the nutrients in the vitafruits and vitaveggies and that’s why again you’ll be thanking me because you’ll feel that energy and vitality very quickly when you start in on these products another telltale sign that you need the vitafruits and vitaveggies if you have difficulty regulating your weight so whether that’s you need to gain weight because you don’t have the nutrients that you need every day or you need to lose weight the nutrients and invited fruits and vitaveggies help you to find that natural balance and you’ll absolutely love it so the other symptoms headaches as well as the aging process is a telltale sign not enough of the antioxidants that you need daily so that means wrinkles as well as starting to lose that stamina and energy as your aging fertility issues so if you have difficulty getting pregnant this is booked for both man and woman really important that you get those daily nutrients as well as cataracts and I problem so vision loss is an indication of that free radical damage specifically in the eyes why you need especially the vitafruits and vitaveggies as well as macular degeneration other signs and symptoms include lupus and this is an autoimmune disease skin rashes so skin rashes whether it’s eczema psoriasis fungal infections on the skin all a telltale sign that these rashes mean that these toxins have built up on the inside the other great product which we’ll talk about as well in this series is the body detox that was really important to team that up with the vitafruits and vitaveggies as well as the vitafish oil also available here in Africa as well as fibromyalgia which is a growing concern especially north america and this is a pain in the body as well as joint pain is really important that you’re always feeding the joints with the important antioxidants within the formulation and as I said before headaches, headaches telltale sign whether it’s migraine headaches tension headaches headaches that you know come with the hormonal changes for women all telltale signs that you absolutely need to take your vitamins and vitaveggies daily how is this taken really simple as just two capsules of each per day this is the standard dosage you can certainly take much more and a lot of our cancer patients do so they take more because they need more of the concentrated nutrients these antioxidants at the cellular level you can actually open up the capsules you don’t have to swallow the capsules but again these are vegetarian capsules and i’ll show you what a capsule looks like so that you know the size of it but again these are vegetarian capsules completely natural capsulation so no pork products within our vitafruits and vitaveggies and this can be easily opened up into a bit of water or juice so I’ll open up a capsule right here for you so you can see and when you get your capsules home I really want you to smell and taste divided fruits and vitaveggies because you don’t smell or taste anything chemical at all all that you’ll have the sensation of is a garden of fresh fruits and vegetables with all of those nutrients that your cells need at the cellular level


  • Ladybird Jamjuji says:

    where I can buy that vitamins?

  • R F says:

    i just love vita tree products!!! would you consider doing a protein powder in the future? do you agree with protein powders? also how do you give children the vita veggies & vita fruits? i would love a bigger discount for regular customers in the future! 🙂

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