Hi there, thank you for stopping by to share with Julie today. I hope you’re having a fantabulous day today! In this video I am listing 7 herbs that you could use for eczema, and not just eczema but kind of skin condition psoriasis, acne, it will help with the skin. Before I list them I just want to say this, where it concerns issues to do with eczema, psoriasis, acne these kind of conditions, it’s systemic. It’s systemic, it’s what’s happening on the inside, the level of toxins that is pushing through the skin. So always bear that in mind So the approach is never just to have to use ointments, and that’s just treating the symptoms. Until you get to the root of the problem which is Which is cleansing the blood, getting the kidneys filtering. You will continue to have the problem. But, so lets just list the herbs. The first on the list is chickweed. You can use the whole herb, you can use the whole herb. Chickweed is that kind of herb that you can have in salads, for example. So you can use it – have it in teas, capsules, make ointment and salves, tinctures. Do fomentations with the actual tea, where you use a flannel, like cotton flannel and soak it in the tea and apply it to the skin on areas, affected areas. The first is CHICKWEED. The second is nopal Nopal is good for the skin. Not only is nourishing to the skin, it is also very soothing to the skin This is nopal, the cactus. You use the actual cactus itself. The cactus leaves, you actually use it. You can use it in various ways. You could make capsules with the powered form. You could use it, blend it, actually blend it or blend it with other herbs too. To form something like a plaster, that you could apply to the skin. and you could use it to make salves. You could use it to make ointments, that you could use on the skin. You could have it in your smoothie You could have it in your smoothies also. So, that’s another herb that you could use that is great for the skin. NOPAL CACTUS, that’s the second one. The third is sage. Very good for the skin also. For sage, you could use the leaves, you could use the sage leaves – you could use the whole herb in fact. and you could use sage in varying forms You could drink the tea, you could make it in capsule form , you could do fomentation Poultice on the various areas of the skin . So that’s the third one, number three, SAGE. Fourth is nettles. In particular here, the stinging nettle. It’s funny that the stinging nettle can irritate the skin and can also be very good in terms of healing the skin. That is because it has so many good properties. What you want to use are the leaves. Use the leaves of the nettle plant. Remember with the nettle, if you’re going to If you’re wild harvesting them, just remember to wear a gloves. When you’re trying to pick, so that you don’t get stung. And you just pick the leaves. It’s the leaves that you can use. Use them fresh or dried You could make teas. You drink teas. Drink it as teas and you could also use it as fomentation on the skin. Of course it can also be used in salves and ointments for the skin. So, that’s the fourth one, NETTLE.


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    Thank u girl. Can u do an video about detoxing the colon and gut? We will really appreciate that. You're doing a good job👌👌👌

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    Hi. First thing I wanna say thank you for the video! Does this apply to keloid? If no can u make a video for it? Thank you so much for ur effort.

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    Where can you get those herbs?

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