7 Skincare Mistakes That Are Making Your Pores Look Larger! (Ft. Wishtrend TV)

Hey guys welcome back, so today we’re
going to be doing an exciting video, and it’s a collaboration that we’re doing
with Wishtrend. Wishtrend TV. Because they’re huge skincare
gurus and experts, and they cover a lot of similar things
we thought it’d be a really fun collaboration to do on pores, there’s so many things that we can do
in products we can use that will help shrink and tighten them, but there’s also a lot of little mistakes
that we could be making that’s actually making them bigger
and oilier and causing us to break out, so today we’re gonna talk about seven
don’ts of what not to do if you want nice clear and clean pores, and then make sure you head over
to wishtrend later on or now, the description link will be below, because they’re going to be mentioning
the seven do’s on how to thoroughly cleanse your face so that is clean and you prevent
yourself from breaking out, so let’s go. Don’t frequently use blotting papers,
and this is frequently used, I think if you use it once a day
that should be okay, like before or after work or just
midway through the day, this is like if you’re constantly using
it multiple times a day every couple of hours, To suction out the oil, because it’s so
satisfying looking at the little blue or whatever color sheet, and it turns all transparent, but that
actually the more you take oil off of your face, the more your skin will
want to reproduce it, it just kind of gets into this cycle
where it just constantly producing oil, and then it’ll just do that, almost depending on this sheet but like
naturally your face should have oils, I get that if you’re super shiny, just to like dab it down, but not
consistently use it all the time, and here’s a fun little tip if you
guys don’t have blotting papers on you, sometimes when desperate
times calls for desperate measures, you use tissue paper,
like separate the plies, those are really good
because it’s really thin, and then they’re accessible
if you’re very desperate. Next don’t forcibly extract blackheads
whiteheads all pimples, but it’s so fun, no no it is satisfying, but
that’s actually the difference, okay so like we all have those times where
we see something and we want to pop it but it’s like kind of not
ripe yet, it’s not ready, and that’s the times that
we’re talking about, because there are two major problems that
will arise when we do just try to pick at something that’s not there yet, so the first one is that you could actually
rupture the pimple inside under the skin, so it’s kind of like spread the bacteria
underneath the skin but on the surface it’s still covered, so it’s inflamed it’s irritated and
becomes even bigger, and then all the juices and the oils
and sebum mixed together and become this like huge pimple
that could have been easily avoided if you just didn’t touch it,
but on top of that, every time you do, your fingers
and your fingernails, if you don’t use an extractor, it can like easily
dig into the skin and cause scars, so then you have a scar without actually
extracting anything because it’s just still under the skin, see why
we say not to extract them, how many times have you kind of just
pressed it upon your nose, and it went Like a little grain of rice, just shoots out
and its foam, I’m ready. This is a little tip with blackheads
or whiteheads, if you use an extractor, you shouldn’t have
to push down a lot for it to come out, what you want to do is kind of like wiggle
around the opening that you see, if you push it down the little like loop
that can also indent your skin, and then break the skin barrier as well, and then still caused you a scar,
it’s already putting force on it, so if it’s ready to come out it will ,
don’t over exfoliate, by over exfoliating you’re actually
irritating the skin much more than it normally should, so your pores will slowly become
enlarged and produce more sebum because it’s trying to protect itself, and then the more sebum means
once again blocked pores. Basically there’s two types there’s
physical and chemical, so physical is the ones that you should
be a little bit aware of in terms of how hard you press, what type of sponge you’re using, anything that’s physically scraping
rubbing your face, we talk about this all the time, sometimes if you see that your skin
is really dry or it’s flaky or there’s just dead skin, you want to
get rid of it or use like some sort of gel peel to like get it all out, that’s actually bad, so the more gentle but that actually
sounds a bit more scary is chemical exfoliation, which is much more gentle
than we like to think because AHAs and all those acids
