Anti Aging Tips for Neck and Chest

Anti Aging Tips for Neck and Chest

Do you have wrinkles or creases across
your neck and your chest? Or have you ever seen someone who had a beautiful
complexion of their face but maybe their neck and their chest looked about 10
years older? Well today we’re going to be talking about anti-aging tips for your
neck and your chest so you can slow down the aging. Hi, my name is Christy Greene and
I’m the owner of Go See Christy Beauty Boutique, located in Southern California,
and I have been in business for over 10 years and we have been helping people
treat their Acne, hyperpigmentation, and fight aging — their fine lines and
wrinkles — for over ten years. So in this video we’re about to talk about anti-aging tips for your neck and your chest! So before we begin this video I do want
to say that all the product descriptions, lists, or anything that we’re going to be
describing in this video today will be located in the description below.
So first the skin on the neck and the chest are very similar to the periocular area, and we did a video on how to prevent fine lines and wrinkles and
aging around the eyes. So the skin is very similar, and matter of fact, the
thickness of the face, the skin on the face, is actually almost DOUBLE that of
your neck and your chest. So, like your neck, and your chest, and around the eyes
are the first signs of aging. So for example: That-, this area gets just as much
Sun as your face does, because of the thinness, it has less sebaceous glands so
it does tend to get drier, it has thinner skin as well as some-, for some people
more hair follicles, so there’s less structural support. So, here are three
anti-aging tips that you can do to address your neck and your chest. So a
lot of times what you can see, or what I see in clients, is a skin condition
called Poikiloderma of Civatte. And that’s basically a combination of
HYPERpigmentation, HYPOpigmentation, and underlying redness. And that usually
takes place in areas around the neck as well as sometimes on the chest, but
for some reason right underneath the chin right here, it doesn’t-, there’s no
hyperpigmentation here. And so that’s usually more common-, it’s a sign of low
Estrogen levels, as well as affected by genetics, and more women tend to have
this. It also can be caused by wearing products that have synthetic fragrance,
and then when you’re exposed to the Sun the fragrance causes the
photosensitivity of the skin, so that is usually fragrance-induced hyperpigmentation. So, obviously more women, generally speaking, tend to
wear fragranced products. Look in the mirror and you see some uneven skin tone,
some areas that are dark shading, no shading, on your-, splotches around your
neck as well as your chest, and even some underlying redness, that’s usually what
that is. Sometimes when women will form that later on in years, and they’re
thinking maybe it’s just a birthmark that started to turn color, but that’s
actually what that skin condition is called. Here’s another factor that most
people don’t consider as well: If you have done sudden weight gain and loss,
and repeated weight gain and weight loss throughout your life, that can also
affect the appearance of your chest and your neck because when someone, just like
any other part of the body that you lose weight and you gain weight, what happens
is obviously the skin stretches and then shrinks back. So obviously people who
have lost a significant amount of weight, they will have loose skin hanging. So
sometimes that can happen to people all as-, for their neck and their chest. What happens
is the tissues in the neck and the chest stretches, and then goes back, stretches,
and then goes back. And so by the time they’re a little bit older, what can
happen is they can have kind of that turkey-neck look. There’s another
condition that has been coined for today and that’s called “TECH NECK”. Oh! And don’t
forget the PRO TIP later on in the video regards to your neck and your
chest. So we’re going to be talking about three major anti-aging tips that can
help with anti-aging, slowing down the aging process of your neck and your
chest. So the first one, we talked about the Tech Neck. So how you can adjust for
that is obviously we’re always going to be looking at our phones, we’re always
going to be looking at our computers or laptops, our technology, so what you may
want to do is try to be more conscious is that when you’re looking at your
technology to adjust your phone so instead of looking down you’re looking
more at eye level. And having your laptop or your computer more at eye level
versus looking all the way down. So along with Tech Neck, your, your chest can also be
affected because what can usually happen is as you’re looking down you will also
start to slouch. So when you start to slouch, what can happen is you’re
starting to create creases in your chest. And these are called cleavage wrinkles,
otherwise known as “Langer’s Lines”, and so those are whole-, actually vertical lines
that go straight down your chest. So another way is to avoid sleeping on your
side. So when you sleep on your side obviously the skin creases tend to
concave in through your chest and so what you want to do to avoid that is try
sleeping, obviously, on your back. And we will provide links below where you can
actually put on a gel — it’s like a silicone gel — that you put on your chest
to prevent the, the skin in between your cleavage to concave. So basically
flattens that out to prevent the breakdown of tissue in between. Okay so,
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sensitive skin, go ahead and put that below because that will let us know that
maybe we need to do some videos that address those skin care conditions. Okay.
So our final tip is obviously, the third one, is treating your chest and your neck
as, as if it was your face. So a lot of times people neglect their chest and
their neck and they just do their face. No! You have to continue it on with your
chest and the neck. And how you can do that is with services and/or products.
Okay so for our final one, consider this 3A, because there’s 3B as well. So 3A is
services — these are all professional services — and I would recommend that
