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hello everybody welcome to my video the world of NC n P which is no trick natural product so guys today I will be showing how to DIY a high potential vitamin C serum so guys in this fits a messy serum this is the a professional vitamin C serum okay so they will be needing a big or maybe four lime or sorry lemon you will be needed for lemon to make false is just in for most are the form of infusing disease or you can call it lemon peel you can also use a range of any citrus so you’ll be needing a jam I will also be needing the lemon peel truth what’s ugly sweep on it a background where I’ll be mixing my everything in here before I pull my job so first guys I’m going to remove the zest of this huge lemon so you believe if you have are the smaller ones that say you’ll be needing for if you have a bigger one to will be okay so after peeling now we are going to enforce it with ugly it’s just a form of extract Beth why it’s not extra because we are going to add a one lemon juice one lemon the juice inside so after I have ADD or my lemon zest into my jaw so I will be measuring one milliliter of drinking water or distilled water then I will be adding also 50 milliliter of mine glycerine side water wine now this is one of the limo I squeeze out the juice so I will be adding it to my zest and with my mix water and my glycerine there I’m going to just give it a stir hard like that then I’m going to use one teaspoon of a sugar to balance the acid so just because I’m sensitive when it is when the vitamin C is very high because going to come very high so I also are a preservative so preserve because I’m Way too lazy to in food to bring out every else’s and let me say the high ingredients the ivory see antioxidant guys from this lemon says I’m going to a lie to say inside his job by using a kitchen paper to cover our top four to evaporate okay to evaporate to so that the water would not cause any let me say we don’t allow the every the vapor of everything I’ll be heated to stick to stock inside so we list our kitchen paper I can use a cloth to do it as well so it’s going to absorb that’s a vapor that will be inside this oh equally so I’m going to keep it for one month then we come back and do the rest things so guys is one mode passed so although I used to check it every two weeks to give it a stir so I also changed the kitchen paper because it absorbs from liquid and some oils so after you know the limo after sometimes we bring card and also D or is okay so I have to change the the kitchen paper as well that’s why we see is a different kitchen paper from the one I use the fourth day so now I’m going to do not seen a stew sieve eats to remove this zest because we what we need is though the liquid so this liquid guys is a potential cosmetic ingredients for anything you want to do about body cream face cream you can’t show you to do a clean site just wait is now you can treat to do it clear to clean your faithful sports for any let me say for pimples for all those things that that’s we don’t know Marino found or in our face so I’m going to throw away these eggs now I were to prepare my serum okay now I will be measuring ninety-nine gram of this let this is coffee Thomas sister what sir this is which IV seawater or I don’t know you can call this clean water or you can call it hide related what’s up okay so from here I’m going to make my vitamin C high potential serum guys for anti-aging for those that have 50 or but I’m using it guys so I’m also adding my preservation a dangerous heart 15 drop because I will be missing in here my high hyaluronic acid and so other ingredients so now I’m also adding my be pants I know for a moisturizing of skin you know big pants and all he’s also of it’s I mean beard are also good for our skin our hair so now we are adding also my tocopherol which is high vitamin E as which is also good beds guys our advice you add this I these are tocopherol later okay so I’m adding my ascorbic acid which is also the time you see which is also good for your skin so I said I would be preparing in hypotension vitamin C serum okay so it’s going to brighten your face it’s going to give don’t those like me to your face when you to a fit guy so now I’m measuring one gram of my hyaluronic acid I’m just going to dust it in so don’t just pour its directors dosed it round you know to spread it around your bacon or wherever you are going through you know mix it for those of you that want to do it for those of that don’t want to do it so Joseph is the first time you are known seen how to make the base of hyaluronic acid we’re just going to dust it on top the liquid or just spread it around don’t let it want to stick in one particular plane so after you guys we are going to let it assist for 16 hours in a cool dry place in a dark room anyway so here we are guys now we are going to check on it so let me just tell you what happened here because if you don’t have the experience it will loop somehow so it’s going to form this thick lungs why because of the I remember I added the lemon juice inside and lemon juice to make things to form lumps okay so after then I have to use my hand blender so mix it or break it down so that after then it became this liquid so this is how you are going to do just a drop in on your face so now this is my other eye roll hyaluronic acid vitamin C serum I did but I didn’t mix it this way just mix it directs you know using the liquid now it starts adding and that’s the the lemon juice inside my base I didn’t add lemon juice at this time because I’m doing a high-potential with some assist serum guys this is a missy serum i be using it now for three days I can’t tell you anyway when I would do a video I show myself maybe you guys my seen I don’t know but look I love it because if I do something I love it and it’s good I will bring it out cause if I do something and it’s not good guys don’t mind if I don’t bring it out it’s cause I don’t to show you guys or bring something up because I just want to post off video never I want to post a video for something that is really really useful that is really really meaningful because I’ve done so many video that went wrong by your threw it away then I just try again so this is how it’s going to come see how it’s so bright me on my on my skin because of the vitamin E so guys we are going to I is good to a form of give your face those glass you know glass a skin I used it I really really really love it my face was shining through our the day I was if we might need who I have always that I use so I’ll be doing shifting in this goddess wins I so try and so need a lot of moisture to us so our skin if not you know your skin we just be going somehow you know the weather also make us to go that’s I’m aging so fast so this is our what I’ve come to show you guys today so I hope you loved this video and thank you for those of you that have not subscribed please can you subscribe and also like this our video sums of this video share god bless you or bye bye

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