ACNE TREATMENT ✨ Simple Daily At Home Skincare Regimen (Acne Routines That Work!)

ACNE TREATMENT ✨ Simple Daily At Home Skincare Regimen (Acne Routines That Work!)

hello thanks so much for watching my
name is Sarah Kay and I’ve been an esthetician and medical esthetician for
13 years I’ve also dealt with teenage acne and now adult acne and I continue
to deal with it acne is chronic so I’m going to give you a little routine that
you can do to help improve your acne at home without having to go see me or my
friends and hopefully this is really helpful for you so this is something
that I recommend to a lot of my clients children this is something that some of
these products I found on my own one or two of them and they still continue to
be some of the best and go twos so I’m gonna give you two regimens one is more
of a save regimen one is more of a splurge regimen so depending on what
your budget will allow will determine which one you go with but pick one or
the other if you want to mix and match you can just be cognizant of what you’re
mixing and matching you don’t want to have two of the same cleansers right so
just be aware of that and then also I want to mention that if you have severe
acne if you’re dealing with huge skin issues please go see your dermatologist
see a dermatologist and also consider seeing somebody in the holistic field
that can treat you because acne is inflammation found in your body so
something is flaring it something is disrupting your body and in turn you’re
seen that reflect on your biggest organ which is your skin so it’s happening on
the inside will reflect outward and I want you to keep that in mind because a
lot of us don’t realize that we might have a food allergy or sensitivity and
maybe it’s even hormones females if you have cysts if you deal with anything
like that it actually can show up in huge cystic acne as well and I know that
for a fact because I dealt with it myself so I’m sharing with you I’ve
really truly tried almost everything that’s been available so I’m coming to
you with just a very simple daily regimen like I said one is super
affordable the other is just what I actually used
many many years so you ready I’m going to I’m going to hold up some products so
get a pen and paper I don’t get paid for any of this stuff so I don’t have links
to share with you or anything like that but I refuse to not put this information
out there because I just really hope that it is helpful to you because we all
go through so much especially between the ages of like 13 and 25 which is kind
of the age rage that I find this appropriate for and I want your skin to
be one less thing that you have to deal with and focus on in fact to say
affirmations your body your cells their very intelligence so be respectful and
mindful of that don’t spend too much time you know focusing on the stuff that
bugs you I want to give you this I want you to do it and I want you to nothing
twice about it or think about it for one more moment you need to actually
envision and picture beautiful glowing skin and do the right steps in life to
help support that so obviously drinking tons of water
using less things that are hormone disrupters just cleaner products cleaner
food like all these things make a huge difference okay and I think some people
would argue that but there’s enough research supporting it so without
further ado I’m gonna get going alright so if you are in the safe Department and
this is something where you just don’t have a huge budget but you’re dealing
with blemishes and particularly these are gonna be there’s two major different
types of acne and one is hormonal acne or the one is called cystic acne so that
is what hormonal acne is their big blemishes underneath the skin they hurt
and they don’t generally have a head on them unless you touch them a lot those
are the types of limits you want to stay away from and those are the types of
limits is we can’t actually do much for so keep that in mind if that’s all you
deal with then you actually probably do need to figure out exactly what’s
prompting it and what’s causing that on your skin if you deal with the type of
breakout that gets like a little white hat or you deal with blackheads you deal
with little red bumpy’s then this regimen is gonna be awesome
you okay so I’m gonna show you what our doctors here at the dermatology and skin
cancer center actually recommend to some of their teenagers I just pulled this
out of the cabinet in our facility so this is straight from our cabinet these
are sample sizes you can get the big sizes in store but cleanser AM cleanse
your face wash your face with this stuff and this is Cetaphil it’s Pro oily skin
oil removing foaming wash and then in the morning right after you cleanse the
only other thing you’re going to be doing is using this and it is set of
fellows Pro oily skin and this is an SPF 30 I tried it myself I tried both of
these myself before I recommend them recommended them to you and I like them
there are better things but I like these and the better the better regimen I’m
going to show you here in a second okay but this is really good stuff
now at night you would want to cleanse your skin again with this couple of
pumps and then after that there’s an over-the-counter product now that used
to be prescription that is awesome for every age but especially if you deal
with those little pustules because what it does is it’s actually just gonna help
exfoliate skin and it’s gonna help keep your pores from filling up with the dirt
and the oil and the pustules and it’s called different it’s available now it’s
like $13 ok so you’ve got super affordable cleanser super affordable
moisturizer with sunscreen in the morning then you have your cleanser at
night and you have your super affordable different different you want to work up
to it start with three nights a week and on the nights that you’re not using your
different you can use aloe vera plain aloe vera not the elevator that has the
dyes this stuff is clear it’s just has a hundred percent I love it’s fairly
inexpensive and it is really soothing if you feel dry after you used your
different you can use the elevator on top that’s as basic as it needs to be if
you over cleanse your skin you actually strip the skin of all the dirt and oil
and it creates more oil to compensate so be really really careful there’s so many
products out there there’s so many misconceptions of what we should be
doing or shouldn’t be doing and really it’s about finding what works for your
skin and so I’m just giving you a very basic home skin care regimen that works
for almost everybody I know ok so that’s your super affordable skin care regimen
next up is my favorite regimen and it’s what I found worked through either my
