6 Things Your Nails Can Tell You About Your Health

Are your nails dry and brittle? Do you notice changes in their color and texture? In this video, you will learn about what your
nails might be telling you about your health. Find out about the underlying conditions associated
with them. Our nails do not only serve as an art canvas
where we can express ourselves. They can also tell us about a thing or two
about our health. Most of the time, the ladies paint and decorate
them for fashion. The nail art they wear gives us the gist about
the style they want, and how they keep up with trends. But our nails can be a good indicator of our
health. When healthy, nails are usually smooth with
a consistent color. Any abnormal growth or changes in appearance
may suggest health issues. Nail abnormalities are usually not serious
and are treatable. In rare cases, some people might need medical
attention. So, what does it mean when our nails look
a certain way? 1. Dry, Cracked, or Brittle Nails
This sign can happen to people who usually work with water. It is common in dishwashers, divers, fishermen,
firemen, or swimmers. Dry nails also happen when you have a vitamin
deficiency. Chemicals like nail polish remover and household
cleaners can also be the reason. It is advisable to give your hands some breaks
when working. It can give your hands some rest to dry them
and prevent further moisture loss. 2. Clubbing
Clubbing occurs when your nails curve downward. It represents a low oxygen supply in the blood. This is common for people with heart problems,
kidney disease, and respiratory issues. 3. Puffy and Red Nail Folds If you notice redness or puffiness in your
cuticles, it can be a sign of inflammation. It can happen due to an infection or because
of a more serious condition like Lupus. 4. Parallel Ridging of Nails
The parallel ridges show an abnormality in nail growth. It can be a sign of diabetes, psoriasis, or
mineral deficiency. This condition also happens because of nail
trauma. Sometimes, ridging is a result of a high fever
that accompanies a severe illness. 5. Nail Deformities and Spots
A dimpled nail bed makes the surface of your nails uneven. It can be a sign of impending arthritis. If you notice a dark streak on your nail bed,
have it immediately checked by a dermatologist. Spots like this could be a sign of melanoma
or other skin cancers. Scooped nails take on a hollow shape, like
a spoon. It could state conditions like iron deficiency,
heart disease, or hypothyroidism. 6. Changes in Color
Yellow nails might be the result of overusing nail products that can stain your nails. It could also be a result of a fungal infection,
jaundice, or psoriasis. White or pale nails could be signs of anemia. Iron deficiency makes the oxygen in the blood
lower, which causes tissues to become pale in color. Blue nails can be a sign of a serious problem. It means you do not have enough oxygen in
your blood. This condition is common for people who experience
breathing problems or hypothermia. Nail abnormalities can vary for every person. Contact your doctor for proper diagnosis and
treatment for nail irregularities. If you like this video, please do not forget
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