Acupuncture for Allergies & Asthma : Acupuncture for Eczema: Intestine 11

Acupuncture for Allergies & Asthma : Acupuncture for Eczema: Intestine 11

For treating eczema with the redness, itchy
sensation. Another important point is called large intestine 11. It’s located at the, around
the elbow. And if you locate this cubital crease. And that’s point large intestine 11.
Located at end of this crease. And there is a depression here, so you can press this point
with your finger. Or you can insert the needles to relieve the heat toxin. For skin rashes,
for itchiness. Or even for some headache, red eyes. Because this is large intestine
channel. Which runs on the lateral side of the arm. And it goes all the way around the
elbow. And then the shoulder, the neck. And then ends up in the nose. So that’s called
the large intestine 11. To relieve the itchiness and clears up the heat toxin.


  • ValBee says:

    I'm going to try it and see how it goes. What else is recommended?

  • carolethecatlover says:

    Yes. I have been having acupuncture for eczema/dermatitis. Slow, 8 visits so far, but dry, and hardly ever itchy now.
    I also recommend cutting out all citrus fruit. This was a side effect of doing the Atkins diet 7 years ago. 90% of my eczema disappeared in 3 days. But, it flares up from time to time. I think this was caused by some food with lemon juice in it. But it is so much better, that I now can experiment with cures.

  • carolethecatlover says:

    Atkins diet, which eliminates most allergy causing foods. Fenofexodine 180mg.
    New drug I want to find out about called
    toctino. Anybody tried it.

  • Kiwi says:

    Edlidel or Aveeno !% hydrocoritsone anti-itch cream

  • alkapown says:

    maybe u mean elidel (dunno maybe there is an edidel too) cause i used elidel too for about 3-4 months

  • David says:

    How long should I press down on this point?

  • LovelyLilDevilWings says:

    i've had eczema for … oh god, since… I was 17? I'm 20… I would be happy to do this if it got rid of the itchness

  • AspiringPotato says:

    I had bad vision, so I acupunctured my eyeballs, and the vision went away entirely. Problem solved!

  • Khan says:

    I have asthma since i was 12 ..and now i am 13 …..but i kind of didnt get this video /?

  • isharevideos says:

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  • Rdela says:

    WTF that thumbnail is so fucking misleading.

  • Edward A. Scott says:

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  • Claire Tan says:

    Hi Dr Li Zheng, my 4year old is suffering from very bad night itchy from the eczema. Will the intestine 11 help her?

  • Prabes Tukan says:

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  • lamfilipos says:

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  • Penelope J says:

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