Aloe Vera for Psoriasis

Aloe Vera for Psoriasis

“Aloe Vera for Psoriasis” Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory skin
disease that affects about 1 in 40 people, making it one of the most frequent
chronic skin diseases worldwide. There’s lots of drugs
for it, some of which cost more than $100,000
a year to get a response. There are cheaper drugs like
cyclosporine, but it carries the long-term risk of kidney damage,
hypertension, and malignancies. The drug can cause cancer,
kidney toxicity in more than 50% of the patients treated long-term,
and in terms of malignancies, up to 42 times the rate of cancer. And it doesn’t even work that well,
keeping the disease at bay in a little more than half of
patients over a 4-month period. There’s got to be a better way. What about plants: “Topical Botanical
Agents for the Treatment of Psoriasis.? Well, aloe vera gel is said to possess
anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, and wound-healing properties. Yeah, but as I described before,
when it was put to the test for wound-healing it actually
made things worse. The exploitation of aloe preparations
has been accompanied too often by misinformation and exaggerated claims,
but there is some impressive evidence. For example, to test its anti-inflammatory
properties it was tested head-to-head against steroids
for mustard gas exposure. Mustard gas is probably the most
popular chemical warfare agent, starting in World War I. The last widespread military use was
in the ’80s during the Iraq-Iran war, with more than 100,000 exposed
and many still suffering from the long-term complications,
predominantly itching. Even decades after surviving a gas
attack, 70% to 90% are still suffering. Topical steroids are the most frequently
administered medications, and they help, but long-term use is not recommended and
is associated with a variety of side effects. Therefore, how about safer
agents like aloe vera? Sixty-seven chemical warfare-injured
vets were randomized to apply aloe vera/olive oil
cream or the steroids, and the aloe vera mixture appeared
to work as well as the drug. OK, well then let’s give it a try
for the management of psoriasis. By the end of the month-long study,
the aloe vera cream had cured 83% of the patients, compared to
the placebo cure rate of less than 10%, resulting in significant clearance of
the psoriatic plaque skin lesions. All right, but that’s compared
to an inactive placebo. How about compared to steroids? Aloe was found to be more effective
in reducing the clinical symptoms. Like taking this nasty belly button and
clearing the itchy, scaly rash away. Here’s another beautiful sequence
of before-and-after pictures, but in this case, this may have very
well been the placebo treatment. In this double-blind, placebo-controlled
study of a commercial aloe vera gel in the treatment of slight to moderate
psoriasis, things got better in 70% of the aloe treated sites, but 80% of
the placebo-treated areas improved. The placebo beat out the aloe.
The high response rate of the placebo gel indicated a
possible effect in its own right. The placebo was just basically
xanthan gum and water, and they were like, hey, instead of aloe
failing, maybe xanthan gum just works too? All in all, the results on the
effectiveness of aloe vera for psoriasis are contradictory, but
applying it on the skin appears safe, so I figure why not give it a try?


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    Geraldine Fortin

    5.0 out of 5 stars Erases scaly psoriatic patches and those brown liver spots

    December 11, 2013

    Verified Purchase

    This product is proving to be spectacular for clearing the psoriatic arthritis from my forehead – dry scaly patches. My father had them too at my age – late 70's and 80's – and we both have severe osteoarthritis. In addition to that it is also clearing the brown spots from both my face and the back of my hands – amazing which to me means it is helping liver function. They even call these brown splotches that often come with age "liver spots" – these easily observable outside factors tell me it is no doubt doing other good things inside the body too! The softgels are small and easy to swallow or melt in the mouth with only a momentary bitter taste. I attribute a lot of the good features I am experiencing with them to the Shilajit fulvic acid – as I had previously taken a product that was simply that and observed the help with the scaly patches on the skin. But this product is so much more as the CoQ10 is all important for those with cholesterol problems (mine has always been high) and the PQQ important to capillary integrity too (which I interpret as an aid to preventing strokes and hemorrhaging

  • Kathy Fausett says:

    Because of the obvious effects of placebos, why are they still used in comparative studies? If the treatment being compared to a placebo is more effective, are the placebo effects subtracted from the outcome?

  • Banana Bandana says:

    I just tried raw meat last night after 7 years of vegan diet
    It’s not as bad as you’d think

  • andrea20k says:

    I have noticed my psoriasis gets worst the more gluten I eat. I try to stick to a gluten free diet, but as a vegan who has given up eggs, dairy, meat, and recently soy (d/t allergies) giving up another food product is not easy. 😞

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    Highly informative videos each & every time. Format of the video is great, length is appropriate, dr greger's voice is clear, most importantly all the information put out is well researched & correct.
    Love this channel 😍😍🤗👍👌 & Thank you Dr greger 👏😊, Please keep on making such amazing videos

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    Dr. Gregor needs to do a video on lipospheric supplements as seen on Amazon and elsewhere, including the Vitaminshoppe. Liposomal vitamin c, glutathione, lipoic acid, b complex, etc are available, some are quite costly but they do produce what some would label as miracles.

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    Dr Gregor, garlic for intestinal parasites or other natural remedies like fruits? and the best natural moisturizer that keeps you looking young, bam

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    What foods are the best for gingivitis ?

