Anti Aging Tip You won’t Believe

Anti Aging Tip  You won’t Believe

Hey there! It’s Christy with Go See
Christy Beauty Boutique and we just finished our three-part video series on
how to take care of your eyelash extensions so that they last longer. So
if you didn’t catch that, click the link below, and you can find that three-part
video series. So now we are going into our Anti-Aging Series. So, a lot, there’s a
lot of information out there on how you can slow down the aging process of your
skin by using anti-aging products to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. There
are also a lot of information out there on what specific foods that you can eat
to slow down the aging process from the inside out at a cellular level. So, let me
first explain to you how the aging process works so I can explain to you
the last tip on an anti-aging-, that usually is not talked about too much, but
it is just as important. So hang on with me towards the end where I explain the
ONE tip that most people forget about, or they don’t even know about, that can help
you with anti-aging, not only in reducing the appearance of fine lines and
wrinkles in the skin, but also in your overall aging process of the body so
hang on till the end with me, okay? We’re going to be talking about A-G-E’s and how
that affects the aging of your skin in your 20’s, your 30’s, your 40’s, and your 50’s.
So first, A-G-E stands for: Advanced Glycation End-products. And so what that
is, is, that accumulates over time in our bodies. And what these A-G-E’s do is that
it causes the protein that we make on our skin to lose its elasticity, its
buoyancy, its bounciness, its plushness, and it starts to get stiff. And you start
to have irregular striations in your skin, which we know as fine lines and
wrinkles, and also we start to see uneven skin tones and age spots as we age. But
did you know that you can prevent a lot of that the younger that you are? So
we always talk about anti-aging skin care products. What you can apply ON your
skin, and the FOODS that you can eat, so that what you can put into your body. So
A-G-E’s have been linked to degenerative disorders in the body, in your skin, as
well as diseases and disorders of your entire body.
For example: A-G-E’s, there’s a higher amount of A-G-E’s with people who have Diabetes,
and it accumulates over time. So obviously the older that you are, the
more A-G-E’s can accumulate in your body. So A-G-E’s not only are correlated with
body diseases and disorders, they’re also correlated with skin diseases and
disorders, such as Acne, hyperpigmentation, Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea, and even skin
cancer. So how it affects the skin is Collagen production is affected by these
A-G-E’s. So, A-G-E’s cause the major skin proteins,
you know, namely Collagen, to break down, become stiffer, and cause irregular
striations on the surface of the skin, which would be the fine lines and
wrinkles. Now glycated Collagen can be formed as
early as in your 20’s. A lot of it does depend on how you take care of your skin,
what environmental pollutants, or how much Sun that you’ve gotten, how
stressful your life is, and your diet. But it has been shown, studies have shown
that it has formed as early as in your 20’s. And it starts to accumulate every
year. Now some research has shown that glycated Collagen can accumulate at a
rate of 3.7% annually. And has also shown that we, the
glycated Collagen can increase up to 30- to-50% by the time we as humans
are 80 years old. So like I mentioned before, so
glycated Collagen leads to stiffness of the skin, it also starts to show up as
sagging of the skin. So, what this looks like of aging in your 20’s, your 30’s, your
40’s, and your 50’s, is if you start to look in the mirror, and in your 20’s, you may
start to notice really tiny fine lines that show up when you make an expression,
like being surprised, or furrowing your brows, or smiling. But as soon as that you
go expressionless, they disappear. Then in your 30’s, what you may start to notice is
these tiny little changes again where you had really small fine lines in your
20’s, now they’re a little bit noticeable. And then from your mid-30’s into your
latter 30’s, some of you may have noticed that those fine lines, some of them have
turned into very, very small wrinkles. Then in your 40’s,
now what happens, namely to women, is that the hormones start to become irregular.
And so once you put hormones into play, what can happen to some people is,
obviously, they can experience midlife Acne. And the other side of it is, women
will start to find, or notice, not only are they getting more noticeable fine
lines, and those other fine lines that have now turned to wrinkles, is they have
now noticed some formations of age spots on their skin. And finally in your 50’s.
So when women get into their 50’s, what happens is the Estrogen production
starts to go, starts to actually decrease. So then what happens is
Estrogen helps produce the formation of new Collagen. So as the Estrogen levels
start to decrease, then women will now start noticing not only more fine lines
and wrinkles, because now their skin lacks the Elastin or the elasticity in
their skin, and also more age spots, especially if they’ve been out in the
Sun when they were younger, they’re getting more fine lines and wrinkles
because their skin is drier, but not only that. Some women will start to actually
experience or notice more sagging, sagging skin. So, this is more and more
accumulated A-G-E’s. Okay, so for those of you who are still with me towards the
