6 Things SHOCKINGLY Good for Colitis

6 Things SHOCKINGLY Good for Colitis

Welcome back VIPOOs to another episode of
Party Pooper. If you’re a returning viewer thank you so much
for continuing to watch, if it’s your first time tuning in, I recommend watching my first
video so that you’re not confused by what we’re talking about. This week I’m talking about things that are
known to be bad for most people, but are actually shockingly good for Colitis. I’d like to start by saying I am not a medical
professional, I am not a registered dietitian, these are simply things that I’ve read about
or have been told by said professionals and now I’m bringing this information to you. Item number one, tanning. What does tanning have to do with colitis? Absolutely nothing. Aside from the fact that a lot of Crohn’s
and colitis patients also have a skin condition known as psoriasis. It just so happens that tanning is really
good for helping clear this up. Now I do not condone tanning, I’m not telling
you to go to a tanning salon. But you can talk to your dermatologist about
going under supervised UV lights. And hey, if you are into tanning, well then
you get one via prescription. Item number two, smoking. Now I know what you’re thinking, this chick
is cray but before you close your browser just hear me out. I promised you guys I would always be honest
so I’m going to share that when I first got sick and ended up in the hospital it was actually
because I quit smoking. It turns out that nicotine actually suppresses
the symptoms of Crohn’s and colitis, so when I quit smoking it send my body into nicotine
withdraw and it is what brought the colitis to light. Now like tanning, I do not condone smoking. Do not smoke. Do not go out and get a nicotine patch or
anything like that. I will say, if you are a smoker and quit cold
turkey and you start to notice symptoms, I would go see a doctor. Now onto the good stuff. Things I do condone. Food! This brings us to item number three, white
bread and white pasta. When you have a bowel disease often times
it’s a struggle to keep food in your system long enough to solidify and absorb nutrition. Generally most people avoid white bread and
white pasta because it does exactly that, it stays in your system and it’s hard to digest. So this is beneficial to Crohn’s and Colitis
patients because the food can sit in there longer, kind of back things up a bit, give
you time to absorb nutrition and fluid from the food. Pasta for days. MMM wait, yep, yep, better with cream sauce. Which brings us to item number four. Dairy products. Dairy products are good because IBD patients
are at risk for osteoporosis so dietitians often suggest increasing your dairy intake. If you can’t do dairy, if you can’t handle
dairy products, that’s fine, you can take supplements, but if you can handle dairy products,
then get ready to fulfill all your cheesy dreams! Until you haven’t eaten in over a week, you
don’t even know what it’s like to be a fan. To love some silly piece of cheese so much,
it hurts. Item number five, plain rice. Plain rice isn’t bad for anyone. But it tastes bad. But it’s good for colitis. Item number six, Ensure! I recently learned that Ensure in high doses
over a long period of time can be bad for people, but if you’re having a hard time digesting
food, and you’re on a fluid diet, and you’re not absorbing protein then I highly recommend
High Protein Ensure. You can make smoothies with it, it’s super
delicious. Just make sure that you’re drinking it in
moderation. Those are a few things bad for most people
but good for me. I guess you can that there are some perks,
and that’s what I call a cup half full…of Ensure. I swear to god this is not an ad, I legit
love Ensure. Thank you for watching another episode of
Party Pooper. If you’re enjoying the content please subscribe. If you know someone that would benefit from
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  • Adria Knol says:

    Loving your channel! I was diagnosed with UC in June 2015 and have been trying to figure out the diet part of the equation lately. My doctor says I don't need to change anything, which in a way is great, but I'm also kinda skeptical. I'd really rather not to be on so many meds, and if diet changes could help then I'd be open. Anyways–fun to hear about the some of these "no-no" items that might actually be good for me!

  • Aria Seraj says:

    But i was told.diary products are terrible for UC ?!! milk, cheese and such are inflammable.

  • Wendy Marie says:

    I LOVE YOUR ATTITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You are making a huge difference for my daughter!

  • Juan Ramos says:

    I believe UC can be reversed .

  • autumn says:

    Lol was that an Almost Famous reference?! Also, Ensure is horrible for anyone at all.

  • Zeus Nakama says:

    I have lymphocytic colitis with osteoporosis… Life is hell for me

  • tippy Dog says:

    They prescribed the same medication for psoriasis as ulcer colitis that's strange. I have ulcer colitis and it's terrible!

  • Nathan Jones says:

    Best thing for colitis, cbd/thc combo

  • Nathan Jones says:

    Moringa powder, makes ensure look like a wimp! Please get off the ensure n try it. Ive dealt with uc for 35 years, please trust me. Cbd/thc, Moringa powder

  • Mack says:

    That’s really interesting, I just got diagnosed with Colitis + the symptoms coincided with quitting smoking a few months ago…

  • Marsha Divers-Wiggs says:

    Thx! People always want to tell me about detox and high fiber diets. Well guess what? I have to eat much like you just showed. I guess I just need to smile and say “thanks for your input,” to them. 😬

  • Philly B says:

    SMOKING BAD FOR COLITIS!! STOP helped you it didn't make you get worse

  • paul white says:

    Dysentery brought me into colitis hell. Yes the pasta ,bread and rice helps. It truly is throwing darts at a board. The symptoms are different for everyone! Be well!

  • Natural83 says:

    Yesss!¡!!! This happened to me!!! As far as cigarette i was smoking menthol cigarettes so my dr said vape!!

  • Connie Charnell says:

    True..the first time I had an outbreak was after quitting smoking. I then did some research. I read that it is unusual for smokers to to have IBS. Apparently tobacco has never been researched for it's benefits. It's too bad that organic tobacco is so expensive. I usually put ground chia seeds in my shakes and it seems to help form solid stools. For me staying as stress free as possible is important and, for me outbreaks are often linked to a stress full event.

  • chris slivar says:

    Wow. This is ridiculous. I'll skip over the crazy stuff.. but food is key for UC survivalist. Do your research. GAPS diet. Or Breaking The Viscous Cycle. It has saved my life, it'll save yours. Get educated. Incorporate High ratio of CBD tincture into your life, like 20:1, if your state allows it. In my case, I've had UC for 20 yrs. A few times in the hospital from flairs, and a rare thing happened to me where the skin around my knee area opened up. My condition was coming through! Its called Pyrodermagangrenosom.
    At my wits end, I researched so many cases, so many suggestions, all pointing to nutrition. DO NOT LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR!. With a change in diet, such as going on an anti-inflammation diet, incorporating cbd, reducing stress, I have been able to control my UC, and go into remission. So can you.

  • Cheri De Hart says:

    I have celiac disease and I love my cheese. And rice helped a lot from the constant bathroom visits. Anything mint seem to soothe my stomach too.

  • Lori C says:

    Are you trying to say that four cigarettes a day is worse than steroids and biologics?

  • Espen Mikkelsen says:

    Smoking Weed right ?

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