5 Health Benefits Of Sunlight

5 Health Benefits Of Sunlight

do you ever wonder why your parents
would always tell you to stop holding up inside the house and go play outside
it’s not because they wanted some peace and quiet for a change okay let’s be
real it probably was however spending some time outside on a
bright and sunny day can actually benefit your physical and mental health
in a number of ways you might not have been aware of so as it turns out your
parents may have been doing you a favor after all but before we get into that
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some of the ways in which sunlight can benefit both your body and your mind
number one sunlight improves your mood are you an early-morning riser or a
regular night owl as it turns out both sunlight and darkness can have a
tangible effect on your mood by promoting the release of certain
chemicals and hormones in your brain when your body is exposed to Sun lay
your brain begins to increase the production of serotonin in addition to
helping your body with digestion and the healing of wounds serotonin also has a
noticeable effect on your mood reducing feelings of depression and anxiety as
well as helping you feel calm and focused
by contrast once the Sun Goes Down and things get dark your brain starts to
produce another hormone called melatonin which helps you get to sleep as you
might have guessed it’s important to make sure your brain is making the right
amounts of both hormones at the right times in order to make sure that your
body is always working at peak performance if you’re not getting enough
sunlight exposure in the day your brain will produce less serotonin than usual
and this can have a drastic effect on your mood
according to health line low levels of serotonin can increase your risk of
developing major depression with a seasonal pattern this condition formerly
known as seasonal affective disorder is a type of
depression that is usually triggered by the changing of the seasons if you’ve
ever heard anyone used the phrase seasonal depression this is most likely
what they were referring to symptoms for this form of depression typically take
root starting in October or November and lasts until the end of March or April in
other words be sure to make the most of the bright summer days while you still
can or else you might be in for a very unpleasant depressing winter number two
sunlight increases vitamin D serotonin isn’t the only thing your body makes
when it gets exposed to sunlight when exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet B
radiation your skin begins to create what’s known as vitamin D vitamin D is a
fat-soluble vitamin which provides your body with a number of essential benefits
from helping your immune system to assisting with weight loss according to
some research vitamin D is also an important component your body uses to
build strong bones people who suffer from a vitamin D deficiency are at a
higher risk of developing bone related diseases such as rickets osteoporosis
and osteomalacia in case you needed more convincing a healthy dose of vitamin D
has also been shown to reduce the risk of other conditions and illnesses such
as multiple sclerosis heart disease and depression number three sunlight can
prevent cancer this one might sound like a bit of a paradox at first after all
isn’t overexposure to the Sun one of the leading causes of skin cancer well that
is very true a healthy amount of sunlight can actually be useful in
preventing certain types of cancers I guess it’s true what they say everything
in moderation specifically receiving a healthy amount of sunlight can reduce
the risk of cancers such as colon pancreatic ovarian and prostate cancer
as well as Hodgkin’s lymphoma which affects your white blood cells
number four sunlight fights off the flu it sneaks up on us every year before you
know it BAM it’s cold and flu season again in addition to washing your hands
and staying up to date on vaccines you can also potentially fight off the flu
bug by soaking up a few extra rays of sunshine according to a working paper
distributed by the National Bureau of Economic Research places that receive
higher amounts of sunlight might also be at a potentially lower risk when it
comes to influenza outbreaks according to the lead author of the paper
dr. David’s luskey research indicates that there does appear to be a
correlation between high levels of sunlight and lowered levels of the
influenza virus the reason behind this it looks like our good friend vitamin D
is coming to the rescue once again in a 2017 article published in the British
Medical Journal researchers reported on the results of a study which aimed to
prove the link between vitamin D and flu prevention participants were given
either a daily or weekly vitamin D supplement while the research showed a
modest amount of success the actual effectiveness of the supplement varied
from person to person participants who started out with low
vitamin D levels but took the supplement were found to have their odds of
contracting a respiratory tract infection such as influenza halved while
participants who had higher baseline levels of vitamin D in their systems
naturally experienced little change regardless evidence of this study seems
to point towards vitamin D being an effective way to fight against the flu
number 5 other benefits of sunlight in addition to all the health benefits
we’ve already mentioned in this video there are still tons of other ways in
which a healthy amount of sunlight can have a positive effect on our bodies
according to the World Health Organization the ultraviolet radiation
provided by the Sun can help with the healing and treatment of many different
kinds of conditions that affect your skin in particular doctors have
recommended UV radiation as a method of treatment for skin conditions such as
psoriasis szema jaundice and even acne if that’s
not enough for research has also revealed that sunlight can potentially
be an effective form of treatment for a number of other medical conditions as
well including rheumatoid arthritis thyroiditis systemic lupus erythematosus
and inflammatory bowel disease however it’s worth mentioning that studies into
sunlight to treat these conditions are still largely inconclusive and more
research is required before anyone can be completely certain of its
effectiveness it’s also important to note that UV radiation may not be the
ideal treatment method for everyone be sure to speak with your doctor or
dermatologist in order to determine whether or not this method of treatment
is right for your particular condition remember to protect yourself from
accidentally soaking up too much Sun by applying sunscreen and make sure to only
stay out in the Sun for reasonable stretches of time with that in mind
hopefully this video has convinced you to spend less time cooped up in your
bedroom or office and to get out and reap all the benefits that our planets
closest star has to offer did you find this video interesting do you know any
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    Just make sure you don't have skin cancer, nor lupus and you'll be fine. πŸ€—

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    The Sunlight Is the Best NATURAL Source of Vitamin D.
    The More Body Exposure has the Greatest Benefits.
    SUNSHINE is also Beneficial for a Healthier SEX LIFE as well.

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    These are very true information. When I had cold of flu ( not much) I stayed where has the most sunlight in the room. I love sun, I cannot live without sunlight,
    I only stay under the sun light for ten minutes per day if the weather is nice,

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    1 -Sun light improve your mood
    2 – Sun light increased v d
    3 – can prevent cancers
    4 – made u more sexually motivated in bed

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