Whole buncha dirt very clumpy is very tight Dottie hello guys, welcome back to my channel sweetness here in a back with another video, of course I’m about to take off my hair. I am so good at myself if we could attach to these braids I am so sad right now um, I had these reason let’s just say for five months IRA twisted my roots about four times and I just had an amazing time. I had so many compliments especially with this blue the blue is just giving me life and Yes, I am about to take it out But make sure you guys like comment and subscribe and trying to notifications because I’ll be close enough for it. So All you really need it’s like, you know a big comb you need a big tooth comb you need a tail comb Of course not too thin of a teeth I pick and that’s about it. You guys need scissors So make sure you cut it at least two to three inches away from your natural hair and There’s some 1/8. Of course. My husband’s gonna come and help me right now And I’m about to start to take on my boss spray. So I’ll showing you guys because a lot of you guys Make comments that your hair is gonna drive if you were to retwist your roots I’m gonna let you know that no it does not. Okay. Um as well as My roots on Undo itself basically, so it doesn’t even stay in there We twisted method that you’ve seen the past videos in this video if you want to see ya this video It’s not like that at all right now as you can see, so Some may be twisted But I’m going to show you how to unravel and take all your box braids So you don’t have a whole clump of hair coming up. Alright? We’re gonna start right now Taking out one that has actually been in there for five months So you can see. All right, so I feel loose over here So I’ll show you how I take this one out, okay Guys so I am Getting to the root Take your time pull the parts. Okay once you get there All right guys so There is the root the build up as you can see it’s not Dreaded at the root It just has the dirt build up. Maybe this is what you guys are talking about. You’re talking about the dirt build up Well, that’s just build up from like, you know having it in for like the past five months. I don’t use nothing, but my fingertips and I just use my fingers and open also what you can do is you can grab your tail comb and Put the comb in it just like so and What you’re doing is you’re softening up the dirt with this. I don’t use no water I don’t use no conditioner or anything like that because I find that it would just Clump it up even more so in its dry natural form when you know, you’re about to take it out Don’t all your roots. Don’t put nothing like Heavy in your roots at all. Just let it observe When it’s dry and dusty it’s way better to take out, okay? so as I said I used a comb and I break the I break it apart with the comb the dirt once I do that I Use my fingers and gently pull apart As you can see it’s opening up and this is from five months, okay And look at that and not what you’re gonna do Start with the ends you comb up and you just gently comb out the dirt from the roots part Now once you do that you’re done and that was one braid So this is five months. So I’m going to have some hair loss at each braid. It’s just a normal thing. So Yeah okay, so This is about what I have in one braid Okay, guys Five months as soon as you take on your box braids, you’re gonna have some shedding, of course you are Of course, you’re gonna see all that dirt flying all the little place And that is it See You here to roll out No more so, yeah guys, it didn’t drag you just have to know how to take it out and The size is what matters as well if your here is if you get your box braids done And it’s a little bit thicker at the root. It’s so much better But if you’re doing smaller brazen mine micro braids and you’re putting in a whole bunch of crap in your hair Expect some you know, you know locking of the Some of that sort. I’m not trying to say that you can never get your roots locked But just know what you’re doing educate yourself and I feel like a lot of we’re not educating themselves Because I am educated because I’ve been doing this for years So you guys can’t tell me that my hair is gonna dry to tell other people I’m just letting you know what works for me and it may work for you and just use your discussion That’s that’s all no your hair. No yourself and you’ll be fine as you can see that dirt just Dust dust away you break it apart with your comb and that is it and I’m gonna do the rest of my hair now So I hope you guys Understand what I was trying to tell you. I know I didn’t show you but finally I’m getting this video to you guys and I’m happy that I’m doing that so Yeah, pretty exciting that I’m taking this out because as my husband said he sees the girl I could never you know This is like maybe almost the top of my head and I’m actually like, you know putting it for it I have a look-alike, which is pretty exciting so the rest of my year and that’s all you guys need and I’m glad that I’m doing this video because there was a lot of comments that oh you’re here So they drag your hairs when they’re dragging As you guys can see my hair did not dry. It’s dirt buildup. I’m gonna show you one that was twisted It was already retwisting and it Kassadin stayed some of them don’t it? Unravels and don’t stay like that if you retwist your roots every now and then to go Wow, I did it four times in five months. You don’t need to do it often this one is a bit twisted and all you do is You untwist it? So which way is it twisted if it’s twisted that way? you twisted the opposite direction and voila guys Look at that, it’s not Jenny and you can space it out. You can open it. It’s good So once you do that, you pull it forward and you start I’m plotting I’m gonna do another braid for you guys. So must be this product Okay guys now I’m at the top I’m gonna show you how I take this out. Once again, make sure you pay attention So you see all that dirt Whole bunch of dirt very clumpy, it’s very tight Dottie okay. So I’m gonna use my fingers first and pull as much as they can apart Okay And guys, let me remind you guys This is the same one that was retwisting that I showed you that I untwisted and I pulled out so the last bit of the dirt Under so you use my comb once again And just breaking apart as much as I can Make sure that it’s a pointy comb and it’s not no Stockholm like this is more harder, okay? And you just break it apart Okay Once you do that user fingers once again and Feel each strand try to feel each strand and open it up Once you do that you get your comb start from the ending of the hair and You work your way up and you try to just slide the dirt off your Strengths take your time. There’s no race. Make sure you guys have time to do this Don’t say oh I’m gonna get my I’m gonna take off my hair and later on to get my hair done I have an appointment. No just take your time because then you didn’t rush just make sure that You’re not rushing this take whole process to take your time milk This situation. Okay. Once again, here’s the breakage from one strand of box braids natural hair Okay Yeah love me and you want to support this video then? You know just office up comment down below it is what it is. Let me know what you guys think I’m gonna take out these braids. It’s about 9:15 p.m. And I’m getting a bit tired so I’m gonna continue watching my empire and you guys could just watch along I appreciate you guys You


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  • Alexandria Brown says:

    The "clump", the "dirt", is actually product build up from creams and conditioners. You can minimize it by not putting products in the area where hair and extension join.

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  • Carmilla Ikis says:

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    I wanted to say thank you very much for this video and info that you shared. I'm currently taking down my box braids of 4 months. I have 4C hair super coily and tight curls. I was nearly in tears after reading all the articles that tell you your hair will lock up, I was also scared that mine did. Thanks to you I know how to properly maintain my hair after box braids. Just wanted to say God bless you and thank you for sharing and demonstrating.

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