teenage years and what I continue to tell my clients to do for their kiddos
and that is cleansing with PCA physicians choice of Arizona makes a
facial wash called oily problem and it’s really hard to show you in this lighting
there you go ok this is a travel size it’s just all I have here we don’t
actually sell this anymore but I love it if you are between the ages of 13 and 25
and you deal it has a touch of lactic acid so it’s not over drying but it also
exfoliates really nicely in the sense that it’s just washing away all the dirt
and oil if you can budget for it the Clarisonic brush to use when you cleanse
that night with this is amazing and here’s why
Clarisonic brushes they have a patent their brush heads actually flex the
reflects the dirt and oil or reflects the pores to clean out dirt and oil so
once it’s cleaned out it’ll keep it cleaned out if you’re using it
consistently don’t use a clear sonic brush sporadically and don’t even waste
your money on a knockoff I have a whole video about the Clarisonic down low so
just scroll down watch that see what it’s all about it’ll tell you which one
to buy why you would buy it all those things but in the morning you’re gonna
cleanse your skin with this if it is in and then after this what you
would do actually is just put on a a lotion that has an SPF of 30 its vivvy a
SPF 30 weeks do we do sell that where I work and it is incredible it has the
antioxidants so antioxidants are going to help with any of that scarring the
red scarring and then the SPF 30 is going to prevent further scarring from
occurring so you’re protecting your skin you’re moisturizing it and at the same
time you’re not overdoing it so in the morning you cleanse you put your SPF on
and that’s it at night cleanse your skin with this stuff then take your
Clarisonic brush with this cleanser wash wash wash and after that if if you can
find it it’s called Mario Badescu and it’s called pink drying lotion
anthropology has had it lately Nordstrom has it and I believe anything you Google
online you can find so what you would do is take a q-tip drop it to the bottom of
the bottle do not shake the bottle just drop it to the bottom pick it up it
looks like calamine lotion and then polka dot on the areas that you’re
dealing with your breakouts let that dry and go to bed
you can also use different that I just mentioned a few nights a week if you
want to in fact I would recommend that if you want a little extra exfoliation
for the splurge version of the exfoliation what I really like is this
enzymatic peel so I popped it up in one of my videos as invisi peel and I didn’t
realize the retail version it has a different name it’s the same stuff but
it’s called enzymatic peel so use this a couple nights a week it’s going to
exfoliate all the dead skin help your skin glow without using too many harsh
chemicals and anything just too harsh on your skin
because since you are going through a lot of changes you don’t need one more
thing to disrupt and throw your skin off also if you feel dry as a moisturizer I
absolutely love this stuff I continue to use it
it’s called phyto-cell and skin suta khals makes it let me see if I can get
the lighting so you can see the name of it there it is
final corrective gel by skin suta coals it’s incredible for just soothing and
it’s I like to use it as a light moisturizer I do find that when you are
younger you don’t feel like you need moisturizer and here’s the thing if your
skin’s not dry don’t add moisturizer but this is very calming think of aloe on
steroids so this is just a lot of plant
botanicals and derivatives it’s soothing feels really nice so this is what you
would do for your hydrator that is my more exclusive if you will a skin care
regimen so that’s if you budget for it you can afford it I love that regimen
for probably ages 13 to 25 I mean you can punch that number like I said so
lastly for those of you who never want to wash your face for those of you who
can’t get your kid to wash their face this stuff is awesome
it’s called they’re called oil control pad seal makes em and it’s a 2%
salicylic acid these are also awesome if you are involved in sports because you
can throw them in your gym bag and after you’re done take a pad swipe your skin
and you’re actually good to go you’re just not you don’t want to let that
bacteria sit on your skin because it will invite more problems more issues
it’ll multiply and cause bigger problems and then you do end up at the doctor’s
office because it’s completely out of control I’m hoping that these two
regiments keep that from happening right that’s my point that’s my goal and
lastly I want to give you one last thing that you can do for blackheads on your
nose alright Biore strips they make those
strips for your nose everybody makes a really big mistake with those strips so
when you go to use them you want to use them after your skin has been heated up
so think post shower when you get out of the shower your pores are typically open
lay your a or a strip over your nose let it out here I think it sits for almost
10 minutes I haven’t used one in a while but I did use fees and whatnot as
teenagers pull it back you’re going to notice all your blackheads they’re not
all of them most of them you have to be consistent in order to get results it
takes a while just like anything to get good skin good skin good hair good nails
you have to consistently feed it what it needs and you notice it will respond to
that okay so once you peel that back most people think that they’re done and
that’s the problem you’ve left your pores completely open so that new
bacteria can just crawl in there and have a seat and take a rest don’t do
that take something so it could be your pink
drying lotion it could be your different or you could use clear cells little spot
acne spot treatment and put it over your entire nose afterwards it’s going to
tingle that’s normal because it’s killing bacteria and it’s
going to tighten the pores back up so that something can’t get in there use
those pads once a week don’t get excessive with it it’s easy to don’t do
it alright you guys that’s it that’s what I
have for you today I hope that you benefit from this comment below with any
questions like this if it was helpful and subscribe to my channel if you
haven’t already I’ll see you next week


  • Beyond Skin Deep w/Sara K says:

    These ACNE solutions are tried and true! This is NOT a paid advertisement. Less IS more. I also love Skin Ceuticals Blemish + Age defense for anyone who gets blemishes over the age of 25. What works for you? #acnesolutions #BSDtv

  • Maryam Zakeri says:

    Great info, thanks Sara! Your eye makeup looks really pretty. 😃

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