7 Diseases That Are Caused By Sleeping With Wet Hair Stop Doing It Right Now!

7 Diseases That Are Caused By Sleeping With Wet Hair   Stop Doing It Right Now!

7 Diseases that are caused by sleeping with
wet hair, stop doing it right now! Is it bad to sleep with wet hair? Our mothers
have always told us that it is not good to go to bed with wet or damp hair because we
could catch a cold or pneumonia. Was this true? The truth is that not really, however; Going
to sleep immediately after taking a bath and not drying your hair properly could prove
to be a bad decision anyway. Firstly, we must consider moisture retained
too long in the hair can get to inflame the scalp, causing an annoying itchy feeling.
This also causes damage to your mane, as the porosity of the hair surface also increases. 1. Headache Sleeping with wet hair can always give you
a severe headache. This happens because during sleep the body temperature rises. As the body
warms up, the moisture that has accumulated in the towel that could have wrapped around
your head can give you a headache as there would be much difference in temperature. 2. Hair Breakage Wet hair tends to break very often. If you
decide to sleep with wet hair, chances are bright that a lot of hair break is likely
to occur. Therefore, it would never be a good idea to sleep with damp hair or drip. 3. Infections Pillows are an ideal place for bacteria as
they absorb sweat, dead skin cells and body oils. Wet hair wets the towel and brings moisture
to the pillow, which then becomes the nest for the development of bacteria. 4. Muscle pain Sudden changes in temperature can not only
cause muscle pain but can also lead to severe cramps and even facial paralysis. This can
lead to paralysis of the whole body and cause death. 5. Itching Sleeping with wet hair can cause different
types of itching, this is due to the moisture that forms on the skin of your head. 6. Expect a lot of sticky hair
If you decide to sleep with wet hair, you could end up with a lot of sticky hair, the
other morning as the same will tend to entangle and tie to each other. Those who have long
hair should always avoid sleeping with wet hair; otherwise, a lot of hair break along
with a number of other problems will follow. 7. Dandruff The wet scalp may interfere with the function
of the sebaceous glands present in the scalp. They can start to produce more oil or reduce
oil production. It can alter the natural pH balance of the scalp. As a result, you have
to suffer from excessive dandruff or oily scalp.

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