Animal Revenge: Ironic Ailments from Eating Animal Products

Animal Revenge: Ironic Ailments from Eating Animal Products

I’m Mike and in this episode how animals dish out payback in uncanny ways causing health ailments that are astoundingly precise in other words how animals get revenge in words of contemporary scholar and artist JT what goes around goes around goes around comes all the way back around firstly closing your heart off to animal suffering and eating animals well then result in a buildup of cholesterol and a heart attack and cholesterol is only found in animal products next we over feed and sometimes force-feed animals and as a result we end up getting obesity as this chart shows the more animal products you eat the more likely you are to be obese stealing milk from the breast of the cow can result in one losing their own breasts this is because the more estrogen we are exposed to over our lifetime the higher incidence one has of breast cancer and sixty to eighty percent of estrogen is consumed through dairy products it turns out we rape virtually all farmed animals through artificial insemination the cholesterol of the offspring of these raped animals then builds up in clogs are penile artery causing erectile dysfunction see what see what I do that right before slaughter and don’t worry no graphic images we shoot cattle in the head with what’s called a captive bolt pistol is an air-powered pistol and you can imagine that there’s all sorts of horrible things later the cholesterol from these same animals clogs the arteries in the brains of people leading to stroke and Alzheimer’s in other words total brain vengeance now for the creepy ways that animals get the revenge in order to understand this you first need to know about molecular mimicry and autoimmune diseases it starts with animal proteins from milk or meat making their way through your gut wall or epithelium this is also known as a leaky gut which can be caused by preservative drugs aspirin bad die in general even vegetable oil and for celiacs it’s caused by gluten this is where animal proteins enter our bloodstream and our immune system creates antibodies these antibodies record the specific amino acid sequences of these proteins and they go around looking for these proteins and they just snip them up and destroy them the problem is we too are animals and we also have a lot of these same amino acids and just general animal proteins that the animals that were eating has for example the cells that make insulin on our pancreas had the exact same sequence of 17 amino acids as milk protein here’s a study showing quote the association between insulin dependent diabetes and early consumption of cow’s milk may be explained by the generation of a specific immune response to beta casein casein being a cow’s milk protein so we steal away baby cows and turn them into veal and as a result when we feed our own children cow’s milk they then get type 1 diabetes now imagine you’re eating sausage or hamburger or some mystery lunch meat when they literally ground up the entire animal and it’s got proteins from all sorts of parts so wood proteins in animal skin and joints cause diseases like psoriasis and arthritis let’s take a look well from studies we know that quote certain non-human proteins such as casein may become deposited in the skins of people and we can see a high level of these antibodies in people with arthritis but when you put them on a plant-based diet you see a lot of changes moving on in theory you might be able to get autoimmune thyroiditis or Hashimoto’s from eating thyroid of pigs but we know for sure that when you’re actually eating the pig thyroid hormones in things like hamburgers then you can end up with thyroid disease that’s why it’s called hamburger thyrotoxicosis and to drive at home the pain that is experienced by confined factory farm animals which is 99% of animals can be echoed by the pain of diabetic neuropathy which is like a constant pain burning that is caused from the damage of the blood vessels in the herbs from eating animal products and that can be backed up by this study showing that diabetic neuropathy can be entirely cured within just a few days on a plant-based diet even the act of literally eating animals with your mouth can lead to periodontal disease as this study shows and there are so many more ways that animals exact their vengeance I could go into diabetic amputations but I think I’ll spare you so what does all this mean is that one animal a day that omnivores consume staring down at them and exacting their revenge karma from heaven it’s impossible to know as the course of karma is unfathomable according to the bhagavad-gita but it’s pretty obvious that you can avoid all these horrible painful health and spices not harming animals in the first place so in conclusion save the animals and in turn save yourself by going vegan


  • Chris K says:

    i actually hope people dont go vegan just so i can enjoy watching them slowly wither away with the diseases/ailments they got from eating animals.

  • Paul β“‹ Gregory says:

    It's so important to get this information out … And you're helping by great informative vids Great work Mic.. Looking forward to seeing more πŸ™‚

  • Swamit Kher says:

    Your stuff is gold. This should spread like an epidemic! πŸ™‚

  • Jasmine says:

    I love your videos. Please keep making them!

  • Silver Foxy says:

    Awesome video.

  • Quantum Reach says:

    Yes!! Thought about these too, wow, that's hot. And I feel less alone…….yea!

  • tamcon72 says:

    Meaters aren't gonna like this one. Thanks for posting. : )

  • Callan C says:

    Gout too = stops mobility d/t pain = we keep animals confined. Trying to think of animal equation for gallstones revenge…

  • Kat V. says:

    you're amazing! <3

  • Contessa Zeviar says:

    This is sad irony

  • thaik56 says:

    karma is bitch, stop consuming suffering and violence!

