3 Natural Remedies for Treating Tinea Versicolor at Home (Pityriasis Versicolor)

3 Natural Remedies for Treating Tinea Versicolor at Home (Pityriasis Versicolor)

Pityriasis versicolor, also known as tinea
versicolor is a skin ringworm caused by a fungus. Contrary to what most people think, it’s
not contagious because it’s caused by a germ that is derived from your own skin. The most common symptoms are small wounds,
or marks that can have various colors. The marks become more visible during the summer
when we spend more time in the sun and our skin gets tanner. Although this condition isn’t considered
serious, it can look bad and affect your self-confidence, so many people seek for ways to improve the
appearance of these spots. Here are some natural ways to treat pityriasis
versicolor: Banana
Make a mask by smashing a banana with a fork. Apply this paste to the desired area and let
it sit for 15 minutes. Repeat this procedure daily until the mark
disappears. Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it super
effective at fighting fungus. Dip a cotton ball in some apple cider vinegar
and rub it on the spot. Leave it on for 20 minutes then wash the vinegar
off. Parsley and lemon
Another great remedy for tinea versicolor calls for lemon and parsley. This home-made lotion is great for combating
pigmentation and freckles, as well as helping restore your skin’s natural tone. Parsley tones your skin and contains properties
that help with regeneration. It can also reduce irritation and inflammation
as well as reduce redness and brighten your skin. Lemons are also good at lightening your skin
and fading spots. Ingredients 200 mL of water;
2 tablespoons chopped parsley leaves; The juice of 1 lemon. Instructions Boil the water in a saucepan. Once it starts to boil, turn off the heat
and add the parsley leaves. Remove it from the heat and allow it to cool. Once it’s cool, squeeze the lemon into the
infusion. Only apply this lotion at night, just before
going to bed. This is the best time because lemons can stain
your skin if exposed to the sun. On the next day, wash your skin thoroughly. Remember to take an allergy test before using
any of these recipes. Apply a little of the recipes to your skin
and make sure that you don’t experience any irritation. If you do, discontinue use.


  • Jorge Castro says:

    I lived in Cancun and did scuba everyday that was my job, I saw countless people with that skin condition, the locals just rub Selsun Gold Shampoo in the skin as a lotion after shower or as tanning lotion, and I few days is gone, I tried and it works ๐Ÿ‘

  • Gladys Del Valle says:

    Can you talk about remedies for litchen sclerosis?
    Thank you

  • Arun Kumar T S says:

    Also please make a video to cure Psoriasis completely.

  • ฤแบนp Mแป—i Ngร y says:

    Very good video, let the subtitles to me to understand better

  • Jitesh Arora says:


  • Loving Lyssa says:

    Tea tree oil also works very well I add a lot of it to my dr bronners peppermint soap and bath with it leave it on in the shower for 2 mins

  • Sheila Smith says:

    Yes! It is a skin fungus that you can catch anywhere it is humid, hot and moist! If you have this, it is a sign of a weakened immune system, and you are infected because your body could not protect you! This is why some people will catch this and others who are in the same place, will not because their immune system is working well to protect them! There is a topical lotion that is one of the most FOUL smelling RX's you have ever smelled, but I would not recommend it. This lotion is very hard on your liver and using alternative methods are much better! As Jorge (below) mentions, Selsun Gold Shampoo is great, but you will have to keep using it until is no longer visible. Use this every day, and have someone really scrub it in until your skin is reddened by a terrycloth or rough washcloth! You need to scrub it in or it will not work, then leave it on for at least 5 minutes each day, before washing it off! It is a very difficult fungus to get rid of! The de-pigmentation of your skin can be light spots or patches or dark. You should also stop eating and drinking things that contain lots of sugar and carbohydrates! Sugar feeds this fungus, so cut way back or eliminate all sugars to a bare minimum to help eradicate this fungus. If you have it on your skin, you probably have fungus in the form of "Candida" in your intestines, too! Best long term solution is to find a good Naturopathic physician, who can accurately diagnose and prescribe, so you do not become overloaded with fungus. That will lead to very severe health issues, so if you see this, do something SOONER than later! Much more extensive information and important information can be accessed by googling Know The Cause, by Doug Kaufmann! It's also a very great book! Blessed Health to all!

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