Alpha Gal and the Lone Star Tick

Alpha Gal and the Lone Star Tick


  • JustOneAsbesto says:

    You forgot Archaea, Doc, but I'll forgive it since you specialize in human biology.

  • Y V says:

    So much left to be discovered/investigated further!  Interesting!  Have you done a video about Hashimoto's linked to gluten sensitivity?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!!!

  • Victor Crosswell says:

    sounds like to me nature is still trying to tell us to stop eating meat GO VEGAN (high carb please)

  • Dani Timnev says:

    Meat allergies in tick bites are caused by chronic Lyme, there is plenty of material for this in the Lyme community… but barely a few official research to bring it to light (yet).

  • Howard J Moore says:

    Please keep on telling it like it tis Doctor, you make SO MUCH sense!

  • Im Yu says:

    You don't state outright that vegans have milder STARI symptoms. Do they?

  • balderdashery G says:

    I'll be screwed if there is something out there that makes me allergic to bananas!  I eat about 15 a day.  I don't particularly love the taste, but they make me happy.  Much better than prozac.  Thanks for the news Doc.  Do you think then that people that don't eat meat might not have any affects when getting bit by the Lone Star tick?  Hmmm….

  • Philippe Orlando says:

    I'm a vegan for ethical reasons. I refuse to kill anything to stay alive. I don't have to. I'm not convinced that anything, wolf, human or cat is going to have a problem eating something that is too close to its own configuration. Doesn't make sense. I'm not convinced that humans are allergic to meat. Meat is taken apart into amino acids in our digestive system. After it's taken apart it' s not meat anymore. It's a mixture of fat and amino acids.  The amino acid Leucine from meat is the same as the one in lentil in the same way that a molecule of carbon is the same in Methane or carbon monoxide.  We can't be allergic to Leucine, no matter where it comes from. I want people to stop eating meat because eventually they will realize that it is ethically wrong, on many levels. Not because of what I heard in this video, which seems highly dubious and unlikely. I will check all the studies mentioned in this video,but right now it's making me very uncomfortable. I strongly invite everybody watching this to seriously investigate and come back to this. We have too. I'm an animal activist. I've filmed in two slaughterhouses. My footage is used in Vegucated and Earthlings. I'm deeply committed to see the end of animal suffering. But it must be done the right way. Not by trying to instill fear through nutrition. Right now, this is what I think is being done here. 

  • Howard Johnson says:

    How about if I make my own cream of mushroom soup?  I do use a stick of butter with my 2 pounds of fresh mushrooms.  Is that a problem?

  • Howard Johnson says:

    If I eat honey comb, is that helpful?

  • Howard Johnson says:

    I do my best not to bite ticks.  Is that better for me?

  • mele host says:

    "we chimps and apes"… come on…  Supporting evolution-theory is a massive discredit to you even though you would again ranking with Fraternity-Science.

    There's no proof of evolution theory and DNA is a data technology that proves that abstracted lifeforms are programmatically incompatible for evolution to occur.  Lifeforms are even designed to be protected against contamination of their data, example having skin and immune systems.  We also see no evidence of microbes being replaced by new lifeforms in any progressive ladder of life.

  • Billy Bob says:

    If I got a bite from one of these ticks, I would continue to eat meat till I die. Vegans are just weird, idk how they even get the proper nutrients from just plants. Even vegetarians eat meat sometimes. Eating meat is perfectly fine, the animals we eat are not sentient, they aren't aware of what is going to happen to them, and it's usually a quick death. So you can say well "Killing things is wrong" and "animals have rights too" but we can if we want to and no they don't. So going vegan isn't a solution, they are still going to kill cows, chickens, ect, no matter what "vegans" have to say about it.

  • Fellow accelerationist says:

    Tiks, I hat them anyway. Scary little suckers. They´ve once infected me with lyme disease … .

  • OccamsRzzr says:

    Let create GMO's so I can have my yummy pork. Mmmmmm

  • SB Beaudry says: is a great group for support.

  • LowLife. says:

    My great grandfather lives to be 101 years old and not o oh did he eat a lot of meat, he ate raw beef from time to time, or "blue beef"

  • Check Yo Heart says:

    What about true carnivores ?

  • Solace Mist says:

    I was one of the very first that was bitten in the United States, I became very ill. Here is a peek at my journey with healing from it.

  • Donna Parker says:

    I would so love to see Dr. Greger make a video about this test (and any similar tests he could find)

  • Sakari Peltola says:

    The immune stimulating substances from our food are supposed to remain in our guts. This is why tick bites and other invertebrate bites are so problematic immune system wise…

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