  • swaggastronomer says:

    What foods are the best for oral plaque?

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    So shouldn't it have been xanthan gum and water that we should try on the skin?

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    The research continues….

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    So steroids < aloe vera < xanthan gum 3:43
    1:34 or olive oil

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    The placebo effect winning out.
    I think this is where Dr. John E. Sarno's work on the Mind-Body connection comes in. (:

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    Thumbs up for Aloe and xanthan gum apparently…

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  • Reverend Eslam says:

    The very first time I used aloe vera gel on my skin (for itchiness), I recognized it's value and I have been using it ever since (or at least when it's available at low-cost).

  • Beau Scott says:

    Since psoriasis is a gut issue, aloe Vera is very useful. Heal the gut, heal the body. You can do the silver aloe protocol with 1oz of silver hydrosol, and 1oz of raw aloe Vera juice. Take it 3 times a day on an empty stomach, and before bed, take a probiotic.

    Gluten isn't your problem. Glyphosate is the problem, also there are issues with wheat as we know it today, but spelt works just fine. Most food allergies are just a lack of minerals or a damaged intestinal tract.

  • Adam 3d says:

    I still think Dr Greger picks and chooses focusing only on studies that are more biased towards Plant diets and ignores a lot of others.
    I suggest you read or subscribe to the journals yourself.

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    Aloe vera plus xanthan gum then?

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    Aloe Vera smells pretty horrible though 😕

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    Ah, good ol' placebo effect…is there anything it can't cure?

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    Love the info!! 💟

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    Any1 know a good non toxic brand for aloe vera, and where I can get it? Or should I just buy a plant at the nursery?

  • Diane Possemato says:

    I have been using Pure Haven’s Dream Cream on my psoriasis and it works great. Yes it does have aloe in it but it also has other great organic non-toxic ingredients!

  • Abdulaziz says:

    as someone who have psoriasis this guy no fucking clue wtf he's talking about

  • VoteGreen says:

    This goes to show trying a natural ingredient is always worth trying before resorting to filling a prescription. Prescription drugs have more side effects than benefits.

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    Does anyone know how to treat pityriasis rosea :// ? If really is a baffling skin condition with what appears to be an unknown cause.

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    Gawd, his dramatic delivery is so irritatingly fake

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    The placebo effect is truly a. weird thing.

  • sooooooooDark says:

    Psoriasis = grains n shit
    im lucky that my skin is pretty much unfuckable, but so many vegans have problems with that shit
    if ur skin is inflammed its an indicator that ur gut is too, which happens if u eat scatchy proteins (like gluten peanuts and the like)

    dont eat fucking grains, they r a slow death and u dont even notice it until u cut them out

  • TheFukwitz says:

    I once was asleep and rolled into a fire on the beach. I had a rather horrid hole left burnt in my leg. Weeks of patches and poorly formed scabs and slow healing followed. I visited a friend who used aloe on the wound. I woke the next morning and the scab had fully formed and created crystal like structures. The scab stayed true and the wound continued to shrink until fully healed.

  • jon hamm says:

    eggs and meat will heal psoriasis

  • ed v says:

    Maybe xanthan gum is actually helping the skin and acting as an active ingredient, so might not be pure placebo. Id want to see xanthan gum up against another placebo

  • FlowerGrower Smith says:

    I keep an aloe vera plant in a pot and use it if I ever get sunburnt by accident – it seems to have a very positive effect… Glad I don't have psoriasis though..

  • Silkie Shag says:

    very informative as always, thanks for the content.

  • Jo Jo says:

    I use lots of moisturiser on my scalp psoriasis before washing my hair and it works a treat. Also no shampoo only conditioner and yes my hair and scalp adapted and is not greasy at all!

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    Thank you!!! I'll try it immediately!!!

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    Hiya i have been watching you videos for so long now and I absolutely love them (I also love how not to die!!) but I was wondering if you could do a vide on vergin coconut oil for moisturising you skin etc and iv heard some very conflicting things online but it would be so incredible to get you veiw on the matter. Thanks!!!!

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    And we must think of good instinal Bacteria

  • tweety1028801 says:

    What about celery juicing?

  • Liberty Daniels says:

    Probably both work because it is protecting the skin like a barrier from the allergen that is causing the rash. Xantham gum probably adhered to skin better.

  • jayne Donahue says:

    Dr. What is your opinion on un processed sea moss for source of collagen ?

  • michael s says:

    Placebo effect is supposed to work well for another skin condition, warts, so why not psoriasis? Has anyone tried hypnotism?

  • Vegan Walk says:

    I started having psoriasis a couple of years ago. I totally can control it, literally turn it on and off, by not getting enough sunshine (or vitamin D) and sleep. When I get plenty of sleep I tend to get more sunshine. And when I'm more structured I'm more consistent with taking vitamin D on days I don't get sun. I know I was deficient in D from my blood work last year. I expected it because I work inside all day everyday. So my issue clearly is related to vitamin D, at least that seems to be the case thus far.

  • epSos Premium says:

    Aloe Vera after shaving is pure bliss for the skin.
    Aloe Vera + Camomile is double the bliss. Can be good against #Psoriasis too !

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    For more information on natural aloe vera products join this facebook group

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