end here, I’m finally going to tell you the ONE anti-aging tip that you may not
believe, and that is: COOKING. How you cook your food. So these tips will actually
reduce the amount of A-G-E’s in your body. So listen to these cooking tips and
maybe you can start to do these along with the foods you already eat and the
anti-aging products that you put on your skin. Now so for those of you who are in
your 20’s and 30’s, you ca-, the earlier you start, because remember, A-G-E’s can
accumulate over time, if the earlier you start the younger your skin will look
when you finally do start to get to that aging process because now it’s not only
about the stress, and the Sun damage, and the foods that you eat, it’s also the
hormones that affect your skin. So if you can prevent that and prolong the effects
of the A-G-E’s, the better it is. In your 40’s and your 50’s, you can still prevent a
future accumulation of A-G-E’s through the way that you cook your food. Now
almost all foods have some sort of A-G- E’s in the foods. Now ultimately, the
ideal way is, they said to reduce the amount of A-G-E’s in your bodies is to
eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and preferably eat them raw, as well as nuts.
But that’s not always idealistic for everyone to eat a raw diet. So here are
some cooking methods that you need to introduce or increase as well as some
other cooking methods that you want to reduce. So here are some anti-aging tips
from in the kitchen, and this does NOT mean that you’re going to actually make
these skincare products in your kitchen. So the first one is: Use a slow cooker
more often, but on low-to-medium heat. So obviously, just like the slow
cooker, it cooks your food slowly. Avoid excessive browning or excessive heat. So
the reason why they recommend doing slow, a slow cooker is because it’s cooked
over a longer period in lower heat. So the more higher the heat is, the more it
increases the A-G-E’s in your food. Boiling your food, steaming your food,
poaching your food, those are all ways that you can REDUCE the amount of A-G-E’s in your foods. Now, again, we talk about excessive heat that INCREASES the
amount of A-G-E’s in your food, so that would mean frying, broiling, roasting, and
grilling. Another tip is marinating your meats in lemon juice or vinegar, and that
also reduces the amount of A-G-E’s in your foods. It softens, or tenderizes the
protein so there’s less cooking time. And of course, limit eating high fatty meats,
high fatty foods, processed foods, and full fat dairy products. And the foods
that you can cook, you want to introduce more ANTI-glycation foods. So for example:
Foods that are high in Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene. So that would be carrots,
pumpkin, kale, spinach, and cantaloupe. Also introducing foods that are high in
Vitamin C, so such as: Brussel sprouts, broccoli, citrus fruits, those all have
high in Vitamin C. So foods high in Vitamin E, such as: Carrots, olive oil,
oats, and tomatoes. So if you can help to remember, I did this in another video on
how you want to look for anti-oxidants in skincare, think of the ACE Bandage, so
that’s the same with foods. You want to look for foods that are high in Vitamin
A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Okay, so the next one is Bioflavonoids. So
Bioflavonoids basically help increase the efficacy
and the absorption of Vitamin C, namely. So Bioflavonoids are found in berries,
dark chocolate, and sea buckthorn. Now the other one is called Polyphenols, and
Polyphenols come from plants. And that’s what makes the plants green, it gives it
that green color. And they also help oxidation, so it’s an anti-oxidant. And
foods that contain a high amount of Polyphenols is, again, berries, dark
chocolate, but also teas, both black tea and green tea. Obviously green tea has a
higher amount of Polyphenols because o-, because of its green color. So, that’s why
I wanted to discuss with you, today, the anti-aging in your 20’s, your 30’s, your 40’s,
and your 50’s. So a lot of times the myth is, is that you don’t need to start
dealing with anti-aging in your 20’s because you’re too young. But really, if
you are eating foods that are high in sugars, and also the way that you cook
your meats in the higher temperatures, the earlier you start eating that way,
the faster you are going to cause an increase in A-G-E’s in your bodies, which
then ages not only your body but also your skin. So, the three ways that you can
attack the aging process in your body is the first one, obviously, is what you eat,
because that is stemming from the root of how, you are what you eat, so your skin
cells and your proteins in your skin is made up of what you eat. So what you eat,
how you cook your food, as well as the anti-oxidant products that you use on
your face. So thanks again for watching! And once again, if you want to watch that
video on how sugar actually ages your skin FASTER and how you can prevent it,
click the link below. Thanks for watching guys!


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    You are so intelligent, you actually give me hope that I can turn my skin around without going bankrupt, thank you ๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘.

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    I would like to send you a test to measures your omega3 levels can be very interesting. 90% of the population lacking omega3. Dr Paul Clayton Scientists and Nutritionists.

  • Auntie Rose says:

    Stir fry is Extreamly high heat cooking.

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