  • TheJadeFist says:

    Karma starts at the end of the fork.

  • Ivan Ivanovich Ivanovosky says:

    if I were to be killed by an animal I'd have to be worthy and superior like a lion or shark, Not an inferior creature cow or chicken.

  • Lurking Crass Zero says:

    Another great vid mate. This really rings true with me. I have experienced an unexpected side effect – probably a direct effect to be more accurate – of no longer eating meat and dairy products. For the longest time I have had a tightness in my chest, and a faint wheeze in my breathing when I did strenuous exercise, even though i don't smoke and never have. This has persisted for years, and I stupidly put it down to getting older. Anyways, the tight chest and wheezing has gone already. This is in a little over a week of abstaining from meat+dairy!

  • Phoenix says:

    This is my new favorite YT channel. I've been binge watching on my days off! Thank you for putting so much work into each one. People like you give me hope for humanity!

  • Ehi Cool says:

    This is so true!!
    Evolutionary defense. Brilliant. It's funny how we are thought not to eat a poisoned mushroom but we are literally fed lies and disease since the moment we are born. People prefer to die slowly I guess? πŸ™
    It's also true that even if they write "smoking kills" on cigarettes people keep smoking..

    Your videos are really on point!
    I believe we can see a change happen quicker than we think and you surely are contributing! Great job πŸ˜€

  • Tiffany Koch says:

    you really get it <3

  • Anwelei says:

    "Do unto others as you would have them do to you."

    That just took on a whole new meaning for me. mind blown

  • Miriam Perkins says:

    Karma is a bitch.

    Keep up the amazing work.

  • CSWRB says:

    Wow. Interesting and eye opening analysis.

  • Meow Glab says:

    You forgot to mention that humans are the cancers of the world, and in exchange they get cancer lol.

  • Evelin Kiil says:

    I keep binge watching and sharing you'r videos, brilliant ! <3

  • Phil Ad says:

    The only reason why people do not care about what mic the vegan is saying is because animal products do not kill immediately. People care about terrorist attack because it kills right away. The same for drunk driving. As for how eating a tasty steak leading to clogged up arteries and a heart attack in 20 years… That is too far away to be of concern.

  • Phil Ad says:

    If mic the vegan talks about how people can keep their current bad habit and just do a few easy adjustments to make them way healthier (it does not even have to be true); he would have a million subscribers by now. Unfortunately, no one wants to have to give up sugar or binge-drinking an other vices; despite the tremendous benefits that mic the vegan harps about.

  • Acyuta Atipriya Jambavatidasi says:

    And thank you for the nice quote from the Bhagavad Gita. Getting better and better! πŸ˜€

  • Fanny Bass says:

    Pretty interesting! and I was just going to say karma is the reason, just when you said it!
    Hare Krishna.

  • M a r i a A n g e l o v a says:

    πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ amazing video!! Amazing!!!

  • Thomas Dennis says:

    +Mic. the Vegan.
    Your comments on Psoriasis are very interesting to me (becuase I have had it since childhood!) – I went vegan about 5 weeks ago and am seeing an improvement in the severity of my Psoriasis. Would love to see a wideo on skin conditions and veganism / carnism and a mashup of diets in this focus. πŸ™‚

  • Anya Izmailova says:

    Spot on!!

  • Marco Polo says:

    Tank you for your videos

  • Kevin Rubink says:

    Save the animals! Yes

  • BigBadButt says:

    Making fun of sick people and linking it to imaginary animal revenge is very poor taste.

  • Rubalicious Crystal Geometry says:

    Eating animals is bad karma for sure.

  • Neophyte says:

    you know, that leaky gut principle is a really profound one… you'd better not eat anything too similar to yourself, or you auto-immune system starts to turn on you… as good an argument against cannibalism as against carnivorism… and so poetically just…

  • A Life Long Walk says:

    You have a brilliant mind capable of piecing this puzzle together for us so perfectly! Your delivery and sense of humor are also impeccable. Bravo from a HUGE fan!

  • Shady Shadpus says:

    I love the Relish with which you say all this! (not…errm….like…er….hamburger relish…..)

  • Green Thumb says:

    Thanks for putting this video out there. This woke me up. I knew there has to be a a "catch" for killing anothers life and feeding that industry. If one causesPain and suffering, it will always come back around.

  • Jordan Storz says:

    Cannot watch video. Laughing too hard at the meme in the intro XD

  • Ann Lamb says:

    Save the animals, save the earth, save ourselves. Thanks Mic.

  • Isabell Tindale says:

    Well done Mic!!