you’re doing them in the Winter time. So for those of you who are NOT living in
Southern California where most of your days are cloudy and gray, this is
actually an ideal time. It’s also colder so you’re wearing sweaters and things
that cover up your chest and your neck as it’s healing. So I’m going to be
talking about services. These services not only stimulate Collagen product-,
Collagen and Elastin production that products CANNOT do, it also has a side
benefit of lightening-and-brightening your skin tone. Okay?
So best time to do it is during the Winter time. So I’m going to go into the,
from the least invasive to the most invasive. So the one that you can do
that’s the least invasive is, you can do, first one is CHEMICAL PEELS. And you,
because the area is thinner and more sensitive, they’re not going to leave on
the products on as long. Okay? So you can do chemical peels, and usually yo-, your
your Esthetician or your Dermatologist can tell you how many series that you
need based on what your skin looks like and the thickness of the skin. So
chemical peels is the first one, you can do MICRODERMABRASIONS where sometimes,
depending, again, on the person that’s doing that, you can kind of blend the two
together. So chemical peels, microdermabrasions, MICRONEEDLING, PLATELET-RICH PLASMA procedure — I’m not gonna go into that one because
that is a medical procedure — as well is, as well as LASER. So-, and laser, make sure
you get a consultation before you go and do that because you have to be the ideal
candidate to get that done. And a lot of it depends on based on your skin and
your tolerance to, not pain, but as far as where you are on what’s called the
Fitzpatrick Scale. So those are some services that you can look into.
Now 3B is, basically the products that you can use. So just like we talk about
the face for anti-aging, you want to look for products that are high in
anti-oxidants — so especially Vitamin C and E because they work together to increase
the efficacy of both of them, and if you’re not really sure about that, please
make sure you check out our ANTI-AGING playlist, which I will put a link in the
description as well as a card up here somewhere, so that you really understand
what ingredients to look for — the other one is, so, in addition to anti-oxidants is,
you want to look for anti-inflammatories to bring down the inflammation and the
underlying redness that can cause the hyperpigmentation, the other one is
powerful peptides. So the peptides are very targeted and they actually have a
timed-release capsule releasing the anti-oxidants exactly where it needs to
be, and those work conjunction-, in conjunction together.
The other ones are retinoids now-, and AHA’s, which are Alpha-Hydroxy Acids. Now,
you have to remember, we did a video on this on “Anti-Aging Ingredients You
Should NEVER Mix” because your neck and your chest is more sensitive than your,
even your face, make sure that yo-, there’s a link below — you can get the list or you
can watch the video on anti-aging ingredients you should never mix — because
what may work on your face, I have noticed with my clients that they will
get a RASH developing on their chest and/or their neck if they mix the wrong
ingredients. Okay? So, like with your face — so this is tip three generally — is, is
that, again, you want to treat your neck and your chest as if you are treating
your face. So you want to use a facial cleanser if you can, or — that’s pH
balanced — on your neck and your chest. You do want to exfoliate your neck and your
chest, but because it’s more sensitive stay away from, like, granular scrubs and
use something that’s more of an exfoliating powder — and we’ll put links
below to give you suggestions for that, because they are a little bit more
gentle — use a serum, an anti-oxidant serum or a hydrating serum, and then for your
cream, what is different is, maybe not for the face because, again, your face and-, or
your neck and your chest have a slightly different needs, is look for these creams
that specifically are for the chest and the neck — and sometimes it’ll say “Neck
and Chest Cream” or “Neck and Decollete Cream” on there — so they have a little bit
different, more richer, thicker consistency that you can use on your
chest and your neck. So those are your three tips! Now during the day you
obviously don’t want to use a neck and decollete cream because it tends to be
heavie-, heavier, it can get on your clothes, and it doesn’t have any Sun
protection. So the one that we love here, and my clients love, is the Lira Clinical
Hydrating formula — because there’s two different formulas. This one has, so it’s
not just a basic sunscreen, it actually has high amount of anti-oxidants, it is
a mineral-based sunscreen — no chemicals — so it doesn’t cause any inflammation or
redness, it has powerful stem cells for anti-aging, and the BEST one: It has a
natural plant-based lighteners-and- brighteners. So you can use this one on
your neck and your chest. And once again, to make sure that you are not getting
any redness, rashes, or flakiness on your neck and your chest, make sure, if you
haven’t already, click the link below to get your list of anti-aging
ingredients that you should NEVER mix. Okay! So here’s the PRO TIP. The PRO TIP is: When you’re applying serums, lotions, creams, sunscreens on your neck
and your chest you never want to go down because gravity is always constantly
pulling down. So you-, all the sagging and bagging, we don’t want to help it anymore!
So when you’re applying, you want to go from the base of the neck, lift up your
neck, and put it-, put the product on and go ahead and apply it working up, as well
as your chest. Because when you have wrinkles on your chest they’re going
down, so again you want to go UP. Okay? And then also an additional tip is when
you’re applying lotion or products on your body, you want to also go from the
base of your limb, whether it be your wrist or your ankles, and work your way
up. So none of this circular motion. You want to go UP and OUT. Okay? So there’s
your PRO TIP! Do I have a turkey neck? You know I’ve seen that if you do this, it’ll
work… Not really.


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