A bill that would block local governments from banning sunscreens is speeding through the state …

A bill that would block local governments from banning sunscreens is speeding through the state …

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  • Amy Knorr says:

    Marilyn Monroe's New York Apartment is in a holding trust and is still her property. It was purchased by Mata Hari, her bloodline ancestor.

    Under the advice of the current descendant of Catherine Howard, Donald Knorr seized the vault and estate of Amy Knorr valued at over two billion dollars, which constitutes as robbery.

    The Strassbergs, via the Russian underworld, robbed Marilyn Monroe of her earnings as an actress by making themselves accessories to an illegal Will scam. Donald Knorr fought the Will from 1962 – 1969.

    My family has two choices: Sue Polita Barnes for all its worth with me, or make themselves accessories to the b*#@h and go down with it in an internationally televised federal court of law.

    No family of such significance has reached such a gross level of misguidance as to fall to ruin, as our family has. Catherine Howard packs the heat of Russian back up.

    Via the Russian underworld, the current descendant of Catherine Howard tried to rob Amy Knorr's McDonalds restaurant from the Public Compensation Subsidiaries Program through illegal investments.

    Juliet Joslin of the Russian underworld, lied to Julian Casablancas when Amy Knorr tried to send dutiful correspondence. She told him in early 2018, that Amy Knorr did not want to be with him. Juliet Joslin blocked all communication from Amy Knorr. Communication was vital. Blocking it was severely punishable.

    Peggy Marks assigned Alan Arkin to tell family the lie that Marilyn Monroe was feigning Sally Knorr.

    Adrien Brody and Julia Joslin resided over a small sea faring community on the Isle of Crete. The architecture was unique.

    They did not like rich food and thrived on fish.

    Flaw: did not factor in the possibility of having to contend with a heavy weight such as Norway.

    Martha's Vineyards is a Roslyn McCarthy / James Brewer creation

    The underworld wanted to rewrite the government report of Amy Knorr in a way that permits the underworld to continue to function.

    The writing teams of Kirsten Dunst and Ruth E. Brewer Houser, Marilyn Manson and Britney Spears were to revamp Amy Knorr's report, wrongfully alluding to the idea that the original information came from Juliet Joslin.

    I would like to propose a government reform program for former underworld operatives brutalized beyond the scope of normal human function in society.

    Persons capable of writing government reports in teams surrendering information of underworld activity in the current lifetime of activity, despite lack of arrest, and without turning themselves in.  The underworld operatives would have to have hope and prove promising in benefiting from a reform program.

    Terrorism, Extreme Psychic Science, The Extreme Hit Squad, Infiltration involving War, may all depend on a  reform program like this, capable of justly gathering the information required to dismantle these criminal institutions in this lifetime.

    Mata Hari's fail:

    The sixth registered descendant of Queen Elizabeth I. Toward the end of her life, business licenses were introduced. Mata's enterprise required a license. Distraction timed with her death 17 days later, were intentional underworld deterrents but Mata Hari otherwise failed to ensure that her industry was secure by immediately  obtaining a license for it. Her artists were lost and infiltration had its own agenda.

    Mata Hari, demonstrated by Lynda Carter in the 1970's. Mata Hari had green eyes and was born to marry her Soulmate Rudolf MacLeod.

    Diana I is the base identity of Lynda Carter.

    The bloodlines of Paula Vandermeulen and Donald Knorr were the parents of Mata Hari.

    Mata Hari demonstrated by Irina Shayk with embodiment from the Highest Mother of Amy Knorr.

    Mata Hari helped begin the Entertainment Industry and owned the Music Industry.

    Mata Hari owed compensation to her artists thus Marilyn Monroe put together the documentary project for the Royal Compensation Program before her murder.

    Marilyn planned to use her own production company.

    Milton Greene would have pulled out had Marilyn lived. Cousin Milton was a traitor.

    The entertainment industry in music held two major components; Mata Hari's innovative rock and funk centered industry, and Harry Knorr's dance hall and musical centered industry.

    The perception change in 1918 was going to cause audiences to move toward Harry Knorr's arena, leaving Mata Hari behind. The perception shift in 1968 was going to cause audiences to move back toward Mata Hari's arena, leaving Harry Knorr behind. The underworld used the perception shifts and changes to create the illusion that they had their own genuine industry.

    Mata Hari was the "Madonna" of 1905 – 1924.

    John McCrea, aka Jefry Mons is the underworld hitman hired by Norway to murder Amy Knorr framing Julian Casablancas, Rick Marcel and Fabrizio Moretti.

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