that are in serum forms as well as moisturizers they actually unstick the glue
that holds dead skin together, moral of the story, be gentle with your skin,
because it is very precious, and don’t over exfoliate,
don’t let your skin be dry, when you have dry skin, your skin naturally produces more
sebum and oil to make it not dry and epicly parched, and then that in turn will enlarge
your pores because they get clogged, and our skin loses its elasticity
so then it just stays big, and then it’s just there on our face, and that’s what leaves
the huge and lodged hole, so just by keeping the skin hydrated, you will let it be more glowy and
plump and just all-around happy, the skin has different layers, and so toners are able to seep into
the deeper layers and serums, and then you work your way up to
thicker oils and stuff like that, but if you just use oils, it’s actually not able to penetrate
down to the deeper layers of your skin, so it’s actually not fully hydrated, even though it might feel like
it on the surface, so we’re doing a whole video
on toners and how that works, so it’s best to look for toners that are
lightweight but also deeply hydrating, so one of my favorites is freshest
deep hydration rose toner, with like three roses, so there’s like rose petals there’s
rose water rose oil and the girls at wishtrend recommend toners
with this ingredient Centella which is also
deeply nourishing, and it’s good for reducing
dryness and brightening, it’ll really calm your skin, and another toner I’ve been
loving is Son & Park Beauty Water, it’s like a cleansing water
mixed with a toner, and it is very gentle on your skin
and there’s also mild exfoliants, and it is pH balancing, so it helps again balance the oil
production and the water on your skin, so as for moisturizers, look for something that’s fortified
with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, because hyaluronic acid holds and
stores and actually attracts water and keeps it in your skin, so it’s one of those really moisturizing
but gentle ingredients, and it’s really lightweight, one of my favorite moisturizers is the
Ole Henriksen Oil Balanced Moisturizer, so it’s designed specifically to balance
oily and dry and keep the pH balance good, and it has a lot of calming properties as well, so if you guys have actually ever
tried this, you wash your face, and you get busy doing something, and you just don’t immediately put
stuff on or even like forget altogether, your skin’s like dry but it’s
also shiny after 10 minutes, compared to if you wash your face, and then you toned it, it’s like
much different it feels different, you’re not as shiny when it’s toned, because it’s already been balanced
versus your skin is just pushing out oil while dry, that’s what we kind of mean by the
feeling of a balanced skin, for the cooler months, I love Drunk Elephant Lala Retro
Whipped Cream, it’s so nice and thick and moisturizing, it’s like velvety the cream,
and it works for both of us, I have dehydrated she has very
oily combination skin, and also for the winter months
sleeping mask are also really good, it’s like the time for them to shine,
and for the summer months, I’ve been loving Glow Recipe Watermelon
Moisturizer because it’s filled with hyaluronic acid, ingredients that block pores, so we’ve
all heard of comedogenic and non-comedogenic which basically means ingredients that
don’t block your pores or block your pores, and this one’s a little confusing
because even though ingredients are designed to be really good and
nourishing for your skin, depending on the skin type, it can actually act as a double-edged
sword and do worse things for your skin, and with the comedogenic which is
pore clogging, it actually ranges from zero to four, so zero or one meaning there’s basically
no chance it’s gonna clog your pores, it’s like water, up until like 4, which is really heavy ingredients, so the first one is cocoa butter,
we have this one here, it’s pure cocoa butter, and the thing is, it’s got a comedogenic level of 4
which is pretty high in terms of facial body oils, but the thing is, it’s generally
used for the body, so people also use it on the under
eye because it is so nourishing, and it’s actually really good for people
with dry chapped skin aka Rowena, but I would steer clear of this especially
if you have acne prone or if you have oily skin because it’s just too much,
even though it’s all natural, if you use it on the wrong
skin type it does the worst, so that’s one way you can
tell if you put it on, and it’s still slippery and
wet after like five minutes, try not to use it, because you will find that your normal oils
mix into this heavy oil and then it’s just too much, And it’s like help me.
