6 Early Warning Signs Of Liver Damage

6 Early Warning Signs Of Liver Damage

[Applause] [Music] six warning signs that a liver is suffering because of an unhealthy lifestyle yellow skin or eyes jaundice Kamil Joaquim Fleming a liver disease expert at the Cleveland Clinic explains that damaged liver causes your skin or eyes to become yellow because it allows bilirubin a yellow compound into your blood if your liver is healthy it will be able to dispose of the bilirubin Fleming adds jaundice is caused by high levels of bilirubin in the blood bilirubin is responsible for the destruction and natural breakdown of red blood cells in the body jaundice which occurs due to liver damage occurs when the liver is unable to metabolize and excrete bilirubin there are many different signs and symptoms associated with jaundice apart from the yellow discoloration of the skin other symptoms of jaundice include light-colored stools itchy skin dark colored urine and more confusion one of the signs of liver damage is if you begin to experience confusion according to Fleming a damaged liver can allow too much copper to build up in the blood and brain this can lead to Alzheimer’s like symptoms she adds that if you’re experiencing this chances are it’s not the only symptom you’ve experienced confusion is associated with advanced stage liver disease do you experience any of these warning signs keep watching for some even more serious warning signs that your liver may be damaged muscle wasting if you have an oversized stomach with swollen ankles and skinny or weak arms and legs it could be a direct result from fluid imbalances that are commonly caused by a disease deliver says Fleming this can also occur around your temples and above your cheeks Fleming adds that these symptoms are late stage liver disease symptoms so it’s highly unlikely you’re experiencing these symptoms out of the blue abdominal AIDS according to Bruce Bacon a professor of internal medicine at the st. Louis University School of Medicine one common sign of liver damage is abdominal AIDS Bacon says you’ll feel swelling or pain in the upper right quadrant of your abdomen the reason it’ll be the right side is that the fat end of the liver is on the right side abdominal pain associated with liver damage is usually located underneath the ribs the abdomen may also swell and the person experiencing the liver damage may also experience flu-like symptoms like fatigue vomiting muscle and or joint pain nausea fever and more if you begin to experience unusual liver pain you should visit the emergency room or consult with your doctor to rule out the possibility of liver damage pain in your joints Fleming states that vomiting joint pain fatigue and loss of appetite are all interrelated symptoms of liver disease mainly autoimmune hepatitis this is a condition where your immune system attacks the cell tissues in your liver according to the National Institutes of Health this condition is more common in women than men skin spots according to Flemming if your liver is not cleaning the blood in your body clotting issues can occur near the surface of your skin Flemming adds that these clotting issues can cause large skin blemishes scientists state that the condition of a person’s skin usually reflects the health of his or her liver our livers have a big impact on our appearance this is because our livers are considered the metabolic factories of our body the liver creates energy which helps our bodies function if a person’s liver is not breaking down toxins the way it should be your body tries to eliminate these toxins in other ways and many times it does through the skin there are many other complications which can occur as a result of liver damage when a person’s liver function begins to decrease he or she may begin to experience weakness and muscle loss as well as decreased mental function they may experience mental confusion erectile dysfunction if they are male and impaired immune system other symptoms include osteoporosis vitamin deficiency and insulin resistance which can eventually turn into type II diabetes how to prevent liver damage one way to prevent your liver from becoming damaged is to increase your intake of vitamin E when making changes to your diet you should also incorporate more foods like nuts into your diet vitamin E can help minimize the symptoms of liver disease and nuts are high in vitamin E it can help reduce symptoms of the liver disease by preventing cell damage according to researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine some of the best sources of vitamin E are nuts wheat germ seeds vegetable oils and leafy greens one thing you can do to improve your liver health is eat a diet that is rich in nutrients you should also eliminate large portion sizes of your diet overeating can cause liver damage and limiting your portion sizes can help reduce how many calories you are eating every day which can help with weight loss and ultimately minimize liver damage you should also cut down on carbonated drinks which are usually heavy in calories and can significantly contribute to weight instead of consuming carbonated drinks you should drink a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated why because water plays a huge role in helping the body flush out toxins from the liver in addition to improving your diet and drinking more water you should cut back or better quit altogether on smoking if you are a smoker smoking is a major risk factor for liver disease and liver damage in fact nicotine can raise levels of fat that is found in the blood this makes the liver work much harder to filter out toxins caused by smoking of course one of the main contributors to good health is regular exercise adding exercise to your life will improve your overall health reducing the risk of non-alcoholic fatty disease NAFLD a recent study published in the Journal of hepatology states that even a little bit of exercise can help people with NAFLD so incorporate exercise into your life even if it means walking up the stairs at the office instead of taking the elevator you should also try to cut down on your carb intake this is because carbs like potatoes and bread can quickly turn into glucose which is stored in a person’s liver monitor your alcohol intake alcohol abuse is the number one cause of liver damage the easiest way to ensure that your liver is healthy is to watch how much you consume people who drink a lot of alcohol can damage their liver because whenever a person’s liver filters alcohol it has to work harder to filter it drinking large amounts of alcohol can also cause buildup of alcohol fatty liver disease in fact a study completed by London’s Royal Free Hospital studied regular drinkers who cut out alcohol for one entire month results of the study proved that there was an average of a 15% decrease in liver fat the study also showed that the people who cut alcohol from their systems showed cholesterol and blood sugar level improvements according to the John Hopkins Medicine health library cirrhosis and other chronic liver diseases are common causes of death in the u.s. it also states that on average 31,000 people in the US die each year from cirrhosis so it’s imperative for people to look for signs of liver damage in many cases we damage our liver because of our lifestyle choices whether it’s constantly consuming large amounts of alcohol smoking cigarettes or overeating unhealthy foods you’re putting extra stress on your liver if your liver is overstressed it won’t be able to break down fats and produce energy so you’ll end up fatigued if you feel that you live an unhealthy lifestyle and are worried that your lifestyle choices may be affecting your liver you should visit your doctor immediately your doctor will monitor you and give you professional advice on what you should or shouldn’t do to improve your liver health as well as your overall health if you begin to show signs of some more serious symptoms like abdominal pain or jaundice do not ignore your symptoms be sure to watch for the warning signs and never let serious symptoms go untreated what are some other ways that you can incorporate healthy living into your lifestyle to help to reduce liver damage let us know in the comments section below enjoyed this video hit the like button and subscribe to our channel for more videos like this thanks for watching [Music]


