5 Reasons Why You Need A Liver Cleanse

5 Reasons Why You Need A Liver Cleanse

I’m going to read some information to you
from a book that I’ve written, and it’s called “Five Reasons Why You Need a Liver Cleanse.”
The first reason why you need to get your liver cleaned up is to improve your mental
focus, clarity, and moods. You only have to ask someone who drinks alcohol regularly what
their level of mental clarity and focus is, and you’ll soon work out that alcohol, a potent
liver toxin, and healthy cognition do not mix.
A healthy liver gives a person a powerful ability to think with clarity and concentrate.
The liver converts ammonia, a by-product from protein digestion, into a less harmful substance
known as urea. An impaired or sluggish liver will not convert ammonia sufficiently into
urea. And when the ammonia reaches the brain, it affects the brain’s ability to function
optimally. This is one good reason why you’ll benefit
from optimizing your liver’s function to allow it to metabolize chemicals like ammonia and
other by-products from your digestion. Not even taking into account the self-ingested
toxins like pharmaceutical drugs, environmental poisons, and other chemicals that could impair
your liver. Those who’ve got a great liver function are
more inclined to be in a positive and upbeat mood. People with sad livers are more prone
to anger, tension, and anxiety. Just go to your local bar or fry house on a Saturday
night and watch those who drink to excess. They invariably are more prone to irritability,
bad moods, and anger management problems. In Chinese medicine, the liver is an organ
that is connected with the emotion called anger. Anything that produces a toxic liver
according to Chinese medicine, leads to anger management problems and to people who have
problems controlling or letting go of their anger. Obviously, the more toxic and destructive
the habits like alcohol and drugs, and the longer these habits are done, the worse this
anger situation, of course, will be and the flow on effects.
A clean, healthy liver will make the owner feel more relaxed and at ease and calm in
their life. The other interesting thing with alcohol, I find, is that as you get older,
your body produces less of the enzyme acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, and then it can’t break down
acetaldehyde properly, a by-product from alcohol. And when this builds up in the body, it can
make you feel quite sick. Many people I speak to my age and over 50,
say, “I can’t drink as much as I used to drink. When I was 20, I could drink a whole bottle
of whatever it was, wake up in the morning, and feel great. Now, I have one glass and
I feel like crap for two days.” And that’s because they’re getting older. Their liver
ages. It produces less enzymes to break down toxins. If you feel that this is occurring
with you, I want you to really pay attention and to cut your drinking back. You’re going
to feel a lot better for it. And if you cut it out completely, you’re going to feel really
good. The second reason why you need a liver cleanse,
improved digestion and fat burning. Now you’re going to sit back and listen because we’re
going to talk about how you can lose weight more easily and maintain weight loss.
I can remember having a conversation a few years ago with Dr. Sandra Cabot, the Australian
liver doctor, who wrote a liver cleansing diet book. You may have that one on your shelf.
And Sandra mentioned that if people only knew what role the liver played in weight loss,
they would certainly pay much more attention to regular liver cleansing.
Did you know that your liver is your body’s main fat burning mechanism? Your liver’s role
in metabolizing fats makes it one of the most important of all digestive organs. Your liver
produces about a pint, or 600 mils, of bile per day that is stored in the gall bladder.
Bile is one way for your body to get rid of worn out blood cells and other unwanted chemicals
like redundant hormone residues. Bile helps to break down dietary fats, and
it’s important to correct and complete the metabolism of the fat-soluble vitamins, A,
D, E and K. Correct and continuous bile flow is a critical aspect of excellent digestion,
and it’s one of my major goals in liver cleansing. That’s why many herbs and nutrients we recommend
for liver cleansing are called “Cholagogue” herbs. Cholagogue means that they allow the
stimulation and the production of bile. Gall stones, bloating, gas, and attacks of pain
after eating fats are signs of a sluggish gall bladder, so this is one of the main reasons
why I like people to complete the liver and gall bladder cleansing program on a regular
basis. The third reason why you need to give your
liver a clean. To improve blood sugar control. Your liver will control your blood sugar in
multiple ways. Did you know that your liver has a large storage capacity for a sugar called
glycogen? Glycogen is your stored blood sugar. And when your body needs a burst of energy,
the adrenal gland releases a hormone called cortisol that liberates glycogen. Which then
becomes converted to blood sugar that is then utilized as an energy source by the millions
of cells in your body. Your liver is very clever because it can also
convert other forms of sugar into glucose. The preferred fuel for your body cells. Such
as conversion of fructose from fruit and lactose from dairy into glucose. The clever thing
about an effective liver cleanse is that it improves your body’s ability to metabolize
