Amazing Chaga anti-aging

Amazing Chaga anti-aging

Hi it’s Leda Lum Apotheca and we are going
to talk about Chaga again today and how I can give you 10% discount on an antioxidant
chaga cream and a tincture chaga mushroom extract which is helping people with so many
things, stay tuned. Ok I’ve been so excited lately about chaga which is just an amazing
mushroom. Its called, what is it called inonotus obliquus. Thats the latin name for this awesome
immune busting or immune modifying mushroom as well its an amazing antioxidant, its got
all these properties. And I teamed up with this company Eartherbs which I was researching
online and they are really awesome AND they gave me a link that will get you 10% discount
on all these products and they give me a small percentage which is really neat and a win
for everybody. Ive been using their cream, their antioxidant cream on my face and it
seems to be brightening and firming under my eyes which makes sense as it has a whole
lot of anti oxidant properties as well as they have a tincture which with chaga. The
reason why its infused in alcohol is that alcohol infused chaga has a larger amount,
showed the strongest superoxide dismutase activity as opposed to a water extraction
like a tea. And so thats why it comes in a tincture. Like this. So its, you take it sublingually
or you swish it around in your mouth and that way its absorbing into your blood stream more
rapidly which is another reason why its alcohol infused or disfused.. alcohol extracted. So
chaga is a mushroom its a super adaptogen, which are herbs that help your body adapt
basically. It helps your immune system. So chag is an immune, Powerful immune adaptogen
or immune modulator. So it helps your immune system, it educates, re-educates and enhances
your immunity essentially. Chaga is a super nutrient has alkalizing mineral. It has the
highest amount of potassium, non radio active cesium and rubidium and zinc. So these are
all very alkalizing minerals that are in high concentration in chaga. Chaga also has a high
potency of betulinic acid birch bark extract which makes sense because the chaga grows
on the birch so its concentrating this extract. Which has been shown to help with the healing
of wounds. Its high anti-inflammatory and it helps with the regenerates skin cells as
well as anti tumor anti cancer and helps protect your genetics. Your genes, its a geno protectant.
Its also has the highest form of melanin. It defuses 99% of UV rays which protects the
integrity of our cells, melanin. And chaga is a high form of it. Thats why its awesome
in the form of a cream, the melanin helps protect your skin as well as a superoxide
dismutase which is a super oxidant. Lets talk about the cream now. They have a super anti
oxidant chaga mushroom cream which im super excited about. It smells pretty mild and ive
been putting it under my eyes and everywhere really. It absorbs quite easily and im already
finding that these dark spots under my eyes seem to be going away and its firming up.
Common use for this cream is skin detoxification because of its high anti oxidant properties.
It has micro circulation skin cell renewal, collagen production. Affective for wrinkle
reduction, rough skin teacture, dull looking skin.Skin puffiness. Sun damage, which ive
been noticed that its helping with mine eczema rosacea psoriasis and other skin rashes and
irritations. Any way Im in love with this cream as well. If you like this video please
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  • brooklove90 says:

    your so gorgeous you look like megan fox but more exotic. I know its rude to ask about age but can you say because this stuff you do must really work I would never guess your over 25

  • Diggin Diggen It says:

    Totally amazing video Again Leda you know i love Chaga and it taste good also.
    Now i know why the tincture i made for my father healed his open cut thanks to your video, i was always thinking the tincture was a internal only deal.
    What a wonderful mushroom for sure.
    If your a guy its also is like a natural viagra (found that out right away)so women buy the tincture for your mate you will not be disappointed

  • Ally light says:

    Thanx for vid, it's such a pain I'm allergic to tree bark..oh well:(u look super glowing. Xx

  • Robert Laster says:

    im an author. im your future husband.

  • Ally light says:

    Sorry ment to say birch tree-similar allergy to when people have hay fever. At certain times of the year I have this allergy. I found out when using an oil from weleda which was a birch oil,Had a bad reaction to it-identical to the allergy I get at certain times of the year. Super annoying. Xx

  • oth23hugger says:

    I love all your videos. You skin is so lovely it just glows. Is the tincture or the extract powder what I should use for the anti aging properties? Also, what is the amount you should take of each. I'm getting ready to turn 26 and I know that is when your collagen production starts to break down so I'm doing whatever I can to start prevention now. Thank you so very much!!

  • Ally light says:

    🙂 I know. Yeah not sure, just incase. My sister is also the same:( have good day xx

  • Kay Stary says:

    I am curious about the chaga cream, would it work for oily acne prone skin types?

  • george duncan says:

    Rubidium is Amazing rare earth mineral!!! real talk SOD is 🔥🔥

  • Sharleen Duplessis says:


  • Jason Morris says:

    Do you know anything that thickens skin ?

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