426 How do I manage my pain

426 How do I manage my pain

hello this Robert Smith I’m here in Kent which is also known as the Garden of England Dover and the behind me is the English Channel I’m at the great castle of Dover and actually I’m on a bridge here leading into the castle and I thought I would do a video by responding to someone’s email so here it is terrible grief due to cirrhotic arthritis after 20 years I’m still grieving the loss of my health due to severe due to cirrhotic arthritis the grief process is still not reached acceptance level yet mainly because I wonder I still might get a better better through alternative means drugs has not done much how does a person ever accept having an incurable disease I cannot seem to do this let alone be okay about it I’m are in my old life every day how can I invent a new me to feel good about thanks so much for your help Allisyn yeah that’s a really good question about how to deal with this you know I think one of the most important things is when you resist or you hate or despise or are grieved by something you dislike when you when you when you hate something are you you’re rehearsing and re experiencing bad emotions and feelings about something now I know that if you’re in pain you’re in pain and I understand Thane but this is what you must do when you’re in pain is first of all make peace with the pain the pain has a message there I don’t know what your message would be but the moment you you surrender surrender by the moment you surrender by stop resisting and hating and grieving it that means start looking at it and you write down what it is I don’t like about it I mean you may hate it how does it make you feel emotionally I feel helpless in traffic or whatever else and then as you start doing this then you start addressing this and when I say address it you don’t logically understand it because the understanding logically doesn’t solve problems but making peace with the disruption of it will so what I’m saying is is is look at whatever this is that’s disrupting you and grieving the loss now here it is whatever situation you are and you’re sitting here and you’re looking at all the things you used to be able to do or the things that you wish you could do now in my current age I just turned 50 this year there’s a lot of things I can’t do anymore there’s a lot of things I can do but if I sit around looking at all the things I can’t do anymore what’s going to happen it’s going to create me a problem because if I sit around looking at all the things I can’t do anymore I’m gonna be practicing grief and loss and pain now if you do this what happens when you do this does it bring you up or does it take you down does it hurt you or does it make you happy so one of the things that I suggest doing is first of all look at what you can’t do write a list of all the things that you regret that you can’t do or you your painful because you can’t and I suggest start addressing that by tapping on the emotions and the feelings and everything else that is attached to it and then also look at your life and also look at what is good what is good going on your life what are some of the positive things you know and then you start looking at that most of the time not all the times but often times when you have pain there’s a lot of anger there’s a lot of rejections there’s a lot of hurt there’s a lot of helplessness there’s a lot of hopelessness there’s all kinds of emotions attached here and so one of the things is I start making peace where you are if you don’t make peace where you are even if you are healthier you’re still finding something wrong so so the deal is is look at your pain look at your hurt look at the trauma look at the regrets look at all the things you you wish you couldn’t have done and let it go I mean just tap it out and release it then change your focus to what you do want what you can now do and start imagining and producing what it is you’d like to do and feel as if you are doing it and move towards that however whatever you can but if you start loving and practicing feeling good right now wherever you are it’ll be better because again there you must adjust to life and that doesn’t matter if you have any physical pains in life it doesn’t you could have I mean you can have perfectly good help and be ruining it and not appreciating life right now because you’re not learning to love you and loving you is keeping good inside you that means tapping on the pain letting go of the hurts and always say guys if you want to heal yourself look where you are look for you finding your problems with look and where your judgments and your condemnation czar look where you find your disruptions and then you just tap on it you know you just let it go just let it go just let it go and the more you do this the better your life becomes I always suggest finding you know get you a happy Journal start writing the happy things around that you’d be happy about always suggest find a good move it makes you laugh one with with laughter and joy with love good things in it practice feeling good and the more you practice feeling good the better you feel so laughs you know there’s a technique that I learned and I kind of picked up by by hanging around somebody does laughter yoga and and one of the things is is when you can just laugh at your your pain just by laughing at it and laugh at it and laugh at it and every time it shows its ugly head laughs laughs laughs so I discovered that again it’s the attitude and the emotions you have behind it Norman Cousins healed himself by laughing you know of course if you’re that you know I guarantee you with your pain and while you’re in pain a big fat mean angry lion walks in your room you forget all about that pain so I suggest make peace with this pain because the mean angry lion is just you and your the line you’re the one eating yourself up and if you stop being so hard on yourself your life will truly be at peace so laugh at your problems find good comedy tap and tell it’s gone give yourself a break and enjoyed anything it could be a bath it could be a book it could be the sunshine it could be the fresh air you breathe or just a great taste of coffee or a cup of good water whatever it is start learning to love you in a churching whatever you are wherever you are and experiencing life and the more you appreciate the better life becomes so this is Robert Smith I know that it’s a journey for a lot of you it’s a journey for all of us and so just keep tapping don’t let things bother you make peace with what whatever it is and love you we’ll talk to you later ciao you


  • Ishkiia says:

    can't tell you how much this means to me that you made this video. they don't even know what I got, experimented on me till I said no more… hating my body and being trapped in it so many times. Though I am honoring my body much more than I used to, the pain and issues are still there without a title… an un-named curse. This video will help me take the acceptance to a new level.. thank you

  • dvinus says:

    thank you ..Robert.. thank you for the reminderings…

  • ludocrat says:

    It's very decent advice, this, but whenever I listen to this bloke I keep thinking 'Martin Sheen'.

    It's a bit distracting 😉

  • Marvin Scott Edmonds Milton says:

    An old quote from Catherine Ponder comes to mind "Bless the Obstacle" . Or keep the obstacle. It is our choice.

  • ilienicolae says:

    @ludocrat more arguments from Jack Herer here! At list for artrites… emotioanal staf takes time….

  • Qi Huna says:

    U r what u focus on.

  • Laura Dowling says:

    Thank u

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