blood sugars, making this process much more efficient.
This more effective balancing of blood sugars will then prevent those episodes of low blood
sugar that commonly occur with people with congestive livers. It’s important for you
not to get low blood sugar because that can make you want to go to the kitchen and grab
a sandwich with peanut butter and jelly on it or to go to the fridge and get a scoop
of ice cream. When your blood sugar drops, you get a craving.
A clean liver is going to help regulate and release enough stored energy to keep you from
not wanting to go to the fridge or the pantry all the time. The fatter you get, the sicker
the liver, the fatter you will become because the sicker the liver will get, if that makes
any sense. The other important point worth mentioning
here is that sugar cravings are easily controlled. Reducing the likelihood of sweet cravings
and weight gain that many women experience. I’ve noticed that when people get over 200
pounds, they gain weight real fast. Have you noticed? And that’s because their liver becomes
very fatty. Number four, the fourth reason why you need
a liver cleanse. Improved immune function. Did you know that the liver has a very high
concentration of white blood cells, and it’s the primary immune organ in its own right?
Your liver possesses a very high concentration of natural killer cells and macrophages that
play an important role in preventing any infection or illness due to toxins or xenobiotic chemicals
from spreading to the rest of the body. Xenobiotic chemicals are basically chemicals of foreign
origin. We don’t know where they come from. Some experts state that as much as a quarter
of all liver cells are white blood cells designed to allow the liver to work very effectively
as an immune filter. By regularly completing a deep cleanse, you’re ensuring that your
liver remains vigilant and highly efficient at performing its task optimally. By reducing
your total toxic load and completing a detox annually, you’re well on your way to preventing
the many chronic, recurring degenerative diseases that people get, which affect people quite
often prematurely. The fifth one, the reason why you want to
keep your liver clean, is to have a beautiful skin tone. Your skin is your body’s largest
organ and is affected very much by underlying toxins in the body that have been overloaded
by toxins for years. Perspiration is one of your body’s ways of effectively dealing with
poisons. This is why sauna therapy is important and it plays an important role, in my opinion,
in internal cleansing. Many patients I see in their 40s and 50s complain
of accelerated aging. And I explain to them the accumulation of free radical damage over
the past 20 to 30 years from things like chemicals, alcohol, drugs, nutritional deficiencies,
toxins, too much sunshine, too much stress, all these things take a toll on the skin,
resulting in wrinkles and loss of elasticity and collagen.
A healthy and vibrant liver can help the body deal with free radicals much more efficiently.
And you’ll notice that those who don’t smoke, drink or take drugs and who lead stress free
lives look many years younger than their biological age. Compared to their real age, their chronological
age. Did they have Botox or a facelift? No. Their aging was reduced because their liver
was more able to clear up the damage before it was inflicted on their skin.
Just take a look at a woman who worships the sun and who smokes. By the time she’s 50,
her skin can look old and wrinkly. Now, look at the peaches and cream complexion of a lady
who avoids the sun and who’s never smoked in her life and pay her a visit on her 50th
birthday. Place her next to the sun goddess. You’ll be quite shocked to see the difference,
incredible difference, in fact, in skin tone. To prevent accelerated aging, it is important
to take antioxidants like vitamins A, C, E, zinc, and selenium. I also recommend alpha
lipoic acid. You can take pine bark extract and there are other ones you can take. Regular
liver cleansing will improve your body’s ability to move out those free radicals. And your
body can also produce collagen more efficiently, which is the main substrate for making skin.
That way, your skin will look healthy for a long, long time. And all this can be accomplished
without Botox or any plastic surgery at all. Clean living, healthy living, and stress free
living is a fantastic way for you to keep looking young, as you get older. And look
at a lot of people who do look like that who don’t take Botox, particularly, if they’re
people in the spotlight, popular people, very famous people. These people, in fact, are
not in the spotlight. They hold back. You don’t hear a lot about them in public. But
when you do see pictures of them, you’ll see how fabulous they can look. There are a few
movie stars that come to mind that I won’t mention, but there are a few ladies I know
that look absolutely phenomenal for their age. And they’re not really likely to be the
kind of people to be involved in the Hollywood scene. They’re not likely to be the kind of
people that go for Botox or breast enhancements or things like that. And they often are very
involved in meditation, relaxation, and eating clean foods. Even rich and famous people can
be like that. Have a think on some of those ideas on liver
cleansing. I just hope it inspires you to keep your liver nice and clean. Because a
clean liver can mean an amazing life. Thanks for tuning in.


