A New Type of ADHD Rx

A New Type of ADHD Rx

Lots of kids have trouble swallowing pills.
And lots of kids have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). For kids who fall into both
groups, there may be a new treatment option. I’m Gabe Garza with your latest health news.
That option is Adzenys XR-ODT. This new drug is the first ADHD treatment that can both
dissolve in the mouth and deliver the drug in an even dose over a span of several hours.
The US FDA approved this drug Jan. 28 for patients 6 and older. ADHD is a disorder most
often found in children and marked by symptoms like impulsive behaviors, hyperactivity and
inattentiveness. According to the press release, this disorder affects an estimated 5 percent
of kids in the US, as well as 2.5 percent of US adults. If your child has ADHD, talk
to their pediatrician about the best treatment options for them.


  • D Wyldon says:

    The ADHD symptoms you described: Impulsive behaviour, hyperactivity and inattentiveness – IS CALLED BEING A CHILD… THEY DO NOT NEED DRUGGING WITH AMPHETAMINES!

    God help the children in America… Because the useless civilians aren't doing anything.

  • Lee Aguina says:

    dont give your kids pills doc said i had a.d.d then once i started going crazy because the pillls they took me off and said i dont have it no more all this is is to make money

  • joel bonn says:

    Health Tips from News is like getting Health Tips From The Easter Bunny!
    Stop Pushing Pseudoscience as Health Benefits. Kids with ADHD don't
    need medication! This is coming from someone Diagnosed as a kid with
    ADHD. I'm Fine I stopped taking the drugs when I was a kid, because I
    would throw them out on my mom, because I knew what they were doing to me !
    It's fucking METH in pill form! Now your telling people to give kids
    Adzenys XR-ODT as CANDY?….. Fuck that! You and the Pharma Companies can get fucked!

  • Clair Moreau says:

    This guy is the devil!!!

  • Joseƴ Ꮗales ಌ says:

    You are fucking murderers ..

  • Jonathan Best says:

    hey Gabe. How much are they paying you to be a drug dealer to kids from Pharma? Many people go to jail for much lessor crimes.

  • Yvonne Schwartz says:

    This is despicable

  • Hailey Stephenson says:

    I'm an adult with ADHD, and this is the medicine I take. I love it. It helps me function and focus on things. I would 100% recommend it to anyone having problems with other medications.

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