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    What are some other ways you can incorporate healthy living into your lifestyle to help reduce liver damage? Please let us know in the comments section below! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  • Markus Byström says:

    Eating smaller portions, could be good IF you are already overeating your calories. However, if you have insuline resistance, the last thing you wanna do is eat small meals frequently. Triggering an insuline response over and over, making your insuline resistance WORSE. Instead do intermittent fasting with lots of healthy fats, cut out startches, sugars and most carbs. Eat leafy greens and nutrient dense foods.

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    How to help the liver after long term acetaminophen use? (Other than stopping obviously)

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    Yellow skin, confusion, abdominal achs, pain in your joints, skin spots, osteoperosis

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    These are NOT early warning signs. They are signs that your liver is FAILING and it's too late for lifestyle changes. If you have these symptoms, you will probably need a liver transplant. Want to know the real early warning signs? Constant fatigue that can't be explained… an enlarged liver.. and pain in the upper right abdomen. Or you may have no symptoms at all. To be 100% sure, you can get checked out by getting a FibroScan test for liver injury. (I have no affiliation). If you do have the symptoms in this video, you need to see a doctor ASAP…

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    Forget all this stuff,just start taking steroids and Viagra when needed and you will soon feel like a king in no time,it worked for me and I don't see why it wont for you.

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    Go vegan eat balance diet
    you will be shock ..
    Trust me on this but give 6 moths to one year to see the best results
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    This is true, when I got type 2 diabetes my skin started to wound itself . . that's when I realise my liver started to fail . . I was able to reverse the whole thing by removing carbs in my diet specially white rice and other processed food like bread, ice cream, chocolates and so on.

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    Good video, very informative, thank you! I'm a little scared I drink beer every night after work, I did not drink hard liquor at all maybe one shot every few weeks of hard liquor, I drink lots of water at night I keep a bottle of water beside me the whole jug of water I probably drank three leaders throughout the night I wake up in the middle night drinking water I've done this for many years out of Nature and desire to drink water, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes as part of my mental makeup it helps me relax and just everything is part of my life but I'm not proud to say that it's probably not a good habit to have, I watch this video in a few others I viewed and watched I did not know the liver producing makes so many functions in the body and is just as important as our heart beating that's the way I described it now that I watch these videos just as important Hazard heart, I do not have any major symptoms yet a few pains here and there low energy I get tired when I walk up stairs up steps things like that, I'm a very logical and analytical person one time well in a vehicle my friend was driving 45 minute drive from one town to another in my mind can went blank and my logic started obscuring and it scared me very much, it was difficult to thank and logical as things for about an hour and a half, just a reflection of that and thinking about that cosmetic almost going to panic attack when she drop me off at home, I started stabilizing when I came home it was probably about stress but I do drink beer and I came home and had a few beers and it was okay, I'm getting older so yeah I have joint pain once in awhile some days are better then others skinny slender 145 lb and I am in my 40s years of age, I do not have health insurance I do enjoy my beer I am very much willing to cut down on beer and smoking cigarettes but I am not willing to stop smoking cigarettes completely and I am not willing to stop drinking alcohol completely it's my way of winding down and relaxing at the end of A Hard Day's Work, one thing I heard is dandelions dandelions growing in your yard is good they're all edible the leaves the Sims The Roots I heard an alliance are good for the kidneys and liver I've had them a few times when you boil Dental in leaves they get is green and spinach and have more vitamins in spinach, I should eat more of those I have not been eating well not too many vegetables I should be eating more vegetables more so eating out fast food and having potato chips at night I know that's not goodoh, but I do drink lots of water throughout the night I wake up three or four times and all night with my water beside me and drink some I will gallon of water I drink about 25% of the gallon every night which is probably helping me, if anybody can give you give me some advice that's reading this I would really appreciate it specially if a doctor reads this and gives me some advice I still feel young and it motivated and happy just a few signs here and there but they come and go, but I'm still a little scared and concerned about my health oh, any advice specially from a doctor or practitioner would very much be appreciated! Thank you and again awesome video thank you so much explanation point I just feel like I need to do something soon but I will cut down on my drinking and smoking but I'm not willing to stop it completely but I'm willing to eat better and exercise but maybe I should see a doctor and if I should be awesome oh, God bless you all and Jesus name bless you all and thank you!

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    It's funny you mention consumption habits, but you don't mention sleeping habits not getting proper sleep typically between 10pm and 2:00am Is when your liver primarily works to restore and rebuild. Look up a Chinese organ time chart and you'll see the cycle of different organs of the body works on throughout the day and your primary one while you're sleeping is for the liver that includes don't eat 2 to 3 hours before you go to bed allowing your system to not be digesting anything while you're sleeping so that it can rest, get yourself into Delta wave sleep pattern so that you stimulate your growth hormone and repairing of your body.

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