Amanda: “Happy Vlogmas.” Oh it’s still zoomed in, fuck, hold on. Zooming out. Mh. On my way out. I’ll just be waiting. Welcome to fucking vLoGmAs!! Amanda: no
WhYyY That was all just a big prank! It’s actually Coachella. It’s day one. Like we’re going to the festival today. Let’s get crazy. Are you guys excited? Amanda: Yeah! Stop walking into my vLoG! Is this hard-boiled? Yeah! Well, I peeled this egg like a motherfucker. This shit came off easy. Here’s where you fucked up: You didn’t do it on a paper towel. [emma has made a mistake music] This morning, I’m having a nice breakfast: vegan yogurt and some hard-boiled eggs, you may be like— WhY tHe FuCk ArE yOu eAtInG vEgAn YoGuRt BuT ThEn EaTiNG EgGs? I’m just a really confusing person. I like to spice things up

(voice from the sHaDoWs) Are eggs dAiRy? Oh my god, who’s gonna tell her? I’m baby. No, no. No, I’m baby. Careful. WoAH WOaH gOd tHiS hUrTs you know what else hurts? WORDS ;( (Emma dancing better than anyone has ever dance in there LiFe) Dude I’m so fucking hype. Retweet if your hype. (continues to do the hype) *Olivia making car alarm noises* Oh my god *Olivia making even weirder noises* This breakfast is sexy like. (Olivia: GOood morning) why are we all vlogging at once?!! Did that just go on the floor? I’m eating it. I ate it off the floor (Emma once again letting herself become a victim of unhygienic jokes) you didn’t need to do that My immune system is at an all-time high at Coachella You make a point. I’m gonna have egg farts from this I just farted! Okay time for my make- okay they’re literally screaming I have a daily makeup routine, you know the same thing i do everyday but i kinda wanna try something new *Knocks on the door* Where am I supposed to do my makeup? in here, Okay so as i was SaYIng Im gonna try out a new makeup routine today and see how it goes I thought that coachella would be a good chance for me to revamp my makeup routine with a bunch of new products So this could actually they’re gonna really good or really bad. im NervOus *crickets* ok this is boring face makeup is done You can kind of see it here. This is like good face make up for me Like I can’t believe I just did this we retweet if you want a tutorial Like I can’t believe I just did this. ReTwEEt iF U WanT a TUtOrial I guess it wasn’t meant to be I get it the universe was like bitch. You’re going to ruin everything. You just did by putting on fake lashes So at least the universe is looking after me. Oh, yeah, I still have to do my whole hair. Oh why cant i just have a glam squad Amanda, can u please be my glam squad Amanda, can u please be my glam squad no. SO you’re not gonna do my hair SO you’re not gonna do my hair?. Amanda: no will you do my hair on day 3 though? No. oh wait yeah So, what are we gonna do about that Not too bad for a little inexperienced bitch Okay I’m gonna do my hair and I’m not gonna film a because it’s gonna be really really Exhausting for me like really upsetting for me So and then I’ll see you then and then getting ready welcome to day one outfit for shoes I have these shoes by naked wool her pants have these shoes that I got from Opening Ceremony I have these shoes by naked wolfe for pants have these shoes that I got from Opening Ceremony FoR PAntS I HaVe tHese SHoeS Did I really just say that? theyre the brand patrick church glasses are from poppy lissiman Shirt is actually borrowed from a friend so i dont know where she got this and then my hair has these little things in them what are we thinking? do we fucking hate it? thats the question oKAY listen its coachella BiTch wait no I’m jealous I want some there We just took our instagram pictures!!! I posted twice within 20 minutes Handle SS sisters now But I did it r u guys ready??? WAAAOW ThIS Is mY OuTFiT THIS IS MY OUTFIT THIS IS HER OUTFIT THiS iS hEr oUTfiT! And th- OUR OU NO Do it thESE R OUR OUTFITS im so excited but we had to wait like an hour for an uber and Want to be able to vlog the music, but I can’t because then ill get copyrighted tHat was the most beautiful thing ive ever seeeen I literally don’t say that I could no But they actually I do that’s the things it was like really inflamed right now like its back like really not fun like would not Recommend like a void it all go on to begin tomorrow we get to see tame impala Shit’s gonna go crazy. I’ve loved even halter probably the last four years since I was a freshman in high school So like this is gonna go crazy for me. Why don’t look sunburn. Is that possible do you get sunburn? This here. I’m out in a white wine I feel like I know what I’m doing now, and I know how to like have a good time I think the Cutie kotel is just not go too much pressure on it last year at too many expectations I was bound to get disappointed and so this area I just walked into a knows I live sure Also, the coffee is still good. That shit was so good. I want to get more tomorrow, but I’m gonna get seven tomorrow I’d only got one coffee today. That is sad. No wonder I’m tired right now. I literally had one coffee Oh my god, my moisturizer ran out bitch – you heard him. What even is this moisturizer? I really don’t know the problems. I have at one time went into a store. That is like Focuses on skincare and I was like literally just healthy sadly. The back is still an issue Look at her fucking just inflamed or whatever now back knees are part of a brand. I Swear to god, I’m not high. Oh my god. How many people are gonna comment? Hmm okay. This could be fun. Woo. Do I look okay to you like I’m not time to use snack Wow We need to go grocery shopping tomorrow morning Nobody responded to me I Don’t know why I just feel myself eating