  • o t says:

    Awesome report, hope people come to the knowledge of truth and take heed to what you stated. It is too bad animals have to be sacrificed for our tastebuds to get their revenge. I was hoping for something like the running of the bulls trampling over all the consumers.

  • Ganpignanus .Gianni says:

    i agree – karma. also the animals are so terrified at slaughter. they actually produce adrenalin and lactic acid which ends up in meat eaters bodies. usually these flight or fight chemicals are inactivated as the animal moves around as it lives/survives. but in slaughtered animals it remains in their flesh and meat eaters end up with it in their bodies. they end up feeling stressed like the animals were before they were brutally murdered. stress and insomnia…

  • Katherine Kelly says:

    How does one go about transferring the contents of Mic's brain into the brain of every individual??? πŸ’πŸ»πŸ’πŸ»

  • Plant Planet Earth says:

    This is one of my favorites! So true!

  • Acyuta Atipriya Jambavatidasi says:

    pleasantly surprised by the quote from the Gita πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  • Ravleen Kaur says:

    Can you do a video on the cosmetics that use animals for testing their products.

  • marie massiot says:

    Well…. You are what you eat…. Right….
    Awesome video again!

  • Teapot-Dave says:

    Nice one Mic; There is just no argument against the facts.

  • Knowledge Seeker says:

    Right on!!!!!!!!! I’ve never felt better!!! Animal flesh DOES make you sick….no doubt about it!!!!!! You don’t believe me?? GO ONE WEEK WITHOUT ANY MEAT OR ANIMAL PRODUCTS and only eat whole food, plant based foods and you will ABSOLUTELY FEEL ALL OF YOUR SICKNESS DISAPPEARING!! It’s incredible. TRY IT.

  • Tiger Lilly says:

    we put animals in crammed factory farms – the food we have to feed them takes up a lot of our environment.
    we feed them corn that give them gastric upset because its not appropriate food for them – their colons are overpopulated by e.coli, and frequently containates the meat and gives us food poisoning.

  • Dude says:

    We don’t care if we live we continue so eat meat

  • Crocoshark says:

    Old McDonald had a farm
    And on that farm he had a fire

  • sassssygirrrl says:

    Love Love Love!!!!

  • Ana Bateeva says:

    Brilliant! Very true.

  • Emma T says:

    I wonder if drinking milk was what caused my acne which then led me to taking the highly dangerous acne drug accutane which messed up my health and negatively affected just about every aspect of my life. Even so, whatever animal products do to us, I'd still say we're getting off light compared to what they have to suffer.

  • dawgsmycopilot says:

    I thumbed it up just for the JT reference. ;P

  • kbkesq says:

    Very true. Well thought through and carried out.

  • kbkesq says:

    Parents wouldn’t knowingly harm their kids. Parents feel they’re doing the right thing feeding chicken nuggets and milk and eggs. Yet they might worry about a vaccine or a fever. Little do they know they’re setting the kids up to be hooked on worthless dairy and meat for life.

  • Nodira Alizadeh says:

    So true!

  • Rui Campos says:

    Right on! Well done.

  • Tone Semitone says:

    Just to let you know Mic, Gaudiya Vaisnavas are not Vegans and Krishna Loves Ghee. Cows milk is a brain food and should be heated before taken. Japa Mala is the key to Krishna Consciousness, with the Maha Mantra. You are doing a great job though and helping this devotee cut meat from diet.

  • Heleen D says:

    Hi @Micthevegan I so appreciate your videos. They have helped me a lot in promoting the good cause. However this video I am not fond of. I do know what you mean with karma and all but it makes it not very useful to use in a rational conversation with the average non vegan.
    Also it makes me a bit sad because you associate animals with such a negative human quality like "revenge". Animals are pure and innocent. As if they could bother with humans. They just want us to leave them alone πŸ˜₯
    You know..I just watched Moby's new video "Falling light and rain" about "life after humans" made me fall on my knees and cry when I saw the animals roam free.. the serenity and innocence of the animals πŸ˜”

  • StAleksandra80 says:

    That's because eating animals is cannibalism.

  • DEEPAK hiranandani says:

    Hm. Hard hitting as always. Sigh.

    The How to book of the pigeon made me literally shake with laughter.

  • rlocatellidigital says:

    Yes, this is the karma law. But the sanskrit word karma come from the root "kr", which means "act". When you act, you change your karma. If you stop eating animal products, you get away from all these horrible consequences of… eating animal products. Just that simple.

  • Alexandra Rodriguez says:

    Karma is so real. Not only in this life but the next and the next and the next. . . . love, compassion and mercy, as taught by all the great masters of all religions, is the only way to break this hell/suffering cycle. Go Vegan!

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