  • staycee1 says:

    My question would be How do you properly clense the liver? would love to go through that process to be healthy

  • SeriusB says:

    Is it ok to do a liver cleanse if you have a yeast imbalance or unhealthy gut? Are there certain priorities to heal before doing a liver cleanse? I just don't know where to begin my healing journey. Leaky gut, candida, liver, detox? There is so much info and I'm confused on if there is a certain sequential order to heal the body. Is the liver cleanse part of you book? Thanks for the info!

  • Steff R. says:

    Hello Dr Bakker, I have found tomato-skin like pieces in my stools, is it possible they're liver flukes? I haven't eaten tomatoes recently and that's why I have this doubt. This seems to happen especially when I'm very careful with sugar intake, or just eat a couple of fruits maximum and no sugary foods for a few days straight. Thank you very much.

  • Tom Gardiner says:

    Hi Eric, I've done several liver flushes following Andreas Moritz's protocol and definitely feel better for them. In your experience, do you believe it is possible to bring your candida under control through liver flushes over time? Moritz's guidance suggests it is, that the liver will be restored and the bile secretion increased thus restoring gut flora.

  • Talia Alanis says:

    Hi Dr Bakker, what is your opinion on organic coffee enema for detoxing the liver? And the Ketogenic diet? I started your protocol today. Very excited! Thanks

  • Talia Alanis says:

    Hi Dr Eric, I started the canxida remove and restore yesterday at dinner time and today after breakfast was the second doses. I feel nausea I don't think I have candida but I do have Blasto is that normal? Should I take less pills? I was planning to take 3 of each a day. I tried to find a video of you about this topic but didn't find it. Thanks

  • Firefly says:

    Hi Dr Bakker! How do I do a liver cleanse? Could you possibly make a video on it? Thank you!

  • darksid33 says:

    Hey Dr. Bakker, how do you feel about herbs like Milk Thistle or Dandelion Root for liver cleansing? I'm currently on the introductory phase of your Canxida product but I would like to incorporate something to aid the liver during this time. I'm sure the liver is overworked cleaning up all the toxins from the candida and bacteria dying off and maybe those herb can help out. or maybe add it when i start treatment and increase my dosages? or idk maybe you don't like milk thistle or dandelion root at all lol. but if you don't mind milk thistle/dandelion how would you incorporate with canxida?

  • Krayun says:

    Dear Eric, Maybe a bit off topic but I have a question concerning the phase 1 bowel purge from your book. I am not sure which product is most suitable for cleansing the bowel. Should I use the colozone (for instance colosan) or would a product like oxyflush (cleanses – at least it says – small and large intestine and the colon) be a better choice? Thank you in advance

  • Jane Roth says:

    How do we clean our liver. I eat organic I aece,alpha lipoid acid, zinc organic gelatin probiotics every day. I still want to clean my liver don't drink alcohol.

  • Lorene W says:

    Hi Eric, I took liver cleanse supplements by "nature's sunshine". These helped my constipation and digestion immensely. However, I think it gave me candida die off (insomnia, racing heart, anxiety). The same happened with an ox bile supplement as well! The more bile I was producing the more racing heart I got. Why is that? If I just stick with it will it eventually kill off the candida since bile kills yeast?

  • Jade Rose says:

    Thankyou. ๐ŸŒž

  • Jade Rose says:

    I have noted Amonia in my urine due to my sluggish liver hence affecting mental clarity! I lost weight easily when I took a supplement to help bile flow recommended by my nutritionist 2 years ago. My need is a liver cleanse! Thankyou Eric this video is very well presented and supportive.

  • Steven says:

    would you recommend using saunas to help clear up acne?thanks

  • Lando Fando says:

    what if you had to have your gall bladder removed because it died? I had to have mine removed in 2007.

  • Candida Crusher says:

    Check my range of candida supplements here: http://www.canxida.com/

  • Jed says:

    you have inspired me to quit drinking

  • takmaps says:

    does this help Adult onset asthma?

  • Me & Mini Me says:

    You never said how to do liver cleanse

  • Sophie Evans says:

    What does high bilirubin levels indicate? A congested liver? I feel my sudden acne outbreak is due to this after doing a strong herbal parasite cleanse

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