Drowning in your own oils. If your skin is like a sponge, so it absorbs everything that it needs, and the rest will just sit on top, and if there’s too much of that suffocating the top of your skin, it’s like a self-induced breakout, so don’t do that. Coconut oil is also a really
high comedogenic rating, it’s four and kind of along
the same reasons, it’s really heavy although it’s all organic
and so many skin care lines put organic oil just using it like by itself, to either moisturize or
take off makeup. it’s like this everything ingredients, just keep in mind that it’s also very
comedogenic because it is really heavy, so coconut oil is more suitable for
really dry skin types rather than sensitive acne prone or combination, because it’s just too much for
the face generally, so personally I can only use coconut oil
in the depths of winter when it’s so cold and my skin is so flaky, and it just there’s nothing
that can do to nourish it, I put it on and actually
it soaks into my skin, so yeah if it is the winter, maybe
use it more towards nighttime, just so it’s like deeply nourishing
when you’re falling asleep, and it can really sink into the skin
without attracting the dirt and bacteria outside, lanolin actually comes from
the wax or the oils of sheep, so how they’re outside
and it rains, and it’s basically waterproof,
it’s that kind of stuff, and then they filter it through
a bunch of time so it’s really pure, because they realized I think
it was the ancient Romans that the sheep farmers actually had the
softest hands in comparison to royalty, so they were like what is going on. that’s how they found it, and a lot of people know that lanolin
is really pore clogging or comedogenic, but it is less than the cocoa butter
and the coconut oil, so for me anyway those are the three oils
that I tend to stay away from, because it is too rich it’s too nourishing for
combo acne prone skin, foods that are not good for your pores, so anything that’s high in sugar
content so cakes ice cream donuts, all the good things in the world,
everything that’s delicious, yeah everything that’s high in refined sugar
is actually really bad for pores because refined sugar spikes our insulin which causes inflammation which also causes an increase of
sebum production in our skin, and that leads to clogged pores
which leads to breakout and acne, and all the bad things that we don’t want, when sebum increases, it also
increases the size of your pores, because it can potentially
cause more clogged pores, you know how your buddy
has yin and yang, it’s got like a cool and a hot, so spicy foods and also like a lot of tropical fruit deep fried foods, so they’re all more on the hotter side, so this can throw your body’s balance of that off, which can lead to things like No sweets for me, whenever I eat spicy food like chicken
wings or burgers my nose will bleed, or if you’re more sensitive
you can break out, but yeah that’s not to say
that you can’t have it, just have it moderately, everything in moderation,
kind of like the next one, we’re gonna talk about
which is alcohol, so we both don’t drink when
you drink it’s a diuretic, it makes you thirsty and it makes
your skin and all your insides very parched, Epic dehydrated, like you wake up
every morning after like umm waater. It’s like spongebob and Patrick on the when your skin is dehydrated, it will start causing your pores
to produce more oil, because it’s like help me, and then horrible dark endless cycle,
and then it gets clogged, and then you get breakouts,
so just stay away from alcohol, so basically anything that’s high in sugar
refined carbs fried foods alcohol milk like all of these things are Oh dairy cheese cheese and milk, the milk and cheese from the cows
actually have hormones in itself, so when your body consumes it, if you’re sensitive once again
this is like my own thing, you will break out, and it’s like
almost instantaneously for me, the next day after cheese
I’ll have like which is these, So yeah just make sure you’re really conscious
about all the things that you’re eating because it has much more impact on your skin
than I think we normally think about, next don’t retouch and powder
your face too much, so around lunchtime or late afternoon, you start to develop and you see the shine
that birds can see from the sky, like especially if it’s hot right, and you just naturally either go for blotting
paper or you powder it down and retouch your makeup, but what’s actually happening is you’re kind
of creating this cake layer effect, and so you’ve already lived
out half the day, and if you’ve been outside,
there’s dirt there’s bacteria, and then you’re also like padding
another layer of powder on top of that, and almost like cementing that down, which is actually making your
pores even huger, especially I find around here or the forehead, you see it’s like breaking away, because the oils are under there, and you’ve just put so much powder on, so another thing to also make sure you are
aware of is changing that sponge of compact sponges, even if you’re like oh it’s just my face, it’s my own oils as long as I don’t share it, but actually that cloth is so nasty, it’s like how frequently you should wash your
beauty blenders brushes and all that, because just by sitting that
it infests almost, but yeah don’t go towards
like the convenience of it, and just forget that this is actually
causing you a lot of breakout, or you can also use beauty water like
the Son & Park beauty water to wipe off whatever the excess thing is, and then put on more products. so if you are applying powders
throughout the day, it’s perfectly fine, but just to care for your pores, and make sure they’re really cleaned
at the end of the day, do a really thorough cleansing like a
double triple cleansing if you must, happy pores, happy life, so that was the 7 things to not do for
good the pores and small minimized pretty pores, yeah to keep them happy,
to keep them clean, make sure you’re not
doing these 7 habits, it’s like a quick fix but it’s actually not good
because you’re creating more problems, yeah but if you want to find out the things to do
and the correct ways to clean your pores, keep them happy, head over to wishtrend TV and they’ll be sharing
with you guys 7 of the do’s and the correct ways on how to do that, so we’re so excited to be collaborating and we’re
so excited for you guys to be on your way to clean your face
a little bit better every time, thank you guys so much for watching, and we’ll see you in the next video bye.

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