Alkaline Water Benefits – 10 Benefits of Alkaline Water in just 3 Minutes

Alkaline Water Benefits – 10 Benefits of Alkaline Water in just 3 Minutes

Heard of alkaline ionised water? But wondering
what it can do for you? Well, here’s 10 reasons to drink alkaline ionized water everyday.
1 – Hydration. Research shows that drinking alkaline ionized water hydrates your body
better than plain water. 2 – Detoxification. Alkaline Ionized water provides the body with
a daily cleanse. Your kidneys will thank you as ion trapping draws out acidic toxins. Your
liver will say “Cheers!” as the increased levels of anti-oxidants promote blood cleansing.
Your colon will feel the difference and YOU will too! 3 – Balance Body pH. Research shows
that raising the pH of your urine by just one pH can prevent or eleminate the symptoms
of metabolic syndrome – Such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood
sugar and kidney stones. A recent clinical study shows that alkaline water can fight
harmful metabolic acidosis by raising blood pH by 40 – 70% within the normal blood pH
range. 4 – Weight Loss. Hydration allows you to have better workouts, so you are able to
burn more calories. A recent study showed that people who started drinking alkaline
water lost an average of 12 pounds in two months. And the only change they made was
drinking alkaline water. 5 – Anti-Aging. Alkaline water triples the anti-oxidants strength in
vitamin c and alone it acts to counteract harmful reactive species which damage DNA
and tissue. Combined alkaline water and vitamin C work effectively to neutralize harmful free
radicals. 6 – Heart Health and Blood Pressure. Alkaline Ionized water has been shown to reduce
blood pressure in lower chloreraol with people with mineral differences. 7 – Liver Health.
Alkaline Water has been shown to to reduce oxidative stress in the body that effects
the liver. Alkaline water has also been shown to increase levels of a critical anti-oxidant
that protects the liver. 8 – Bone Health. Research shows a clear link between alkaline
water and bone health. When your body is pH balanced becomes acidic, your body will adjust
it by stealing calcium from your bones. 9 – Digestive Health. Research suggests alkaline
water reduces the symptoms of colitis, loose bowel and constipation. 10 – Spots Performance.
Feel more hydrated when greater endurance, faster recovery and more energy. Want to know
how alkaline water can help you? Call us now for more information and ask us about the
10 reasons discount for alkaline water ionizers.


  • Life Ionizers says:

    Got 3 Minutes? Get the facts

    On 10 research-proven benefits of drinking alkaline water
     This video is based on over 40 studies from around the world that have documented health benefits and athletic performance benefits that come from drinking alkaline water.

  • Life Ionizers says:

    Hi Welch!  The benefits of alkaline ionized water are usually felt within the first 30 days of drinking it.  We offer a 60 day trial period, so you are able to try it out and make sure it's right for you!  Take a look at some of our reviews and testimonials from satisfied Life Ionizer customers here  

  • Life Ionizers says:

    Alkaline benefit studies can be found here –

  • Life Ionizers says:

    Thanks William!  Alkaline water and the benefits are amazing!  It's so great to hear from another satisfied Life Ionizer client. 

  • Life Ionizers says:

    Alkaline Water Benefits – What is your water doing for you? 

  • Life Ionizers says:

    What are the benefits of alkaline, ionized water?

    Watch 10 Alkaline Ionized Water Benefits in just 3 minutes and find out now!

    Read the research here:

  • Ethan F says:

    No biochemistry textbook mentions anything a pity alkaline ionized water being better than regular tap water.

  • Sage Justice says:

    I have had a Life Ionizer for 5 years now and absolutely love the water.  The system has worked flawless for me because I've replaced the filters 3 times a year, but the company has given me awesome filter deals, so I figured, "why not?"  I gave my mother my old 7700 unit and now have a brand new M9, which not only looks awesome, but is way easier to use than my older model.  Go Life! 🙂

  • Hardy Man says:

    this is the video that convinced me to buy an ionizer.  My research showed that for my office and 10 person staff, the life ionizer m13 was the best choice.  Already feeling results and my staff members are taking it home by the gallon!

  • Life Ionizers says:

    Alkaline Water Benefits – How can it help you?

  • Taylored Tuff says:

    I really want to get the pitcher for now. Are the benefits the same as the system?

  • Randy Marsh says:

    Where is the best place to purchase the proper ionizer? Do they have ionizer bottles that you can take with you?

  • Life Ionizers says:

    Life Water Ionizers presents – 10 Alkaline Ionized Water Benefits in just 3 minutes – How will it help you?

  • Tim Moore says:

    The information was great,will pass it on.

  • redhotfan1111 says:

    Nice, the market of pseudoscience at its best. The world of ''healthy dieting'' is becoming more and more filled with liars and thieves who profit on people's ignorance and gullibility. But I guess $ > Morals.

  • Erick Jamieson says:

    This is a good starter video. My experience agrees with you and the study. After two years of drinking ionized water I can't imagine going back to regular tap water. It's some kind of alive water 7.0.

  • Elliott Gordon says:

    one question. why do we need a detox for our kidney when thats it's there for. to detex the body by itself

  • A. ALzahrani says:

    If you claim that some study says something you should link the studies

  • Mayuresh parksyde says:

    please send me nasik Maharashtra address

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