that there’s no way that’s entertaining for you. I have you don’t look alive right now I just look at my fucking face. Nothing. That’s funny about it is like most people go to Coachella We do a bunch of drugs and then they look like this but for me I went to Coachella. It didn’t do any drugs and I still look like this so like that’s not fair I literally feel like I’m about to shit and then vomit simultaneously. Okay, I love snacks Why don’t you forget about me filming I can’t believe the hotels already one third over I’m kind of sad then again I’m not cuz like it’s really not that fun. It’s all an illusion. I don’t even know like am I having a good time? I Think I am good night Do you think I was sleeping right there I wasn’t why can’t I turn the camera off are you forgetting? To tell makes you feel kind of fun I have my yogurt I have veggie sausage and I have iced coffee in a Styrofoam cup that makes me think I’m drinking drugs Don’t do it you’re gonna jump every time I got my camera and all just weird shit happens. I’ve just heard off of bad luck This is my this is my this is my We’re gonna go I’ll tell you where everything’s from the birth Do you live from eunuchs my Panther from Moschino and also heard that it’s pronounced? Muskie now, I’ve heard machinima Skeena. Oh my god I really sounds sick right now My top is from American Apparel. My niggaz from dogs killed earrings are from I Have no fucking idea. So anyways, yeah, that’s the T bitch. Who’s excited. Are you excited? Yeah Are you saying? Are you fading? Are you excited? Yes Just took a fat shit now some yoga Takagi I Am so tired Taemin pelicans on him like an hour. I’m about to go crazy I really want to go home, but I have to see Taemin Paula first. I want to go to bed I don’t go to there I said it I’ve never felt better bitch. It’s literally midnight. We’re drinking another coffee. We just watched a man Pauly was fucked up. It was insane So that was good that just made my whole night I located a panic attack at one point because crowds make me anxious but then once I saw teaming ball No matter I’m drinking coffee life is good. My third one of the day I’ve got my day two is over. I Am Just wrecked. I don’t know how I’m supposed to survive another day this tame impala was amazing and stuff Like 6-3 know my 3:00 a.m. I’m thriving like on a normal day like it’s really my be great But for some reason this shit’s wiping me out one more day and then there’s a one another 365 days then there’s another Coachella and I’m probably gonna end avoided that one too coach. I was fun It is it’s fun, but it’s also like it’s not that what it is I’ll have fun for like 20 minutes and then it’s like not fun anymore Then another 20 minutes of fun then maybe like two hours of no fun I think the pain issue is that there’s a lot of pain involved on so many levels again I’ll see you tomorrow for day three. I just want this shit to be over low-key billing also having a good time Am I having a good time So we just got coffee no cat today, all right day 13 Okay, even though I don’t really have any artists I care to see you today Sometimes just like I don’t even really want to go I got a collage not because I love when coffee makes me freak the fuck out. Oh It actually is good. Normally when I go to a random coffee place like this shit. It’s just bad anyway So we’re gonna go give our friends to coffee if they’re ready and then we’re gonna fucking go to the festival day three oh, we’re just all a mess at this point like Why am I filming myself doing this vegetarian sausage I know what you’re doing taking video of a stop. We’re breaking up We all just made a crazy no cap executive decision to not go to day three We’re literally just gonna hang out all day at the pool. We’re just gonna chill by the pool. Oh My god, it’s freezing. Never mind. Honestly, it just wasn’t the vibe today. Oh, oh, it’s all melted Oh how you’re not as good when it’s melted We’re having a beach day You know what? The thing about Coachella is it’s only fun when? You want to see music that you like and then maybe you don’t have like songs that you want to see you’re artists that you Want to see it’s just pointless and also like look at Josie’s blisters Like there’s no way she could walk around a whole another day. Yeah, there’s no reason to torture ourselves for a whole nother day I just don’t have it in me, but it was a great time when we were there We took Polaroids we have coffee. Oh That’s really some strong shit also like it’s so beautiful out here like come on Who could resist this view? It’s my vegan pizza with so many olives on it that nobody would like to eat it But me welcome to vegan pizza my thing. I thought I would do a quick Coachella review. Oh you got garlic knots Mm-hmm last year I said that it was the worst weekend of my life this year It wasn’t the worst weekend of my life But it definitely was a little bit of a mess getting to and from the festival every day a mess The zubur situation was a mess. The coffee was good. The music was good for the time that we were there. It was great Well, it was pretty good better than last year I also think I drank more coffee than they did last year, which means it was a good time Am I gonna go back next year? Yeah I know I’m good. Now that burped No, not so that was fun the lesson I learned is to your food I have a bad habit of not you remember fries At the festival no because there’s so many loud people being moved in here Wait, you’re awesome. I would argue that garlic knots that you can get from a pizza place are actually better than the pizza. Mm-hmm Welcome to vlogmas


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